I added an electric T&B to augment the vacuum T&B which with it came from the factory. The Eagle had a 285 engine and was actually quite pretty to look at. Congrats again Richard, another grand-slam “outta’ the ball park”. The airplane had sat out in heavy rain for a number of hours before takeoff. Never had the opportunity to fly anything “Beech”, but always thought the Debonaire was about the sexist looking plane around… just a little too rich for my blood. And there was still an inch or two of throttle left!!! The 210 was, simply, an airframe that was adaptable to a lot of different things and it offered a lot of utility and performance at a relatively reasonable price. So I know nothing. Dunno how many of that model Kerrville produced, but someone had previously converted mine to retracts. If you ever have a chance to fly a Trinidad TB-20 you will not be dissapointed. Central was also in the dusting business and I guess there was some reciprocity at work. I always wondered if O&N had benefit from the work Cessna had done but could never get anyone to comment on this. -Though I have never flown one, I consider the Cardinal RG to be tied with the Globe Swift as the most beautiful GA aircraft. After that, Piper shifted to Vero Beach and developed the retractable versions of the PA-28 and PA-32. There will be a pilot shortage in the coming years among the commercial ranks. My question is this: What percentage of lives…. The duster strips were plenty long for our Bonanzas and the landing gear didn’t mind the unpaved surfaces at all. I started picking up light ice first and changed altitude. Great writing as always Mr. Collins. The ride in turbulence was a bit busy but that was all I really noticed about it. Do something now. Certainly every one of the many other airplanes I will mention here had the goal of besting the Bonanza. As a 24 year old in 1964, I learned to fly in a Piper Colt. In fact it was not at all unusual for someone to buy a Bamboo Bomber and send the engines to Wichita to be mounted on a couple 195s. Mid ’90’s the engine was nearing TBO, and prop hub had reached the end of its life-cycle, so I sold the plane. Great article on the retractable singles. I’ll just have to save a lot to get the best. A lot of basic shapes remained the same but few if any parts were likely interchangeable. The sweet thing was that if I kept those laminar-flow wings really clean, was careful to load luggage and unnecessaries aft, even sliding my seat back at cruise, and set the mixture just right at 24 square, at 12-13,000′ I could true 155 mph, and burn less than 8 GPH. A few were “ugly,” maybe because of their looks or maybe because of other things such as flight characteristics or poor performance. Where Beech had enlisted experienced professionals for their long-distance flights, Piper took a different tack. The Internet says… While quite a performer down low, it was no faster than a standard P210 above 20,000 and really needed a higher pressure differential since it was quite an ear popper. Reg# Not Listed TT: Not Listed; Performance Specs. I once made an IFR trip through an occluding front in a Sierra and while the ride sucked, hand flying the airplane in the wind shear turbulence was not that demanding. Retractable singles: I owned a Socata Trinidad TB-20. In later years, airplanes had maximum certified altitudes but when those 210s were built there was no limitation. In 1988, the fights for the Commander 112/114 were bought by a new company called Commander Aircraft, which allowed that company to maintain the existing fleet. You do not have to be Richard Collins or Ernest Gann--simply a GA pilot with a story you'd share with friends sitting in the hangar. Get Financing. There were quite a few of us who were active IFR pilots in the late forties and early fifties. Over time, a lot of smart (in other areas) people have looked at general aviation, decided that the manufacturers don’t know what they are doing, and set out to demonstrate how it should really be done. New Power to the Commander. He agreed. I became friends with Bonanzas as a kid charter pilot in the early 1950s. Features: Full FSX, P3D v2, v3, v4, and Steam compatible. By: Norm Goyer. We were operating four High Desert airports serving as FBOs which included aircraft sales, flight instructions, fuel sales, aircraft repair shop, and tie-downs and hangars for rent. They were the Arrow and the Lance (later the Saratoga) and while both were useful airplanes, they lacked the performance of the Bonanza. Only five were built and the airplane was never really “produced.”. The thing even sounds right. The latter was probably 51 units down the line from 07V because they often used blocks of sequential N-numbers. It resembles the real Commanderperfectly, and it is a great representation of the real aircraft.Another fine job by the Carenado team. I thought that continuing the Bonanza name after the V-tail was a fine thing to do because the newer airplanes were definitely evolutionary. Directed by William F. Claxton. The A-36 is the plane I take if I’m going on a long cross country, but I’ve kept the Bellanca simply because it is a better handling, more responsive, more fun airplane to fly. The question often comes up about how many owners Mooney as a company has had over the years. With the E225, cruise is 170 mph @ 12 GPH. When I mounted the old 35, N3307V, I thought back to an airplane that I flew a lot on charter flights, N3358V. I was headed southwest, actually en route to the Cotton Bowl that I mentioned earlier. I don’t think the Navion enjoyed that level of management interest. This was pre-knots and I counted on 170 mph (145 knots) as the normal cruise for the Comanche so the Mooney would be about the same. Maybe it was the personality of the buyer or maybe it was because Cessna did a better job of adapting their airplane to turbocharging. We’re looking for either one or two parties interested in joining my wife and I (both experienced pilots) in acquiring a well equipped and well maintained touring aircraft. More straight 1947 Model 35 Bonanzas, 1,500, were built than any other model of the V-tail and more than half the Bonanzas built have V-tails. I could even shoot DF approaches using the loop in the tail cone. I have personally flown more 195s with 245s than 300s. Cessna put a geared 421 engine in a P210, 375 horsepower, and I flew that off the Cessna factory strip with the chief engineer. That company upgraded the design and built over 1,000 Navions but it ran out of steam there, too, and has passed through various owners since. Hello. I was making frequent 900 nm trips at that time and a 90-gallon Comanche would almost always do the eastbound version nonstop. The Commander 114B is a new build, modernised