RPM Shaft Rotation Replaces RFM5 778 •* OPEN 1/16 208-230 0.41 3450 1/4” x 3-3/4” CWSE UFM3714 •* OPEN 1/8 115/208-230 1.60/0.80 3200 1/4” x 4.00” REV. ELECTRIC MOTOR CROSS REFERENCE MANUAL-1. The Fasco ® brand covers a wide array of commercial HVAC, pumping, and air moving applications. Trine offers a cross reference chart for various electric strike models among competitve manufacturers strike releases. WEG Motor Cross; Product Search ... and we will help you find the right WEG motor. Search motors across all brands on one platform. Carbon Brushes for electric motor repair are designed to increase brush life and surface contact to enhance performance. Cross reference your OEM part to the correct electric motor or controller in our inventory. Product Categories. Part No. MFG MARS MFG MARS MFG MARS MFG MARS Part No. If you are human, leave this field blank. It will describe the email program and what to expect in the upcoming weeks. CONTACT. With this information, most motor supply or repair companies can provide the matching replacement options from various manufacturers. Thank you for registering for email from Schneider Electric. Categories: Support Tools. Box 468 Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 tel: 419-352-8441 fax: 419-352-0875 email: marketing@marathonsp.com T h e s e d i m en s i o n s a r e s p e c i f i c t o e a c h m anu f a c t u r e r. NEMA Shaft (U) K ey R ) Dim n S 3/8 1/2 5/8 7/8 1-1/8 1-3/8 1-5/8 1 … The voltage is 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, the rated torque is 1.3-1.5Nm, and the rated speed is 12-14cm/s. The reference speed for a given bearing represents the permissible operating speed of said bearing when subjected to the specific operating conditions of load, lubrication type and method as outlined in ISO 15312. Click here to use our newly-updated cross-reference tool. As a result of the numerous years of existence and experience it is known for production of heavy duty starters. NEMA Motor Dimensions - Reference Chart * a ft e r l e t t e r i n d i c a t e s t h e n u m b e r i s a n app r o x i m a te v a l ue . and we will get back to you with the best solution. PEMS Cross Reference Disclaimer: If any result is not noted as an "Exact" or “Direct” replacement, the responsibility lies with the customer to confirm the aftermarket suggestion is suitable for the application. 1/10 hp 1050 RPM 4-Speed 5" Diameter 208-230V Century Electric # 362A. The MotorMatch ® Selection Guide can help you find the right motor for your needs. Cross Reference Search. Repco is the industry-leading source for replacement carbon brushes for industrial motors and generators. You will receive your first welcome message soon. If you cannot find what you need . The cross-reference shows types of reference. When the voltage generated in the air between the conductors is high enough, the air breaks down. This interchange tool is to be used only as a reference to find WEG motors. Manufacturers’ Cross Reference Guide These tables are intended only as guides and may represent another lamp/ballast company's most similar product rather than an identical match. Replacement Motor Cross Reference C-Flange - Keyed and Threaded - Premium Energy Efficient - Total Horsepower Rated 5.5 Diameter Catalog Number 56 Catalog Number THP Voltage Regal Beloit (Formerly A.O. Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc., a U.S. affiliate company of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, was established in 1979 to serve the North American automotive, heavy duty truck and coach business. EIS supplies various types of brushes and accessories such as: For a complete cross reference guide please consult our electronic catalog at www.sylvania.com. Smith) WEG (Formerly Bluffton)-ASB656 0.95 208-230/115-CK1052 B656 52003 Compressor Conversion Selection Guide; Electric Motor Repair, Modification & Customization; Electric Motors Technical FAQ; Explosion Proof Jet Pump Motors; NEMA Reference Chart; Variable Frequency Drives. Repco’s quality carbon brushes are guaranteed to be equivalent in fit, form and function. This standard has been established for oil lubrication but is also valid for grease and uses the fol-lowing reference conditions: MARS MOTOR CROSS REFERENCE INFORMATION For motor note information see page 2. the motor, especially when the motor and drive are separated by long power leads. please use our Motor Replacement Form. ... Century Electric Motor. Smith) Regal Beloit (Formerly A.O. These reference charts will help you find the part you need! Part No. The MotorMatch Selection Guide is a tool facilitate finding the motor that best suits your a specific need or application. Delco Remy is a starter motor manufacturing company that has been in existence for over a century. Part No. New Cross-Reference Search Capabilities May 01, 2012. Shenzhen Power Motor Industrial Co., Ltd. Electric curtain motor solution The Electric curtain motor solution developed by Power Motor has the characteristics of small size, large torque, and low noise. For more than 30 years Repco has built a solid reputation for superior product knowledge and customer service. IEC QUICK REFERENCE CHART IEC Foot Mounting Shaft B5 Flange B14 Face General FrameType ABCHDELA MNPSTMNPSTLACADHCXX 102 121 13 63 300 100 80 40 63 11 23 8 115 95 140 9375 60 90 M5 2.5 * 119 44.760 .500 3.937 3.150 1.570 2.480 .433 .906 .313 4.5283.740 5.512 .354 .118 2.9532.362 3.540 0.98 4.690 116d 136d 22d 4.567d 5.375d .880d 119 131 18 How to Replace an Electric Motor; Common Bearing Failures; Glossary of Electromechanical Terms; What is a Cooling Tower ; SEW Eurodrive Gear Units; Extend Bearing Life; OEM Motor Cross Reference L-Z; OEM Motor Cross Reference A-L; How to choose a VFD - Five Things to Know; Sleuth the Tooth - Gear Inspection ABCs Part No. Leeson Inverter Drives; Washdown VFD Drives; WEG Variable Frequency Drives; Motor Starters; Rigging & Lifting Accessories Part No. The product range includes C-Frame, 3.3", and ECM smart motors integrated with the blower unit. HP Volts Amps. The companies’ E-catalogue is simple and provides you with an easy cross reference for your starter. