A company of Enslaver-tainted Space Marines is scary enough. Amongst the Storm Wardens, one's word is his bond, and honour is paramount. It is known that Ward-Master Lorgath Maclir has met with Lord Sector Marius Hax, the most senior representative of the Administratum in the Calixis Sector, but has had comparatively few dealings with the Inquisition's Ordos Calixis. Yet, the Librarius of a Space Marine Chapter should be one of the most secure and sealed places in the entire galaxy and surely nothing short of the supernatural could have altered Maxen's words once they were committed to record. He and his infected first company would go into stasis, until a cure could be found, then their home planet would be declared a forbidden world and knowledge of the Nemesis Incident and the Storm Warden's chapter history would be purged from the records, just to be absolutely sure that the Enslaver taint couldn't spread somehow. Yet it is in close combat that many of the Chapter's traditions are most fully expressed, for the Storm Wardens are possessed of a fierce sense of pride and believe that honour is to be found in the act of striking an enemy down with one's own hand. The culture of Sacris has had a strong impact upon the Storm Wardens, as many of the Chapter's Neophytes come from its tribes. "What threat might require an entire Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes to guard against it? Ross Watson talking about the origins of the chapter. After passing the trials, many of these Aspirants take with them to Highcastle the Sacris claymore, an heirloom weapon given by the Storm Wardens to successful Aspirants as a reward for their tenacity that is cherished by the tribesmen. So, nobody is really sure which super secret sealed off part of the fortress they are in. And thirdly, the Chapter culture (martial discipline, general fixation with honorable melee combat and weaponry, settling arguments with one-on-one duels, etc.) When Warp Storm activity increases, so too do the rates of psyker births, and so the Age of Apostasy was underpinned by a second horror -- that of Enslaver infestation. The Storm Wardens are a mostly Codex-adhering chapter, but because they tend to focus a lot on vehicle use, they have extra Techmarines and closer ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus. like to adhere to tactics and strategy, and will adapt as needed. The Storm Wardens fit into the 40K RPG canon by having their homeworld, Sacris, placed in the Calixis Sector, where Dark Heresy takes place. were all killed without a single survivor. Probably saying something about rolling out. Pity she’s on the run for her life ... Urban fantasy series. This clever Warboss (or cowardly by Ork standards) managed to flank the space marines. The Storm Wardens maintain their fortress-monastery on Highcastle, the single ivory-coloured moon that orbits above Sacris. There's two notable battles (or at least notable enough for FFG to put extra emphasis on them) during this focused on millennia. It is the aspiration and most cherished dream of every Tempest Blade to earn a place in the Lexicon Heroica, a great tome maintained by the Librarians of the Storm Wardens Chapter. Words are only as good as the man who gives them. More Crenellated Gothic towers surmounted by Gargoyle-Servitors define this great stronghold. Unknown Owin Glendwyr - The old Chapter Master, who is currently taking a deep sleep, until the, Brin Maxen - The crippled Chief Librarian during the Nemesis Incident, who couldn't do anything but, (No first name given) Varrus - the Third Company Captain during the. Thus, a continuous lineage is established, examples from thousands of standard years ago driving the Chapter forward. Ever since this time, the Storm Wardens have redoubled their diligence, and their fortress-monastery mounts sophisticated scanning technology placed reluctantly by the Adeptus Mechanicus as payment for an ancient pact. Several librarians decided to get together and figure out what was true, until one text was decided on. It is not uncommon to see Storm Warden Scout Marines with woad-painted faces like those of the native tribes. The Nemesis Incident happened in 945.M36 and started when the Storm Wardens, along with help from the Ordos Xenos, attacked planets infested with Enslavers. The Battle-Brothers of the Storm Wardens Chapter are known to exhibit a fierce resolve in the face of overwhelming odds and display an unstoppable drive to test themselves against all who would stand before them. GF9 do, however make a HUGE variety of other gaming aids (counters, tokens, etc. Wardens are durable melee fighters who develop an array of spellcasting abili… So they've been forgotten by most of the fandom, and now that Fantasy Flight Games' contract with Games Workshop has expired, they're probably just going to