I steam half of my asparagus and broccoli, and use lemon pepper to season it. Sorry to hear about your car accident and I hope you heal well. 10:00 am ; small bowl of soup I used Yves ground beef substitute and ground chicken, as well as the veggie beef burgers on beef days..Looked for high protein low carb veggie protein options. And that goes for anyone else who’s unsure or has issues to overcome during their diet. I’ve been getting many questions/inquiries via email lately and it’s a pleasure to answer them to the best of my knowledge and experiences. 2 lbs Carrots Not while doing this diet. Here’s the thing with this Diet. The only other thing I did this whole time, was cut out all sweets and no alcohol. “While some people may avoid frozen veggies because they think they're not as good as fresh, this couldn't be further from the truth,” Kennedy says. To make this Heart Healthy Soup Recipe in an Instant Pot (or other electric pressure cooker): Turn pressure cooker on, press “Sauté”, and wait 2 minutes for the … And if you’re doing the diet twice or 3 times, you have to have a week off in between your 2-3 diets. Had I heard of it, I would of tried it for sure. And this is where I stand so far. She looked at me, said “here’s the ingredients needed and 7 day plan and stick to it”, I never changed anything again and my average has always been around 13 + lbs loss. A friend of mine who’s doing this diet as we speak, asked me about a “cheat day”. But for us common folks, we don’t even come close to losing that much water, we actually burn more body fat than lose water. Or just eliminate it totally? I plan on doing the sacred heart diet once every three months to “cleanse”. And I feel great, energized, happy and so upbeat that I am contemplating doing it a third time starting on the 1 st of next month. You can only eat 3 bananas on day 4, that’s the only day you can eat bananas. I, too have high blood pressure and every time I’ve done this diet, my blood pressure has gone down and regulated itself without my usual daily blood pressure medication. Lots of water I even mentioned it in the phase we all go through, the third day is the make it or break it day. If you can, give me your stats, height, weight, age and we’ll use the calorie calculator to know your weight loss daily calorie intake range for weight loss? I’m 65 years old , exercise daily, and feel as good as ever. i think that i’m not well informed for what to eat each day because the diet says the things in general but i understand that some products it’s better to not eat them. Hey Ted, thanks and I didn’t know you were a moderator on here. At least a gallon of liquid or more, mostly water is best. The diet suggests eating a cup of bran or fiber. How is it ok to eat Campbells noodle soup? I love this sacred heart diet i did one before and the results was amazing. “Fish that is high in omega-3 fats is especially healthy because it can help to lower triglycerides, which is key for heart health,” Kennedy says. Also, just tell you a couple of things that I do that does Not change anything. I’m just giving you the best option if you absolutely need to add something to help you eat your green veggies. If I can, it will give me extra wiggle room to maintain 185-190 lbs and make it easier. Sodium 0 g Calories 120 Losing 50 lbs in 7 days is a physical impossibility thing to do, I think he either made a typo or cut off a limb. I tried the diet for a week and I lost 15 lbs but it is not enough as I am 220 lbs and I would like to lose 80-90 lbs and I have continued using isagenix products and then I will repeat the sacred heart diet again and I hope to lose some weight. Workout everyday. Day 7: Just follow the daily plan and you’re almost there. It says you can just with no added sugar. I need to change my eating habits. I lost a total of 19pds. In between your soup meals and when hungry, but if you’re hungry and haven’t eaten enough soup and are behind on it, then soup should be your first choice when hungry. 