They inquire her about Excalibur. With product bundles. After doing so, Asura, who had recently devoured Arachne's soul, begins to form a barrier around him to replenish his power after fighting with Shinigami. The two contact Shinigami and she tells him of their failed mission. Eventually, Black☆Star gives in and piggy-backs Kid, deeming him as useless; Kid retorts that whilst Black☆Star can keep him from getting wet, he can use an umbrella to prevent the water dripping on him from below. Black☆Star eagerly accepts the mission. However, his madness is picked up by Joe Buttataki on the night he is murdered. He also has a very positive and upbeat temperament (although he has his short-tempered and cheeky side) often laughing and smiling even in the glummest of situations. Due to a shortage of one player (Liz) they force Maka into joining the game. The group then hurries to a temple. Black☆Star is in the Dispensary with Nygus on his check-up after the Brew fight. The three manage to infiltrate the now abandoned castle, and manage to find Angela. Black Star from Soul Eater Surpass even Notch with this Skin Download skin now! Despite his determination, he always fails at tests of intellect regardless of the effort he spends in studying. On the front of his collar, two short strips of grey material adorned with rivets stretch down from the top of the collar to the breast of his shirt. When Tsubaki hears news of her brother, Masamune, from Shinigami, she takes on the mission to kill him, as Masamune, known as the Uncanny Sword has turned evil and has gone down the path of the Kishin. Finally, the two reach them. Black☆Star notices that Kid is battling Free, and thus proceeds to attack him. by DimesAndNickels with 46,592 reads. The first thing they notice is Death and that the vortex is a sort of frozen time anomaly repeatedly showing the events that led to the explosion on the island. Like other soul gems, it can only hold one soul at a time. The Will remarks that Black☆Star is trembling, and the Meister is in tears. Dislikes Outraged, Black☆Star fights by himself and uses Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave on Asura. Sex Black Star - 14 (Ep. He loves playing practical jokes and winding people up for the fun of it. Black☆Star declares a battle and tells Tsubaki to transform into her Uncanny Sword form. As Tsubaki entreats Crona again, they still only argues with themself. Angered that he has been hit, Black☆Star manages to retaliate with a kick to Sid's solar plexus, which causes the teacher to be impressed at his skills. As with his attire, he can be very formal in his manner of speaking and the way he conducts himself, to the extent that during simple acts such as sitting, he retains an upright position and rarely places his hands on a table, … Black☆Star arrives late into the lesson, having recently beaten up a student in a fight. Black☆Star Hiro replies with a disgusted face that he could not stand the Weapon's sneezing. After Black☆Star climbs it, he soon reaches the cave and sees Kid hanging off of a rock. Mentors He tries to use Speed☆Star, but ends up sliding on the wet surface of the ground caused by the rain, causing him to hit his crotch as he slides into a statue. Black☆Star cheerfully decides to sign her face, claiming that it will make her better. Black☆Star asks Crona if they in fact have'four swords', which leads to Ragnarok asking if Black☆Star wants to check himself, pulling up Crona's skirt. If they do not return after twenty minutes, they are to retreat. The older Thompson sister chases the two around for a while. Suddenly, they feel the presence of Masamune and return to the village. In addition, though he's competent in an unarmed fight, his level of competence and power is diminished in comparison to him holding a Demon Weapon like the Demon Shadow Weapon, as seen when Crona was able to get the upper hand over Black☆Star during their altercation on the Moon. Unique Black Star Soul Eater Stickers designed and sold by artists. When Soul plays the Meditation of Souls on his piano to dispel the madness, Black☆Star laughs and calls it a stupid tune. [67], Later in his life on the day of the the DWMA entrance ceremony, he stood on top of the DWMA and declared his greatness to the new students below. "My Black Star, my partner," Tsubaki whispered. As Kid arrives and explains how Crona's execution is inevitable Black☆Star becomes angered with him and grabs him by the shirt telling him to cut the boring talk. Sid returns from his mission just in time to perform his Compulsive Burial, sending Black☆Star and Tsubaki, along with Maka and Soul, Kid, Liz and Patty and Stein through the ground and away from the imprisonment. Tsubaki also mentions that although he tries to hide it, Black☆Star would never want to stand out for doing something bad. His childish sense of humor still sometimes embarrasses people, especially Tsubaki. Soul Eater: "As a cool guy, I'm used to seeing naked women." As of January 2011, Monthly Shonen Gangan has ran a Prequel/Spin-Off named Soul Eater Not by the same mangaka, running alongside the original series while covering and expanding on events prior to the original story. His skill combined with Tsubaki's assistance and/or forms has enabled him to taken on Mifune a number of times and won on two out of three of those instances, though Mifune held back on the first fight and utterly defeats him in the second. alexism Black star looks lick mudusa kawaiii.3. As soon as the match begins, however, he asks for a time-out and he turns his back to Patty and asks Tsubaki to