Please review my positive 100% positive feedback from satisfied pickguard and armrest customers. We accept Credit Cards. plate PG 1550: Tele Vol/Tone. You get the picture. It is not CNC cut with sharp edges. Both are nestled in a custom-cut Warmoth pickguard in vintage pearl. Check my feedback profile- I always aim to make the buyer happy. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. 3. Due to new USPS guidelines- certain countries will not accept USPS packages over, 52 Hotrod Tele/ 3-ply/ 5-hole/ Aged Black. WD® Music Products, Inc. was founded in 1978 as the world's first source for aftermarket pickguards. As such. We have a large number of guitars, basses, amps, effects, percussion, and pro audio gear coming up. Made with wax potted coils and sold individually or as sets. 3 Ply SpecificationsWeight - 78gWidth - 2.3mm Ply - Three1 Ply Thin SpecificationsWeight - 45gWidth - 1.5mmPly - One 1 Ply Thick SpecificationsWeight - 72gWidth - 2.1mmPly - One Bakelite SpecificationsWeight - 71gWidth - 2.1mmPly - 1 ply Material - Bakelite4 Ply SpecificationsWeight - 87gWidth - 2.5mmPly - FourGeneral Specifications, Pickup Route - Mini HumbuckerMaterial/Composition - >85% PVC,<10% methyl methacrylate , <3% Organotin , <1% Bis (2-ethylhexyl), < 1% Pigment (Excluding bakelite plates), 1 Ply (No Bevel) IKN 8 Hole Tele Pickguard Guitar Humbucker Pick Guard HH with Screws Fit USA/Mexican Fender Standard Telecaster Part, 4Ply Brown Tortoise Shell 3.4 out of 5 stars 2 £11.88 £ 11 . I had a vision of building the ultimate Telecaster on a defined budget but using quality components, and this fulfilled that for me. How do we, get the best buttery vintage tone? And this Army veteran says- GOD BLESS AMERICA. It is artisan crafted for an exact fit. The Fralin Mini Humbucker is cleaner and clearer than full sized humbuckers. Mini Humbucker conversion plate for the Fender® Telecaster - allowing you to fit either a "traditional" sized Mini humbucker (be that a "true" mini humbucker, a "Firebird®" pickup or a Mini P90) - the all important measurement your looking for is a pickup thats 28x68mm) - quite a nice little idea really - looks a little more "balanced" then the more common "standard" humbucker conversion, and tonally, mini … Our Mini Humbucker sounds more “Fendery” than other Mini’s, which are darker and muddier. 3 ply Guitar Anatomy mini humbucker pickguard for Telecaster guitars. I've never understood why high-end guitars did not have components that equaled their build quality. WE SHIP TO ALL 50 STATES AND INTERNATIONALLY. We cannot declare anything as a gift or for a lesser value. Buyer to pay applicable import duties/taxes- We CANNOT reduce the shipping value to your country- please don't ask* We have been in the instrument retail business for over 25 years! At Seymour Duncan we have several mini humbuckers, for any level of desired output. Wired to(Made in USA) CTS pots with vintage braided cloth covered wire. Custom Pickguard for '65-66 Melody Maker-Vint Mini Humbucker-Bumblebee Cap-TONE! Which may be collected upon delivery. The most important measurement is between pickups. 2. This is the Custom 3-Ply Pickguard For Telecaster Guitars. Chicken-head knobs which I think look very cool on this guitar. Black (3 Ply) Black and White (4 Ply). We recently acquired the inventory of a large musical instrument retailer. We have two magnet choices – Alnico 5 is bright and clear, and Alnico 6 is loud and thick. Nothing serious. Telecaster Tele Pickguard 52 Hotrod Mini-humbucker 1-ply Aged White Relic, Telecaster Tele Pickguard 52 Hotrod Mini-humbucker 1-ply Aged Black Relic. Please see my other listings for the 2 pickup version of this an, Tele/ 1-ply/ 5 hole/ Aged White/ routed for Gibson mini humbucker Posted with eBay Mobile, Tele/ 3-ply/ 8 hole/ Aged White/ routed for mini humbucker pickup Posted with eBay Mobile, Tele/ 3-ply/ 8 hole/ Aged black/ routed for mini humbucker pickup Posted with eBay Mobile, Tele/ 3-ply/ 5 hole/ Aged Black/ routed for Gibson mini humbucker, I have for sale a Custom Shop Epiphone Riviera made in 2010. This item qualifies for a shipping discount when purchased with other items. Custom Neck Humbucker Pickguard, Fits Tele®- Black Pearloid. I would recommend a professional set up to the buyer to get intonation and neck angle etc just right. Type 3 (68.5mm x 28.5mm): For Lollar mini-humbucker dimensions and for mini-humbucker pickups available on my other listings Type 4 (73.5mm x 29.5mm) with 83.0mm between screw-mounting holes 5 hole '50s US vintage spec spacing Even on the same models. We require payment within 48 hours of auction end. I have tried to describe her as accurately as possible, if you need any more info, please ASK up front. The quality of my pickguards are made to compliment high end guitars. suits its character. 