I think this is what blows it for Yngwie. I can understand the "it's impossible to say/completely different disciplines" view. Jazz and classical music have different traditions and points of focus. read more O.K... so you have mastered all Paganini's Caprices for violin, and maybe Bach's Chaccone too. Jazz has a lot of open space and you need to be able to fill it. For jazz, the Otto Link metal 7*, the Vandoren V16 hard rubber T7, and the Jody Jazz HR 7* will all work beautifully. But in another way it is easier because I am not trying to take it to the level I am trying to take my classical playing to. There is no way one can be harder than the other, because just when you have something mastered, you could always do something" harder". With my classical playing, I am constantly trying to speak while interpreting what is already written. And classical too, because music that is beginner stuff for piano is high level for guitar. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. That's the home turf. Musically, I say the edge goes to jazz. Listening to classical music, as so many introduction courses tell us, requires a basic understanding of form and sub-genre. Totally different animals, but I like the idea. Style. Simple question, maybe not so simple answer. Rock, folk, blues. In my opinion, neither of them is harder than the other although many classical riffs may be a bit more complex as jazz melodies are often created by running scales. Fast metal shredding seems way more difficult to master than jazz guitar. That's the home turf. Anything you could point out as being hard, I could counter with a scenario that would make it even harder. Source: shinemusic.com.au. Is metal more complex than jazz and classical music? If so, which ones? Acoustic guitar is a bit bigger than a classical guitar. Which is more technical: Jazz or classical? Scott what's his name. Pop, jazz, and rock songs are often structured around sets of chords—they are the building blocks of contemporary music. OK, it’s hard to narrow these down to just one - but Berio’s experimental Sequenzas were actually designed to push the boundaries of what might be possible with any given instrument. On the other hand, jazz guitar is a whole new level of complexity. Picking for jazz can be introduced in other styles, but there's really nowhere other than classical to pick up that kind of fingerpicking technique. They are fairly similar and it’s hard to spot the difference for a complete novice. I've used the ZZs in jazz ensemble. While likely easier to play than your royals, on a classical mouthpiece, they will sound thin and airy in addition to bright and buzzy. The one catch - and this is coming from someone who has never attempted a classical piece - is that jazz requires improvisation whereas classical does not (as far as I am aware). Picking for jazz can be introduced in other styles, but there's really nowhere other than classical to pick up that kind of fingerpicking technique. Learning complex classical and jazz riffs will take much dedication and practice to master and proper finger technique will dictate how well one can play for both genres. Their brains showed more awareness of the fingering, and as a result they made fewer errors while playing. While learning to play each technically and learn to arrange is surely challenging, I would tend to think improv is that extra "wrinkle". Thanks! He may think jazz is better than classical, and okay, that's his opinion. Students instructed in the classical style typically focus on learning to read individual notes on sheet music. It is going to be an individual thing and only the person attempting these two styles will be able to let us know. If reading music comes naturally to you, then jazz is easier. When I think jazz, I'm thinking of guys like Joe Pass, Scotty Anderson, etc.. As for Jazz, there's an awful lot of variations. You don't. Is jazz or classical harder? Jazz saxophone has been around since the 1930s and it is still a popular style today. Yes No. Musically, I say the edge goes to jazz. A lot of classical musicians, when they try to play jazz, think you have to "swing" on every single note. I have no idea about jazz, but I feel my eyelids drooping just thinking about it, and most of the self proclaimed jazz musicians I have met (ie. Why are classical pianists bad at jazz piano? hide. Classical guitar has inspired the birth of many songs by famous rock acts, such as “Dee” by the late and venerable Randy Rhoads from Ozzy Osbourne’s 1980 album Blizzard of Ozz, and Steve Howe’s “Mood for a Day” from Yes’ 1971 album Fragile. Scaruffi.com states that classical music has many more nuances to style than modern music. Switching from major to minor scales through an ascending or descending arpeggio. 0 0 1.   