Product is as described, brand new and perfect. I am not sure a review of this knife was entirely necessary. The Sage 5 comes with Spyderco’s wire clip. Its operation is as smooth as can be, it is small and lightweight, a … The Native 5 in FRN is the latest in the long line of Native knives from Spyderco. My preference is for the black chrome version found on the Sage 1, but I must admit that this satin version looks nice with the rest of the stainless steel hardware. National Alzheimer's Association. That is a serious piece of hardware. It’s so comfortable. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. The Manix series of Spyderco knives have been a staple of the Spyderco line up for many years now. This is a knife you could carry with a suit or slacks if you wanted to. While this won’t replace my Para 2 entirely, it will likely get more pocket time given my preference for a slightly smaller EDC. I do agree about Spyderco’s S30V — I would rather see S35VN here. And you’re right about being similar to the Chaparral, but I don’t know that too many people that would complain about that…. Even a 3.25-inch model can feel like a bit too much when weight, size and discretion matter. Now that the pivot is loosened slightly and the knife has broken in, I really like the thinner and lighter Sage 5. Like a lot of Spyderco knives that share this profile, the ergonomics are great. If I didn’t I would grab this is a second. I do not want a collection. Best Survival Knives It’s easy to access and the blade moves on phosphor bronze washers. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page. Ah, the wire clip. I also appreciate the familiarity of the liner lock. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. The Spyderco Sage 5 highlights Spyderco's own patented Compression Lock, which uses one of the handle's stainless steel liners, the stop pin, and an upward-facing ramp on the blade's tang to create an incredibly strong and user-friendly lock mechanism. The handle design is where we begin to see the uniqueness of the Sage 5. For the uninitiated, this is not a “liner lock on the back of the knife”. The blade is versatile and cuts well. The Sage 5 has an overall length of 7.17″, a 3″ blade, weighs 3.1 ounces, and is made in Taiwan. It’s an ideal size for me. This is a love it or hate it thing. The C123PBK Spyderco Sage 5 Lightweight Knife - the lastest variant in the long running Sage series, features a 3.00 inch leaf blade made of CPM S30V stainless steel, .118 inch thick, with a full flat grind, a notched choil and thumb ramp for secure grip, and the Spyderco hole for ambidextrous one hand opening. Interesting but not compelling since I already own a Sage 1 and 2. I didn’t mind at first as I knew that my Sage 1 required a break in period due to its tight tolerances, but I became concerned when the action didn’t improve after a couple weeks of carry and a healthy application of Tuf Glide. It just arrived, and all this amateur can say is, what a sweet little old knife! This page works best with JavaScript. I’m not disagreeing with you, but irrespective of Spyderco’s predilection for using S30V out of Taichung these days, that consistency may have been important to them. I’ll update the review if my opinion changes. Either way, if they can squeeze that price down to the $100 mark, this may be an ultimate EDC option — even better than the FRN Chaparral. Sure, they share a similar faux carbon fiber cladding, but beyond that there are key differences to note. This knife carries like a slimmer and lighter Sage 1. Spyderco will donate approximately 5% of sales of the Sage line to the National Alzheimer's Association Denver, Colorado Chapter. That may be the case, and I get that, but from Spyderco alone the Sage series and the Native 5 both do a better job of being a 3” (or sub 3”) daily carry knife than the Para 3 does, and in some cases even for less money with better steel – like the Native 5 Lightweight. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Spyderco Sage 5 Folding Knife 3.03" S30V Satin Plain Blade, Carbon Fiber/G10 Laminate Handles $234.00 $163.80 Spyderco Sage 5 Lightweight Folding Knife 3.00" CPM-S30V Satin Plain Blade, Black FRN Handles $175.00 $122.50 However, the Sage 5 does come with a sleeved lanyard hole, something I could live without. The main portion of the handle easily accommodates a full 4 finger grip, while that finger choil gives you some extra options. I own many spyderco knives but lately the sage 5 has been monopolizing my pocket. However, I did run into a problem when trying to close the knife. Best EDC Knives The newest addition to this series, the Sage 5, highlights Spyderco s patented Compression Lock, which uses one of the handle s stainless steel liners, the stop pin, and an upward-facing ramp on the blade s tang to create an incredibly