Cuphea lanceolata W.T. C. lanceolata, violet with deep purple mouse ears, great basket or garden plant, branches up then cascades, blooms all season, sun or part shade - - Germination Tips: - Needs Light to germinate! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. : Attracts beneficial insects Penstemon digitalis-Foxglove Beardtongue, Smooth Beardtongue ETC. $8.75. ). Change ). Cuphea Purple Passion is a weaver that leans on its neighbors, its velvety purple flowers peeking out here and there and charming all who grow it. undulatifolia-RIPPLE JADE (Aka. Crassula arborescens ssp. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltrainer The flowers are small and taking good photos was kind of difficult. Euphorbia hybrid Starblast™ Softpink. Summer blooming, it is a unique flower with eared blooms and sticky, petunia-like stems. Unter Umständen kann die Pflanze auch kurzlebig mehrjährig sein. Euphorbia hybrid Starblast™ White. Add to Likebox #142102905 - Complex yellow sunflower flower against the sky. Agave americana subsp. Genus: Cuphea. Phymatosorus pustulatus subsp. USES: Perfect bordering plant and is also suited to rockeries as it is very hardy. TA -- Tender Annuals. Callisia fragrans-Grandpa’s Pipe, Inch Plant, etc. ‘Rojo’. No need to register, buy now! ‘Rojo’ (Syn. Species: lanceolata. Colour: Purple/Lavender. Water: moderate. Clematis terniflora-Sweet Autumn Clematis, Etc. Add to Likebox #110538781 - Illuminated flowers emerging from the night. Mulch around the plants to retain moisture, limit weeds and maintain a cool root run. pictum-Japanese Painted Fern. The purple passion fruit makes its home from southern Brazil through Paraguay and in parts northern Argentina. Aloe ciliaris)-Climbing Aloe, Aristaloe aristata-Lace Aloe, Guinea Fowl Aloe, Torch Plant, Gasteria sp. Genus Cuphea can be annuals, perennials or evergreen shrubs, often with sticky hairs, opposite, simple leaves and tubular flowers with a showy calyx and small petals Details C. hyssopifolia is a compact, bushy spreading evergreen shrub to 45cm in height, with small, lance-shaped dark green leaves and small clusters of light purple, pink or white flowers 1cm across Acanthocereus tetragonus-Triangle Cactus, Fairy Castle, etc., etc. Dahlia hybrid Electro™ Pink. view and buy. I was flipping through my Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog that I just got yesterday, and saw this Cuphea is the catalog. Find the perfect false heather cuphea hyssopifolia stock photo. fragilis)-Thimble Cactus. Cuphea lanceolata reaches on average a height of 45–60 centimetres (18–24 in). Learn how your comment data is processed. #136381174 - Cuphea lanceolata Purple Passion, Purple Passion Bat-face Cuphea,.. ( Dracaena hanningtonii (Syn. Cereus peruvianus monstrose cv. Cotyledon orbiculata ‘Silver Storm’-Pig’s Ear, etc. Salvia confertiflora-Red Velvet Sage, Harvest Sage, Etc. Angelonia angustifolia-Angelonia, Summer Snapdragon, etc. Monarda didyma Sugar Buzz™ ’Cherry Pops’-Beebalm, Bergamot, Etc. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Aiton is the correct and accepted scientific name for this species of Cuphea. : Attracts bees cristata ‘Heirloom Giant Burgundy’, Celosia argentea var. They have 6 petals, 2 are large and 4 are small. Before 1900, passion fruit was partially naturalized and flourishing in coastal areas of Australia. For best results with Gynura, we recommend using a balanced fertilizer on a constant feed program of 200 ppm N. Maintain a pH between 5.5 - 6.0. Other to look for C. lanceolata ‘Purple Passion’(Bat Faced) Cuphea Care. ‘Novaachdus’)-Yarrow, Achillea millefolium ‘Strawberry Seduction’, Achillea millefolium-Yarrow, Common Yarrow. Buddleja davidii ‘White Profusion’-Butterfly Bush. racemosa ‘Walker’s Low’-Catmint, Perilla frutescens ‘Balmagpurp’ (Magilla® Purple Perilla), Plectranthus forsteri cv. ‘Geri’-Ant Plant, Huernia schneideriana-Dragon Flower, Carrion Plant, Alocasia ‘Amazonica’/Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’. Kalanchoe daigremontiana-Mother Of Thousands, Etc. Liriope spicata-Monkey Grass, Lilyturf, Etc. dhwv62. ( Log Out /  Excellent beneficial pollinator attractor. Helianthus hybrid SunMazing Yellow. Jul 15, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Sharon Sander. SKU #: S1623. Similar Images . gracilis ‘Arizona Snowcap’-Thimble Cactus, Mammillaria vetula subsp. Sempervivum x ‘Killer’-House Leek, Hens-and-Chickens, Jupiter’s Beard, Etc. Native to Mexico. xGraptosedum ‘Bronze’ (labeled xGraptoveria ‘Alpenglow’/xGraptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’), Portulacaria afra f. variegata-Rainbow Elephant Bush. I tried staking them when they were young because they kept falling over. ( Log Out /  D. maculata)-Dumb Cane, Leucocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’ (Syn. First; Previous ; Next; Last; Home | Annuals | Seeds A-Z. Didelta hybrid FanciFillers™ Silver Strand. They will sprawl among the other plants and add their nice purple flowers among them and are very happy that way. Conyza canadensis)-Horsetail, Marestail, ETC. Oxalis triangularis & Oxalis triangularis subsp. Flowers throughout most of the year. PDF | On Aug 1, 1992, Sharad C. Phatak published Flowering Ornamental Cuphea glutinosa ‘Purple Passion’ and ‘Lavender Lei’ | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Euphorbia hybrid Starblast™ Snowdrift. Sansevieria ehrenbergii) ‘Samurai’/’Samurai Dwarf’, Dracaena reflexa var. 30-day returns . gracilis (Syn. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I am already tight on space, but I am considering buying it. Perennial: Semi-Evergreen. Incense is considered to be one of the hardiest passionvines for US gardens along with the native Maypop Passionvine, Passiflora incarnata , one of its parents, and the US native Yellow Passionvine, Passiflora lutea . The item you've selected was not added to your cart. The primary interest in Cuphea spp. Cuphea flower colors include gold, lavender, orange, pink, purple, red, white and purples so dark that you might as well call them black. Colocasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’), Leucocasia gigantea (Syn. Similar Images . Ferocactus wislizeni-Arizona Barrel, Candy Barrel, Fishhook Barrel, ETC. spicata ‘Punky Red’, Celosia argentea var.