6:00 pm ; large bowl of soup till you’re full “On day 3 you should have…”<<2nd one is the follow up right under it. The first day you should have lost weight. I usually drink that on a weekly basis. Week 4) Healthy eating, 6 meals a day for a total of 1250 calories max per day. On day 5, I’m not much of a red meat eater, can I substitute beef for something else? I can literally say that I have tried them all no matter what names they were called by. I don’t recommend vegetable broth because this soup is already made of vegetables. The people around you will really dislike you if you try to do both. I’ll write down what people will go through for you and others that might want to do this diet. I’m my 3rd day of this diet. Can you have sugar free, fat free creamer in your coffee. If you do too much heavy exercise, you’ll burn muscles instead of bodyfat. Are you doing exactly whats listed…and water how much….you must get your water in and eat a lot of soup.. I don’t think so. I am on day 5 so don’t know my results yet, but I love all this feedback and positive input! Can I add dressing or butter to the salad or other veggies? Yes you can but like Ted said, you need the meat protein and iron that comes with a beef meal. And the calories would also be different. I’ve lost over 32 lbs and have gone from a size 13-14 to a 7-8…keep in mind, on your days off, limit sweets and alcohol. “Olive oil is a good source of healthy monounsaturated fat,” she says. Can I eat fruit as well on day 5 and 6? Diets that only focus on certain food groups and eliminate others isn’t sustainable long term. I love it. You can get it already peeled and in water or other versions, but fresh remains the best. You absolutely need to eat green vegetables. “Because of this, veggies make a great addition to any healthy diet.”. Now you know that this diet does work and what you need to do to get the full benefit. I had a few extra peanut butter toasts yesterday and went over my 1250 calories and it seems like the cost is a 1 lbs gain. It’s not just Water loss…IT’S Clean Healthy eating. Well today was day 8 and my weight in the morning showed I lost 16.4 lbs, I truly believed I would/could of reached 17 lbs loss but no cigar. So, I’m a very happy camper today!! If you’re fit and do this diet, you will also burn muscle and less body fat, so please reconsider this before doing this diet. Hi Catherine, Eat Healthy Eat Happy. Boil fast for 10 minutes. And you have to eat them in between your soup meals. Losing a pound or two a week or 10 pounds in a month is depressing and I quickly get discouraged and quit. I just created an email address where you or anyone else who would want to contact me for more in depth help and advice. The other half I eat raw and sometimes I add lemon pepper or low sodium seasoning salt on my raw vegetables. Unless I screw up this week till next Wednesday, that’s the hard part. He said there’s nothing out there that’s 100% healthy that could make someone lose so much weight that fast. Amount Per 1 teaspoon (4.5 g) And you definitely seem to know your stuff, so please if you don’t mind can you give me a few examples of substitutes (vegetables or fruits) that has the same benefits of the tomatoes and that I can use on day 5 instead of the tomatoes? In addition to chicken noodle soup, it comes with a collection of heartwarming stories inside the book, “Chicken Soup … This is so true! So the order is important. Artichoke, spinach and white bean dip. The low fat beef/chicken broth is a key ingredient to this soup recipe. Hi Sherman, You really shouldn’t do this diet while engaging in heavy exercise. No, your body needs the potassium and you’ll enjoy the taste of if it with butter (the only time you can have butter during this diet). I can’t bike early in the morning without one 70calorie slice of toast in my stomach. I’ve looked it up and tomatoes are considered a super food and have well known benefits for weight loss and heart benefits as well. You can add cooked veggies to your rice if you wish. I drink a couple of cans a day. I’m going to puree it and add hot sauce. How much soup do I need to eat daily? Green leafy veggies can we eat a salad with dressing? So, eat all the fruits (low calorie no bananas) and veggies you can along with at least 3 small bowls of soup. Home-style turkey soup. Leave the scale alone! Chop up all fresh vegetables, add them to large pot along with vegetable broth, diced tomatoes, and packet of Your advices are so helpful for me 😊. 6:00 pm ; rice /small bowl of soup The Ultimate Guide to Health and Happiness, Don’t Just Sit There: A Little Exercise Makes Up for a Full Day of Sitting, FDA Watch: Monoclonal Antibody Treatments for COVID-19, Preventive Flu Medication, and an Anti-Nightmare Device Get the Go-Ahead, Tippi Coronavirus: Tips for Living With COVID-19. I feel energetic. I would drink it cold like a juice to replace just drinking water on it’s own. So, just eat 3 during that day. So my starting weight 7 days ago was 203.2 and I felt great mentally and up to the challenge. Both follow the 7 day diet perfectly and do the next 7 day follow up by eating healthy and under 1250 calories a day max. 