fade from GW's memory too. The Nemesis Incident represents a brief but dramatic period within this turbulent epoch, and the Liber presents very few details of it. A Deathwatch Librarian of the Storm Wardens Chapter. These noobs second best (which is the first loser) marines have called themselves the Inheritors, and only see themselves as the temps who are filling in. Lord Marius Hax, the Administratum's highest ranked potentate in the sector, does know of them, but how many of his underlings do is unknown. The Cleansing of Vigil took place in lightless tunnels below the surface of the dead world of Vigil. Were they to do so, they would be challenged by an outer ring of automated defence monitors, dire warnings against proceeding any further looped over and over, transmitted into the void. Read: Eighth Grader Saves the Day as He Rescues Boater From Drowning in Rough Water The house disappeared into the raging waters of the Baker River Monday as the storm … In truth, there are many Chapters that do not have knowledge of the identity of their Founding Legion, but perhaps things are different for the Storm Wardens because, presumably, they once possessed that knowledge, but necessity has shorn that link. The Storm Wardens' Chapter badge is a grey lightning bolt imposed over a blue shield, centred on a field of light grey. The Storm Wardens currently have their attention as a Chapter fixed on the great Warp Storms that plague the Halo Stars near the Calixis Sector's borders. In this post previously I began my playthrough of 8th edition with Space Wolves (so far) by documenting my games and what i've learnt. As a stalwart defender of the natural world, the Warden uses the full force of their might to destroy any that earn nature's ire. Since the now chapter master, Maclir, also liked the codex (but not in the thumping Ultrasmurf way), he promoted many of the surviving veteran members to his honour guard. Jul 17, 2019 - Explore Robert Shea's board "50K: Storm Warden", followed by 896 people on Pinterest. Enslavers are one such form, a nightmarish hybrid of the xenos and the daemonic that exists for most of its life cycle within the Empyrean but breeds and multiplies in realspace. While they were hoping that the Imperium would be given a warm welcome by human forces, they were instead given the middle finger. They also help, and sometimes spearhead, crusades in the northern Halo Stars. Being the SPEHSS BRAVEHEARTS, their preferred method of combat is one-on-one honourable swordfighting. Others have thought they might be World Eaters, because of similar colors and combat. Firstly, the World Eaters recruited from Feudal and Feral Worlds throughout the Imperium during the Great Crusade due to extraordinarily high attrition rates. In addition, the location of the Chapter's homeworld and its mission to guard the northern reaches from threats emanating from the Halo Zones, the Storm Wardens have fought alongside various Rogue Trader houses, seconding forces ranging in size from a single squad to an entire company to take the light of the Emperor to the dark spaces on the map. In the case of the Storm Wardens, there is an additional reason why their name is not well-kno… Storm Wardens are also meticulous planners of tactics and strategies, often spending the night before battle planning ahead, where other Chapters would be in deep meditation. However, the creator of the Storm Wardens at Fantasy Flight Games, Ross Watson, told us the biggest inspiration he had for making the chapter was a fanon chapter, along with some inspiration from Sons of Dorn (a novel about the Imperial Fists recruitment), Brothers of the Snake (a novel about the Iron Snakes) and Horus Heresy novels thrown in their for good measure]. A Storm Wardens Chapter officer during a war council on Watch Fortress Erioch. A company of Enslaver-tainted Space Marines in command of an entire chapter of World Eaters is something almost insanely more frightening. (This also goes a long way to explain why they buried their Chapter's history after the Nemesis Incident. The answer, as it always seems to be with Games Workshop, may in fact be Roboute Guilliman and the Ultramarines. On the field of battle, Tempest Blade squads seek out the most powerful enemies and engage them in close combat, no matter the odds. Aside from those often contradictory accounts presented in the various Apocrypha, which are accessible only to the most senior officers of the Chapter, none outside of the Storm Wardens have any inkling of the tragic events of the Steropes Cluster campaign. A black High Gothic numeral stenciled on the left knee plate indicates company number. Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition (also known as Warhammer 41,000: Age of the Emperor to the rumourmongers) is the newest edition of everybody's favorite wargame, which picks things up where the Gathering Storm campaigns (AKA 40k End Times, meaning we're living literally after year 40,999 now) left off, and was released June 17th, 2017. Some Storm Wardens Battle-Brothers become disturbed with the fact that so much of their Chapter's heritage is lost, and are consumed with an existential grief. Like most Codex Astartes-compliant Chapters, the Storm Wardens perform well at all forms of combat, but they prefer one devastating strategy. Ever since the Nemesis Incident, the Storm Wardens have redoubled their diligence and their fortress-monastery of Highcastle now mounts sophisticated scanning technology reluctantly given by the Adeptus Mechanicus as payment for an ancient pact between the Tech-priests and the Chapter. This curiosity has led more than a few Battle-Brothers to volunteer for service to the Deathwatch as well. Warcry Much of the Chapter's standoffish culture results from the Storm Wardens' deep sense of personal honour. Entire war fleets and crusading armies were lost as the Warp routes they travelled were overcome with impossible energies. These texts were also named after those who compiled them, so if you're sensing some real world parallelisms, you're probably not too far off. In 945.M36 the Storm Wardens aided the Inquisition in operations against an infestation of Enslavers, psychic entities from the Warp, in the Steropes Cluster. Furthermore, it seems unbelievable that the Inquisition's Ordos Calixis would not be aware of an entire Space Marine Chapter operating within their sphere of influence, yet there appear to be no links between the two groups, formal or informal. Sample Storm Warden Sternguard; Scout Sergeant Mkoll (and a Storm Wardens update) The Great Storm Warden Project: Sternguard Veterans; The Great Storm Wardens Project Kick-off Post May (3) April (6) March (5) The intention of such a doctrine is not to gun the enemy down with the formidable firepower mounted on each vehicle, for these weapons are used to support the warriors once they have dismounted. Finally, he channels his power into a massive burst of flame and burns the remaining orcs to a crisp. Aside from aetheric overbleed, genetic mutation and daemonic incursion, Warp Storms sometimes bring with them the risk of another, thankfully rare, but utterly devastating threat. It is no surprise, then, that the Storm Wardens maintain a large number of Techmarines in their ranks and there is some speculation that, like the Iron Hands, the Storm Wardens have a closer relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus than other Astartes Chapters. The other involves an attack against the Slaugth, which scarred the Chapter (and got a lot of its veterans promoted to the honour guard). As Second Founding successors of the White Scars Chapter, the Storm Lords can trace their history back to a time when Jaghatai Khan hunted across the stars. Like their fellow Astartes Chapters, the Storm Wardens also maintain a Librarium of potent psykers who are highly talented and trained to master the power of the Warp at the highest levels. Most Chapters train and test chosen psykers following the ancient ways laid out in the Codex Astartes. This process took the best part of a standard century, and was made all but impossible by the facts of the incident itself. Storm Wardens Librarians have a number of unique psychic abilities only used by the psykers of their Chapter. In M41 they have fought a considerable number of threats in and around the Calixis sector (which is where their home planet is). You stand here today to be judged not by your tribe's name or your possessions, but by your skill and courage.". First, they bombard the enemy with their ships from orbit. The tribes of Sacris have a fierce code of honour and deeply believe that a man's word is his bond. After the Nemesis Incident, the Chapter re-built its 1st Company. ), (sending their own battle brothers instead of a messenger, to show honor and respect), and got a lot of its veterans promoted to the. Each Chapter selects its Librarians in its own way, either from seed worlds, as it does with the bulk of its Initiates, or from the ranks of gifted psykers brought to the Scholastica Psykana. So here is my question I have done a lot … He has, however, undertaken joint missions with a number of Inquisitors outside of the Calixian Conclave, amongst others one Inquisitor Lord Petrion Borsch. Upon his death, others in the Librarium read what he wrote and found out that there were different versions of the texts. Primarch The crippled Chief Librarian during this incident, Brin Maxenat, wrote a tome discussing some of the things the chapter was doing during the Age of Apostasy, and read his works to his disciples. Perhaps the answer is to be found deep beneath the fortress-monastery of Highcastle, sealed within