Kion comforting Rani after the death of her grandmother. Kion and the lion Guard left the tree of life that night, and returned to the pridelands. He stared in an almost obsessive manner. After hearing the story of Askari and the roar, Rani wanted to talk to Kion in private, probably to confess her feelings to him and ask him to stay, before Bunga insisted on tagging along. KION: (points to his scar) Not since I got this. Foes: Makucha, Chuluun, Ora, Mama Binturong, other enemies of the Tree of Life. rani tlg tlk thelionguard digitalart kion thelionking kionthelionguard thelionguardfanart ranithelionguard. The Lion Guard - Adult Kion and Rani. #Lionguard #Rani #Nightpride As a cub, he was assigned as leader of The Lion Guard and assembled a team of animals to protect the Pridelands. Kion nodded, and bounded forward to walk beside Rani. The series takes place right after the end of the Lion Guard Season 3. Kion and Rani's cubs. But fuli decided to stay with Azaad. As usual, those goons were a pain to be reckoned with in the Pride Lands and the Lion Guard that seem to never learn when to give up on their dastardly plans, but the kids can easily defeat this band of small-time hyenas that try to harass the animals. Kion already gathered almost everyone except the fastest. After being bitten by Ushary, Kion and the Lion Guard journeyed to the Tree of Life for healing. Picture Gallery. Kion cleared his throat. The title can be Kion and Rani: Tree Of Life Defenders. Foto of Kion and Rani - The Lion Guard for Fans of Lion King Couples 42989889 Lion Guard - Rani, Leader of the Night Pride 400 The collection of arts concerning Rani, the lioness, Leader of the Night Pride, Queen of the Tree of Life and Kion's mate. Kion would spend most of the day in the cave crying, he was still upset over his breakup with Rani. Meanwhile, the Lion Guard tries to find Kion and take back what they said to him. 6 Comments. Kion's Animal Alphabet; Meet the New Guard; Hear Me Roar! Friends watch as Kion and Rani become King and Queen of the Night Pride . KION: When I first got the Roar, I didn't think I could be leader of the Lion Guard. Family Relaxing During Hot Day PawsDraws96 271 23 Those Cousins Kaze-Blue 45 12 Nigth Pride Prince: Shaba vexwyn 166 8 Heirs to the Tree of Life Percy-McMurphy 167 39 The Lion King - Family Get-together TC-96 3,185 208 The New Princess werespike48 23 3 Our Family Julis-Rocks 256 18 The Lion Guard - KionxRani's son Haki TC-96 1,013 121 Cub Shujaa Ref Sheet 2019 dAMizan … Kiongozi “Kion” is the main protagonist of the Disney Junior series "The Lion Guard". Trivia to come . My grandfather Mufasa helped me learn that. Thats when fuli conveniently walked up. The series opener will be a 2-hour special, 1-hour episodes for 2 episodes. IMAGE DETAILS. "My name is Kopa." Kion and Rani's Cub is an infant lion. Rani was relieved and grateful when Kion stated the Lion Guard still had a duty to guard the Tree of Life during the day. S/he is the cub of Kion and Rani, and the grandcub of Simba and Nala. Kion: "With no reason nor purpose to remain back home, and with you needing both me and the Roar here, I had no choice nor other place to go." RANI: Really? 25.9K 220 155. "Kion, your name is Kion?" This is my own version of the lion guard, it begins just after the third season ends and it is about the future of Kion and Rani, it will tell about their adventures, discussions, experiences and more, in addition to how their lives and others continue. Drawings. “I’m glad to see you again, Kion.” Rani said. “It’s good to see you too.” Kion said. It’s been over three months since the last episodes of TLG season 3 came out, I’d say it’s about time I drew these two lovebirds uwu Please do NOT repost my art! Although everyone was concerned for kion, Zuri was the most worried. Author's note. There will be 3-4 seasons. KION: Yeah. Kion explains that he and his friend, Ono, have come for healing. Follow/Fav Kion x rani. "Til the Pridelands and The Tree of Life end, Lion Guard and Night Pride defend." That night, Kion talks with Kiara about Rani, explaining how he greatly misses her and the Night Pride. Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up With Rani. Rani is the deuteragonist of the second half of the third and final season of The Lion Guard.She is the love interest, girlfriend, and later wife of Kion. Members after Kion's coronation, the T rating is for some future ideas I have. There will be a new villain(s) for season 1, a cobra. Reedited footage from The Lion Guard episodes, "The Kupatana Celebration," "The Fall of Mizimu Grove," and "The Queen's Visit" are used. S/he is the heir of the Tree of Life. "It's my job to protect the Tree of Life." Rani cleared her throat. “Everyone, we’ve arrived.” Rani said. The start of the episode starts with King Kion and Queen Rani are done r With her and tiffu being the youngest of the group. Kion and Rani's Lion Guard and Night Pride is a group of heroes led by Kion and Rani. Kiara tells Kion that their parents would understand if he decides to go back to the Tree of Life. Rani introduces the Lion Guard to her grandmother, Janna. This when kion is still not sure if he is the right lion to be king but a certain queen helps him. Lion Guard What If-Kion Grew Up With Rani 26.6K 231 161 I thought of this and its very interesting, so interesting that i didnt put it in my other lion guard book Possibility, where i … Figure & Accessory Set; Figure Sets; Pride Land Brawlers; Bullyland Figures; Single Figures; Battle Pack with Accessory; Pride Land Rivals; Various. Kion and Rani's life at the Tree. Featured in. But what they said caused him to get mad at themand now they have to convince him to listen so they can apologize. Kion and Rani . Rani is the deuteragonist of the second half of the third and last season of The Lion Guard.She is the daughter of Sahasi and Ananda, the older sister of Baliyo, the niece of Surak, the granddaughter of Janna, the wife of Kion, the sister-in-law of Kiara and the daughter-in-law of Simba and Nala.She is the leader of the Night Pride and the Queen of the Tree of Life. Bu... King Kion and Queen Rani's Life at the Tree... 92.3K 1.1K 1.2K. 4K Views. Photo of Kion and Rani - The Lion Guard for fans of Lion King Couples 42989889 Davidchannel's movie-spoofs ofRomeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss. She is the daughter ofJivinandMaya, and the elder sister ofBaliyo. (Big Golden Book) Figures & Playsets. When the rest of the Lion Guard say they think Kion is turning evil, he runs off crying to the Tree of Life. "Who are you?" But then I found the strength I needed inside me. By: Mr.0boss. In this story, Kion mostly speaks Swahili and everyone ishuman. Kion: "I'm glad that they had. Can't Wait to be Queen (book) Bunga the Wise (book) Follow That Hippo! Friends: Kion and his Lion Guard, her family, the lions of the Night Pride, Ullu, the Pridelanders . After the Lion Guard returns from the Tree of Life, Kion sees that Kiara and Kovu are madly in love, just like himself and Queen Rani. I have an idea for a new Lion Guard Series. By bluemacaw11 Watch. 186 Favourites. RANI: Do you still talk to your grandfather? Rani: "The Great Lions of the Past have always unexpected ways to guide us to our true places in the Circle of Life, haven't they?" When Kion returned home, he explained everything to his parents. When the Lion Guard comes and Kion apologizes and pleads for them to cure Ono's eye-sight if they refuse to heal him, Rani is touched by Kion's concern for his friend and welcomes the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life. The lion let out a deeper exhale. Patrolling Around the Pride Lands again, Kion and his friends had another run-in with Janja and his clan of dumb hyenas. The lion's eyes became fixated on Kion. You will too. Cartoons Lion Guard. S/he debuts in The Lion King: Revisited episode/series finale, "Epilogue: An Important Coronation". Otherwise, I would've lived in fear that I would never see you again." Kion stopped suddenly as he caught sight of the Tree of Life. The Lion Guard arrives at the Tree of Life, where they meet its matriarch, Queen Janna. "I'm Queen Rani, this is my mate, Kion Kion." When the cubs roll around to look at their father, Kion's astonishment turns into a pure happiness, the young king's eyes get watery from tears of happiness and the warm smile forms across his muzzle out of realization that he has become a father.) I thought of this and its very interesting, so interesting that i didnt put it in my other lion guard book Possibility, where i take a look at scenarios for the show. ―Rani Raniis a femalelion. Kion is the son and youngest child of Simba and Nala, the younger brother of Kiara, and the protagonist of The Lion Guard. As kion went to form his guard Rani went to hang out with tiffu, zuri, and kiara. Relationship Kion. Photo of King Kion and Queen Rani for fans of The Lion Guard 43015329 Kion was told about the roar and the lion guard, and how he should form his own. "Yes, son of Simba." Kion is astonished at the sight of two newborn cubs, his cubs, resting on Rani's lap while their mother is grooming them both. As the second-born child of the Lion King, Kion served as the leader of the Lion Guard, a team of animals who protect the Pride Lands and defend the Circle of Life. He is the son of Simba and Nala and the younger brother of Kiara.

the lion guard rani and kion

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