Cooked Nettle. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)is a fast-growing wild plant common across all of North America, though it prefers the moist, forested soil of the Pacific Northwest. However, clinical trials are limited. Tip: For a more refreshing flavor, try adding lemon zest to your stinging nettle tea. It’s best to use young leaves. Nettle seeds is a difficult supplement to find online. Nettle seeds are so easy to incorporate into your daily diet and can be thought of as much as a nourishing ‘superfood’ as they are a medicine. In the northern hemisphere the season for nettles begins around April. They are said to be a powerful aphrodisiac (so much so that monks in the Middle Ages were forbidden from eating them). In summer, this will happen relatively quickly, but in the spring or in a very shady spot it can take over a week to be ready. It’s best to start the seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before the final frost date in your region. They can be used in nettle soup or added to other soups and stews. Be careful too, if you boil fresh nettle fruit/seed in a ratio of 1:12 (eg 50 grams fruit/seed to 600 ml of water), a large wineglassful (250ml) may keep you wide awake for 12-36 hours! Stinging nettles can be used to make a slurry that will fertilize and protect your plants. Avocado Benefits: How Healthy is this Trending Superfood? Chew 5-20 grams of fresh green nettle seed well, as a refreshing stimulant. Nettle seed is used therapeutically both as freshly picked seed and as fresh nettle seed tincture. For this reason, using the casting method to plant them is most efficient. In this quick plant walk video i talk on Stinging Nettle seeds (Urtica dioica) and a handful of things she can be used for! Nettle seed also tastes delicious toasted and can be used instead of poppy seed in crackers, bread and sprinkled with chopped nuts into salads. While vitamins (A and C) and minerals ( Iron, magnesium, calcium and silicon) are contained in the whole plant, nettle seeds … To dilute it into a usable fertilizer, mix 1 part brewed nettle tea to 10 parts water. So enjoy and remember to wear gloves when you pick them! Even meats and fish were wrapped in nettle leaves, in attempts to preserve them for longer. Cook or Dehydrate. One hundred grams of stinging nettle leaves contain a similar amount of protein as the same amount of beans. Incidentally, the prescence of acetylcholine in nettle venom may well explain the reason behind the ancient practice of urtification (being whipped with nettles for pain relief)! Plant 1-3 seeds in a pot that is filled with a good quality potting soil. White dead nettle (Lamium album) is from a different family of plants than stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), while it may mimic the look of stinging nettle, it is quite different. The fresh seeds are much more potent than the dried version, so test them out to your preference. How to Use Stinging Nettle Tea as Fertilizer . Plants & Seeds Gardening 101: Nettles Nettle infusions are a reliable way to boost iron levels. Nettle, or stinging nettle because of its stinging properties, is used both as a culinary herb and medicinally to treat various ailments, including those affecting the kidneys. Its main functions include regulation of mood, appetite, and sleep, and it influences memory and learning. Start the Nettle Seeds Indoors. Hoppe (1975) says to use nettle seeds for skin problems, rheumatism, small wounds and inflammation. Chew 5-20 grams of fresh green nettle seed well, as a refreshing stimulant. Use 1-2 teaspoons daily in your warm nettle infusion or as a tasty spread. Peel and dice the potatoes. If you’re unfamiliar with this method, it means to place the seeds in your hand and gently toss them into the garden area. You have three options for consuming stinging nettle seeds daily. Pour the vegetable broth over the wilted leaves and bring to boil. One of the many stinging nettle benefits is that that tea made with its leaves is a mild diuretic, meaning that it will cause your body to pass more water, which helps flush out salts and any built-up fluids in your body. Stinging nettle has a range of uses, and many people find it to be an effective remedy. People have been using nettles for food, medicine, fiber, and dyes since the Bronze Age. Serotonin is mainly found in the gut and it also acts on the nervous system (CNS). categories: Health. Posted by Christopher Ng on 20th Jun 2016 Nice seeds and will be buying more. HOW TO USE IT. Nettle tea is very potent, and therefore needs to be watered down before using it to feed other plants in your garden. It stimulates the nervous system (ANS), improving mood and heightening sensory perception, attention span, vigilance and intuition. Stinging nettles contain active compounds that possess significant anti-microbial properties. People pick the roots, seeds, stems, young shoots and leaves of stinging nettle for food or medicinal use. Restoring iron levels can also relieve fatigue. Don’t try to eat stinging nettle raw! Posted by Deb H. on 20th Jun 2016 The flavor is sweet and salty, with a pleasant, earthy taste. Avoid harvesting older, fibrous nettles. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times, such as to treat arthritis and back pain. Lucinda explains how to use them: Pick the green seeds directly off the nettle plant; If eating on the hoof, remove any sting by rubbing the seeds gently between your fingers into the palm of your hand, then eat. For example, one quart of nettle tea to 10 quarts of water. Nettle seed is used therapeutically both as freshly picked seed and as fresh nettle seed tincture. Nettle, or stinging nettle, is a shrub that comes from northern Europe and Asia. Common stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) is a perennial plant found in temperate regions throughout the world. Leaves, roots, and seeds have all been used medicinally, and each has different applications. Often maligned due to its painful “stings,” stinging nettle is actually a flavorful, high-protein superfood with a long history of use as a culinary, medicinal, and fiber plant. Stinging Nettle Benefits: In the Garden. Dip each leaf into the batter (holding it by the stem) and carefully drop into the hot oil. Eating them in their raw or dried form. Measure out your nettle leaf and use a tea strainer to keep them contained. Fresh. Anything that increases the presence of acetylcholine in the synaptic space is found to produce analgesia (pain relief). Sprinkle them on salads, soups, in sandwiches or blend in smoothies. Medieval herbals tell of nettle seeds' use for frostbite. For being so prickly, stinging nettle offers a surprising assortment of food! CAREFUL NOW. Heat oil in a pot on the stove. Nettle seeds need light to germinate, so you should use … I am over the top happy with the results. You can take 1 to 2 tablespoons a day. You can take 1 to 2 tablespoons a day. Cover the seeds with 1/4 inch of soil, and be sure to keep the soil wet. The tea is not the most delicious tasting tea, but it’s not bad either. Another way to use nettle to activate your hair is by drinking its tea. If both of the seeds start to grow, you can always cut back or remove the weakest looking plant. If you do have access to the plant itself, collect the leaves and hang them in a warm, low-humidity place to dry (be careful to wear gloves when picking the leaves, to avoid getting burned!). J. Kral, in "Phytoterapie", 1970, thought that this was due to growth hormone, and said that in their experience, a few weeks' worth of nettle seeds was very vitalizing to the elderly. The plant that we nowadays consider a garden weed contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits and is also rich in minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium, and flavonoids. Nettles are primarily used in the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), diabetes, and arthritis. Thank you :) Nice. In fact, nettle is approved in some European countries, such as Germany, for treating certain kidney aliments. Perhaps among the most cherished benefits of stinging nettles is the fact that they taste great. We use only wild nettle seeds … If you’re working with small seeds, pour the seeds into the crease of a folded piece of paper and use a pencil to push the seeds … Its abundance in many seeds and fruits may be to stimulate the gut to expel the seeds, and it can cause diarrhoea in quantity. You’ll probably want to wear kitchen gloves or use tongs to handle. The benefits of stinging nettles are well known: the leaves have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes, food, tea, and even to make textiles. Once brown and dry, the seeds are of no use. They can grow in any mild or temperate climate where the ground is rich in nitrogen. You can get a cheery mood and energy boost from nettle leaf and particularly from raw dried nettle seed (technically fruits and seeds), rubbed through a sieve to remove the irritating hairs. How to use the nettle seeds; Recipes with nettle seeds ; Superpower of nettle seeds . Many people have tried nettle and wild garlic soup - a foraging classic - and nettle leaf tea is widely available. It must be cooked or dehydrated before consuming. Acetylcholine is the most abundant neurotransmitter in our brains. You’ll know the fermentation is finished when the stink subsides and the foaming has stopped. by Silke Neumann As the days lengthen, the female nettle produces inconspicuous flowers quickly followed by green seed, drooping