HI, The mould looks like patches of green bobly and some yellow/white bobly patches. She also has a laminated floor. Our first floor maisonette has an old single brick balcony off the kitchen that has since been closed in (mostly with glazing). we also get spots of mold round our bedroom windows despite the heating being on as we get varying amounts of condensation. Is drylining the only solution? It may seem appealing to toss dirty laundry into your closet corners before washing, but resist this temptation. Rising damp can be caused by a lack of a DPM or damaged DPM. It is only in one bedroom on clothing which are hung in the room on an open rail (not shut away). In bathrooms, leave the door to the linen closet open whenever possible to allow light in and air to circulate. Hi, Wait several minutes before you rinse the bleach solution from your closet (the solution will get into the wall and kill the mold and mildew). Also your wardrobes should have vent holes to allow the warm air in the room to enter and warm the interior of the wardrobe. Towel dry the mold-free area, making sure to reach into corners if applicable. This work is going to be completed in the next month or so, by a different builder due to some quality issues with the previous. Not 100 % sure what it is. Once you have eliminated all these possibilities it is a question of making sure the room is well ventilated and adequately heated. Hi, we have an old build attached to our home( approx 80 yrs old), just recently i was in one of the old bedrooms and noticed white fluffy mould. I’ve cleaned it off but his build in wardrobe smells damp too. Do u have any idea what sort of mould this could be and how to fix it? Any suggestions? I cannot see any other sign of a condensation issue anywhere else in the room or the house. Coming into winter can feel rooms getting little colder at nites . But if the pad under the carpet is wet, the entire carpet and pad will have to be removed. We live in a bungalow that is about 19 years old now. I currently let out a victorian terraced house and have found some rising damp at the front which i am getting sorted with some damp proofing, but also i noticed some mould on the walls in the back bedroom upstairs and bathroom which is next door to it. Got a couple of companies out to inspect. Do you have any contact information as to who can do this, phone number would be appreciated, I live in midlands, thanks. My 1 year old son is in one of the rooms. Why has it hot worse and only upstairs. I have also started to notice mould spotting on the ceiling. the external lateral wall is somehow dump because we get an awful mouldy smell in the room underneath the stairs and lately just noticed in my wardrobe which is agains the same wall. Hi Without any further details that sounds to me like rising damp. Sorry for the long comment but am desperate for a solution. These if installed correctly will constantly dilute the humidity in the home while also having the the benefit of improving the air quality in the home. I have a light dusty mould getting in to fabric and wood in my bedroom on the gable end of my house. Not sure if we are doing it right. Carrying out regular inspections and repairing any damage to downpipes, roofs and gutters promptly. Your closet may also be hiding this toxic substance from you. No Excess Moisture: The first step in mildew control is to try to control the dampness inside the home. Engage a specialist to inspect roofs, walls, balconies etc for leaks in water proofing membrane and flashings. Hi there, We renovated it by replacing all single glaze with double glazing and we got the walls pumped with insulation and the attic insulated. The areas where mould is located need to be treated using a suitable fungicidal wash. Keep Things Clean: Make sure your clothing, linens and shoes are completely dry before placing them in the closet. He has d/g windows without vents Lastly, our cooker is located on an internal wall and we have a recirculating cooker hood which is useless and our kitchen is steamed up every evening when cooking dinner – I’m sure this is contributing to the problem? Had the company back twice, they said AC units do not dehumidify the house which I called BS on. Hi, On lower levels of your home, this will cause mold to grow in the upper corners of your rooms as water pools behind them. Have you checked to make sure that there are no leaking pipes internally or is there water getting in from some source like overflowing gutters, roof leaks or cracks in the wall. We have mould in our pantry, sons bedroom built in wardrobe the end were there is an outside wall, my daughters bedroom wall, again an outside wall, downstairs toilet, bathroom ceiling. Over the past few years we’ve been getting some black mould patches over the windows (bedrooms mostly) and in some of the external corners at ceiling height. Maintain reasonable background heat levels in the property. Provide additional insulation to avoid cold spots on walls, floors and ceilings. Another thing i have noticed is in a corner behind my washing machine there is also mold (where the water pipes are, could this be a leak? Here is some more information on mold in closets: Would a dehumidifier help us? However I am having problem in the bedrooms only. Hi we moved into our house 3 years ago. A tenant has just left the property so I also intend to air the property a lot more and I have purchased a de-humidifier. Please help us with any advice. Moisture can accumulate in closets, providing a breeding ground for mold growth. Presuming the cavity wall insulation was done correctly (did you consider whether they missed a spot?) It was also on the inside house wall of the wardrobe which is at the front of the house. Please and thank you Steven, Please help….I moved into a 1970’s bungalow last year, the previous owner of 12 years used it as a holiday home and never used it during winter. Install a light in the closet: A light can provide enough heat to dry the air enough to inhibit any mold and mildew growth. Older homes often have problem closets. The wall (not solid) around the pipe is water damaged but it looks like the moisture is travelling down from