It also scours for essential dates and automatically syncs new developments into the integrated calendar. In this article, we'll dive into the eight best real estate apps that will improve your productivity throughout the entire real estate lifecycle, from generating leads to signing the final paperwork. With Buffer, create posts for a week and then schedule them for posting later. Sky Slope is a transaction management system that helps take your business off of paper and allows you to handle transactions electronically. (source: Divide your contacts – former clients, prospects, or even colleagues into groups called ‘buckets.’. Scope out upcoming neighborhood home values and locations. Open Home Pro sends automated follow-up emails to all the visitors to make sure you can engage with your leads with ease. We hope some of the apps on this list can help make your days more organized, focused and productive. Thirty-two percent of marketers say visuals are important for their business. (source: Their premium version costs $19/month (when billed annually) and has multiple additional features like attachment organization and mobile smart folders. You can unlock the ‘Professional Upgrade’ for a one-time fee of $19.99. The best apps for real estate agents and brokers all make your to-do list easier. Top 6 Best Real Estate Apps of 2019. For agents and teams, RealScout costs around $39/agent/month. 1.Promo (web app only) Promo is like Canva, but for real estate videos. A single loop house organizes all the documents related to one single transaction. The properties that the clients are interested in are often easier to track and hunt, buying what piques the interest best. This feature helps you organize your data faster. PricingMagicplan has a basic free version with limited features. User ScoreiOS – 4.8/5 (from 14.6k users)Android – 4.3/5 (from 4027 users). RPR Mobile is a property research app that allows agents to view market statistics, search properties and create detailed buyers and sellers’ reports – among other things. Magicplan computes the costs and materials for your projects. The app has a massive database of current property listings. The Premium plan is $29/month and you get access for unlimited transactions as well as additional features. The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Homebuyers. (source: Real Estate Exam Prep provides many training questions for people who want to take a test and pass Real Estate Exam. You can add a reminder message after flagging the call – so you never miss a follow-up again. Measure 3. However, a Spacio account is required to access it. User ScoreiOS – 4.9/5 (from 49.2k users)Android – 4.7/5 (from 4.2m users ). However, you don’t remember the caller, despite having saved their number. Probably the most popular real estate app among buyers is Zillow. Real estate apps for agents are specifically designed to help keep you organized whether you're at home, on the go, or at an open house. Property Fixer . (source: Based on your plans data (surrounding, surface, etc.) Access your data from any device through the cloud sync. Spacio works well with many existing real estate software systems, so you can make the most out of your generated leads. Open house toolkit lets you set up as many questions as you want. You get unlimited message credits with each and the features increase as you go up in plans. According to the National Association of Realtors, 96% of real estate professionals check their email every single day. Top 21 apps for realtors in 2019. IntegrationsCloze connects to your communication channels such as Evernote, Linkedin, Facebook, Slack, Google Docs and more. Your time is money and having the right tools at your disposal when you need them can be the difference between closing a sale and losing a sale. If you have Gmail or Outlook, Folio lets you organize and manage your transactions from these accounts. If you find a promising prospect, tag them under a group like ‘Hot Leads.’. Similar to Residential Mode – you can access ownership data, transaction history, tax, a mortgage calculator and more. LoopNet is … Transparency, use of the latest technology, competitiveness and top-notch marketing has made Love Your Postcode the best app ever. Emails and texts are tracked in the property folder for future reference. You have access to all your documents, images and files right from your phone, kindle or IPad. However, a Skyslope account is required to access it. Their plus and professional versions cost $8.25/month and $16.58/month (when billed annually) and contain additional features like smart sync, data protection and more. Tag every important call with keywords. Pricing is as follows: The Silver plan gets you ($15/month, per user), Gold  gets you ($29/month per user), and Platinum gets you ($59/month per user). The basic package is free and you have access to most of the features except the capability to “manage” your client. And if you’re still looking for a super-simple way to manage your phone calls with your clients, check out the new iovox app for Android and iOS. What if you can flag calls, just like you flag important emails! Contactually ensures you don’t forget to talk to your clients. Basic version is free and offers limited features. Their premium version costs $4.99/month for a single user. This is an amazing app for real estate agents. Manage the Sales Process and Client Relationships. Open House forms are indispensable, but they can also waste valuable time if they’re not implemented efficiently.
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