Feel like you need to contact us? 3. incorrect horizontal angulation of the x-ray beam. Which of the following sweeteners used in sugarless gum is most effective in preventing caries? If left untreated, a pyogenic granuloma will most likely, All of the following are well documented initiating factors of hairy tongue EXCEPT, A patient with pain, fever and unilateral parotid swelling following a general anesthetic most likely has. 3. basal cell nevus syndrome. 4. The availability of dense cancellous bone. When the patient opens wide, the orbicularis oris muscle becomes stretched narrowing the sulcus, so if the denture flange in this area is unnecessarily thick, displacemnt of denture will occur. Which radiographic examination provides the most diagnostic information for the replacement of a permanent mandibular first molar with an osseo-integrated implant? Inflammation of the facial nerve. Microfibrillar collagen. A 25 year old female in her first trimester of pregnancy presents with an acute dental infection. If a mandibular denture is loose, many times adding length in the distal lingual flange may help to add retention, as long as care is used to prevent overextension into the retromylohyoid/mylohyoid areas. Diphenhydramine elixir 12.5mg/5ml. Loosening of Denture While Smiling : Due to inadequate relief of the buccal frenum; 2. 3. aid in the creation of a contact. Properties of glutaraldehyde include 3. have a mechanism of action similar to that of penicillin. 4. minimal effectiveness against viruses and spores. Corticosteroids may be used for the management of 2. design. Labial. 2. hyperbaric oxygen. 3. act as a direct retainer for the distal base. 2. The air-water spray used as a coolant in high speed cutting of a cavity will 1. 3. depth in the alveolus. Ewing's tumor. 1. always on the hard palate. 1. Please write us a letter. PRESENTED BY : NABID ANJUM MDS 1ST YEAR DEPARTMENT OF PROSTHODONTICS 2. 4. The Plaque Index of Silness and Loe measures, When probing a healthy gingival sulcus with a 20g force, the tip of the periodontal probe is most likely located, Radiographs of a periodontally related osseous defect show the, Radiographs of a periodontally related osseous defect can be used to confirm the, A shift from bilateral crossbite with coincident midlines to a right-sided posterior crossbite with non-coincident midlines most likely indicates. 2. tendon of the temporal muscle. A patch test should be taken. A good initial stability of the implant. Wax base development for complete denture impressions Edward M. Appelbaum, D.D.S.,* and Henry C. Rivetti, D.D.S. What is the primary etiologic factor for generalized aggressive periodontitis? The surgical risk for a patient with organic heart disease depends upon. Centric relation off … What is the earliest age that the diagnosis of a congenitally missing mandibular second bicuspid can be confirmed? 3. Propoxyphene has the potential for drug abuse because. Which of the following could cause clicking sounds during speech in denture wearers? Labial vestibule That part of the denture that extends in this area is called the mandibular labial flange. Fig. The denture base must be contoured to permit the modulus to function freely, to avoid displacement of the denture. 3. the masseter muscle. 3. 54 Retromylohyoid space lies at the distal end of the alveololingual sulcus. 2. is non-explosive and non-flammable. 3. decortication. The width of the distobuccal flange will be contoured by the anterior border of the _____. D. Pterygomandibular raphe. 3. What muscle has the greatest effect on the extent and contour of the distobuccal corner of the mandibular denture flange? Which of the following is/are essential when using a spherical rather than an admix alloy for a routine amalgam restoration? 4. may cause cholestatic hepatitis. 4. 3. is a potent anesthetic. The most appropriate management is, The inferior border of the lingual bar of a removable partial denture should, A laboratory remount of processed dentures is done in order to correct occlusal disharmony produced by errors primarily in the, A characteristic of a group function occlusion is. An excessive occlusal vertical dimension. Papillary hyperplasia. 1. are over age 80. 3. overbite. Mandibular-Anatomic Landmarks Masseter Groove – the action of the masseter muscle reflects the buccinator muscle in a superior and medial direction . Following very early loss of a primary tooth, the eruption of the permanent successor could be 3. 3. improves marginal adaptation. 4. the crown/root ratio. 2. allow for complete coverage of the metal by the porcelain. 3. the undercut and non-undercut areas. 