It is a pet peeve of mine when I go to print the report I received and it needlessly runs to two pages. Double-checking every transaction and triple-checking the most important records. If you double-check something, you make certain it is…. The documents appear legitimate and may include a job description, salary, and benefits details. Errors occur for many reasons (e.g. Is the most important data you want to display easy to see and find? Now it comes down to a few questions you have to ask yourself: This soda face didn’t have to occur too many times for me to create my No. We don’t let sloppy mistakes persist because it not only leads to failure, but maybe even more importantly, leads to mistrust. You’ve just hit the speed limit and turned on cruise control. Often I'll use the app tools to organize my tasks into different projects and set timelines for each accordingly." Get a better job, better employees or a better way to work. Bloggers will make mistakes, that is a given. Why it’s important to check your work. Slides that are inconsistent in terms of colors or fonts, or are visually confusing, reflect poorly on the content of the message itself. In a previous blog, I wrote about presentation being the key to all reporting. Search for: June 12, 2015. • The double check becomes a confi rmation of what the clinician is saying rather than an independent check without prior knowledge of the results • The healthcare workers become complacent with the task of double checking especially when errors are not found (ISMP, 2013; Hewitt, Chreim, & Forster, 2016). The most common errors we see are in spreadsheets and written communications. This ignores the connections people make between content and visual quality. Intrado Corporation is a global provider of communication and network infrastructure services. Here, the practitioner is going through his/her own work, checking it again, without the help of a peer. Papercheck professionals are truly amazing. Sometimes, you make mistakes. All Rights Reserved. Practice makes permanent, so the most successful math students tend to check work regularly on problems. While my English is very good, often my grammar is poor but I double check and try and get it right. Looking at financial reports expecting to see amounts makes the report rather useless when you are left looking at #####. We operate a next-generation national network, providing carrier-grade interconnections, reducing costs and merging traditional telecom, mobile and IP technologies onto a common, efficient backbone. After extending the fictitious offer, these individuals ask for sensitive information such as social security number, banking account numbers, dates of birth, and other personal information. Through our Safety Services line of business, we connect people to sources of protection and security by enabling organizations to locate, route, transport and deliver emergency communications. 1 Comment . You’re Out of Your Comfort Zone. Typos and graphic confusion can best be thought of as “visual errors”. We are all human and we often don’t notice we are making a mistake. To help avoid casual errors, always double-check your work before publishing or sending. See more answers on page. I don’t care who you are, what your GPA is, or what your SAT scores are. I use the rule for business purposes in sending reports and emails. Every day, people all over the world miss out on golden opportunities through simple grammar errors. The same “customer experience” holds true for presentations and report slides. that meet our clients’ varying objectives. Posted May 9th, 2019. Consulting someone experienced anytime you are not sure. It is a method that help you to refine your work. A lot of people I know are really good at learning on the job. in the same way that children learn to walk before they run, it is important that we learn to do our job RIGHT first and THEN get faster! Benefits of double-checking. Kids have a tendency to avoid a subject they detest as long as possible. If not, then find the best location that draws the recipient’s eye. (OBS/NEO bedside nurse 8). Another reporter and I worked really hard over the past week to put together a two-page “year in review” spread for A&E. The importance of double checking your work. This makes the reporting and printing options easy for the end-user. Tip 6: Always double-check your math calculations There are some projects that communicate in clear and concise manner, but there are also those who find themselves quickly in over their heads. Careless manipulation of formulas can cause errors that are difficult to visually detect. It is your responsibility to exceed their expectations and make your communications more efficient. The article can be found on page 90: This article will look at two recent cases handled by ITIC. Double checking oneself: Used in this way, double checking referred to practitioners looking over their own work, as a pro-cedure intended to find potential mistakes with what they had done. Double checking your work isn’t a problem unless it is creating problems in other parts of your life. And by avoiding each day’s assignment, the kids are digging a very deep indeed. No. 1 rule. Variations in how independent double checks are carried out abound, and compliance with all the steps in the process is often inconsistent. If accuracy is less important, you have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). "I always double-check my work for accuracy. By focusing a large portion of our time, energy and investment in the Unified Communications space, we’re building connections with employees, partners, devices, supply chain links and beyond. The Importance of Double Checking Your Work . You must understand and consider what your audience wants and needs from your reports and emails. Intrado helps its clients more effectively communicate, collaborate and connect with their audiences through a diverse portfolio of solutions that include unified communications services, safety services, interactive services such as automated notifications, telecom services and specialty agent services.For 30 years, Intrado has provided reliable, high-quality, voice and data services. Print Settings The most important part when writing a piece of work is the revision method. One of the benefits of double-checking your work is that you can take advantage of this because your recollection or immediate memory is richer than when you went through the test the first time around. There are many times when we include attachments to our emails. Reporting Display Check your work! The reason why this is so important is because mistakes are very easy to make when you are working on a variety of things at the same time. Always taste-test the fountain soda before you take off. Checking IAS and IFSR when other solutions fail. And if you can’t rely on them, you’re either doing all their work again (to verify it), … However, using the “Snipping Tool” (Windows: Start – All Programs –Accessories – Snipping Tool; Mac: Command – Shift – 4) allows you to snip and provide a preview of data that your email recipient truly needs without requiring them to open the attachment. Discover and share Double Check Work Quotes. Guys learn from my mistakes and check … So instead of keeping it to yourself and “figuring it out,” don’t be afraid to speak up and have someone double-check your work (at least until you’re confident again). Emails with Attachments Conversely, people notice attention to detail. ABOUT SSL CERTIFICATES. Thank you -Neda. While a simple calculation error or typo can seem trivial in the scheme of things, it implants doubt into your customer’s mind. Why double checking your work is important from start to finish, this could had been worst but im glad that it didnt scalate to more than this. ICO. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Devallis Rutledge is a former police officer and veteran prosecutor who currently serves as special … If you perform some tasks infrequently then you are more likely to make mistakes … so practice, and take special care on those kinds of activities. Do you want to learn how to make money by making android apps? For example, you struggle to meet deadlines because you are constantly checking and rechecking your work. The claims were not large ones compared to many settled by the Club but they are good examples of the benefits of double checking. 1 rule of life. Proof-reading your document shows people that you take pride in your work and are serious about what you publish. Using both “pen and paper” and accounting software, comparing the results of your calculations. Please be aware that the collection of private information is always completed through our systems, and no representative of our organization will ever contact you directly asking for this information.  Additionally, we will never require payment as part of an offer of employment. You think your child is diligent and responsible. This ignores the connections people make between content and visual quality. The rule applied generally is: double-check your work. FlatOutCrypto. It was such a nice balance of text and pictures. This course is the #1 course to teach beginners! The fifth principle is "Double-Check," a mechanism that helps employees act with honesty, and sustains the company's integrity beyond accounting to many other aspects of business. I am left flipping the page over, having to juggle between two sheets of paper or going back to adjust the settings myself and wasting more paper in order to print it again. Posted on December 18, 2013 by West Corporation. 4. Use the print preview option. Importance of Checking Work. On Monday night I saw the initial layout and it looked awesome! Diversity | The carbonation is off and you are left with your taste buds sounding alarms. Learn more. Practice! They might rush through tasks because they're excited to finish a project, or they may have low ambition and not care about the quality of … double-checking definition: 1. present participle of double-check 2. They’d rather dig a deep hole than do a single day’s assignment. If possible, I like to get a third party to review the information. But it always comes down to the simple fact that we will be a team of high performers if we double check our work. The Importance of Double Checking Your Patients’ Health Benefits. Our suite of solutions enables PR, IR, corporate communications and marketing professionals to deliver product announcements, investor days, marketing webinars, employee town halls―the events and announcements that build brand, drive sales and engage key audiences for your business. Legal & Privacy | The rule applied generally is: double-check your work. Or, worst case scenario, do I grin and bear it while taking that next drink. Here are a few areas to consider for improving your business efficiency and applying my No. Double-checks are often less effective in detecting exogenous errors than endogenous errors, even when the check is performed independently. double check: [noun] a careful checking to determine accuracy, condition, or progress especially of something already checked. 5. How do they do it? This double-check system secures the integrity of our work and the soundness of the organization. Even in areas that are seemingly less significant, such as how products are packaged. For example, they might feel rushed for time due to procrastination or poor time management, or they might not realize the importance of double-checking their work. In written communications you need to be careful about grammar, spelling errors that miss detection by spell checker programs due to multiple meanings and basic sentence structure. Through our Unified Communications line of business, West is simplifying technology applications, improving their performance and creating suites of services and solutions Contact. These errors cause unnecessary stress and get us into sticky situations because of laziness. It is important to carefully proofread all written material. West’s cloud-based solutions are designed to increase productivity by enabling secure, seamless interaction across voice, mobile and other channels. Editing is not just the icing on the cake; it is an essential part of the writing process. As you probably know, the overwhelming majority of Internet marketers have a tendency to do a lot of multitasking. When your front office staff is trying to efficiently coordinate patient scheduling and inquiries, they may simply take patients at their word or go by what’s already on file when it comes to their insurance coverage. If you would like to pursue a career here, please view our open job opportunities! Picture yourself driving down the interstate. News Releases | They can then decide whether they need to review the attachment. 5. Posted: January 25, 2012. For spreadsheets always do some random “sanity checks” on your work by making sure columns and rows actually add up like they are intended to. Jan 6 The importance of double checking your work. These are just a few areas where you can improve efficiencies, not only for yourself but also for others. ©2004 - 2020 Intrado. Bad grammar is also not going to cost me a lot of money. With a clear understanding of the challenges brands in all industries face, West Interactive Services applies nearly 30 years of experience designing and integrating leading technology for enterprises worldwide to create communication solutions that strengthen customer engagement. In addition to being the leading provider of healthcare advocacy products and services, West also offers business-to-business sales across multiple verticals. However, I have strong research and time management skills which allows me to easily cross-reference any facts. 1 Rule of Life: Double-Check Your Work. “Hasten slowly, and without losing heart, put your work twenty times upon the anvil.” Wrote Nicolas Boileau- Despreaux, a French writer. Lauren's Reply Wonderful response. Double checking your work in math homework or math tests is very important because it allows the student to … Can I make it two hours without another drink? Receivables and payables must be cross-checked by different "pairs of eyes." You see the books on the desk. The issue with raising millions of dollars in funding is that people acquire, not unreasonably, an expectation of certain standards of professionalism. Posted on May 14, 2008 by amilan | Leave a comment. The customer now thinks if this person can make these simple errors, they can also make larger errors. Sometimes, you make mistakes. You’ve just stopped for fuel and refreshments and you’re back on the road to get through your last two-hour leg before reaching your destination. One of the most important things you can do as an Internet marketer is to double check the work you are doing. categories of double checking emerged from the interviews, as presented below. People sometimes dismiss paying too much attention to the “look” of a presentation by claiming that it’s the substance that is important. Intrado has sales and operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America. It goes without saying that a good workman always double-checks his work, and never was a double-checking process more necessary than when publishing written work. People sometimes dismiss paying too much attention to the “look” of a presentation by claiming that it’s the substance that is important. Nothing damages someone’s professional credibility as quickly as an error, even a minor one. Say you draw up the wrong amount of medication and you're just about to administer it to your patient but you do your double check and you find you drew up the wrong amount … I double, triple check myself a lot.
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