201 Forest Drive, Aptos, CA 95003. Some light pick scratches and minor signs of use, but very clean overall. Modern Telecaster saddles and Grover tuners. Telecaster Mini Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickguard Scratch Plate 3 Ply Here we have an excellent 3 ply Guitar Anatomy mini humbucker pickguard for Telecaster guitars. Paypal, and other methods of payment. You get the bite of a single coil, but with the increased grunt of a humbucker – and of course, no hum. This is the Custom 3-Ply Pickguard For Telecaster Guitars. Choose from standard Tele®, Strat®, Gibson humbucker, P-90 or Mini-Humbucker. I buff the edges on all my pickguards. No exceptions! Pickguard cut for Neck single-coil pickup "1964 Aged White" - Fits Telecaster® Put this on, connect the ground wire, screw it down and say goodbye forever to harsh twang, and say hello to the buttery fat tone of a vintage Les Paul. With the mini humbuckers and have become very hard to find and only occasionally pop up on craigslist, ebay or reverb. AU $25.50 + AU $18.23 shipping . The material is.110 thick 5-ply B/W/B/W/B with the wide white fourth layer that Gibson uses on their vintage and many of their newer guitars. Great deals on Tele Pickguard Humbucker. We both want it to fit. High Quality Pickguard- Cream Plastic- Les Paul® style- For 2 humbucker pickups, Available is a NEW Custom Profile Epiphone Riviera 5-Ply(B/W/B/W/B) Black Pickguard that will fit models with mini-humbucker pickups. To be sure of which one you need, please measure your pickup for comparison. 7. Description: 3 Ply, 8 Hole Standard Pickguard for USA Fender Telecaster- HUMBUCKER neck pickup route. Tele Guitar Pickguard Telecaster Scratch Plate w/ Mini Humbucker … Check to see that the pickguard you want will fit prior to ordering. The former will almost certainly require routing to fit unless your tele is routed funky. Be sure to check your dimensions and mounting hole locations as Epiphone pickguards can vary from year to year, even on the same models. Learn more about Fender electric basses. The pickguard has bevelled edges. Musiclily 8 Hole Guitar Telecaster Pickguard Humbucker HH for American/Mexican Made Fender St… I started making pickguards after I was quoted $450.00 by a pickguard company to make one for my Gibson 1957 ES-295. Less trebly tone. CONTACT. If you are not completely satisfied. As such. It was a project of mine from 2011. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Tele® Guitar Pickguard Bridge Routing Options: We can cut the bridge area to accomodate either the stock standard bridge or the humbucker bridge. Telecaster Tele Pickguard 52 Hotrod mini humbucker Aged white Relic, Telecaster Tele Pickguard 62 Hotrod mini humbucker Aged white Relic, Telecaster Tele Pickguard 62 Hotrod mini humbucker Aged black Relic, Telecaster Tele Pickguard 52 Hotrod mini humbucker 3-ply Aged Black Relic, Custom 3-Ply Pickguard For Telecaster Tele-Style Electric Guitar Mini-Humbucker, Telecaster Tele Pickguard 52 Hot Rod (mini humbucker) Aged Black 3-ply Relic. A short demo with the Seymour Duncan SM-1 neck mini humbucker. Pickguard cut for neck Mini Humbucker "1964 Aged White" - Fits Tele® Guitarfetish Price $18.95 In Stock . Usually they're gone within the week they're posted. This is a 3-ply white/blacl/white pickguard for Tele type guitars. Floyd Rose® Cut Version 1 Floyd Rose® Cut Version 2 Floyd Rose® Cut Version 1 & Version 2 Comparison. If you use humbuckers and live in a small household in an area with little going on, it’s unlikely you will see much difference. It is designed to fit Mexican and USA telecasters with an 8-screw hole configuration. WARNING.Your marriage may be jeopardized. Acoustic; Danelectro; Humbuckers. The Alnico II is bright and biting. If you have different measurements or are unsure, the most accurate method is to send me your actual pickguard to C-Rocker Guitars. You wont be able to put your MM down with this installed. Shipping is USPS Priority fully insured; $20 within the continental US. So just to be clear- not a Fender guitar. For all the latest in Axesrus news, Please pay within 48 hours of auction end- we are very accomodating- if you have a problem- please contact us. events, videos and pics; come on - join in! Hawaii and Alaska email for shipping cost. Black and White (3 Ply) Nice neck with very little fret wear. Do you mean a "real" mini-humbucker such as found on Gibson Firebirds? Unfortunately. Telecaster '50's Tele Pickup '60's Tele Fender Pickups '70's Fender Tele Pickups; Custom Shop; Mexican; Noiseless; Squier; Seymour Duncan. Your Les Pauls will be back to closet dwelling once you try this. Buy with confidence! I have way too many guitars and it needs a new home. White and Black (3 Ply) It is ready to go and ship the next day after purchase. These guards feature three mini switch holes along with the standard pot control holes in positions 1, 2 & 3. Strat ONE HUMbucker ANGLED 1H FLOYD ROSE Pickguard, Color & Hole Position Choice, New Allparts Les Paul Cream Pickguard and Chrome Bracket. So, please keep an eye on our store. Three ply black/white/black with 8 screw holes. Pickguard - For Telecaster® - "Wide Range" Humbucker Conversion Rather then going the normal "humbucker" conversion avenue, we're now carrying these plates that allow you to fit Wide Range humbuckers into the neck slot on your Tele® Please note, these are not official Fender® parts. Thank You! Squire® Mini Strat® Style Pick Guard Tele® Style Pick Guard - T8-XS1 You are bidding on a great piece. It is mounted in a quality telecaster / partscaster. 