Pasted as rich text. Creativity is big with me and it's an aspect of classical that is missing in my opinion. I've always thought that most top flight Jazz guys have all the skill and technique of your best classical players but with the added advantage of being better improvisational musicians. One style is harder to play over another style depending on each person's way of learning it. But I've also seen some very impressive classical guitar. It is responsive. ..but then, there's also those who studied classical but somehow got no rhymic feel/ear/compositional knowledge along the way and so find it very difficult to fit into jazz/modern music where there may be a demand to play with only a lead sheet, or without a score at all. You have jacked up classical technique and extensive improvisation. I'd say you could probably spend more time playing jazz and never get completely comfortable with it while classical is all about disciplined practice. The question is, which is harder to listen to? You can post now and register later. That said, despite all of that, I still think that the level of dedication and technique and knowledge required to play yngwie-style stuff is much greater than that required to play blues. Ergo - guitar is harder, for jazz. 1.Most classical music adheres to a strict set of rules whereas rock is much freer musically 2.Classical music generally is more complicated than rock music (although not always true). You have to be the master of your trade, fully confident in your skills and versed in theory if you want to be a classical guitarist. I play a very wide range of genres of instruments, from metal guitar in a jam session, jazz guitar, alto sax, latin piano, rock, classical, etc... so I have experience with a lot of things. Just this weekend I played a Mahler Symphony, a Strauss tone poem, and a two sets of jazz duo with a guitarist. Xenakiboy. Piano Classical sounds harder than piano Jazz?   Your previous content has been restored. Technically, I say the edge goes marginally toward classical, just because it requires some wicked right hand technique. Rock, folk, blues. The brass section would just sit there and be pissed that they picked a ghay instrument to play.. Like I said, it was cool. Classical players will look down their nose at you, but pat you on the back as you struggle through your grade 4 piece, and pretend you are doing well, when in fact they are thinking 'this person hasn't got it and he never will'. A classical pianist can generally transfer over to jazz easier than a jazz pianist to classical. French composer Darius Milhaud introduced marimbas into Western classical music with his 1947 Concerto for Marimba and Vibraphone. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. You just need to have had pushy parents who insisted you play half an hour every evening on something you don't really enjoy, then a slightly effete music teacher with limp wrists to yap at you when you sing the wrong note. read more, Jazz is rhythmic music and develops rhythmic devices a lot more than classical. The exaggerated vibrato is tricky, but not as tricky as the inability to throw notes away, which is a key element of pop and jazz – singing through all the notes kills the swing. Asked by Angus Mraz. The answer is most likely "it's impossible to say". Someone asked me this the other day and I really didn't have an answer, probably because I don't know how to play either style. They are different, but with enough practice a decent guitar player can play classical. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. read more. But then to counter my own argument...to take a previously written classical piece and give it your own sound..well that's pretty amazing too. Jazz vs Classical Music Upon entering a modern record store, one is confronted with a wide variety of choices in recorded music. For example, it has a scratch plate. But when I listen to jazz, they don't use that many notes and I could play a song way quicker than a metal or classical song, yet people say it is hard. Liz. And I sort of think that they're winging it more than a neo-classical guitarist who is thinking more in a mathematical way. 8. And then again,...is there less soul in thinking this way. Because it’s more popular than you think. Is it still easy? is there anyone here proficient enough at both to be able to give their opinion? Modern music uses much smaller forms than classical music, usually lasting a few minutes. I could mention even persons I know personally who have started as classical musicians and then they have made a career playing jazz. So I'd say jazz is harder. Jazz has to potential to be so much harder than classical, simply because of the degree of music theory involved you have to think and apply, especially when improvisation is involved. The bars are wider and longer at the lowest pitched notes, and gradually get narrower and shorter as the notes get higher. Lv 7. it just blows my mind. Someone else may have found it harder. 19 comments. Is there any Jazz as hard as top classical pieces? But inside they feel all smug and pleased. I'm grade 8 ANZCA classical, same as grade 8 ABRSM and Grade 9,10 RCM,and sometimes, for fun, I'll play some jazz, boogie woogie or blues pieces of the same grade. Classical requires the ability to sight read, while jazz requires the ability to creatively process musical ideas, to understand, instead of simply translating from page. The overall dynamic of jazz is much louder than that of classical music, at least at the chamber music level.

is jazz harder than classical

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