Horehound produces a burr-like seed pod which contains tiny seeds. The taste is bitter, which is why adding sweetener is a necessity! Hoffman, D. (1987). So for symptom pictures of this nature, horehound is used to address seemingly acute symptoms connected with an underlying chronic condition. Side effects. Horehound has traditionally been used to treat disorders of the stomach, gallbladder, and respiratory system as well as hepatitis. White Horehound herb (125g, 4.4oz), Cut, Gently Dried, 100% Pure and Natural for The Preparation of Herbal Tea, White Horehound Tea. Horehound is one such herb. (1922). I gravitate toward using a tincture, glycerite, or oxymel with horehound in it for acute digestion support simply because if your belly is feeling bloated and gassy, drinking a whole cup of tea can create more pressure and discomfort before providing relief. What Is Horehound Good for, and What Do Horehound Cough Drops and Horehound Candy Taste Like Exactly? You can start using horehound alone for its diaphoretic action or alongside other immune-boosting diaphoretic herbs like, ) flower. If the horehound is not to be used for a while, it is best if you put the leaves in a freezer. One of my favorite ways to soothe a painful sore throat from spastic coughing is to suck on a horehound-infused herbal lozenge (or “cough drop”). If any of your symptoms are severe or seem possibly concerning, consult a professional healthcare practitioner. Next the branches are held together by a straw, laid out on cheesecloth and stored in room temperature. Horehound is bitter tasting so you will need more sugar or stevia to decrease the bitterness than when using an herb like anise or licorice that has its own sweet taste. With cold and flu season fully underway, it’s important to have herbs on hand which can help you “sweat out” a fever if need be. 99 (£55.92/kg) Promotion Available. Only 9 left in stock. As Australian herbalist Dorothy Hall describes: when you feel the first tickle of a cold or cough coming on, usually in the back of the throat, horehound is indicated (Hall, 1988). The Herbal Academy neither endorses them nor is in any way responsible for their content. Sucking on a horehound-infused herbal lozenge is another easy and convenient option here! It is a good border plant and doesn't require much attention, but is sometimes winter-killed. You can combine white horehound with herbs such as licorice root, marshmallow root and ginger root for a homemade cough syrup. Horehound holds number of health benefits. Horehound candy. The steps necessary for a successful undertaking of this endeavor involves shearing the required number of leaves and stems, careful not to overdo it. Sign up for the Herbal Academy Newsletter, and we'll send you a free ebook. Horehound Bits AQWorlds Wiki » Items » Misc. Hall, D. (1988). 3 The major active constituent in horehound is marrubiin, which is thought to … Below are six ways horehound is commonly used, including different preparations you can utilize depending on the purpose. Before you do this, get rid of all the stems, and put the leaves inside a bowl or jar. Horehound tea can help with both of these problems by promoting the healthy flow of gastric juices and the production of bile. This is not a common problem with the horehound though. The herbal handbook: A user’s guide to medical herbalism. Once your cough becomes productive and you start coughing up mucus, naturally, your congestion starts to clear as well. As an expectorant herb, horehound works by both encouraging new mucus production (which helps push out the old) and relaxing the smooth muscles of the bronchi (Holmes, 1989). Since tummy troubles often accompany immune-system imbalances, this reveals how horehound can provide “double duty” by supporting multiple body systems at once during cold and flu season. A tea blending Horehound, with peppermint and dandelion root helps address the symptoms of bile problems. Treatment of liver and gallbladder issues 2. with horehound in it for acute digestion support simply because if your belly is feeling bloated and gassy, drinking a whole cup of tea can create more pressure and discomfort before providing relief. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. There are limited evidence for the use of horehound to treat liver and gallbladder problems, constipation, fluid retention, bloating, gas, abdominal pain and spasms, skin damage, ulcers, and wounds. How to store horehound after it is harvested (method 3): place the leaves in the refrigerator , or honey to help soothe a cough and sore throat at the same time. Horehound belongs to the large mint plant family and has been known and used medicinally in Europe, where it is a native species, since the Middle Ages. This same antispasmodic action can be focused on the belly to help alleviate dull gas pains and cramping (Hoffman, 1987; Holmes, 1989). Labiatae. Herb: White Horehound Latin name: Marrubium vulgare Family: Labiatae Medicinal use of White Horehound: White horehound is a well-known and popular herbal medicine that is often used as a domestic remedy for coughs, colds, wheeziness etc. Affiliate links are shared throughout the website and the Herbal Academy may receive compensation if you make a purchase with these links. ... A Quick Guide To Preserving Herbs Fresh freezing is one of ways of preserving the freshness and flavor of your herbs. A chief ingredient of a fiery sauce that is traditional used as an accompaniment to roast beef or grated into coleslaw, horseradish is a vigorous, hardy perennial that forms a mass of leafy growth, but is primarily raised for its pungent roots. The leaves can be dried and used to make tea and the leaves can be stored for up to a year in a jar. When making these herbal lozenges or candies from a single herb you are making an herbal simple. When you’re in the throes