LDS Living Magazine, Shadow Mountain Records, and Excel Entertainment are also divisions of Deseret Book. All adult fiction submissions should include: 1. Our focus is on Indigenous stories that reflect Native people whose Nations are located within the borders of what’s now called the United States and Canada. We are seeking:  Fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for picture books for children ages 1 to 8. It can contain references, figures, and tables, just as any other chapter. These covers provide a strong, corporate brand identity for Springer books, making them instantly recognizable amongst the scientific community. 3 or see Sect. Under certain circumstances we will review materials sent through the postal mail. FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS: Include a cover letter in the body of your email (please see individual category guidelines for cover letter tips) Attach manuscripts as WORD documents (preferred) or PDFs. We recommend Times New Roman. We do not require exclusive submissions. Book Submission Guidelines We are currently accepting book submissions that inspire hope, encourage confidence, bolster dreams, convey comfort, and/or express heartfelt feelings for friends, family, and the important people in life. We cannot be responsible for the loss or damage to submissions. Heartdrum is a Native-focused imprint of HarperCollins Children’s Books, author-curated by Cynthia Leitich Smith and edited by Rosemary Brosnan. In Word, use the Math function of Word 2007 or 2010, MathType or Microsoft Equation Editor with Word 2003 to create your equations, and insert the graphic into your text file as an object. Text Body: It comprises the chapters containing the content of the book, i.e. Some books also publish keywords. It should include: A brief description of the story. This allows us to easily cross link the cited references with the original publication. Use the standard Word functions for displayed lists, type styles such as bold or italics, the indexing function, and the footnote function. Chapters can be grouped together in parts. There are, however, recommended styles depending on the discipline. We only accept one manuscript at a time; please do not submit multiple titles. They are based on reference styles that were established for various disciplines in the past and have been adjusted to facilitate automated processing and citation linking. Authors do not need to include illustrations. Submissions for Artisan Books . Send email and attachments to, Subject line should read: “PICTURE BOOK: (story title) by (author name).”. Predefined style formats are available for all the necessary structures that are supposed to be part of the manuscript, and these formats can be quickly accessed via hotkeys or special toolbars. Please do not send original/ irreplaceable materials or items of value. Technical terms and abbreviations should be defined the first time they appear in the text. Rather, the kind of work we seek to publish has a transcendent aesthetic effect on the reader, and reading it can itself be a spiritual experience. Fiction queries and sample pages for middle-grade novels for children up to age 12, Fiction queries and sample pages for young adult novels for ages 12-18, Online Recorded Readings During COVID-19 Pandemic, Submission Information for Literary Agents, Include a cover letter in the body of your email (please see individual category guidelines for cover letter tips), Include contact information with phone number. Submissions. Cite references in the text with author name/s and year of publication in parentheses (“Harvard system”). Personal communications and unpublished works should only be mentioned in the text. Attach manuscripts as WORD documents (preferred) or PDFs. Include all works that are cited in the chapter and that have been published (including on the internet) or accepted for publication. When submitting a proposal, please keep in mind … For American spelling please consult Merriam–Webster's Collegiate Dictionary; for British spelling you should refer to Collins English Dictionary. Springer Milan has developed macros and templates in Italian language to help you prepare your textbook in Italian. Orison Books seeks to publish spiritually-engaged poetry, fiction, and nonfiction of exceptional literary merit. For special characters, please use Symbol and/or Arial Unicode. Never skip a heading level. A list of abbreviations and/or symbols is optional but it may be very helpful if numerous abbreviations and special symbols are scattered throughout the text. In LaTeX, use the Math environment to create your equations. THE BRIGHTHORSE BOOK PRIZE. You can keep track of where your book is in the publication process in real-time by signing up for notifications alerting you of all the critical stages, including when your book is published online and ready to share with the research community. Save the tables in the same file as text, references, and figure legends. should be saved as TIFF with a minimum resolution of 600 dpi. Never use footnotes or endnotes instead of a reference list. Authors writing in English—regardless of nationality, residence, or publication history—may submit to the competition. When selecting the keywords, think of them as terms that will help someone locate your chapter at the top of the search engine list using, for example, Google. Readers love seeing what their favorite authors are reading. uses standard layouts with style specifications suitable for multiple display formats. Manuscript Submission Guidelines Thank you for your interest