the attic to half way down wall. The roof and gutter are fine on this side. If you have mold inside your wardrobe, you send the spores flying every time you remove … Will the installed outside wall insulaton resolve the problem. The fireplace may seem like a great vent but there is no motivation for the air to change or maybe too much resistance in it to allow it to happen. Had council out but by the time they came out it had dried out , I then decorated and wallpapered the end wall with a thick paper which is warm to touch. but I have just noticed that in the downstairs study & newly laid laminate floor appears to have green mold on it in the corner. Is the builder talking rubbish? Can you recommend what we can do to get rid of the Mould or what may have caused it? Mold takes hold on all sorts of things around your home. CLICK HERE TO LIKE Recently renovated an old house, took everything out – floors, walls etc. Party wall in bedroom has marks on it like fat splashes. My living room had internal cladding of some sorts put on it with a fresh coat of plaster. I am concerned that I am going to get mold back. This being the case, the defect that is causing the wall to be damp need to be fixed. I’m in the galway area. It’s not showing on the windows as they are more insulated then the wall the problem is showing on. I hope I don’t have a sick house What would you recommend to do? Really need advice but have noticed a lot of people’s last questions have not been answered! Skirting boards and window sill have black mould. My two questions are 1. You will then need advice then from an engineer about replacing floor joists etc. (unfortunately the homebond term is up for me now so I am unable to get the same builder in). I have been to the doctor and he says I badly need to get out of there. People can have negative reactions to mold. Using the natural ingredient is ideal for closets, too. I just bought a place in south Florida and I find a mist of water on the laminate floor in one corner of are bedroom under a shelf and near a cabinet. Sounds like a lack of ventilation in your home, but I think you need to contact a local architect/ engineer to investigate the problem and detail solutions. Hi, can you give me any advice? please can u advise what to do about mould on clothes and shoes in my wardrobe? Symptoms include: Now to see if the Freeholder is OK with us making changes to the exterior of the property… I imagine my neighbours have the same problem, so I can’t imagine they will have a problem with it – we’ll probably be the guinea pigs for the whole street! My son has mould growth on hi bedroom walls at the top and also the bottom he has also noticed it on and inside bedroom furniture. Poor ventilation and humidity levels above 60 percent may also spur mold growth in different places inside. After few days we painted the area but the mould has appeared again. Our shed is north facing so the rooms get very cold. Hi Helpful Engg., is it possible to get rid of mold/fungus by Air fumigation like the one done for a Surgeons Operation theatre ? The window and French doors has usuall damp but easy wiped . They are trying to blame me suggesting I am responsible. However there were no vents in this house ever and the actual timber of the structure smells and I can smell it at times in some of the rooms from the sockets etc. You mention “Engage a specialist to inspect roofs, walls, balconies etc for leaks in water proofing membrane and flashings. Apologies for all the questions but I’m at my wits ends trying to solve this problem, and as I have a newborn baby who will be moving into one of these bedrooms in the coming months I am eager to get it solved ASAP, any help is appreciated. But in that case the areas of fluff (fungus) were large. Drop me a PM and I will have a chat with you. However, we open windows during the day and have the heating on for a long period so we are doing all that we can do but we cannot heat the house sufficiently due to bad insulation. Do I just clean the external vents, spray around the vent and then control temperature? I am moving back now but the place is destroyed with mould and the smell of dampness I can’t seem to get rid of it. My council have been out and used anti mold paint in my porch with no success. How to Prevent Moisture in Closets. Do I need air bricks? This room is north facing too so gets no sunlight or heat during fine days (however my sitting room, with stove, is north facing too and has no mould issues) This bedroom never had a wall vent and when we replaced all the windows we would have blocked up all other room vents as we got vents installed within the window frames instead. It appears to be on the surface of the paint and I would suspect condensation build up as this at the most northerly facing point of the house and only happens when it gets colder (i.e. Any ideas thanks. I have used a bleach spray to combat them but to no effect as within weeks. We have double glazed and done extensive decoration. As we strive to insulate our homes more which is good as we reduce our energy costs. I suggest you install humidity tracking extract fans in bathrooms and kitchen and install a PIV loft unit this will force ventilate the home assuming the builder installed vents as per building regs.Did you avail of the SEAI grant for works. 