🙂. You’ve done what pretty much everybody does, modifying the original to make it easier. Cabbage Diet Soup. * Also i was in a car accident and broke my back and I’m not allowed to do exercises until i get my back fixed… I’ve picked up +/-20kg. Second time I’ve used it. I am on Day 4. In that week in the middle I gained back about 3 lbs but lost another 12 lbs on the second time. Doing it. During this diet and the days following the end of it (even weeks after), I’ve never had an episode or attack. If you ever find your version of the diet, be sure to post it. Third week starting today, heck I was making my batch of soup yesterday around 2 am…lol But the result makes it all worth it. Or like my previous post said, use low calorie salad dressing, only if you must. But I hate weighing 220 lbs even more, so that’s my motivation. Unfortunately I did put most of the weight back on over a long period of time. The plan says that you could/should lose between 10 lbs to 17 lbs in 7 days, so you’re right on point and should be very happy with your results. Curried carrot soup. Good luck! There is a lot of information posted on here by many people who have done this diet, I’m sure you’ll find all the answers to any and all question you might have. Hi SNK68! The Macro-Nutrient and Daily Calorie Needs calculators I use all the time. My starting weight was 221.6 and I’m 5’11” tall in my late 40’s. The only thing I have modified to this diet is my red meat intake on day 5 and 6, I eat only one 10 ounce steak on each day, because anymore doesn’t work for my metabolism and I lose less weight. The only diet that I know of and that includes “ginger” is the Lemon Water cleanse which I am doing right now (I’m on day 2). So, check back on here once in a while for that new comment to be posted once it is cleared. Which in turn changes the calorie intake and other nutritional values, like carbs, sugar, sodium and so on. Otherwise I like the diet, and I’m definitely loosing weight. This recipe is not original Sacred Heart soup diet. Can I use uncle bens brown rice in the packet? Serve up hearty homemade soup whenever you want it with these great healthy soup recipes. No, your body needs the potassium and you’ll enjoy the taste of if it with butter (the only time you can have butter during this diet). It makes me laugh when I read things about this diet that say its bad because you will gain the weight back after you stop the diet and will have to repeat it. Leave the scale alone! After a total of 12 weeks, your losses should be 60+ lbs (If you didn't cheat once) I've achieved losing 30+lbs in 6 weeks more than 5-6 times myself (not counting my early trials where I cheated) and have seen people I knew (friends) lose more than 60+lbs by doing it back to back. BIGGEST TIP OF ALL: Only weigh yourself day 1 early morning, before eating or drinking anything and don’t touch that scale till day 8 early morning before eating or drinking anything. It’s greatly appreciated! I have a question. Makes the diet much easer to get through, How did you fair at the end using the progressive light soup as I’m on day one and so sick of the homemade soup ! I did it to get back on track with my weight. Good luck Gwenea, you can do it!! Black coffee is actually good and recommended as it is used to burn bodyfat in a multitudes of other type of diets. And I am glad to report that after this second 7 day diet, I lost 13.4 lbs by day 8 early this morning for a total loss of 31,8 lbs after only 3 weeks and doing this diet twice in 3 weeks. Hope you got through it. Keep posting your progress and results, it will help you and others on here. The Sacred Heart Diet is a soup-based diet and claims that you will lose 10-17 pounds in the first week. If you went through this diet and succeeded, then let us all know how you did it and how your experience went. Do not have a baked potato. Here’s the green veggies I eat, broccoli, asparagus, brussell sprout, spinach salad or mix spring salad. The answer to your question is already answered in many previous posts/comments on here. I will try it one more time until I (hopefully) reach my goal……then it’s join the gym and start my muscle building workout program. I just recently went for blood work because my doctor thinks I might have a thyroid issue after discussing certain symptoms. Oh and I have two things to add, on steak days, I only ate 12 ounce steaks