Kef don't seem to publish a quiescent figure in the manual but I bet they have one. Feels like you are in concert hall or live theater with the performers right in front of you. Another major advantage of Rel Acoustics subwoofers is their high current amplifier. I have a T7i partnering my TV but purchased a T9i for my ageing but still excellent music system. Features high quality long throw drivers and powerful, reliable amplifiers. Thanks for a great product! Then i heard the T/7i at the store and was explained how these work differently to surround or standard subs, intrigued i dug deeper (YouTube - Paul we've all seen his videos). REL’s electronics are the brains and power behind our success. I need a new sub for my family room, my Spatial OBs are pretty decent with bass with 2x 15 drivers per speaker. Since 1998, the Welsh engineers have made sure that the integrated amplifiers in Rel Acoustics subwoofers produce a high level of current. Edition Says REL, " A tradition has emerged at REL that once in great while, we … The Rel Acoustics T9i was in its element with bass-heavy tracks like Never Undo (Morcheeba). Until the REL, I hated subwoofers and thought they were only for bass heads. This ensures that they reproduce not only the attack and body of a note, but also the echoes during the decay of a sound. Lastly, the power switch, which features a power-on indicator diode, is accompanied by a toggle switch that lets you decide whether to leave the subwoofer turned on or if you want it to automatically switch to standby mode when no signal is detected. It’s capable of making big bass noises, but is also more than capable of freeing up the loudspeakers and liberating them from the dictatorship of the room. Similar in design to the braces found in certain musical instruments, their function is to eliminate cabinet resonance. It is designed to accompany compact and floorstanding speakers and to produce tight, deep and powerful bass, even in a large room. Standby Mode switch not included on 110V units. Naturally, the extension and presence in the lows were more impressive, but the whole soundstage also benefited from the addition of the subwoofer. Standby Mode switch not included on 110V units. Yesterday, when in power “auto” mode, the standby red light turns to white like normal when music is being played, but no sounds … Following in the footsteps of the Arrow™ and Longbow™, HT-Air™ delivers premium Home Theater sound removing long lengths of costly, cluttered cables. I have a Rel HT 1205 in the back, behind my seating. - compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see specs and features. I highly recommend trying dual REL sub woofers in stereo setup. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t hold out much hope in being able to integrate a subwoofer so easily into my current setup. Almost immediately, they began to build upon the philosophy driving the creation of Rel Acoustics products by improving the design, the mechanical structure, the electronic circuits and the quality of the drivers. This passive subwoofer is equipped with a 10” (25.4cm) driver and passive radiator. Very impressed!!!! We connected the amplifier’s LFE output to the subwoofer’s .1/LFE input using a subwoofer cable. For home theater, we enjoyed the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer with both the Onkyo TXRZ840 and NAD T778 A/V receivers, connected to an Elipson Prestige Facet speaker pack, but also the Focal Chorus 726 HCM speakers. It is powered by the signal from the final output stage of the amplifier, the same one that drives the speakers, which ensures a very consistent overall sound signature and allows the subwoofer to be connected to any amplifier. When the late Richard Edward Lord wheeled out his first sub-bass systems to … Amazing subwoofer The Rel T9i is the flagship of the Welsh manufacturer’s Ti subwoofer range. The cutoff frequency was adjusted using the automatic calibration, accessible via the interface of the A/V receiver. REL Acoustics How To: High & Low Level Subwoofer Tuning Step 1, Finding the Correct Phase - Duration: 2:21. If anybody reads this article it will reinforce this. REL’s T/9i is an excellent subwoofer for the audiophile. Trinnov Altitude 16, Amethyst and ST2 Hi-Fi audio processor preamplifiers at... 20 of the most influential albums of the past 20 years. We started with our driver upgrades and built outward. REL T 9I Speaker System overview from the experts at What Hi-Fi? With more presence in the lows, the midrange seemed to gain texture, while the highs were clearer and seemed more detailed. I … it has been rumored that the "T" models and newer are partially made in china? The Series S reminded him not only of the importance of both a lighter/stiffer driver but of the issue of self-quieting, which Hunter describes as … It might come as a surprise that REL has never created a subwoofer purely for movies. The stereo image and the depth of the soundstage also benefited from the extra details the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer provided in the low end of the spectrum. While there is no substitute for huge bass traps and other room treatments, a pair of T/9i get you most of the way there without the domestic angst room treatment can cause. Also compatible with G1 Mark II. REL T/9i RELs are designed for speed and articulation, as well as bass response. Learn how your comment data is processed. Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones - What's the difference? Simple and intelligently designed to eliminate the sound bumps and gaps that occur with competing subwoofers, these filters are exceptionally fast, ensuring excellent responsiveness from the subwoofer. my ceramic drivers. REL's electronics are the brains and power behind our success. The large emissive surface area of the driver and 10” passive radiator provides significant acoustic pressure during action movies. As REL woofer-in-chief John Hunter described to me, the new T lineup benefitted from the development of the Series S line. (The 97-key Bösendorfer can hit 16.5Hz but that’s another matter.) Highly recommended” Rel Acoustics T Series and T/i Series (hi-fi and home theater), Rel Acoustics S Series (hi-fi and home theater), Rel Acoustics Reference Series (hi-fi and home theater). Our acclaimed input filters and robust amplifiers result in some of the best sounding, most reliable designs ever produced. Dense, rich and deep, the lows produced by this subwoofer are also precise and nuanced. They are always rare, may even become collectible someday and offer a unique way to enjoy an already special model Read More +, "To some, the only thing better than a subwoofer is two subwoofers, and that was certainly the case when we tested the REL T/9i. I have heard the "B" and "T" series from REL. While there is no substitute for huge bass traps and other room treatments, a pair of T/9i get you most of the way … I have also set these up in a kind of small room (5m x 4m) with big speakers. I have a full set of Definitive Technology 9040 series setup in 5.1.2. The Kef 105/3 speakers I have had new since 1992 along with Audiolab monoblocks are still giving anything a run for their money at any price. The Welsh company offers several ranges of subwoofers to suit all budgets and uses. Its 300 watts of power were perfectly utilized and showed no sign of faltering. I feel like I'm listening to my music library for the first time--I tell 'ya I have some HD audio Metallica concert recordings and it feels like a live show in my living room. The T/9i seemed the best pick for my room size and budget, and I can't imaging being happier with it's performance. So natural sounding. Unlike most subs, REL goes after the precision and subtlety in bass, rather than quantity and level. But on the way down to 45 Hz and tailing off at way above that the addition of the T9i supplements and then adds and then adds some more. The Rel Acoustics T9i features powerful 300-watt RMS amplification and an extended low frequency response that goes as low as 28Hz. The easy-to-use, zero-compression, wireless system designed for S/510 and S/812. Any thoughts.... Arcam AVR20: 5.1.2 configuration. It’s capable of making big bass noises, but is also more than capable of freeing up the loudspeakers and liberating them from the dictatorship of the room. Following on the heels of the acclaimed LongBow™ Wireless, Arrow delivers much of the promise and connectivity of hardwired RELs with the placement flexibility and pure cool factor of great wireless for all of T/i. There were no delays, and the attacks were powerful. The Series S reminded him not only of the importance of both a lighter/stiffer driver but of the issue of self-quieting, which Hunter describes as design and engineering “intended to produce a cone/driver … Read More +. Best decision ever. Most of this massive low-frequency energy is radiated … Étant d’origine britannique, je suis également adepte de séries à l’humour absurde comme Monty Python’s Flying Circus et The Mighty Boosh ! A new era for Rel Acoustics began in 2005 when it was acquired by John Hunter and Donald Brody. Read More +, “REL’s T/9i is an excellent subwoofer for the audiophile. Highly responsive, the Rel Acoustics subwoofer was seamlessly integrated as it was powered by the same signal as the speakers. Understanding the impedance and sensitivity of audio headphones (2019), Review Klipsch Heresy IV: the 3-way compact speaker, Top 10 Best Portable Headphone Amplifiers In 2020 | TheSoundFire, 10” passive radiator on the front panel, Gain: 80dB, separate for the high/low level inputs and LFE input, High Level input (stereo, Neutrik Speakon), Port for a Rel Arrow wireless transmission module, Dimensions (W x H x D): 330 x 387 x 407mm (including feet, connectors and buttons), The responsiveness in hi-fi and the explosiveness in home theater, The size, which makes it easy to position in a room, For the feet to have been more understated. The build quality is outstanding and something you would expect for something more than double its price. Read more. As soon as we took it out of the box, we were very impressed by the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer’s deep black lacquered finish. All Rel Acoustics subwoofers equipped with a high level input use a professional standard Speakon connector and come with a dedicated cable. As with all of its subwoofers, Rel Acoustics has used a Speakon connector for the high level input of this model. Assuming that the sub is powered up but in standby then some of it's components will be drawing current. Due to a Covid-19 exposure in our warehouse we are experiencing 5 day shipping delays. On the other hand, this is a review of the REL T/9i subwoofer. This is an amazing lil sub. The music was reproduced more adeptly than it was with just the speakers and had more substance. This is the current series of the REL T7i power subwoofers. We also set the level of the subwoofer (.1/LFE Level knob) to match that of the speakers. Then recently some different audiophile videos started popping up in my YouTube feed, including a lot of folks talking about REL. But I have to give great credit to the guys at REL Acoustics for creating