4. Mold spores can be breathed in easily and can cause a lot of problems: breathing; congestion; asthma attacks; coughing and more. Also both rooms are well ventilated and heated? – what would be the most effective way to eliminate mold or fungus ? there is no mention of damp in that area in our homebuyers report so must be since we moved in, Hi just wanted to ask I live in an apartment the bedroom is very cold even when heating has been on , it has no windows just a large door , gets really bad condensation causing mould all over door but has started getting mould on the walls over the door and separated wall beside my bed the building is only 5 years old and has bad mould all up the stairs too , it has a flat roof on it which 2 years ago has had work done on it to stop this but the building has not been treated , maintance man has said it just there no ventalation , should it still be growing on the walls , and I have a child that is a chronic asmatic and this seems to be affecting her really bad even when cleaning, I have bought a dehumidifier and it is pulling 10+ litres of water out a day he told me to just keep cleaning it off the walls is this right. As winter went on the size of the residue got bigger. The water has just been connected & it has only appeared, there doesn’t appear to be any buckling of the boards & the room hasn’t been ventialted as the handle was missing on the window, but it appears to be where the boards meet – any ideas? I have had damp in the past in the 2 bedrooms, nowhere else in the apartment. The room is always cold my dad doesn’t use the heating . Dry rot is a major building decay fungus and is one of the most insidious and destructive problems your property can have. Yes it is our bedroom so we sleep in it every night, but we never get moisture building up on the windows (all double glazed, with cavity walls, although the cavity walls are not filled due to proximity to the coast). Since mold doesn’t need light to thrive, it can grow within walls, behind molding, and in hidden corners throughout the home, often making it more difficult to discover. I came across something similar once and it was caused by penetrating damp in a solid brick wall. In the bedroom I get a musty smell on clothes that are in the bottom drawer. From what you have detailed it sounds like the ceiling to the carport (or the floor of the room over) is not insulated. We have vents in all of our rooms which are constantly open and we also run a dehumidifier. Why Mold Tends To Grow More On Contents In A Closet. etc. The moisture is what mold … Today, I noticed green mouldy growing on the slats of my daughters bed! Can you help by advising what might be causing it? The mold is confined to the lower corner area. I live in a 2 bedroom flat with reoccurring damp in 2 specific spots only. Do you have any suggestions? It is available in small, white granules that hold twice their weight of water. Is the moisture coming from the pipe?. To remove mildew stains sponge rugs and carpets with thick, dry soap or detergents suds and wipe clean with a damp cloth, or clean them with an electric shampoo machine. We had a leak in our master b-room but fixed it and have not had additional sings of leakage. That seems odd to me. Also, in our sitting room there concrete floor seems to be a bit damp under our bay window – is this a serious issue or a result of the condensation? Hi, One suggestion from a neighbour was that the rainwater is seeping through the balcony slabs as when you lift one up, apparently you can see a lot of sitting rainwater. Hi Clare. Corners that are located away from this moving air, like those in closets, become cool and allow moisture to condense. Hi, These are the best, and most sensible tips I’ve found, thanks. I cant seem to find any info on this on the internet. After some advice if possible.. Possibly connected to house extension on adjoining house. There is not much information to go on. Hi, We have been living on our house for 10 years with no problems. Finally, the building should be regularly maintained by: emedial action necessary, based on building use, remedial action, based on building defects, Infrastructure: The importance of railway gauge and setting the standard. Check out all odors because it is possible for molds to hide behind walls or wall coverings. Would this be a better idea? external wall insulation job but on carrying out a detailed inspection of the property we discovered mould in the main bedroom and bathroom which has an extractor fan in it. I have blown insulation in to the cavity and lined the walls with polystyrene type wall lining and insulated above the room in the loft which has reduced the problem. Any suggestions. Someone suggested that we should have vents fitted in walls in all rooms. The problem is the Extension En suite Bedroom, it constantly has dark mold patches in the corners of the room, which are getting worse and spreading even after years cleaning with spray, using a electric de-humidifier and decorating over numerous years. We have a ensuite shower the house is well insulated .the window is the story and a half part of the house Thank you so much. To clean the mold on the walls of the closet, use diluted vinegar water (vinegar mixed with water in the ratio of 1:1) and wipe off the visible mold, discard the cloth when it is soiled with mold. Treat the mould with an anti-mould wash, shop bought or made up with warm water and a little bleach. 6. Mold and mildew are health hazards to everyone exposed. Condensation can occur almost anywhere the conditions are right. Do you have any contact information for someone who could do this for a block of units on the Sunshine Coast? The plaster has never seen this problem and has lightly skimmed over the pitted areas. When i pulled back the bed i realised the floor had completely fallen. If closet mildew is clinging to the walls, mix ½ cup baking soda with a gallon of warm water. Would a dehumidifier help? Dry Rot is also a big issue along with mould and damp! In the bedroom he said it was a lack of ventilation and again the dehumidifier should help. I got a large shed built in my back garden just for storage.Its up about 6 years and my daughter now wants it as a play room so i got insulation boards put up, got it plastered and painted. It is semi detached circa 1970. Hi Helpful engineer. This adds much needed space to our tiny kitchen, but because it’s single brick it gets condensation and mould growth. This is necessary so the sub-floor can dry, which in many cases prevents it from buckling. We have no idea how long this stuff has been growing. Leaky roofs are also problematic and usually aren't detected until it's too late. We are about to replace the radiator so pulled the wallpaper off and there are green powdery patches on the wall. thanks. We have mould behind our chest of draws we have washed it off with a fungal wash, but cant understand where it’s come from its nowhere else in the bedroom .

mold in closet corner

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