4. Powered by, Sick of the thin harsh sound of your Melody Maker? Custom 3-Ply Pickguard For Telecaster Tele-Style Electric Guitar Mini-Humbucker Custom 3-Ply Pickguard For Telecaster Tele-Style Electric Guitar Mini-Humbucker Welcome to Musicdungeon. 29 For your protection. 2015 W. Laburnum Ave, 2nd Floor Richmond VA 23227 | (804) 358-2699 | [email protected] Compared with a vintage mini humbucker, ours is fatter and hotter and avoids extreme microphonics. We strive for complete buyer satisfaction with every sale. Fat, and godly. All credit cards must be run through our store terminal so please contact us. High quality 250k pots with orange drop capacitors and rigged to a 4-way switch, so you get neck, neck/bridge in series(my favorite) neck/bridge in parallel, and bridge combinations. It's for the most part, sat in it's case since I've bought it, as I've come to find out I'm not a big fan of, Custom 3-Ply Pickguard For Telecaster Tele-Style Electric Guitar Mini-Humbucker Custom 3-Ply Pickguard For Telecaster Tele-Style Electric Guitar Mini-Humbucker Welcome to Musicdungeon. New cream 1 ply pickguard for vintage Gibson Les Paul Deluxe guitars. It's a cheap guitar, so I was hoping for something around $50 and ideally black (the guitar is white). It lines up and fits perfectly into the original routing of the vintage MM. Vintage Fender 3 ply Telecaster guard, Mini-Humbucker. 1. This sale is final. Has been cut for a mini humbucker and bridge notch has been lengthened slightly, probably for a modern bridge. 6. There is absolutely NO ADDITIONAL ROUTING REQUIRED for installation. Strat® Style Pick Guard - ST8-SASS-123SW - 8 mounting holes as on 57, SRV etc. for our newsletter, Pickguard - For Telecaster® - "Traditional Mini Humbucker" Conversion, Bis (2-ethylhexyl), < 1% Pigment (Excluding bakelite plates), Control Plate - Suitable For Telecaster® - 34mm Wide, Control Plate - Suitable For Telecaster® - 32.2mm Wide, Pickguard - Suitable For Telecaster® Cabronita®, Loaded Pickguard - For Telecaster® Thinline, Pickguard - Suitable For Telecaster® Custom®, Control Plate - Suitable For Telecaster® - 32mm Wide. You can always quickly put it back to original if you sell it. Guitar plays well and sounds awesome. Telecaster Shielding How-To. Squire® Strat SQST11-SASS-123SW - be sure and read the order page. Below are the dimensions of the two Mini Humbucker rout sizes we offer; Seymour Duncan size and Gibson size. Like it should be. WD® Custom Pickguards continue to be the industry standard over 40 years later. We would appreciate an email from zero feedback users prior to bidding. This pickguard fit USA/Mexican Fender standard telecaster mini humbucker pickguard replacement, please check the dimension before you buying this pickguard. Strap-lock buttons with the locks included(not pictured) I played this guitar on stage many times in the last 2 years and am sorry to see it go. Start with a late 60s-early 70s vintage Gibson"Pat Sticker" Mini Humbucker. This pickguard is routed to fit a mini-humbucker(2.68" x 1.12" in the neck position, and a Strat-type single coil(cover is included) in the center position. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING WILL VARY BY LOCATION! In good shape with no cracks- typical playwear- likely a late 70's or early 80's guard. The condition is new and uninstalled. These were only made for a short period of time. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at But it is fun to play. International orders will be declared as“merchandise” and the value of merchandise will be declared as the amount paid to Guitarville. It is not CNC cut. Wired on a custom cut pickguard to fit the mini-humbucker size, this prewired guard offers bridge and neck Dragonfire Mini Buckers for the sweet warmth and clarity you crave from vintage wound pickups in the classic mini size. We both want it to fit. We carry ALL Gretsch parts- new and vintage! Heres your chance to quickly get heavenly tone at a reduced price, as it is not new but was slightly used on my Melody Maker so there are a few scuffs and marks. Type: Parchment (3 Ply) Comments: An amazing value! The same with Black Pearl - the 3 ply version is lighter then the 4 ply version. Telecaster 5 hole Pickguard Mini Filtertron H humbucker US Tele, various colours. These are … Pack your old vintage pickguard away complete. Free USA Priority Shipping, Available is a NEW Epiphone Sorrento E452-TD 5-Ply(B/W/B/W/B) Black Pickguard that will fit models with mini-humbucker pickups.

telecaster pickguard mini humbucker

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