Don’t presume that you can stretch a 3.5” splash screen into a 4” splash and just roll with it. Constraints None Uses/Interactions This class will be used to by the server Resources This class will utilize the sport score database. Uses/Interactions This method will be used from a UI_Dialog_Component. It will need to have the ability to pull out the nth occurrence of a set of parameter values within a string. PAGEREF SubSysArchitectSSDBI \h 8 Server Component………………………………………………………………………… PAGEREF SubSysArchitectServer \h 9 Server Communications…………………………………………………………………. If the client still insists that you advance without such a document, you should accept the fact that you have an unworkable relationship and walk away. The logger will log information about the server application, communications, Sports Score database, or webViking. We don’t want spending too much time checking data. It must be able to build a grammar of acceptable commands for itself. Uses/Interactions This class is referenced by the UI_Response_Formulator::getResponses() routine. iRecord, ranging in value from 0 to the maximum number of records – 1, will be passed in and must be used to determine which set of parameters is retrieved. ë If any interaction/information is required between the server application and communications, this interface provides those services. This will call all initialization functions, will present the user with a task objective if testing is active, will load up the first prompt, and will set user interaction in motion. Responsibilities This method is responsible for building any dependencies that may be required, building the grammar for a single prompt, and storing that grammar in a text file for future reference. It also uses the enumerated type UI_Enum_Command_Functions. 8.7.2. This design document has an accompanying specification document and test document. Break; case uiHelp: User.UsedHelp(); Go through the help levels and determine which should be read to the user. The server client thread (serverClientThread) is responsible for direct communications with a connected Sports Score client. I just came across the article today. clear(); // Clear out all of the parameters that were obtained in the last parsing. My struggle is providing the documentation in a palatable manner for my devs, But these illustrations say nothing about animations, control states, or even what actions to perform when a button is pressed. 8 - Dialog Database The dialog database structure is as follows: TableFieldTypeLengthDescriptionCommandKeyLong Integer Unique Identifier (primary key) GlobalBoolean Yes if the command is globally available, no if for use in a prompt Prompt IDLong Integer The prompt that this command is associated with (if not global) Spoken TextString50What the user should say to access this command EnumeratedBoolean Whether or not this command is to be enumerated during the help (when commands are read to users) Return ValueString50The value to be associated with the prompt parameterwhen this command is selected ActionLong Integer The action to be taken when this command is selected. } Interface/Exports None. Each client will be processed through serverClientThread. Within the Software In debug mode, the logger will log any request to log information that is called upon it. Resources This class will consume a TCP port for each client. With a clearly defined interface for the communications components, integration of these components is made simple and painless. Your document should follow the template below. General Requirements to the App's Specification. For each game find the lines contain information about the first team name, the number of runs, homes, errors of the first team. Processing See the description of each method. NameString100The (relatively) short prompt name for reference purposes DescriptionStringMemoA longer description of the prompt and what it represents GrammarStringMemoThe grammar to be used when this prompt is called up ParameterString50The name of the parameter that gets assigned a value for this prompt TestBoolean Whether or not this is a prompt to be used in test mode after a query is completed     Prompt TextKeyLong Integer Unique Identifier (primary key) Prompt IDLong Integer The prompt to which this text belongs.
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