like heavily-laden catkins from the upper third of the plant. Here’s what to do: Wearing gloves, rinse your nettle leaves well and lay out to dry on a kitchen towel. How to Use Stinging Nettle Seeds Stinging nettle seeds can be eaten either as fresh green seeds or dried out and eaten by themselves or as a blend with other foods (it’s a great topping for yogurt). Tall, mature plants can even be harvested for their long fibres which are ideal for making textiles or ropes. Bubble Recipes: How to Make a DIY Bubble Solution For Kids, Minimalist Wardrobe: Closet Clearing Tips and Tricks, How to Store Ginger Root: 6 Ways to Keep Your Ginger Fresh for Longer, Zero Waste Bathroom: Tips for Using Less Plastic, 11 Flowers for Bees: Turn Your Garden or Balcony Into a Bee Paradise, Food Waste: 10 Pro Tips for Reducing Food Waste, 200 grams (7oz) of large stinging nettle leaves. Nettle seeds are suitable for children. But despite the fact that touching them will leave you with an unpleasant burn, and that they make themselves known in a particularly irritating way when you are trying to enjoy a stroll through the forest wearing shorts, the benefits of stinging nettles outweigh the drawbacks by far. Great Post. Mint Images/Getty Images. Either as an appetizer or a crispy snack, stinging nettle leaves fried in beer pastry are the perfect way to satisfy your crunchy-snack impulse. Nettles are divided into six subspecies, all of which are used worldwide for a wide variety of purposes. This gives more chances for them to grow. Traditionally, stinging nettle slurry has been used on resource-intense plants, like tomatoes, as liquid fertilizer. Here’s how to prepare stinging nettle tea and everything else you need to know about it: Stinging Nettle Tea: Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects. Drying nettle seed in the dehydrator When dry, take small handfuls of the seeds and rub through a sieve. They are encased in what looks like green bishops hats (mitres) gathered in funny geometric clusters and are best gathered when green. Stinging nettles are often considered pesky weeds. Stinging nettles get their name from the fact that their leaves are covered with tiny sharp needles that release a painful combination formic acid, histamine, acetylcholine, serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine), plus other unknown compounds. Important Information regarding Health-related Topics. How to Use Stinging Nettle Seeds for the Best Health Benefits. Plant 4 seeds if they are small. Bake with them, as you would poppy or sesame seeds. It smells awful, but stinging nettle slurry can be used as an all-natural fertilizer for plants and protect them against pests. Sprinkle them on salads, porridge, granola, smoothies, heck, even on your roast dinner! Here are 6 evidence-based benefits of stinging nettle. Season well with salt and pepper. Planting, Care & Design of Nettles. Make a batter that is slightly thinner than pancake batter out of the flour, egg, and beer. Nettle seeds are also used to restore energy (see below for more information). Sprinkle some roasted nettle seeds on your morning smoothie, or add to yogurt or granola for extra crunch. Wash leaves as soon after harvest as you can manage. March 21, 2020 Diuretics also help lower blood pressure by causing your blood vessels to relax and widen. Thank you for sharing. While it does appear to be edible, anyone considering eating it, should do more in-depth research on how to safely use it. I actually prefer to make my own. Simply cut them back and young, tasty shoots will emerge. © Napiers Herbals Ltd 2020 • Bathgate, Edinburgh & Glasgow • Herbalists and Medical Botanists since 1860. Peat pots work great for nettles. One stinging nettle benefit that is lesser known is that it can be incredibly useful in the garden. The most nutritious part of the nettle is hidden in its seeds. I’ve spoken to many women who have chosen to use nettle herb instead of iron supplements in the early stages of pregnancy to increase their iron levels. Acetylcholine disruption may be a primary cause of depression and possibly Alzheimer’s and muscle degeneration. If you are spraying the slurry on your plants to protect them from pests, be sure to do it in the evening, otherwise the leaves will burn in the sun. 2. Compared to many other seeds, nettle seeds are soft and could be eaten just like that but are better mixed in for example smoothies, yogurt and porridge. Use an immersion blender to puree the soup, and then add the cream and season to taste with salt, pepper, and nutmeg. The ‘feel-good’ factor from eating raw dried nettle fruits/seeds is caused by the neurotransmitters acetylcholine nd serotonin, with choline and histamine also found in uncooked nettle venom. I use Stinging Nettle