on both days, not more than that. Also, the spices to add in this soup are not mentioned on here even though they are also important to speed up your metabolism. Can one add fresh parsley, cilantro, basil, mint, or dried Herbes de Provence, Oregano, (dried), curry powder, to make the veggies and other ingredients more interesting? Also, drink half of your body weight. I began at 177 pounds (I am 5 feet 10 1/2 inches tall). I was totally surprised how great it tastes! Is it okay to do this on this diet?? Hi Ela, My new weight as of this morning is 189.8!! What an you substitute skim milk for on day four of the diet? Day 6: Steak and veggies plus at least one good bowl of soup or two smaller ones in the day. When in doubt, just take a step back and think of your end goal and what it means to you. Thank you and have a great day. Fresh Ginger being the best out of any other way of usage. This diet only works if you absolutely do it exactly as detailed. So here’s what you need to help the soup and for taste of course… Like me for example, if I was 190 lbs and do this diet, I would probably lose 9-11 lbs max because my body fat would not be as high as it is at 220 lbs. Also, from the information you provided, you sound like someone who’s already considerably fit and if so, this diet is definitely not for you. But I don’t drink as much on the other days, I try real hard to drink 4-5 tall glasses of water a day plus what I’ve said above. I completed this diet several years ago and lost 13lbs, however I have found it a bit harder this time around. (which is the version mentioned on here) 2 Green Peppers If after doing the right research and/or talking with your doctor you decide to go ahead with this diet, I would suggest doing it before your surgery for sure. On day 4, it says to drink as much as I can of skim milk but I am lactose intolerant, what should I drink? Please, share your experiences and difficulties as much as those who had better experiences and tips&tricks to make it easier for themselves and eventually others. So don’t worry yourself about the exercise. Hi Nancy, You can do it! Week 4 normal healthy eating, 4 meals a day plus two snacks to make for 1250 calories per day maximum Pressure Cooker Beef Soup. Hi , i so want to do this diet but in fear i will gain it all back as they say its just water you lose. (this reason will have more meaning as you read on). Hi everyone, Now, to address the question I keep getting about weight numbers being on the high numbers of lbs loss for some and lower for others. I’m on day 3 tomorrow and I’m still at the same weight. I got on the scale even though I was worried to have gained back maybe 1 lbs or 2, but to my pleasure and after eating right from day 8 to 10 (with already made meals with a range of 280 to 320 calories per meals) for a total of 1250 calorie intake daily for those past 3 days and to my surprise and pleasure, I am now down 17.4 lbs !!! Progresso instacart.com. That's why I am so adamant when saying do not change anything or try something different than what is detailed. Tip: Eat your snacks “fruits/veggies” in between your soup meals. I don’t believe so, but you could use lemon juice, salt, pepper, I do the ACV lemon juice and cayenne pepper in 6 oz water every morning and night whether I’m on the diet or not. Your life is better. Hi aSHLEY, I want to start this diet,but I don’t know how to prepare the soup? Then only get back on that scale on day 8 early morning under the same conditions as on day 1. I blend mine and I actually prefer it that way. I have seen to many versions with different ingredients,can someone tell me the righ ingredients of the soup,how to prepare it,to blend it or not? Sugar 0 g Is there difference in how much you’ll lose from the alternative soup? Total Carbohydrate 0 g 0% Hi my name is Catherine I just made the soup and can’t wait to start this Diet. There’s a reason why you don’t eat bananas on day 2 for your potassium, because bananas have more calories than a potato. If you need anymore information and tips, look at my news posts, that pretty much cover all the bases. Soup is good I added worchester and hot sauce to soup. For me, this is a new record, this is the most weight I’ve ever lost doing this diet. Now I only eat steaks between 10 to 12 ounces and no more. I hope this long winded explanation covers the differences of weight losses from person A) to person B). By far the biggest loss I’ve ever heard of for 7 day diet. And I have done this years ago. Losing that much weight