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER TO CONFIRM THE ACCEPTABILITY OF Part No. Key benefits of the enhanced site: • New filter options and advanced search capabilities Show Fasco Cross Reference Guide Download Complete Fasco Catalog. This breakdown is known as “corona.” nema quick reference chart nema frame de2f h nop uvaa ab ah aj ak ba bb bd xo tap ... baldor electric company p.o. ELECTRIC MOTOR CROSS REFERENCE MANUAL-1. The information for these types of reference are estimates provided by our company based on information published by the relevant manufacturer at the time of acquisition. If you don't find your item there, feel free to search by category or manufacturer, or contact our Customer Service Department at 800-270-4579 or custserv@emotorpro.com and we'll gladly try to cross-reference your number or help you in any way … Some motor manufacturer or vendor will cross refference their motor with E-flite's motor as they seamed to be leaders in the industry or either thats what Horizon sell and they are big in the industry BUT like mention above way to many brand and variation of the same just labeled differently to produce such a list. Those high voltage pulses (or voltage spikes) develop voltage poten-tial between adjacent conductors in the motor winding. $176.58. box 2400 fort smith, arkansas 72902-2400 u.s.a. nema c-face ba dimensions 143-5tc 2-3/4 182-4tc 3-1/2 213-5tc 4-1/ 4 254-6tc 4-3/4 5000 framede2fhopuvaa ab ba 5 0 7s 1 2-63 4 npt 8 By Roy Leave a Comment Oct 23 0. Enjoy! Fasco. Thank you for subscribing to updates from Schneider Electric! These brushes are typically found in DC Motors, Generators, Slip Ring Motors, Motors, and Grounding Applications. Please check the latest information about the product and determine applicability based on your own research. If you have a motor part number, please search for it using the Search box at the top of your screen. A “.40 size” electric motor may need to spin an 11×8 or 12×7 prop to make the power level of a .40 glow engine when running on a 4-cell Li-Po battery pack. DEFINITE PURPOSE ELECTRIC MOTORS. Users must always check dimensional drawings, data sheets and performance curves before making a final product selection. Alternatively, you can use drop down search to configure the exact motor you are looking for. I took the time to create a massive cross-reference chart that compares 13 different major brands of motors, and matches them to other similar size, Kv and power output motors. The Latest 2012 May New Cross-Reference Search Capabilities. Part No. Electric Motors, Generators and Drives The following are dimensional size charts for standard electric motor NEMA standard frames and configuration. Competitor Part Number Find Cross Referenced Product. Motor Cross-Reference Database. 04 Universal Electric Motors 9526 Draft Inducer Motors 3.3” Diameter 570 •* OPEN 1/20 115/230 1.80/0.92 3000 1/4” x 2-1/2” CWSE Stock # Encl. Delco Remy Starter Cross Reference. Individual manufacturer's performance values should be consulted. Electric Motor Search. Question motor cross reference Power Systems. A purchase order confirms all applicable notes have been read … Motor Control Centers Motor Starters Panelboards Pendant and Control Stations Power Monitoring & Control Power Quality Improvement Process Control & Safety Push Buttons, Switches, Pilot Lights and Joysticks Relays – Interface, Control and Measurement Safety Switches & Disconnect Switches Surge Protection and Power Conditioning Thank you for visiting EmotorPro! 1/10 hp 1050 RPM 4-Speed 5" Diameter 230V Fasco # D292 ... Reference numbers refer to suggested replacements only Just type in the motor part# or the motor specifications you are looking for and a list of motors matching your query will come up. Use the manufacturer's model or part number located on the motor's label plate for the most effective method of cross-referencing a General Electric motor. We are excited that you have joined the group. 2203/52 1525Kv; C-2203/52-1540Kv: XM2812CA-33-1470Kv: 2203/46 1720Kv: C-2203/46-1720Kv; XM2812CA-27-1780kv: Park 280, 1800Kv: A10-9L-1700Kv: RimFire 250 1750Kv Marathon Special Products 427 Van Camp Road P.O. Electric Motors. We supply either the OEM carbon brush or a Repco lower-cost, alternative. The Fasco ® brand has a 100 year history as an industry innovator that produces cutting edge technology to solve problems, save energy, and reduce downtime. Smith) Regal Beloit (Formerly A.O. ESR Motor Systems www.esrmotors.com ESR Motor Systems, LLC • 648 E White St, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Phone: (800) 868-3770 • FAX: (803) 324-3259 NEMA – QUICK REFERENCE CHART
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