5 comments. The professor always mentions the course number: "440" all the time in lecture and how we are so much better than other easier majors. To answer your question, Biochemistry is probably the harder subject. Biochemists find uses for biomolecules. what other science fields would u recommend? fully fledged biochemist the journey is long and hard. No, I'm not being snide, I'm being completely serious - learning all the reactions, regulations, pathways, mechanisms, structures, etc. Biochemistry is a hard course. It can definitely be done which good study habits. We’re looking at the best books to help you learn and understand biochemistry. I do not know anything about food science or biotechnoology. Your question probably explains why biochemistry is so hard to teach these days. Biochemistry is the chemistry of living organisms and their life processes. It deals with the chemistry of life, and as such it draws on the techniques of … Importance of biochemistry in MEDICINE • Physiology: Biochemistry helps one understand the biochemical changes and related physiological alteration in the body. RAK1987. I know friends who had 3.8 and above getting their first C+ in Chem 451 (Biochem 1) and then C-(Biochem 2) in Chem 452. This semester is the roughest that I have ever been through, and every week feels like a midterm week. This thread is archived. Biochemistry, as the name suggests, is where Biology meets Chemistry: it’s the study of living things at a molecular level – or, to put it another way, the study of the very foundations of life. It is seriously impossible to get an A unless you have a photographic memory. The two areas of research really have nothing to do with one another. If I thought I couldn't do it, then I wouldn't have spent thousands of dollars taking it. Notwithstanding certain estate agents, biochemistry isn’t really that hard either – or at least no harder or easier than any other academic discipline. Biochemistry is a scientific field that combines knowledge from a number of different content areas. and i have no interest( i think) in the subject matter. Political science is a social science, while biochemistry is a hard science. It ... @pleonasm - I think you'd be hard pressed to find much serious biological research that doesn't have elements of biochemistry in it. Another reason chemistry is hard is that you've been told it's hard. Biochemistry can be considered a more in-depth study within the main subject of chemistry. Biochemistry requires good foundational chemistry whereas Biomedical doesn’t. But biochemistry also applies knowledge from … Biochemistry at Umich is ridiculously harder than biology. Its actually A LOT more memorization than Biology classes. What Can You Do With a Biochemistry Degree?. Good Luck Unadulterated pain. I'm actually a good student, because most of my grades in my senior year are A's and A-'s. share. there are reactions and equations to study but trust me it is very very very interesting to know wat is happening inside our body as we do our regular chores. That is why we are here today. It's Hard Because You Think It's Hard . im thinking of changing my mojor to food science because the seniors ( from other majors) say its hard. I think that if you change your major to arts, you will have to start all over again but maybe you can do a double major. New comments cannot … Biochemistry is based on the principles of biology and chemistry. Is Biochemistry hard? new opportunities will come to you soon just have patience. How hard is Biochemistry compared with other sciences? The Students' Objectives Many students study biochemistry because they have to, in which case their major aim is to pass examinations. Medical students, and students in a number of other professional courses, come into this category. Dear Anonymous. Larry says his biochemistry program is losing students to other biology majors that don't require as much physics and chemistry - hard subjects by any standard. The latter is more concerned at the molecular mechanisms, genes, DNA, and other genetic materials involved in life processes. It helps us to understand topics as diverse as disease, genetics, evolution and DNA. as of now just continue working in a food laboratory it will be charge to your working experience and food science is the application of your degree Biochemistry. 10+ Year Member. These life processes may be studied in general or with respect to specific aspects of it. How can teachers help students attain this state? Is this a problem? From lab-grown placentas that “will transform pregnancy research” to new drugs that wipe out antibiotic-resistant bacteria , the trailblazing work of biochemists continues to expand the horizons of medical science. What is Biochemistry? I don't like working as a … it is not as difficult as chemistry because it is made interesting within the boundaries of biology. Thanks for any post on this question . You think its a lot of brain power? Just hang up there. The chemistry and the quantitative aspects might intimidate some students, but the good news is that most organisms are much the same at the biochemical level. However, what you study in biochemistry easily intersects with what you study in chemistry. If you want a career in biology, I think the answer is yes. A sub-discipline of both biology and chemistry, biochemistry may be divided into three fields: structural biology, enzymology and metabolism.Over the last decades of the 20th century, biochemistry has become successful at explaining living processes through these three disciplines.
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