Don’t suggest the politician route, the service organization route both major failures. Servicemembers are also required to track their point counts and ensure that they don’t exceed sanctuary without OPNAV approval. Over 99.99% of Reserve/Guard retirees choose this option. We help federal employees understand their benefits from a financial planning perspective and help them make the best choices for their personal situation. From the vocabulary used during your conversation with the Retirement Services section, it’s possible that they misunderstood your question. Your active-duty time also accrues a point for each day, so you probably received over 1800 points for those five years. You can confirm that with a JAG or with a civilian lawyer who has military experience. It should reflect on my Navy LES. i got out in 2000, can i get a civil service job to make up the remaining 6 years ? I was considering applying for sanctuary next year, before my high tenure 11/2017. Your pension will be based on the 2017 pay table (the year you turned age 60) at the longevity of your rank as though you’d been on active duty all the way up to 2017. Just oficially hit “Retired awaiting pay” this 1Apr. I am currently deployed but I am AGR, will this deployment count toward reduced age retirement or must I be a TPU soldier. Mark, I’m having a little trouble sorting out your terminology, but I’ll give it a shot and you let me know if I’m interpreting it correctly. A better assumption would be to convert your retirement income and expenses to today’s dollars and use today’s pay table. I have my points statement and trying to get my unit to figure out dates eligible for the qualified service to reduce from age 60yo. I have my “20 year letter” and I have a little over 5100 points with the active Navy, reserve time and an activation in 2005 – 2006. You’ll have to cover your own health insurance all the way to your 60th birthday. Here’s the references on the Tower Amendment. So in calculating my retirement is my service percentile totally dependant on my total points or do I get any thing extra % for the years I have over 20 i.e. The subject matter experts went from my 20 yr AFS, non disability retirement to a reserve early drop. Yet everyone can do a manual calculation.]. Last deployment was in 05, so I missed the ‘early pay’ too. I want to decide if the increase in retired pay is sufficient to stay in the Air Guard as a Drill Status Guardsman (DSG) another 28 months, until I reach age 60, or if I should just retire in the next few months. After Sep 2014, those 90 days can accumulate across fiscal years. My calculations indicate $3727.45 a month based upon the 2017 chart. If a Soldier is mobilized on Sept. 1 for just 90 days, that would not count because the fiscal year begins on Oct. 1, and only 30 days would accrue for the first fiscal year and 60 the next, assuming that no other mobilizations take place. Please review our Customer Relationship Summary (Form ADV Part 3) for important information about our services and fees. In response to a question from a reader, Doug originally created and published this post in 2012. Technically, OPM uses your RSCD to determine the beginning of your Years in Service for the pension calculation. I can not find any references. So your FERS retirement pension is determined by three factors, your High-3 Salary, your Years of Creditable Service and your Pension Multiplier. One recent change has been removing points earned through midshipman summer training. It’s discussed on page 164 of the 11th Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation, ways to earn more retirement points in the Guard and Reserves,’s.aspx, pay base system of “Final Pay, “High Three”, or the Blended Retirement System, reduces the age 60 retirement requirement by three months, Retiring from the Reserves and National Guard, Comparing an E-7 active-duty pension to an E-7 Reserve pension, Options for a Guard or Reserve Retirement, Using Reserve & Guard Retirement Calculators To Estimate Your Military Pension, The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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