Fuli said. She stared at her newborn brother for a few more moments before looking back up at her mother. Kion remarked. Kiara watches Zira down into the gorge in shock and a little bit of horror. So if you have an idea you would like me to do, I am NOT doing it. What would they look like grown up. She glanced back toward Kion and gave him a flirty smile. While he knew that leaving meant the Pride Lands meant leaving it unprotected, Thurston of the Zebra's assured him that he and the zebra's would protect the Pride Lands in the Lion Guard's absence. I'm impressed by how much your teamwork has improved while you were away." Fuli declared before she super speeded over to where Zira was coming and kicked her again. Unlike how his great uncle Scar was towards Mufasa, Kion does not have any resentment or jealousy towards his sister, Kiara being heir to the throne. I'd appreciate it if you left a review about what you thought about it. Nala's birth was quick and the cub is healthy." The now adult Kion narrowed his eyes at Zira as they stared each other down. "Sure am and fully healed. Kion saw this and approached her before lifting her chin up with his paw. "Now, I suggest you go home if you don't want to get hurt. "We'd be happy to let you join him.". "Defend!" Lion King Series The Lion King 1994 Lion King Pictures Wolf Spirit Animal King Simba Le Roi Lion Funny Cartoons Big Cats Disney Characters. Kion and Kutunza started to float up into the air. "Can it be…?" Kiara inquired, still with a … Beshte remarked. Ono remarked. "Sure is. Kiara nodded, smiling as their Father came closer as well. No matter how he looked though, she couldn't take his eyes off him. And there's nothing you can do to stop…". #homecoming #kon #thelionking Sorry for spelling arers. Houp You enjoy. "Focus Bunga, we got a job to do." The water flows down the gorge rapidly until it finally settles. Kiara slowly extended a paw towards him, folding back her other toes so that only one pointed out. Simba said with a happy smile on his face. Simba, Nala and Kiara all stepped forward a little in shock, they hadn't seen Kion in so long and to see him again as an adult was almost too much for them. Kion might be growing up. Her pregnancy unfortunately limited her movement and at her age, even to walk down and congratulate her daughter, might affect her unborn cub. Rani & Kion A Lion Guard Fanfic Fanfiction. He instead feels content that she is the future queen. Did you miss us?". The sun rose up to mark a new day, above the pridelands a large lion with a huge red mane and bright tan colors walked up the top. Scar has an plan, with the crocodiles, jackals and Hyena to overthrow Simba, and the Lion guard. "Well, when you finally do become Queen me and Guard will be right there by your side to protect you and the Pride Lands, that is the duty of the second born after all." The honey badger waved to the Princess. Zira snarled, her anger and hate all but consuming whatever reason she had left. Some would consider it a transitioning time as the creatures of the night turned to sleep while the diurnal awoke to light. Here's what I thought of each episode. "said Kutunza "I may not know the full details, but I can tell that you managed to convince both sides to stand down and join together." He or she wasn't even born yet and she already loved him or her so much. Kiara inquired, still with a teasing tone in her voice. Kiara grinned and let the carne drop from her mouth before she pushed it towards her. "Well, when someone is broken… sometimes they just can't be put back together… or won't." The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Tired breaths puffed through her lips and beads of sweat glistened on her fur. Kiara's face grew wide with happiness and she peered in closer to take a better look at her new brother. The two other soon-to-be mothers beside her slept, since it was one of the few things they could do while confined to the cave. The Lion Guard: Kion's Return Fanfiction. "Huwezi!" The Lion King, The Lion King II Simba's Pride & The Lion Guard belongs to Disney Characters belong to me As of now, my ships and cubs for KionXTiifu and KionXFuli will be for an AU. Such one was an young antelope munching on grass while a young, honey-furred lioness crept up close by. Simba recognized that roar, his eyes widened in realization. Kion explained. All belong to Disney. "Let's go, Lion Guard" Kion said quickly. Many herbivores took great gusto into devouring the grass that grew so plentifully there. For one to join the group, a lioness would have to complete a hunt all her own, no help from anyone else, and return to the pride with an animal carcass to prove her success. "So, I take it the hunt went well," she asked. Four more figures quickly rush over and surround the lioness from all sides. Perhaps the only really anxious one was Kiara. "Sure is. Something kindled inside his heart. Houp You enjoy. Think you might be interested?" I got her! Bunga waved to them as well. You don't have your army anymore and you can't fight all five of us at the same time.". Never," she hissed while shaking her head. She instantly sped past him, going slower as her paws made contact