tie his hands together, intending to make the match more interesting by have him not use his hands. The Star Clan originally formed from being a branch of Hoshi family. It is even revealed that the book of Excalibur which they had read had been written by Excalibur himself. Black☆Star replies that he has no desire to try and slow down for people who just cannot keep up. Black☆Star (ブラック☆スター, Burakku☆Sutā) is an assassin,[8] shadow weapon meister, and the last survivor of the infamous Star Clan[3]  taken in the DWMA and raised by Sid Barrett. With that, Maka, Black☆Star, and Kid enter the vortex. He, along with Soul, overhears the conversation with between Sid and Nygus and finds out that they have found one of Arachnophobia's bases. The contradictory title only serves to anger Black☆Star more, who quickly knocks Ox out and sends him flying across the room. Blair is the first "witch" encountered by Maka and Soul; she is first seen taking a bath in her pumpkin house, when Soul ends up falling into the bath, being immediately followed and reprimanded by Maka. Black☆Star, being the person that he is, is angered that there is someone who is talked about more than he is. That’s when Soul transforms – literally – into a razor-sharp scythe and Maka wields her partner and unleashes her inner-slayer. Species After some time, Black☆Star activates the Uncanny Sword, using Shadow☆Star. Kid, surprisingly, loses consciousness too for seemingly unknown reasons. A Heart-pounding Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard? However, he is still slightly immature. is a bit more heavy on the comedy while keeping the action and supernatural aspects, and introducing a bit more of a Slice of Life genre to the Soul Eater franchise. Black☆Star is at first very annoyed at Maka walking in on his fight. His arrogance stems from the fact that he seems to exhibit a superiority complex. Although he fights as an assassin, he prefers to forget the Way of Assassination by shouting and making his presence known, the reason being that he is a massive attention-seeker. Now please, ENJOY! He confidently replies that the first thing he will do is make a big entrance, much to her despair. Rating: PG-13 Spoilers: Everything before episode 24. Powers See more ideas about Black star soul eater, Black star, Soul eater. Because of this, he shows tacit jealousy towards Death the Kid, who is revered as an actual god. Before their conversation can continue, Liz calls Black☆Star and Tsubaki to join Stein, Death the Kid, Maka, Patty and Soul. Tis the season to bundle up. Kid asks if there had been any lasting effects from being within the vortex of Lost Island for too long. The Demon Tool is located in a large magnetic field in the middle of the Lost Island, which is harmful to the human body if one is there for too long. Black☆Star arrives to the party with Soul, Maka, and Tsubaki, dressed in a rather shoddy manner. Kanji Black Star from Soul Eater. Black☆Star states that it is not fair, but Nygus tells him that it had been him who had turned his back. Demon Shadow Weapon (魔暗器, Maanki): When partnered with Tsubaki, Black☆Star is able to take advantage of the multitude of transformations his partner has due to her Multi-Form Ability. Here, they meet The Table of Contents, the entity in charge of keeping the Book of Eibon in order. Ethnicity However, Death the Kid warns them that as long as people hold dark feelings in their hearts, a new Kishin can never be impossible. However, Stein's ability to continuously use Soul Menace puts him at an advantage. Now, Mr. Hagane no Saiyan has told me that the author confirmed that the moon of Soul Eater verse is located at the Tropopause. [9] In the DWMA, his weapon partner is Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, he is one of the top students in the academy[10] as well as a former member of Spartoi. Soul Eater Not! However, he thinks Maka should be better off being here than him more for the reason that Crona might be here. Liz laments over her mistake, as Black☆Star and the others stare on, not really concerned about the mistake. He then defeats Kid in the same way, before escaping to the surface. As Heming proclaims that the village will prosper, Black☆Star tells him that it won't as he pulls himself out of the ground. Crona, however, is quiet, and soon decides to leave the group. He then meets with Mifune again. Mosquito then uses his immense strength to overpower the kids. (prior to Grigori arc)(Grigori arc)[7] However, he tries to keep on fighting, but Asura, with a mere swipe of the hand, defeats him in one blow. It received a 51 episode anime by Studio BONES in 2008. Martial Arts (Art of Assassination, Waki-gamae) One-Star[5] Despite his rather large ego, there are more positive sides to his personality. Heavily wounded, Nygus attends to Black☆Star, but then, Arachne starts spreading madness across the land. His soul alone will count as ninety-nine souls. All they knew was that they got detention, they found a game, they played the game, and now they are stuck in the game. The Table of Contents acknowledges their determination and sends them on to the first Chapter, Lust, where everyone has their genders switched, taking on the form of their idea of a perfect sexual partner. Everyone is in awe at Patty's surprising strength as she beats Kim and several other opponents without a drop in form. Black☆Star and Tsubaki try to sneak up on Soul and Maka as they enter the Death Room after all four of them had been called there by Shinigami. Black☆Star repeats his statement that Kid is useless. Share