After leaving them for a while, she comes back to … The videos have left the strawberry lovers horrified and scared considering the fact that they have been eating the worms with fruit for so many years. As a further sign that we’re absolutely not allowed to have nice things in 2020, it turns out that the strawberries we know and love might just be riddled with teeny-tiny worms. That’s what a viral TikTok video shows, but food experts say the practice is unnecessary. Put your strawberries in salt water, and the bugs will come out. Woman Claims That Tiny ‘Worms’ Came Out Of Her Strawberries After Soaking Them In Salt Water. The videos seemed to show perfectly ordinary-looking strawberries, with no signs of spoilage, rot, or alien invader-larvae. User Seleste Radcliffe was just cleaning her strawberries in saltwater when she made a “berry” scary discovery when tiny worms began squirming out of the fruit. The claim is that if you put your fresh strawberries in saltwater, you will see tiny worms moving around on the strawberries, crawling around on the counter after cutting the berries or even floating in the saltwater. @selesteradcliffe GROSS IT WAS JUMPING!!!! Horrifying TikTok videos reveal BUGS and small WORMS emerge from fresh strawberries when they’re submerged in salt water. TikTok trend is soaking strawberries in saltwater because worms and bugs inside. Torres says she saw tiny worms on around six of the eight strawberries she soaked in the salt water. Despite Panic-Stricken TikTok Trend, You Can Definitely Eat the Tiny Bugs in Your Strawberries . In a video posted to her own TikTok, Torres holds strawberries while commenting: "Apparently there are little bugs inside these guys". TikTok users are freaking out over a video that purports to show bugs squirming out of strawberries — which, admittedly, is a little freaky-sounding. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content – thank you! Multiple TikTok users took to the social media platform this week to show how tiny bugs actually come out of strawberries after they’ve been left to soak in saltwater long enough. The TikTokker then left the strawberries in the water for half an hour and, when she returned, there were little white bugs crawling over them. Torres ended up posting the results to her own TikTok. Believe it or not, it’s actually more normal than you think. And as she revealed, the results were horrific. A TikTok video has gone viral after showing tiny worms coming out of strawberries once they’re washed with saltwater. According to Cloud Mountain Farm Center, 'the worms are most likely the larvae of Spotted Wing Drosophila, a non-native fruit fly that lays its eggs on just ripening berries and cherries.' Author: Janelle Bludau Small worms in strawberries found on TikTok How to Naturally Clean Fruits or Vegetables Organic is better than conventional if you are eating any fruit or vegetables, but either way, a good way to eliminate or reduce pesticides, bugs, and other contaminants is to let them soak in saltwater for 5 to 30 minutes (I like 30 minutes). ‘I’m going to barf. The TikTok users have shown in the videos that they submerged the strawberries in a bowl of saltwater and after 30 minutes worms can be seen coming out of the fruit. “Seems like I was right about strawberries all along,” Brady captioned the screenshot of a USA Today story entitled, “Bugs and maggots may crawl out of … The tiny white worms that emerge in a lot of these videos are the maggots of … Several TikTok users … TIKTOK users are revealing what happens when you submerge strawberries in salt water - and it’s enough to turn your stomach. In the video, her response was, “There it is… I’m going to barf.”, She added, “The bugs blend in with the seeds and start crawling out of them.”. It’s not just one video, either. Here’s a new TikTok conspiracy for you: People are saying that if you soak strawberries in salt water, bugs will come out of them. Horrifying TikTok Video Shows Worm Crawling Across Strawberry After Being Placed In Salt Water Rebecca Shepherd Last updated 10:29 AM , Thursday May 21 2020 GMT+1 In the clip, she is heard making gagging noises as the camera shows a tiny worm crawling on one of the pieces of fruit after it has been soaked in the solution. A TikTok video has gone viral after showing tiny worms coming out of strawberries once they’re washed with saltwater. Then, like a science experiment gone wrong, she witnessed the horror as tiny worm-like insects began to emerge from the strawberries! If you feel like you've lost your appetite, maybe try distracting yourself with another TikTok trend: mini pancake cereal. Woman Claims That Tiny ‘Worms’ Came Out Of Her Strawberries After Soaking Them In Salt Water. It turned out that creepy crawlies did indeed emerge from her produce! After their time in the water, little worms can crawl across the strawberries. The internet is freaking out about a TikTok video (and accompanying Buzzfeed article) showing what appear to be little worm-like bugs crawling out of fresh strawberries soaked in salt water. The video shared on TikTok has now gone viral as people panic about what is inside their fruit. Armed with her unsettling discovery, Torres decided to do some research on the little white worms and found some interesting information.