strong and user-friendly lock mechanism. Shop Spyderco Sage 5 Folding Knife | 30% Off 5 Star Rating on 1 Review for Spyderco Sage 5 Folding Knife + Free Shipping over $49. It joins the Sage 1 and 2 in going to the top of my pile. Just carefully adjust the pivot. I’d be curious to get Tony’s take on it as well. Filed Under: EDC Knives, Gentleman's Folder, Recommended EDC Knives, Spyderco Tagged With: carbon fiber, Compression Lock, made in Taiwan, s30v. Let me know what you think if you decide to pick one up. Spyderco folding knives are so legendary they created an entire new market. Like all the other knives in the Sage series, this knife features Spyderco’s leaf shaped blade. Please consider that purchasing anything through any of the links on this website helps support, and keeps the site going. No, the hard knives to turn down are the PM2 Cruwear or Military 52100 sprint run pieces that are still sitting at the store… taunting me…. But I do think Spyderco managed to make some improvements with the Sage 5. Spyderco Sage 5 Prestige Folding Knife with 3" CPM S30V Stainless Steel Blade and Black Carbon Fiber Laminate Handle - PlainEdge - C123CFPCL. In particular I think they harmonize better with flippers than the ever popular frame lock. Its operation is as smooth as can be, it is small and lightweight, a real gem. Unless you are a big fan of the compression lock or the Sage series, then I think the Sage 1 will serve you very well. Utilizing the Spyderco metals, attention to detail and unique design, the Tenacious G-10 Combination Edge Blade gives you a half-serrated edge for those instances that call for it, while also retaining the plain edge for clean slices. Product Description. So I spent a quarantine day reading reviews of Spydercos and Benchmades and everything in between, before settling on the Sage 5 lightweight. The blade is ground from 3mm thick stock, and the end result is a blade that is thin and agile. Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2020, Love this knife opens very smooth love the compression lock this is a fun Knife this is my favorite, Reviewed in the United States on October 28, 2020. There's a problem loading this menu right now. I like the lock, the nested liners, the matte and more-grippy CF laminate, and I like everything else about the Sage in general. I watched a video review where the guy also had a knife that was very stiff. Love the compression lock on the Para2. Spyderco. I arrived at this conclusion after handling and reviewing hundreds of knives. Spyderco. Each Sage 5 features a premium stainless steel blade that is supported by Spyderco's patented Compression Lock™ mechanism--allowing users to safely close the blade with one hand without ever having the operating hand come near the cutting edge while the new lightweight rendition comes in at 13% less than the original Sage 5. Just my .02 of course! I just wanted a utilitarian knife to carry around. And good point regarding the weight of the Sage 1. The fold over wire clip buries deep, and most people will probably mistake it for a pen. It’s not too big, and not too small. I’m sure some might want a different pocket clip, but I love the simplicity and elegance of the wire clip. He has personally reviewed almost 300 knives of all shapes, sizes, and price points. No deal breaking issues from what I can see! Congrats on the Nirvana. The action was very stiff from the factory. There are a ton of other great Every Day Carry (EDC) options out there, but if I had to just suggest 2 knives to any random person off the street internet I’d say go with a Para 2 if you want a bigger knife with a 3.5″ blade, or go with a Sage 1 if you want something with a 3″ blade. And I totally agree with you regarding the merits of a 3″ folder. Neither will be leaving my collection. DESIGNED TO BE SAFE - The Sage 5 uses a compression Lock mechanism. As the industry first considered these brash innovations to be fads, Spyderco started to dominate the market. It’s also fine in the pocket; like several Spydercos, it carries smaller than it is. Created with Sketch. If it wasn’t for the fact that someone wrote on the inside of the handle scales with a pencil, I would have not have guessed that a human hand touched this knife. Personally, I love the wire clip. Or CTS-XHP, but then the resulting knife would be awfully similar to the (delightful) Spyderco Chaparral. Great review about Spyderco Sage 5 Compression Lock C123CFCL. Spyderco's popular Sage Series is a distinctive family of folding knives that uses a single design theme to showcase influential lock designs and honor their inventors. Speaking of weight, the Sage 5 is LIGHT! The Sage 5 takes the unassuming footprint of the Sage series, a product line designed to celebrate knife locks and their inventors, and matches it with the beloved compression lock.