of a painful and irritating sore throat, horehound can be an ideal herb to have on hand. Caring for Horehound. Then check your email to find a welcome message from our Herbal Academy team with a special link to download our "Herbal Tea Throughout The Seasons" Ebook! Proper Storage of Chamomile Chamomile can be preserved like other herbs if the correct methods are used. Horehound, (Marrubium vulgare), bitter perennial herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae). As soreness starts to develop in the throat, start using horehound to increase mucus production and prevent congestion from building up. Based on the six uses for horehound we highlighted above, this timeless herb just might become your new best friend for cold and flu season! Horehound is native to Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia and has naturalized throughout much of North and South America. If you know how to store horehound after it is harvested, you do not have to be concerned that it will not be fresh when you want to use it. Do the knuckle test to determine if the plant requires more water. If the horehound is not to be used for a while, it is best if you put the leaves in a freezer. It might sound like a dirty word, but Horehound is anything but! However, for the last two centuries or so, horehound has fallen off the map almost entirely and for no good reason! Large doses of horehound may have a purgative action. Effective Means of Storing Arugula Arugula is a staple in many European recipes, and you can make it a part of yours by storing it correctly. White Horehound will be new to our medicinal garden but it has been used for generations to treat coughs. Along with it, there are several horehound uses; some of them include: 1. 2, 3rd ed.). If you want to get the most out of your herbs, being aware of how to store parsley after it is harvested will be vital. As an expectorant herb, M. vulgare can be a really helpful remedy when it comes to the … As always, be sure to consider all of your symptoms and health history when deciding how best to incorporate herbs. Toxicity. Wondering how horehound can be beneficial for treating various respiratory conditions? Danish documents point to its presence in that country from the 14th century. Horehound is derived from "Horus", the Egyptian god of sky and light. Horehound candy. Ways of Keeping Chili Fresh After Harvesting, Indulge in Fine-Tasting Treats Using these Special Basil Recipes, Enjoy the Rich Flavors of These Delectable Sage Recipes, Cooking with Dill: A Comprehensive Look at the Special Uses of This Herb in Cooking, Check Out These Delightful and Easy-to-Cook Lemongrass Recipes, Check Out and Have Fun with These Easy-to-Cook Asian Basil Recipes, A Feature on Several Great-Tasting Tater Recipes, Vital Reminders on How to Harvest Sweet Basil Leaves, Try These Sumptuous and Luring Parsley Recipes, Satisfy Your Craving for Delectable Spicy Dishes with These Red Chili Recipes, Take a Look at These Simple Steps on How to Store Tater After It Is Harvested. Holmes, P. (1989). Horehound is a bushy plant producing numerous annual, quadrangular and branching stems. Combine 20 grams each of Horehound (expectorant), Thyme Herb (antispasmodic and antiseptic) and Fennel Seed (stimulates the cilia in the respiratory tract). Horehound isn’t a complicated herb to care for. See more. One of my favorite ways to soothe a painful sore throat from spastic coughing is to suck on a horehound-infused herbal lozenge (or “, ”). Your email address will not be published. Other preparations will not create this action and cold infusions could actually have an opposite effect by, sweating instead of promoting it (Holmes, 1989). Archaeobo- tanical findings from the Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland confirm the use of the plant during medieval times. Using horehound in combination with other herbs that serve as active immune stimulants like. ) Horehound is an Expectorant and Tonic. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Blooming season can range from April to October depending on geographic location and flowers do not appear on this plant until its second or third year. n. 1. a. It’s great in dry climates, but you should obviously water if possible. While chronic liver congestion can present in many ways, some of the more common symptoms are: hypertension, headaches, acid reflux, weight changes, and digestive issues (Holmes, 1989). Magickally, it is used for clarity and protection. The herb apparently causes the secretion of a more fluid mucous, readily cleared by coughing. Maybe make a small extract batch using amber DME as your base? Horseradish. They were originally made to soothe sore throats. Horehound's flavor, a cross between menthol and mint, makes it useful as a tea or flavoring for cough drops and candies. Information offered on Herbal Academy websites is for educational purposes only. It is known as “white horehound” to distinguish it from another herb called black horehound that is primarily involved in medical use. The oil can be expressed and used in perfumes and potpourri. Horehound carries many useful properties, especially for supporting respiratory health and well-being during the cold and flu season. Problems related to bloating, fluid retention, abdominal pain, and spasms. Interactions. Add twice as much honey as liquid, mix well, and bottle. The elements of materia medica and therapeutics (Vol. The parts that grow above the ground are used to make medicine. Do not use horehound medicinally if there is chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract, such as ulcers, esophageal reflux, colitis, or diverticulosis. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for horehound to shine in the limelight and become a staple herb in our. Horehound candy is known to be bitter, and that’s why you won’t want to mess around with the sweetener on this recipe for horehound cough drops. Did you know horehound is actually in the mint family? [Read: How to Cure Cancer with the Help of Natural Treatments] They are dark-colored, dissolve in the mouth, and have a flavor that has been compared to menthol and root beer. Horehound also has an affinity for recurrent sore throats connected with chronic liver congestion, too (Holmes, 1989). 3. Horehound is attributed to Mercury, and the … In general, “sweating out” a fever is most indicated during initial, acute fever or symptoms of imbalance. Gardeners and herbalists have been long aware of the value of this herb, and if you have planted this, learning how to store horehound after it is harvested can help you maximize its potential. Horehound (Ku Bo He) Botanical Name: Marrubium vulgare. Pereira, J. Growing Horehound Herb.. Horehound is not fussy about growing conditions but prefers full sun and good drainage. Please simply create an account before buying/booking any courses. Strain off the leaves, then measure the quantity of liquid remaining. Hi there! Horehound, Marrubium vulgare, is a perennial herb in the mint family. How to store horehound after it is harvested (method 1): let the leaves dry. While horehound carries a primary affinity for the respiratory system, it carries a secondary affinity for the liver (Holmes, 1989). You can safely consume horehound leaves in small quantities within food or herbal remedies. Read our post here for more tips on staying healthy this cold and flu season, Eclectic materia medica, pharmacology and therapeutics, https://www.henriettes-herb.com/eclectic/felter/marrubium.html, Creating your herbal profile: How and where to find the herbs that match your personality traits and health needs, The herbal handbook: A user’s guide to medical herbalism, The elements of materia medica and therapeutics, https://www.henriettes-herb.com/eclectic/pereira/marrubium.html, The earthwise herbal: A complete guide to old world medicinal plants, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Please add your email address below and click "Submit" to add yourself to our mailing list. The plant leaves and flowers are used in the extraction of Essential Oils. Medical Definition of horehound 1 : a European aromatic mint (Marrubium vulgare) that is naturalized in the United States, has pubescent leaves and small axillary flowers, has a very bitter taste, and is used as a tonic and anthelmintic — called also white horehound used traditionally as an expectorant and continues to find a place in cough lozenges and cold preparations. Horehound was once kept in kitchen pantries to add an earthy, aromatic flavor to candies, cough drops, and beverages. The Herbal Academy makes neither medical claim, nor intends to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Horehound plants have an interesting history of medicinal uses. In fact, horehound is a great herb to incorporate into this fever-cooling tea recipe! When horehound is taken internally, it may interfere with the absorption of iron and other minerals. Keep reading to discover six ways you can use this traditional herb today. Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. The leaves are Vermifuge. Make an infusion by steeping 1 ounce of fresh or dried horehound leaves in a pint of boiling water. Horehound candy is the same as horehound cough drops. Since horehound is a naturally bitter-tasting herb, using it in a sweetened lozenge-form really helps balance the flavor. Horehound effectively treats common symptoms like a cold, persistent cough, shortness of breath, and increased secretions. The seeds are slow to germinate and do not need to be sown deeply. Horehound has erect, woolly, square stalks 2 to 3 feet tall, and wrinkled, scalloped, gray-green opposite leaves that are smooth or downy above and fuzzier below. Horehound cough syrup . To Soothe A Sore Throat. By understanding the ways on how to store marjoram after it is harvested, the more you’ll be able to use them. Family: N.O. An aromatic plant in the mint family having leaves with white pubescence and numerous white flowers in axillary cymes, native to Eurasia. Explore the ways how to store rocket after it is harvested and make this herb longer. Stems can be steeped for tea or as a tincture. An easy way to start using horehound to ward off colds is to prepare it as a syrup or oxymel with other herbs at the beginning of cold and flu season. Eclectic herbalists employed horehound to “increase secretions of the skin” (otherwise known as “sweating”), help support a chronic cough, and even to promote menses (Felter, 1922; Pereira, 1854). The leaves and flower tops of the horehound plant have been traditionally used in the form of a bitter tonic as a home remedy for the common cold. Find relief for your coughs and colds with Horehound Tincture, our liquid "cough drop" remedy. Since it offers broad-spectrum support for the respiratory, immune, and digestive systems during acute imbalances, horehound is certainly a handy herb to incorporate in your herbal practice. Put on a tight lid (as tight as possible), or better yet, use a freezer bag. In fact, horehound is a great herb to incorporate into this. Horehound candy is an herbal simple, unless you add more herbs. Before you do this, get rid of all the stems, and put the leaves inside a bowl or jar. an extract or confection made from the dried leaves and flowering tops of this plant. Looking for more tips? The herb plant is also used for different ways, like a tea or tonic beverage. A spoonful of horehound-infused herbal honey is another way to soothe a sore throat. Horehound belongs to the large mint plant family and has been known and used medicinally in Europe, where it is a native species, since the Middle Ages.

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