before a fight is still questionable and some will say ill advised, due to lost of energy, dehydration and quick turn around the day of the fight. Finally, legumes such as lentils are rich sources of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them an important part of a healthy diet, Kennedy says. Eat all the soup you have left plus your rice and veggies till you’re full. I’ve run into the issue of not having enough soup to finish my last 2 days so therefore I’ve made a bigger pot of soup to start with. If so, then you’re going through a hardship for nothing. Don’t forget your tomatoes! This one.is the closest to the one I used,(always being successful). Maybe a lactose free skim milk is out there? Hi Kim, After finding out how great such vegetables are, I googled the nutritional values and benefits to weight loss and this is a super weight loss vegetable just on it’s own. And yes, you don’t need to do it as I do it. I’ve lost 26 pounds so far and have not put it back on. Ingredients. On the recipe that was first started it was Lipton’s Onion Soup mix not the chicken noodle. The recipe also includes unsalted canned tomatoes, another way to care for your heart. I have been sticking to every detail of this diet. Starting diet today, but used a different version which added cabbage. Any fruit (except bananas). If you read through the comments, you will see I addressed this specific issue in much more details. For a total weight loss of 43.4 lbs for a 5 week period. You can reach me at snknight1968 @ hotmail dot com Contact Us. I actually did this diet and it worked great! i used to eat only integral rise and soup all day and monday (8th day) i was + 400gr and tuesday (9th day ) +400 gr. What can be substituted for that? Tips: When I do this diet, the only thing in my fridge are the soup, fruits and veggies for those 7 days. Your body goes in emergency mode sort to speak and has to get the missing calories from somewhere (body fat). Anything processed (LIPTONS CHICKEN NOODLE) Is a tip off . Dave, while on this diet, don’t do too much exercise as you will burn muscle more than body fat. Sometimes you lose some during those days or you stay the same. As you can see, just 1 teaspoon is 40 calories and 4.5 grams of fat. Also, from day one early morning, till day 8 early morning, try and stay away from your scale! I have been trying to find the first Sacred Heart recipe with ginger etc. My concern is the exercise part. Well today is day 10th of my second 7 day diet and unlike the first time, I didn’t lose anymore weight. In the moment that i click “send” it says me “enter recipient’s email address ” 😕, I think that i’ve send you the email ☺. Protein 0 g Don’t eat at night while watching T.V and stay away from junk like pizza. Reduce to simmer and continue to cook until vegetables are tender. 8:00 pm ; tomato I don’t know if they still have these, but the small pump bottles of low call dressing would be the ONLY thing I would consider, mainly because it’s pretty much flavored water! It’s cheap, healthy and delicious. Day 4 “Herbs and spices add a depth of flavor that salt just doesn't have and help keep sodium at a minimum, which is crucial for overall, and especially heart, health,” Kennedy says. Season with salt, pepper curry, parsley, if desired, or bouillon, hot or Worcestershire sauce. (trust me, I know!) Just make sure you don’t go overboard after the diet so it wasn’t all in vain! 10:00 am ; Large bowl of soup till you’re full Jalapeno and other hot spices in the same family, work great for weight loss due to their benefits of speeding up your metabolism and burn fat all on their own. 8:00 pm ; vegetables With the magic of the slow cooker, there's time in the busiest schedule to create delicious soup that's good to eat—and good for you, too! Thank you so much for your support 😊 and have i nice week 😉. That I cannot help you with, so you’ll have to find the right ingredient to compensate for the meat protein. SHOP NOW. Most people who make lifestyle changes have periods where they get off track (particularly during the holidays) and no matter what diet, change or lifestyle you choose, if you stop doing it you will gain the weight back. You said … I did this years ago and lost 7 lbs the first week. The Cabbage Soup Diet is a rapid weight loss diet. There are many variations of this diet with very subtle differences but yet very similar that they are just called by different names. cans chicken noodle soup (Campbell Healthy) 5 stalks of celery (diced) 1 lb. Anything