4. the external oblique ridge. 3. are taking anticoagulants. 3. the quality of cooperation. 4. It is a free application that has the ability to connect people to learn and share knowledge. Which of the following can increase the chances of successful osseointegration of a dental implant? 3. radiographic contrast. Movement of a mandibular distal extension (Class 1) partial denture away from the denture bearing tissues when the patient opens is primarily caused by, If there is insufficient arch space for a permanent tooth to erupt, the tooth may. 1. protects the enamel. The survey of the diagnostic cast that is done as part of a removable partial denture design procedure is needed to 1. A survey of the master cast shows that the 3.5 and 3.7 abutments for a fixed partial denture have different paths of insertion with respect to 3.7. 4. allows gloves to slide on easier when the hands are moist. 1. fibrous elements. 4. immediate loading. For a cast gold restoration, a gingival bevel is used instead of a shoulder because a bevel 4. 2. 1. path of insertion of the planned removable partial denture. 1 to 5, 8, 10, and 11. 2. 4. The mesial furcation of the permanent maxillary first molar is best assessed from which aspect of the tooth? Which of the following may affect probing depth measurements of a periodontal pocket? A mandibular fracture during normal mastication is most likely to occur in a patient with. 4. prednisolone. Clinical and radiographic examinations reveal tooth 4.7 has extensive distal caries and apical rarefying osteitis. The shape of the distobuccal border of a mandibular denture is determined primarily by the. 2. adapt the matrix to the gingival margin. Which of the following are the most appropriate for use as overdenture abutments? Mandibular tori. Fibrous dysplasia. Maxillary crowding. 2. the rate of growth. 2. The most appropriate initial management is to, A patient complains of the discolouration of an unrestored maxillary central incisor. 3. A, Distobuccal corner. 2. distolingual? Increased overjet, moderate facial convexity and a deep labio-mental sulcus is most characteristic of which facial type? 3. medical status of the patient. Acyclovir capsules 200mg. It is a free application that has the ability to connect people to learn and share knowledge. 2. xerostomia. Appropriate collimation of the X-ray beam for the film size reduces 4. 1. 10. A fracture in an all ceramic crown may be caused by Surgical trauma. 3. excessive occlusal load. 2. have a narrower spectrum than penicillin. Acetaminophen. This is most likely the result of, The angle SNA can be used to evaluate the. 4. 2. transmissible through saliva. Local anesthetics interfere with the transport of which of the following ions? 4. Preventing lifting away of denture during incising C. Stabilize the denture D. All of the above # Distobuccal flange of mandibular denture is influenced by: A. Masseter B. Buccinator C. Temporalis D. Platysma # Broad palatal seal indicates : A. 1. a bevelled margin produces a more favorable surface for etching. Which of the following should be considered when assessing the difficulty of removal of an impacted mandibular third molar? Shortness of breath. Benzodiazepines. 11. 148 views. The patient has most likely developed. Pain in Mandibular Joint Discomfort Causes Solutions Pain in Mandibular joint 1. 3. For legends, see opposite page. 15 scalpel blade at the incisal edges of central incisors, the distopalatal cusps of second molars of maxillary dentures (Fig. A lack of denture retention. In an edentulous patient, the coronoid process. 1. for esthetics. 1. act as an indirect retainer. Which of the following 'in office' preventive procedures is most practical and effective for an uncooperative 4-year old patient from a non-compliant family? Which of the following are possible causes of Bell’s Palsy? 4. increases the thickness of gold. The distobuccal border of the mandibular denture must converge rapidly to avoid displacement by the contracting pressure of the masseter muscle. 1. are over age 80. 2. to increase retention. Diazepam 3. in higher numbers in blood than HIV. The amount of radiation is best reduced by. 3. delayed. 