a subwoofer which A. has the perfect range of controls to seamlessly take on the remaining last couple notes in the bottom end so well as well as fleshing out the midrange and treble very naturally and B. has such a fast and agile responsiveness that it kept up with the speed of Traductrice et rédactrice avec des goûts très éclectiques en matière de musique et de cinéma. With or without the acoustic grille, this Rel Acoustics subwoofer looks great and won’t stick out in your living room or dedicated home theater room. The Rel Acoustics T-9i subwoofer is the flagship model in the Welsh manufacturer’s T/i Series. Therefore, for the moment, set aside everything you’ve been If you like what 1 REL sub does, you will definitely appreciate two in stereo mode. Never knew a good sub could make such a difference. I will do the stylus down on a still record/finger tap on platter test later today and report back on the weather conditions - earthquake or other! Lastly, we adjusted the subwoofer’s high cutoff frequency by positioning it slightly above the low cutoff frequency of the speakers, listening to make sure that there wasn’t too much bass nor too little. With the REL T9i you have separate level controls for stereo and LFE .1 surround. Dissatisfied by the subwoofers available at the time, he decided to build a better quality subwoofer himself. (5.1.4) Sony 49XD8305 4K TV | Naim NDX | Oppo 203 | Arcam 550 | Arcam P7 | PMC Twenty.24, PMC Twenty.Centre, PMC DB1+ rears | Kef R50 x 2 atmos speakers | Rel T9i subwoofer | Philips Pronto TSU9600 | Nvidia Shield TV Serie Ti uses the same Class A/B power amplifier sections with large, high current power supplies, precision-wound transformers and an amazing reliability record that has powered some 100,000 RELs. On the other hand, this is a review of the REL T/9i subwoofer. Standby Mode switch not included on 110V units. Articles is our blog where we share insights, information and opinions on subwoofers, hi-fi systems and the joy of sound. Its cabinet is smaller than a 15″ cube. The easy set up adjustments on the T9i ensure a nuance to be added or for the right music, party time! Sign up and stay connected for exclusive deals. As a result, the Rel Acoustics T9i subwoofer provides an extensive bass response that reaches 28Hz. Standby Mode switch not included on 110V units. Front-firing active driver, down-firing passive, 10 in., 250mm long-throw, FibreAlloy™ inverted aluminium dust cap, steel chassis, white cone, 10 in., 250mm long-throw, inverted aluminium dust cap, steel chassis, black cone, High Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level single RCA, LFE RCA, Arrow (Optional), Zero Compression Single Large Scale Integrated Chip, 220-240 volts, 110-120 volts for certain markets, 3.15 Amp semi delay 230 volts operation, 6.3 Amp semi delay 115 volts operation, High Gloss Black, High Gloss White, 5 coats. Thankfully, the manufacturer provides a pair of fabric gloves! Music or ‘music and movies’, yes, but not LFE alone. I can control these in this space with ease. I connect to my preamp via line level, both left and right channels. Comment Report abuse. There is also a power cable, a pair of fabric gloves for handling the subwoofer without leaving fingerprints, the acoustic fabric grille and the user manual. I’m running a Clear Audio Concept table and the sub is a REL T9i. If this is true, seek an older REL from the U.K. build. With the Rel Acoustics T-9i, the Welsh manufacturer illustrates its expertise in passive enclosures. Not all integrated subwoofer amplifiers are created equal, and the amplifiers of Rel Acoustics subwoofers are specifically designed to reproduce the lowest notes. We would have preferred a more understated look. I started with 1 REL Strata III and migrated to two REL 218 subs for my system which uses a high efficiency single driver and 300Bs. On the one hand, this is a review of the REL T/9i subwoofer. REL T7i powered subwoofer in gloss black finish. The lows are deeper and more intense than those provided by the Rel subwoofer, which is tighter and “drier”. Well designed, the gain for the high level and low level inputs is separate from the gain for the LFE input so that there are two different settings for hi-fi and home theater use. Since 2010, the cabinets of Rel Acoustics subwoofers have been equipped with very robust bracing. Standby Mode switch not included … There is a switch to automatically turn the subwoofer on, turn it off or put it in standby mode when it doesn’t receive any signal from the amplifier as well as a standard power switch that allows you to turn the subwoofer off completely when it is not in use. Same experience. This passive subwoofer is equipped with a 10” (25.4cm) driver and passive radiator. Dynaudio Sub 3: equipped with the same output power and a similarly sized driver, this Dynaudio subwoofer features an elegant satin finish. The Rel Acoustics T-9i subwoofer’s connectors include a low level input (RCA mono), an LFE input (RCA mono), a high level stereo input (Speakon) and a dedicated connector for the Rel Arrow module (9-pin serial port) to stream sound wirelessly. We used the high level connection (Speakon input on the subwoofer) with the included cable for these installations. Have paired with an Ambeo sound bar and a 65 inch Sony A9G. A tradition has emerged at REL that once in great while, we take an existing model that we consider to have special merit and imbue it with special characteristics. You will need to multiply this figure by the … Standby Mode switch not included on 110V units.

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