to make an allergy tincture with equal parts of Horseradish root. However, the use of nettle seed is still fairly uncommon. Benzodiazepines for example act as analgesics through their action of enhancing acetylcholine release. The herb is generally safe to use, but it can cause side effects in some people. After hanging the stems to allow the insects to escape, cut off the small strands of seeds and allow to air dry or use a dehydrator like this one. Because of the stink, you won’t want to have the slurry anywhere near your open windows: place it on the far side of your garden, far away from your neighbor’s fence. If you live in an urban area and can’t find any stinging nettles growing nearby, you can buy dried leaves at most health food stores, or online on Amazon**. To make the slurry, allow the stinging nettle to ferment in water. Take 3-4 freshly chopped leaves or 1 teaspoon dried nettle and brew the tea like you would brew any herbal tea. Nettle seeds. The fermentation process releases all of the active chemicals in the plant, so be sure to wait until the process has completely run its course before you start using the liquid. To make your own home superfood green powder, gather nettles and dry them in your dehydrator or hang in bunches upside down in an airing cupboard. Some of these substan… Take up to a teaspoon a day and see how you go, you can use more or less depending on how they affect you. Dried nettle leaves can be really small and crumbly, which can make them difficult to remove when they’re done steeping. Benefits of stinging nettles come from all parts of the plant, including the seeds, which have been used for generations in traditional medicine. Using Stinging Nettle. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay – NickyPe) It will also attract birds that feast on nettle seeds. Pour hot water and let it work its magic, then strain and drink. Simply go outside and pull this “weed” from your garden – and use it to make the perfect summertime dish. When the battered leaves turn golden brown, remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and lay on a cooling rack. Serve fresh. The leaves can be steamed and cooked much like spinach. Stinging nettles are truly global citizens. Apart from the fact that nettles do sting, nettles are a wonderful ingredient to use in soups, pasta dishes, frittatas—basically in any cooked dish where you would use young spinach. This article has been translated from German to English by Christie Sacco. Soaking in water removes nettles’ stinging properties. Their high protein and low fat content also make them attractive for the health-conscious. Tip: For all those not blessed with either a garden or much talent for gardening, here are some useful tips on how to keep your houseplants alive. You can mix ground nettle seeds into runny honey and store in glass jars. If you're gathering them, dry them first and gently rub through a sieve to remove the stalks. Nettle seeds are tiny. Serotonin in nettle spines causes pain when you pick them! Nettle can also be puréed and used in recipes like polenta, green smoothies, salads and pesto. Add the diced potatoes and allow to simmer until the potatoes are soft. The nettle leaves are extremely high in nutrients and make a delicious tea. The roots, stems and leaves of stinging nettle are edible. Drain and refrigerate or use immediately. 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Stinging Nettle soup is delicious, nutritious, and will save you a trip to the grocery store. Another surprising benefit of stinging nettles is that they contain an unusually high amount of protein. In herbal medicine they are used as an adrenal tonic for people who are burnt-out, run down, fatigued and low in energy, zest for life and libido. Dried Nettle ‘Super’ Powder. For a milder tasting tea, use 1 tsp (4.9 mL) of dried nettle leaf. Some people experiment with nettle seed for recreation but I advise against exceeding this amount. Some people experiment with nettle seed for recreation but I advise against exceeding this amount. Sprinkle some roasted nettle seeds on your morning smoothie, or add to yogurt or granola for extra crunch. When the onions look glassy, add the stinging nettle leaves and allow to wilt. The stronger the tea, the stronger the effects. Or try season your soup with nettle seeds by adding them on the top. So - Seed ID: the seeds grow on the female plant. You can use it either diluted or undiluted, with or instead of regular watering. In old times, people put stinging nettle leaves into milk in order to keep it fresh for longer. You can read the original version here: Die Brennnessel, eine echte Nährstoffbombe und Bakterienbremse. I have made it for years.
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