with the cold, stone floor of the den. Disclaimer: I do not own the Lion Guard or Lion King Series. "Kion, wait! Uncle Pumbaa! Plus… I think you owe him something." The egret was next as he flew up and quickly started to fly around the lioness in circles over and over again, till she was soon spinning in mid-air and descending fast. Rani is a slender lioness, with chestnut brown fur and a dark brown stripe running down her back. Kion agreed before turning to his family again. "Let's go home." This is set in after the Lion King 2 and where Kovu and Kiara are the next rulers and Kion is going to be born soon. A rush of emotions soon followed after the massive surprise they all felt. "Hevi kabisa." "Helga! Gradually, her paw extended towards it and pressed gently against the warm fur. He led the way to Lake Matope. Kiara grinned and leaned in closer. Right now, though, many thought it was way to early to be awake, even for Nala's labor in progress. Another tiny kick from the cub inside. Kion looked and spotted a certain, blue eyed lioness with a small tuff on her head and markings on her ears and under her eyes. "Also, I thought you said things would be ok while were away. "Wow… she's grown up too." You belong here.". Houp You enjoy. Finally, one had enough. The five finished, wrapping up their team catchphrase with smirks on their faces. Kion turned his attention back towards Zira and started to walk closer while everyone else watched on. Both Kovu and Kiara smile gratefully as Kiara leaned against Kovu which the Lion Guard, as well as everyone else smile as well. Kion was born to Simba and Nala sometime after the birth of his sister Kiara.At some point in his early childhood, Kion befriended a young honey badger named Bunga (who was in the care of Simba's friends and childhood guardians Timon and Pumbaa).One time, Kion and Bunga went out to play in the Pride Lands, despite Simba telling Kion to stay put. I always imagined that Kion and Jasiri would still be friends when they grow up but to have Kion pretty much be the surrogate father to Jasiri's cubs it just adorable to think of. Kiongozi. ", Kiara's eyes started to fill with tears as she stared and smiled at her 'little' brother. Bunga commented. And so much nostalgia. "Let it go, Zira," he urged her. I do not need your pity or your mercy!" Kion nodded to her in respect. This is a spin off episod of The Lion Guard. The cheetah quickly kicked her away with one of her hind legs. "Good to be home.". Rani & Kion A Lion Guard Fanfic Fanfiction. Kion looked back toward his family with a smile, he was just as happy to see them as they were to see him. "This is for you, Scar! Leave her alone!" Zira's snarled while her body shook with seemingly uncontrollable anger. "You can fill me in later, right now there's one more thing that needs to be done.". "Coming, Little B!" It was a bright, warm day in the Pridelands. He bowed slightly and pointed towards the cave. They were all up ahead, anticipating for her return. Her paw is briefly seen coming out of the water before she is swept away by the tides and hit by all the logs floating in it. But that can wait until we've returned to Pride Rock." Everyone else gathered along the edge as well and watched as this unfolded. Kiara looked away sadly, she knew both her brother and father were right but deep down she wished things were different. Sorry it took us so long to come back. Kion said. Kion looked ahead toward Pride Rock in the distance and smiled as well. Simba stated. His older sister smiled sweetly while the rest of the Guard caught up to the two and started to walk, or fly in Ono's case, side by side with them. "said Ono " Kion! You know, this hasn't been my first Lion King story with Kion in it, but I have to say it is my first that I really immersed myself into his character. he called out. Oh how she wished she could be down with the pride, congratulating and praising her daughter as she came in with the freshly caught prey, watching and cheering as she was accepted fully into the pride. "I can't believe it… you came back!" Another Lion King fic by yours truly, this time I'm doing a post Lion King 2/Lion Guard fic. ... Kion got up on the rock and stood besides Rani. Kiara nearly flinched when she felt a small thump against her paw pads. "said Kion and Kutunza " Hapana! But, she supposed, it was best she stay and keep her new sibling safe. Could Kyle be the key to change everything?, and bring peace between the Prideland and outland? Kion asked with a raised brow and a smirk. Haven't drawn much in a while but I've finally caught up on The Lion Guard. Kiara smiled back and looked back at her brother. "How dare you… How dare you talk to me that way! "I will kill every last one of you in order to get revenge for Scar! When Kion is kidnapped by Zira and her family,several unexpected events come up that turn the Pridelands upside down. "Wow… she's grown up too." "Till the Pride Lands end…" he began while more light shined down and revealed the figures surrounding Zira; it was Fuli, Bunga, Ono and Beshte, all fully grown just like Kion was.

lion guard fanfiction kion grown up

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