Although some cats travel well, most really don't enjoy globe-trotting. Maintain a fixed timing for feeding the cats. May 16th 2013. If the garage door accidentally got closed by a caretaker, the cats wouldn’t have access and would have to fend for themselves. Stray cats may transmit rabies to people through saliva and biting.Rabies is a rare medical condition in humans, but it is fatal.However, there are many non profit organizations that vaccinateferal cats and this reduces the number of stray cats with rabies andthe potential risk of infection. We're going on vacation for over a week, and we don't have neighbors or family that we trust enough to look after them. But, and this is an important ‘but’, that certainly does not mean that your cat can survive on its own for a week without your help. John Park poses a kitty conundrum: Who's going to feed the cat while you're on vacation? Will the cat take off being an outdoor cat with seeing no one around the house? Yes, it's fun to do! An insulated feeding station that is built in the same fashion as a cat shelter works even better. All rights reserved. Also, do not place food and water dishes directly next to each other. Provide Shelter. Maybe in the beginning, if you're feeding one feral cat, this will be a solo effort, but word may get around the local feline population, and if one cat becomes two, and two cats become three, you should try to make your feral cat care a group project. The FWC’s policy on feral cats is "to protect native wildlife from predation, disease and other impacts presented by feral and free-ranging cats.". If you capture feral cats don't take them to an animal shelter before checking to find out the shelter's policy on feral cats. Place water bowls in your kitchen and bathrooms, and choose containers with heavy bottoms to prevent tipping. Stay extremely still and remain quiet while the cat feeds. Use a food dispenser if you plan to stay away for several days. Feral Cat Program is a division of PA P.E.T.S. Fill as many bowls with water as needed to ensure your cat has plenty to drink while you are away. DEAR JOAN: I go to a local park and feed the feral cats daily. Feral cats get enough bad press and demands to eradicate them, so pick up everything before you leave. Show you care with cash. Fill as many bowls with water as needed to ensure your cat has plenty to drink while you are away. Hire a professional pet sitter to visit your home once or twice each day while you are away. This will keep your pet from overeating. The Humane Society estimates that there are around 30 to 40 million community cats (a combination of feral and stray cats) living in the United States today. Step 2. How to Feed Feral Cats on a Budget 1 I am feeding 20 cats at the moment. Usual visits are 30-40 minutes, allowing time to pet, brush, feed, water and clean litter. Add a little extra, just in case some pieces are accidentally scattered or batted under the refrigerator. There are also inhome pet-sitters that do this for a living. However, if this isn’t causing any problem in your community, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t feed stray cats. You can leave them at a kennel, but they need to have their shots, and cats don't always like kennels too well. While building this Make: magazine project, John learned that newer VCRs have safeguard technology, limiting access to the motor. Instead, stay outside and sit quietly in a chair nearby after putting out the food. Please don't feed stray cats! Do not leave cans of opened wet food out for your cat. By Maura McAndrew. Absolutely. ... You can help even more cats by organizing a group of volunteers to aid feral cats while allowing them to keep their freedom. Jul 7, 2018 - Feeding Feral Cats While Away | Sos Animals Lounge I buy 10kg bags of dried cat food from Big W. Leaving Your Cat at Home or in a Kennel While You're Away. Learn how often and how much to feed feral cats. Our for The Love of Cats programs provide a veterinary safety net for companion cats with low-income guardians -- free spay/neuter and acute care assistance. Cats rely on body heat to stay warm, so keep your shelters small for colonies with just a few cats. Unfortunately taking them is not an option. Whether you are a rookie feeding a few cats in the backyard, or whether you are a “pro” who has been feeding large colonies of cats in back alleys for years, here are eight great ways to make sure your feral feeding stations are stellar set-ups. Speak with a family member or friend about checking in on your cat during your absence from home. What do you do about feeding and care for your feral colony while you’re on vacation? I've seen dozens of horrific cases of diseased and malnourished packs of stray cats as a result of people leaving out food for them. The garage is where we keep their food, water, and beds. Cats can gorge on dry food and eat too much not leaving enough food for later. Or they simply lost touch with humans over time so they developed a fear. Food dispensers generally work in one of two ways: they dispense small amounts of food at set times, or they release food every time your cat empties her bowl. They think they're helping the cats. It happens like clockwork. Feeding community cats, also called stray or feral cats, year-round will help keep them healthy. Make Caring for Feral Cats a Team Effort. Lots of times though, when people feed feral cats, they start to grow attached, and that can be a problem. The Vet Visit Is Tomorrow? While some cats are fine traveling, staying in hotels, or being boarded in a kennel, most cats are better off when they stay in their own home with a pet sitter.

how to feed feral cats while on vacation

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