Whether you are looking for an apartment, single family home, or vacation rental, we will have one of our dedicated team members work with you to find the best place to suit your needs. For additional safety and security, you can choose to send your GPS location with your requests so that the personal assistants can see where you are located. You may be asking yourself if the added services are beneficial to your lifestyle. […] you can decide to take the help of the best concierge services. And as more renters turn to social media to choose apartment buildings and neighborhoods, Twitter and Facebook stories about friendly concierges and extra services go a long way toward building word-of-mouth marketing. Community partners, reach out for a quote on sanitizing common areas, amenity spaces and … Enter Apartment Concierge Services. A person who is cash rich but time poor makes the best candidate for a concierge-serviced building. This The Apartment Concierge app will not only help you reach your team of personal assistants with a "quick-dial" button, but also allows you to submit requests electronically. Michael is a Philadelphia-based writer with a variety of interests, including music, TV, politics, travel and sports (Fly Eagles Fly!). If you’re wondering whether or not you can afford the added expense, research apartment buildings in your area and inquire about added services and costs. They are searching out these services when choosing an apartment to cut down on chore time and spend more time with families and friends, worry less about home issues while concentrating on work and improve their health and well-being. The position can also be maintained by a security guard over the late night shift. Our professional front staff at Silver Towers offers white glove services including but not limited to welcoming you home, announcing the arrival of your guests and accepting your packages, to coordinating maintenance appointments. Offering such services is as much a win for owners as is it for renters. The finest Serviced Apartments, Aparthotels, Luxury Short-Stay Accommodation and Luxury Hotel Apartment Suites all in one place. A person who is cash rich but time poor makes the best candidate for a concierge-serviced building. As such, more and more apartment buildings are adding concierge services to a growing list of amenities. This apartment community was built in 1972 and has 6 stories with 544 units. What does an apartment concierge do? The Apartment Concierge When your residents contact your concierge services, they’ll receive help with any request or task they need 24 hours a day. And in a more sprawling community or a townhome layout, residents may not even realize that the concierge is there. Having a concierge in your apartment is much like living in a hotel. A concierge is a virtual one-size-fits-all provider of personalized services. His work has been featured in nexxt.com, Ale Street News and Radio TV Interview Report Magazine. From TV shows like Diff'rent Strokes to movies like Tower Heist, apartment concierges have always been a sign of wealth, affluence and an Upper East Side residency. For landlords, increasing competition for renters is necessitating offering apartment concierge services as more apartment seekers expect them to be available. Browse the Apartments in St. Paul website today! Stealth’s Remote Concierge (RC) provides a comprehensive suite of digital concierge services that gives your residents a world-class experience while increasing your net operating income. A Houston-based company reports a return of $1.70 to $3.20 for every dollar spent on concierge services and increases in resident retention, new resident procurement and management productivity. A concierge service is certainly not a necessity for every association. It’s our mission to operate community-focused apartment complexes, offering generous amenities to all of our tenants. We call it Anything, Anytime, Anywhere ®. In addition to providing bespoke access and day-to-day assistance, we have teams in place to manage everything from Travel to … Browse our website or, if you have more questions, get in touch with a team member by calling 763.367.7400 — we’d love to hear from you! A Valet Living concierge provides outstanding on-site service with the ability to interact with a diverse group of people by creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere Facilitate the delivery of amenity service providers Maintain residents’ dry-cleaning orders by keeping pickups and drop offs organized Boston Residential Concierge is a registered concierge business that provides high quality services at luxury apartment communities in the Boston area. Similar to how a hotel strives to take care of every need you have, apartment owners are bringing that same level of high-quality care to their buildings through comprehensive apartment concierge services. Our premier apartment community in Rocky Hill features a modern appliances, spacious apartments and wonderful recreational opportunities that make your apartment feel like home. Our residential Concierge Service Program (either on-site and/or virtual), will prove to be the key element which separates you from the competition. Full-Service Concierge At Circa Uptown our well-appointed apartment homes are equally matched with dedicated concierge service available to our residents Monday - Thursday 8 A - 10 P, Fri 8 A - 11 P, Sat 9 A - 11 P, Sun 10 A - 10 P*. The concierge serves guests of an apartment building, hotel, or office building with duties similar to those of a receptionist. An apartment concierge is someone who absorbs some of your day-to-day activities, from making restaurant reservations to sorting mail to walking the dog, much like a personal assistant would. It may not be cost-effective for every building or complex to have full-time concierges on site, so a number of third-party companies offering concierges to landlords have begun to spring up, as have individual contractors working as “gig economy” concierges. Our Services. With our network of experienced home maintenance and repair specialists, we will make sure these matters are fixed promptly and affordably. Residents can find the new "Sanitize" Chore in the app. Let’s dive into whether or not, Hailing taxi cabs or reserving rideshares, Monitor doors, elevators and security cameras, Report any suspicious activity to keep tenants safe, If you work in the city or live downtown and want to, Although there are real estate companies that offer. Concierge Apartments is located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut in the 06067 zip code. His background includes a decade as a programming executive in network television, six years as a marketing executive at a technology company and time at two magazines and two advertising agencies. Concierge service is no longer just an extravagant luxury for well-to-do New Yorkers, it’s increasingly a perk you can find in any building, anywhere. Duties in a hotel include making dinner reservations, mapping out directions, purchasing hard-to-find tickets, booking tours, or finding a doctor who makes house calls. In medieval times, the concierge was an officer of the king who was charged with executing justice, with the help of his bailiffs. But what does “concierge service” actually mean? Now offering sanitization and disinfection services for residents and communities.

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