development of the original Rockwell Commander 114. pls visit my website for availability. This list of popular articles is a great place to get started. It was a beautiful airplane. This metal airplane was designed in Texas, by Anderson, Greenwood and Company and was an FAA-certified T-tail four place with a 250 hp Lycoming. Flying some of the things Dave loaded in for me to try in one of the airplanes made for some of the most intense aviating that I have ever done. Mooney developed a pressurized single, the Mustang, but it was expensive to build and was described by one pilot as “a slug.” Not many were sold and the airplane is often cited as the reason for one of Mooney’s many sinking spells. The inside joke then was that when a Harvard Business School grad showed up to run an airplane company, the end was near. My pick of the litter was always the P35 when they transitioned to a far more professional instrument panel and made other good changes. Maybe Mr. Lopresti’s work at Piper carried over. He had both great self-discipline and the ability to relax, or to zone out. Another lesson was learned in Midland, Texas, where I once flew the Windecker Eagle, the first “composite” general aviation airplane. When watching the movie Jet Pilot with John Wayne, I could imagine it was me instead of Yeager because I knew how to extend and retract the landing gear. of its shoes. The Comanche was a pleasant airplane to use and when the fuel supply was increased from 60 to 90 gallons it became a true long-range airplane. Bonanza vs. Centurion Shown here over California' s Salton Sea, its speed and efficiency in cruise make it a long-range traveler in addition to a heavy hauler. Wikipedia The Bonanza’s Wichita neighbor, Cessna, offered the 190/195 as its high-performance single right after the war. Mooney did not really build a prototype since the built production tooling and were ready to go into production, but orders never came. The wing carry-through structure the FAA wanted all but dictated legless passengers in the back seat. That would be all the 33s, 35s and 36s. Commander 114 Performance Specifications** Engine – 6-cylinder Lycoming IO-540-T4B5D, 260 HP @ 2700 RPM Prop – Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF, Constant Speed, 2 -Blade Did you know that most of the articles at Air Facts are written by readers like you? Over 17,000 have been built. Back in the 1908s, a flying buddy of mine serially owned a pair of Comanches: a 400 and a (six-seat!) It is the sole survivor of the first batch of airplanes in this class despite the fact that it costs about a hundred times as much today (in dollar dollars) as it did in 1947. The Commander 114B produced by Commander. Got my CPL in a Sierra with outward retracting gear, like the B-24 Liberator that you mentioned. It’s short-coupled in the yaw axis, though, so it likes to wander a bit in rough air. Simple math. Have been flying the same 1986-C210R, and have tried to ‘upgrade’ to something newer, only to recognise it´s the most versatile platform in existence, either used or new, as far as my flying needs are concerned. early in the break of day, as i like to gain knowledge of more and more. With its wood wing and steel tubing and fabric construction elsewhere, many felt like the Bellanca was still being built after its time had passed. When they came out with the Super 21 with a 200 hp Lycoming everybody wondered if the claimed speed was fact or fiction. (There were also personal health reasons for me to begin questioning how long I should consider continuing to fly.) The most-built 195 used a 300 hp Jacobs; the few 190s that were built used a lower-horsepower Continental. .”. By Kevin Michael. More Aircraft. The 250 Comanche was ever so slightly faster than the Mooney. The 210 was introduced in late-1959 as a 1960 model. The many entities that built Mooneys went in and out of business on a fairly regular basis. Competition is a wonderful thing and Piper had its eye on a Bonanza prize in the form of those long distance records. Too bad Beech never came up with a good name for those absolutely wonderful derivatives which incorporate the inverted T tail! Reason is, there has been a Gas Pipeline inspection plane that I now know is a 210, or better. I had a Cherokee Six for quite a while, a fixed-gear Lance, so to speak, and it suited our growing family perfectly. Specs, range, speed, operating weights and performance for the Commander 114B here Whoa, time to just fly straight and level. They were building Bonanzas at a fast pace in 1947 so the age of the two airplanes was likely close. I love the Bonanza and Comanche. I could tell by the outside air temperature that it was going to be close and it was. Cessna was apparently not serious about it as a product because they only flew it for a while and then put it back into the original configuration. My strongest impression was that, while nice to fly, it was not competitive. But Piper’s successful “fancy pants” of the mid-1908s foretold Cirrus’ decision to go with low-drag fixed gear on their SR singles. The airplane had a fixed landing gear and used a radial engine of which there were thousands upon thousands available in the surplus market. I was not yet a pilot at the time, but I read about the flights and wondered what it would be like to sit in an airplane for 36 hours. Then, in 1958, Beech upped the ante by sponsoring a 6,856 statute mile flight from Manila to Pendleton, Oregon. Lore had it that he did an outside loop but I don’t think that happened. In 1950, Olive Ann Beech took the reins after her husband Walter Beech died. When the 210 was first introduced, everyone was curious about how the main gear went from extended to stowed in the belly of the airplane. The Rockwell Commander 112 is an American four-seat single-engined general aviation aircraft designed and built by North American Rockwell (later Rockwell International) starting in 1972.In 1976, they introduced the turbocharged 112TC and a version mounting a larger engine and other minor improvements as the Rockwell Commander 114.A total of approximately 1,000 examples of all models … Generally if you rent for at least 50-100 hours per year, then owning your own aircraft, or a share in an airplane will probably make sense for you. The only one I could see was the little rod that props the door open. You still are America’s GA treasure. The cost of fuel is not a factor because faster is usually cheaper, when going further. It was not until 1955 or so that the Feds forced us to get an ADF for what had been DF approaches. The General Aviation specialists at Carenado bring you the AC11 Commander 114 for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D.
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