47. During a normal chewing cycle, which of the following has/have maximum EMG activity when the teeth are in maximum intercuspation? An unerupted supernumerary tooth between the permanent maxillary central incisors is commonly associated with which of the following clinical observations? The vibrating line of the palate is The risk of latex allergy increases with a/an Meperidine. For composite resin preparations, cavosurface enamel margins are bevelled because Pontic design for a porcelain fused to metal bridge should 4. a useful landmark in complete denture fabrication. An overextended distobuccal corner of a mandibular denture will push against which muscle during function? The health care worker should, A patient presents with pain from tooth 4.7 which is an abutment for a 4 unit bridge from 4.4 to 4.7. A. limit the distal extension of the mandibular denture. The superior portion of the muscle influences the hight of distobuccal flange of the maxillary denture. 1. be rigid. 4. improved esthetics compared to traditional bridges. 2. incorrect vertical angulation of the x-ray beam. - maxillary '6' excess of 3.0mm 2. the tendon of the temporal muscle. 1. tissue/bone reaction. At the delivery appointment, when the rests of the framework are fully seated on the abutment teeth, the denture base does not contact the supporting tissues. ** Fairleigh Dickinson University, School of Dentistry, Hackensack, N.J. J-VJ-any techniques and materials related to impres- sions for complete dentures have been reported in the literature and used in clinical practice.1'2 The diffences in techniques for final … 4. locate the height of contour abutment teeth. contraction of the buccinator pulls the maxillary and mandibular buccal frenae backward. 1. provide for a rigid restoration. 2. evaluate the retention potential of the abutment teeth. 2. gastrointestinal perfusion. Probing force. 1. image definition. A, Buccal shelf. 2. 4. 4. 1. unaltered. The distobuccal flange of the denture should be contoured to allow freedom for this action otherwise the denture will be displaced or the patient will experience soreness in this area. 2. bleeding gingiva. Pulpotomy is the treatment of choice in pulp exposures of asymptomatic vital teeth with incompletely formed apices. 3. lengthening the axial walls. When Advantages of resin bonded bridges are 4. Posterior teeth placed in a buccal position. The normal growing mandible exhibits which of the following characteristics? Distolingual, distobuccal, and retromolar pad with completed peripheral 612 MAY 1984 VOLUME 53 NUMBER 5 PRIMARY IMPRESSIONS FOR COMPLETE DENTURES Figs. Diameter of the probe tip. Which of the following could cause phonetic problems for patients with removable dentures? 4. 1. 1. candida albicans infection. The most appropriate treatment of chronic sclerosing osteomyelitis of the mandible includes A smooth, elevated, red patch devoid of filiform papillae, located in the midline of the dorsum of the tongue immediately anterior to the circumvallate papillae is indicative of, When probing a healthy gingival sulcus with a 20g force, the tip of the periodontal probe is most likely located. The most appropriate management would be to, During the administration of local anesthesia, positive aspiration of blood will occur most often in a/an, Twenty-four hours following the simple extraction of tooth 4.7, a patient presents with severe bleeding from the extraction site. Barbiturates. 8. 2. root width. 1. increased exposure to latex. Mandibular denture has less support and retention compared to maxillary denture due to a smaller denture-bearing area. A preparation for a porcelain fused to metal crown with a porcelain butt joint margin should have a 4. for caries prevention. Viral infection. what happens when the posterior maxillary buccal space is entirely filled with the denture flange? 4. 1. loose teeth. 1. addition of an occlusal dovetail. A lingual plate is indicated as a major connector for a removable partial denture when, Conversion of a flush terminal plane to a mesial step/Class I terminal plane in the absence of orthodontics is primarily the result of, The canal of a maxillary canine has been instrumented to within 1mm of the apex and is ready to be obturated. The selection of a vasoconstrictor for a local anesthetic depends upon the 1. biocompatibility of the material. Which of the following anesthetic agents is/are metabolized by plasma cholinesterase? 1. rapid formation of cross linkages which limit penetration of pulp tissue. Which of the following may be used to disinfect gutta-percha points? Fig. Porcelain/ceramic thickness for fracture resistance. 2. the position of the survey line on the cast. 4. Coronoid process. Gingival enlargement may result from the administration of Medial pterygoid muscles. An atraumatic surgical approach. A major clinical problem of penicillin therapy is its. 4. external oblique ridge. 1. When designing a removable partial denture, changing the tilt of the cast on the surveyor alters the
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