the stasis chambers of the Watch Tower. Every Storm Warden is skilled with the great claymores of Sacris, and many strive to master the subtleties of wielding so large and deadly a weapon. Unknown They attacked the, very thinned and strained, space marine forces and prevented their final chance at victory. In the pages of this multi-volume archive, the deeds and the manner of the death of the greatest of heroes are written, and it is through the chapters and verses written therein that the Tempest Blades follow and continue the traditions of their ancestors. So, if Watson just thought of a carbon-copy of the Warriors Eternal, then the Storm Wardens' Primarch might also be Jaghatai Khan. Storm Wardens Chapter Colour Scheme as displayed by a Firstborn Space Marine. Having convinced the Inquisitor Lord of the viability of his plan, the Chapter Master ordered that he and the entire 1st Company would be interred within stasis sarcophagi in the vaults far below the Chapter's fortress-monastery, which would not be opened until such time as a definite cure for the Enslaver taint was discovered. Furthermore, if a model with this Chapter Tactic is in a close combat that involves only itself and a single enemy model, that enemy model must re-roll So deep is the Chapter's desire to remain isolated from the other worlds of the Calixis Sector that very few Calixian authorities or institutions are even aware that a Space Marine Chapter exists in their midst. In fact, the Calixis Sector is largely unaware that it is even home to an Astartes Chapter, with the exception of certain Inquisitors and the Sector Governor Lord Hax of Scintilla. Leader of Kill Team Kades. This gloomy world is located within the borders of the Calixis Sector, but those gazetteers that even list it, describe it as a Forbidden World. Imperium of Man Perhaps this feature of their character is a result of the beliefs instilled in each before he has even joined the Chapter, for the warrior clans of Sacris are fearsome and resolute indeed. One such legend states that the long-lost Brethren of the 1st Company will some day return, when the very existence of the Chapter and indeed the Imperium is threatened. Now that i've played some more games, here is part 2 which documented games 5 to 11. Some Imperial analysts believe that these Space Marines prefer not to stain themselves through association with so many of the disreputable worlds of the sector that surrounds them. A tradition has grown up within the Storm Wardens, based around the notion of the pursuit of the last duel. Capturing a pirate king, before he could have a chance to strike first, and holding him captive, so the Storm Wardens could make repairs to their ship in peace. Some rumours claim that Lorgath has managed to memorise these precepts of war, an impressive feat even for a Space Marine's genetically enhanced memory. Instead of just blowing the planets to kingdom come the chapter master, Owin Glendwyr, decided to send his men to fight the Enslavers head on. Inhabited by all the Storm Wardens, it holds massive chambers where the Chapter's many vehicles and wargear are maintained. YOU INSPIRE YOUR MEN TO STUDY SUCH FOUL SMUT, COMMISSAR?! Those worlds lying on the outskirts of the storm had come under the dominion of the largest Enslaver plague the Segmentum had ever witnessed, and Chapter Master Glendwyr was faced with a terrible choice -- deploy his warriors in a battle that would undoubtedly prove costly in the lives of his warriors, or grant the doomed and enslaved populations the Emperor's mercy and scour the worlds' surfaces with the nucleonic fire of Exterminatus. Imperial Knight Warden Deredeo Dreadnought w/ Arachnus & Aiolos Leviathan Dreadnought w/ Storm Cannon & Grav-Flux Bombard Contemptor Dreadnought via Betrayal at Calth Fire Raptor Gunship Crimson Slaughter. they were instead given the middle finger. Upon the conclusion of the Nemesis Incident, the serving Storm Wardens Chapter Master, Owin Glendwyr, consulted with an Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Xenos upon a most dire decision. A Storm Warden's word is his bond; honour, to him, is of the utmost importance. See more ideas about Warden, Space marine, Warhammer 40k. They were forced to fight in tight and narrow spaces that wouldn't even allow the use of heavy armor and lost a lot of marines despite their adapting methodical tactics. These guys wield insanely big two-handed claymores (or other equally huge weapons) that are as tall as they are (and space marines are already big) and go to town on the biggest and toughest enemies they can find and sometimes caber tossing the heaviest ones. when the Rogue Trader started burning too many worlds. Instead of just doing what the Inquisition wanted and kill them all, Glendwyr made a deal. Performing service in the Deathwatch, the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos, provides ample opportunity for a Storm Wardens warrior to test his martial skills and his mettle against foes undreamed of. Warhammer 40k Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Initially, the Inquisitor Lord was of the view that those infected should submit to voluntary liquidation, yet the Storm Warden's senior officers argued vehemently against such a drastic sanction, and Glendwyr proposed a compromise. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Storm_Wardens?oldid=365908. The age of Highcastle is difficult to determine accurately, but the fragmentary records remaining to the Chapter from before the Nemesis Incident reveal that Highcastle was present in this part of the galaxy even before the Angevin Crusade and the resulting formal incorporation of the Calixis Sector into the Imperium of Man. This fanon chapter, called Warriors Eternal, was a successor of the Storm Lords, a White Scars Second Founding chapter. Unknown For the Space Marines, the Age of Apostasy was an extended period of retrenchment during which the pronouncements of the Senatorum Imperialis were replaced with the irrational dictates of the High Lord Goge Vandire. They also have a stricter code and must nominate someone from within the Chapter to carry on their legacy at any cost. Jessica Gunn I’ve always been in love with the idea of Atlantis and other ancient mysteries. When something is too big for them to fight on their own, they usually team up with the Ordos Xenos or rally other chapters to their cause (sending their own battle brothers instead of a messenger, to show honor and respect). So, instead of assaulting the Orks head on, Maclir decided to trick the Orks. This curiosity has led more than a few Battle-Brothers of the Chapter to volunteer for the Deathwatch. No account of the ruins gives any suggestion as to which alien species may have built them, but all describe their halls as black and oppressive, and completely dwarfing even the mighty Space Marines. But, since the other "scottish chapter" has usually been the Iron Hands ("scottish" mostly due to the Iron Hands' independant clan structure and their original recruitment from Albia), you could also be of the opinion that the Storm Wardens share more similarities with the sons of Ferrus Manus. But now, Joanne is trying to outrun another kind of storm: accusations of corruption and murder. One involves a battle against the Orks, which shows just how the Storm Wardens' Chapter Master managed to go from captain to chapter master in such a short period of time. Currently, the Storm Wardens are also involved in the Achilus Crusade, which according to the Storm Warden's Chapter Master, has no viewable end. The Storm Wardens have inherited these, and many more aspects of the culture of the tribes of Sacris, granting them a unique blend of qualities. The Storm Wardens lost many of the records of their Founding during what later became known as the Nemesis Incident in roughly 945.M36. Because of the Storm Wardens' insular nature, only a very small number of monuments and documents celebrate their often heroic defence of these worlds. Preferably somewhere far, FAR away from Ultramar. He then changes his stance, and swiftly gives chase. Up until recently, these Space Marines focused their attention upon the great warp storms that trouble the Halo Stars region on the galaxy’s western edge. The chapter also has a legend of its old master one day returning from his stasis slumber to take back the chapter and bring it to new heights. This page was last edited on 13 November 2020, at 07:19. and color scheme (blue armor with white pauldrons) of the 41st Millennium's Storm Wardens are, again, more than a little reminiscent of the Crusade-era War Hounds. Enslavers utilise the minds of untrained or latent psykers, transforming their victim's bodies into vast, distended gateways through which the Enslavers themselves pour from the Warp. The exact reason for this isolationist tendency is unknown, but is likely to be a combination of the inherent character of the warrior-clans of Sacris from which the Chapter recruits and the events surrounding the Nemesis Incident. So only the lucky winner will have them. Things hit the fan though when it turned out the populace of Jericho Reach didn't want to deal with the Imperium, because they had already turned to chaos. Y ou are a member of an elite group of individuals that have been charged with the supervision and care of the single most powerful force crafted in nature. A master of the Sacris Claymore wielding his weapon against the foes of the Emperor is an awesome sight indeed, and one that fills the hearts of the faithful with as much pride as it inspires dread in the souls of Traitors.
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