the best GIFs now >>> This thread is archived. Liz is problobly 15-16. They reach the Eternal Cave located in the north part of the British Isles, where Excalibur resides. Black☆Star retorts that he too wields three swords — Severed Shadow, his own hand, and when Tsubaki questions the third he refers to 'the ultimate weapon every man has down there.' Tsubaki expresses her sadness on how Black☆Star is accused of all the things the Clan did when he had not done anything. Tsubaki is a tall, attractive and rather well-endowed girl of Japanese descent of around sixteen or seventeen years old. [9] As a baby, Black☆Star was taken in the academy by a young Sid Barrett coincidentally on the same day Maka Albarn was born. Tsubaki then goes to Black☆Star and asks if he is alright, though, his only concern is if she saw him and how well he did. Black☆Star protests that he is not being mean, and then tells Crona to tell him if there is anyone being mean to them, and he will beat them up for them. Black☆Star's footwear are basic black boots with white tips, with a star shape visible on the toe of each boot. They do battle with Noah's monsters, including the Horror Dragon. Black☆Star even lets her be captain of his team, even though he obviously shows signs that he wants to be the captain. The contrasting duo work and study alongside the hot headed Black☆Star and his caring weapon Tsubaki, as well as the Shinigami's own son, Death the Kid, an obsessive-compulsive dual wielder of twin pistols Patty and Liz. ... Everyone in Soul Eater is about 14 years old, though maybe Tsubaki and Liz are a few years older. Luckily, Soul comes up with the idea of Chain Resonance and augmenting it with his music. The Big Man is Showing Up Here? After a while, Mifune performs his Infinite One-Sword Style. [23] His skill in hand-to-hand enabled him to fight Death the Kid on two occasions[citation needed], with one while under the effect of Madness Takehold and capable enough for a stalemate. Unfortunately for Black☆Star, he is caught by Stein and is seen the next day hanging from the class board, battered and bloody, much to Tsubaki's dismay. Soul, however, calms him down and tells Black☆Star to grow up, saying that Angela is in a very dangerous state, as no one knows when she will start exhibiting the destructive nature of a Witch. With Laura Bailey, Chiaki Omigawa, Micah Solusod, Brittney Karbowski. Black☆Star comments that Tsubaki's Weapon form feels "Less elegant" in male form. He injured his left arm as Asura slams him onto the surface of the moon. Black☆Star is transformed into a girl, who is well-endowed, which he does not hesitate to declare. Black☆Star appears as a teenage, young man with bright, blue spiky hair with the spikes sticking in out in the manner similar to that of a star. However, even though he attacks using the Uncanny Sword, Hiro easily defeats all three of them using Hiro the Atomic. Black☆Star takes a deep breath and wonders where Maka and Soul went. Meister Motif Black☆Star has similar strips wrapped around his neck in the form of a scarf, and around his waist in the form of a belt. Black☆Star subsequently calms down and tells Soul that he has grown up somewhat, as he thinks of Mifune. However, much to his surprise, Crona asks him who Maka is, and begins to have an inner conflict regarding their motives for leaving the DWMA. His friends deem him to be dead, and Soul and Maka, the latter regaining her courage to fight Stein, manage to engage in a successful Witch-Hunt. The four decide to go to Hook Cemetery, where Sid's grave is. However, Mifune is able to find a gap in his defenses, but Black☆Star manages to counter this by making Tsubaki turn into a replica of himself, engaging in Shadow☆Star: Fourth Form - Branched Darkness and performing Planet Destruction Cannon. They would need to go through this mission properly; angered by her criticism, Black☆Star attempts to prove to her that he can easily follow the Way of Assassination, by sneaking up on Tsubaki whilst she is bathing at a waterfall. Kid, enraged at Black☆Star's actions agrees to this, with the intention of punishing Black☆Star for ruining the symmetry of the school. Fighting Style Name Tsubaki is 18. Biographical information The following day, Black☆Star and Kid meet each other whilst walking down the hallway of the the DWMA with their partners. She fears for her life and attempts to escape, transforming into a frog. Black☆Star first appears with Tsubaki on a mission to take down Al Capone and his men. Black☆Star, soon irritated by Excalibur's behavior, asks Hiro how he can stand Excalibur’s one thousand requirements. Maka rolled her eyes up at him. This greatly angers Kid and he prepares to do battle with Black☆Star, who ends up dragging an unwilling Soul into the fight. 2. black star. Just as he says this, he detects the approaching sound of unstable footsteps, which are instantly recognizable as belonging to Crona. Throughout her childhood, Maka became displeased with her father's behavior as he cheated on his wife, which led to a strain between the two. Seeing that Arachnophobia contains the person who had hurt Maka, Black☆Star angrily declares revenge on the organization and decides to tail Sid to the facility and avenge Maka. Mifune asks him if he is ready to take on another responsibility as well. in Japanese). Because Marie and Stein are overstaying in the vortex, they are in danger of becoming a part of the time anomaly. Black☆Star fights intensively, creating an opening even in Death the Kid's defenses.
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