in Hay House. If you are submitting an activity book proposal, please be aware that we are most interested in activity book authors that have a strong blogging platform (though we don't have any hard requirements, a general rule of thumb is at least 300,000 pageviews a month and 10,000 followers on Facebook or Instagram and Pinterest). We will read and review un-agented manuscripts and proposals for picture books, middle-grade fiction, and young adult novels. If illustrated, please attach one illustration for the book. Please provide titles for up to three comparative books published in the past five years. Word count:  Up to 70,000 words. Use italics for species and genus names, mathematical/physical variables, and prefixes in chemical compounds. Fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for picture books for children ages 1 to 8. Color illustrations should be submitted as RGB (8 bits per channel). Predefined style formats are available for all the necessary structures that are supposed to be part of the manuscript, and these formats can be quickly accessed via hotkeys or special toolbars. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept unsolicited manuscript submissions. We cannot accept submissions via direct email. All children's book submissions should be sent to: Children's Book Reviews Publishers Weekly 71 West 23 St. #1608 New York, NY 10010. Scanned graphics in TIFF format should have a minimum resolution of 1200 dpi. Do not set entire pages as boxes, because this diminishes online readability. Please include all author names (for contributed books the editor names) and their affiliations, the book title and subtitle. One author: (Miller 1991) or Miller (1991), Two authors: (Miller and Smith 1994) or Miller and Smith (1994), Three authors or more: (Miller et al. Color figures will appear in color in the eBook but may be printed in black and white. Albert Whitman & Company currently has an open submissions policy. Please include all author names (for contributed books the editor names) and their affiliations, the book title and subtitle. In your email, please describe your project and what materials you wish to send us. If you intend to include a foreword, please submit it with the manuscript. We cannot consider short stories, short story collections, novellas, or poetry. an introduction) may precede the first part and would be the first chapter. List all parts, chapters, and back matter material (e.g., an index) in the final sequence. With our clear manuscript guidelines and easy-to-follow checklists, submitting your finished work couldn’t be easier. The first three chapters of your book 2. Do not submit tabular material as figures. We will not review any submissions that do not follow these guidelines. Your book proposal (the most important piece of information). Front Matter: Title page, dedication (optional), foreword (optional), preface (optional), table of contents, list of abbreviations (optional). To submit material for consideration, please send the material to: Explain how your manuscript is different from these books. Paperback Submission Guidelines These guidelines are for designers of paperbacks with full-color covers, with any interior type. In our view, spiritual writing has little to do with subject matter. A one- to two-page synopsis 3. Once your final manuscript is submitted, our team of experts will guide your project through formatting and type setting to transform your work into a book in three powerful formats: eBook, Print Book and MyCopy. When writing a book for Springer, please do not worry about the final layout. Emails that do not use the subject line formatting may not be read. Agency: Nelson Literary Agency. Please supply all emails, telephone numbers and address of each author and editor. Word count:  Up to 35,000 words. Open access books resources author guide English, Manuscript Guidelines for English textbooks, Guidelines for Contributions to Major Reference Works, © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Entries in the list must be listed alphabetically except in the numbered system of sequential citation. This is a reference book that can be found in most public libraries. If your children’s book is short, please send entire manuscript. Short bio mentioning previous publications or other background information relevant to your story. A foreword is usually written by an authority in the subject and serves as a recommendation for the book. Heading levels should be clearly identified and each level should be uniquely and consistently formatted and/or numbered. Use cross-references to list variations or written-out versions and abbreviations/acronyms. After the last chapter, the back matter of the book can contain an appendix, a glossary or an index.'ll find more products in the shopping cart. Submitting to Avon Books UK We are currently OPEN to new submissions for the Avon list.. At Avon we publish some of the leading names in commercial fiction, including Sunday Times bestsellers C.L. If you want to publish a manuscript, a good way to start is by looking for a literary agent in the Literary Marketplace. Submission Guidelines. An introduction to the subject of the book does not belong in the front matter, but should appear as the first chapter of the book. Represents: middle grade, young adult. Either British or American English can be used, but be consistent within your chapter or book. Acknowledgment of support or assistance in preparing the book can be included as the last paragraph(s) of the preface.
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