that has over 5 calories per tablespoon is a definite no-no during this diet. I too had some stomach pain, but day three was my “cleanse” day and after that I did feel so much better and had so much more energy. Someone might be better at answering that question than me, there are other types of milks but how are they calories wise, protein wise, fat wise compared to skim milk? If you’re going to work out, don’t do anything extra from day 1 through day 4. But I can in the evening and today’s result shows it. It doesn’t offer enough calories to support both your metabolism and exercise. Day 2 I understand,I have read the comments and I see that to make the soup I need 1 large can of beef broth (no fat),but here in my country we don’t have these kind of cans in the markets,what should I do? Not being a vegetarian myself I don’t know the produce that is out there that can fulfill what the meat protein does. Beef and veggies, eat to your heart’s content of the beef and veggies today. I also enjoy fresh lime juice, to ‘up’ the taste. or is it best to keep it to raw veggies? On day 1 to day 4, at least 3 large bowls, 4 would be better (plate size kind of bowls). Will this affect how much weight I lose? I would recommend this diet and please follow it exactly for better results. Can’t wait to know your end result. And there’s no mistakes as I got on the scale like 10 times in a row to make sure….lol!!! Tip: When you’re done making your soup and while it’s cooking, I highly recommend to prep all your fruits and veggies for the week so that when you have a craving/hunger, those are ready and on hand. Reduce to simmer and continue to cook until vegetables are tender. Meaning, let’s say you lose 6-9 lbs in 7 days but you know that had you followed the plan to a “T”, you could of lost up to 17 lbs instead? You’re very welcome! 10:00 pm ; optional large bowl of soup till you’re full, Example Day 5; So, if they both did everything right and perfect, how come person A) lost so much more than person B)? Yeah from day 6 to day 10, I implement one 45 minutes walk in the evening, even though some have suggested it’s better to do that walk in the morning before eating anything. About the exercise part instead of walking can I do some home exercises that are on youtube “Lumodell 7 minute” and jumping the rope? And I have not cheated at all, I want to follow through since I have already started! And eat no more than a 12 ounce steak or chicken/fish, whichever you choose. Which ever milk you want to substitute for the skim milk, must have same calories, same protein and same fat intake. I did this more than once but the attempts that didn't work were times when I cheated just a little. Had some small headaches but take excedrine w/ caffeine. Try our Spinach & Goat Cheese Bisque, a creamy, healthy green soup, for dinner tonight. The diet was supposedly thought to come from the cardiology department at Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital where it was used for overweight heart patients. This is what helps with some of the water weight, as well as cleaning out your gut.That was actually suspected to be a large portion of the weight loss number, since so many have problems with constipation, for many reasons. You can have soup and all of the fruits and vegetables you like on day three, with the exception of a baked potato. No need for fast pace or anything extra, just a nice 45 minutes walk. Fish that are especially high in omega-3s include salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Or low sodium seasoning salt. The more you cheat or divert by changing ingredients on the days, the less you will lose. And didn’t eat your needed baked potato. If I had 2 large bowls of soup left for day 7, I believe I would of finally reached the 17 lbs goal. You can just keep your weight steady or lose a bit more or maybe gain a bit in between. The answer is quite simple, person A) had a much higher body fat percentage to start with than person B). If you don’t follow it to a “T” and make changes, you’re only cheating yourself of the better results you could of achieved. Next week I’ll do my lemon water detox and cleanse, and I might even lose a few pounds in the process. Ginger is one of the most underestimated and underrated ingredient out there, that can help with many health problems. So, don’t be shy and please share your experiences, good or bad. Well today is day 8 of my third week and the end of my second 7 day diet.
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