Step 4: Fix frozen/ unresponsive iPhone X/ XS (Max) screen. Work for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Immediately press then release volume-up button. If a device is jailbroken, then it will automatically be upgraded to a non-jailbroken phone. Extremely user-friendly with an intuitive interface, Compatible with every leading iOS device (including iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR and iPhone X). It will automatically be restarted in the normal mode with updated firmware. Apart from the iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR not responding issue, it can fix all the other software related problems with your device as well. All that's left to do is to go follow the onscreen instructions and wait the device to restart. Step 3: Turn on your iPhone and the touch screen may be responding to touch. Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all. But occasionally, an easy trick works like a champ. Don't want to lose any precious data files? If this still fails to bring a frozen Apple iPhone X/ XS (Max) touch screen back to life, it may be time to try an erase and restore - clear out all the settings and contents and simply start over as if it were new. If your touchscreen has recently been dropped or broken, the components making up the touchscreen assembly might get loose. It termly issues the latest security or bug fixes for remedy the "leftover" problems from the previous version. Connect your iPhone with your PC. Once your phone is connected, quick-press the Volume Up button. Hardware fixes for freezing screen issue on iPhone X/ XS (Max). Supporting both Windows and macOS running system, it provides an easily accessible display which is integrated with clear images and instructions for users to quickly master fixing an unresponsive iPhone X/ XS (Max) within only four single steps. It was working. Needless to say, it should be fixed as soon as possible else it can cause long-term damage to your device. You can repair a cracked iPhone screen at an Apple Store, an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or by sending it to an Apple Repair Center. Connect your malfunctioning iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR to the system using an authentic lightning cable. I have also listed the basic steps to put iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR in DFU mode later in this guide. Tips and tricks for recovering data from iOS Android devices. If you have additional fixes for touchscreen not working on iPhone, then share that with us in the comments down below. The over low or high temperature causes an unresponsive screen issue. Right after that, you need to quick-press the Volume Down button as well. There are several reasons why iPhone XS Max screen is unresponsive: Battery related issue. If your phone is no longer in the warranty period, then it might cause a dent in your pocket. iOS 12 is also the most advanced iPhone and iPad operating system ever created. 1. Just select the latest version of firmware package and press Next button. This time, panicked clicks don’t do anything. If that doesn’t help, you can turn off Zoom from your iPhone … Release it when the connect-to-iTunes symbol would appear on its screen. By Via — Posted on Apr 22, 2020 5:17 PM, How to Fix iPhone 11 Black Screen Problem, How to Stop iPhone from Vibrating for No Reason, iPhone screen is flickering, fix frozen iPhone, iPhone white screen of death, iPad stuck on black screen, fix frozen iPhone, iPad keeps shutting off, iPhone stuck on restart loop, iPhone screen is black and unresponsive, iPhone stuck on spinning wheel, iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen, iPad won't update, iPad won't turn on, iPhone stuck in headphone mode, get iPhone out of recovery mode, iPhone keeps disconnecting from wifi, Mac: Lion - 10.7 | Mountain Lion - 10.8 | Mavericks - 10.9 | Yosemite - 10.10 | El Capitan - 10.11 | macOS Sierra - 10.12 | macOS High Sierra - 10.13 | macOS Mojave - 10.14.1/ 10.14.2/ 10.14.3/ 10.14.4/ 10.14.5/ 10.14.6 | macOS Catalina - 10.15.1/ 10.15.2/ 10.15.3/ 10.15.4/ 10.15.5/ 10.15.6/ 10.15.7 | macOS 11 Big Sur, iOS: iOS 8 | iOS 9 | iOS 10 | iOS 11 | iOS 12.0/ 12.1/ 12.2/ 12.3/ 12.4 | iOS 13.0/ 13.1/ 13.2/ 13.3/ 13.4/ 13.5/ 13.6/ 13.7 | iOS 14, Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP - 32 bit and 64 bit, © 2020 AppGeeker Studio. Another way to fix the iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR screen not responding problem is by putting the device in recovery mode. But there's still an alternative way: force the device to shut down and then back on. Fix with various iOS system issues like stuck on recovery mode/ DFU mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc. Sometimes zooming out on your iPhone screen isn’t as simple as it should be. The touch screen on your iPhone X/ XS (Max) device has been smooth all the time - until it starts acting up, or reaches a state where it turns out to be frozen, unresponsive or otherwise stuck. Since it is tough to diagnose its exact cause, we recommend following a stepwise approach and trying the following solutions. Change GPS location on iPhone/iPad easily. To fix iPhone screen broken can't unlock problem, you can simply use a professional iOS unlock tool to do the job. The Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode allows us to update an iPhone model to its latest available firmware version. Fix other iPhone error and iTunes errors, such as iTunes error 4013, error 14, iTunes error 27, iTunes error 9 and more. Then reboot your device to see if it works. Just wait for a few minutes as the application would update your device and fix it. Today, in the middle of the day. Move on for a third-party repair tool solution. When the application would complete the download, it will inform you of the following prompt. I have a screen protector glass thing. The Black screen issue iPhone X, Xs and Xs Max is usually caused by so many factors and we will be trying as much as possible to cover every possible cause of the black screen while providing solutions to each. Once iTunes has completed the download, it will automatically install the update and restart your phone. To have a hassle-free experience, simply try Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS). The tool can fix all the major iOS issues like unresponsive screen, bricked phone, iTunes errors, virus attack, and so much more. There is no need to worry about this black screen issue that you are experiencing on your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR because it … An unexpected change in system settings. Some parts not working. The order process, tax issue, and invoicing to end user is conducted by Wondershare Technology Co., Ltd, which is the subsidiary of Wondershare group. Nevertheless, the existing data on your phone would be lost in the process. There're many scenarios on iPhone X/ XS (Max) can be diagnosed as a freezing screen issue: We'll walk you through some fixes on obliterating the software-related issues first. Step 3. Your next step is a force restart. The restore process will delete the existing data and update your phone. Using a lightning cable, connect your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR to the system. Step 1: Gently remove the screen guard from your iPhone. Copyright © 2020 Wondershare. You can locate it from its official website right here. "When in doubt, reboot." There's no way but surrender it to an authorized Apple service tech. In case if your phone reboots, then start from the beginning as it means you have made a mistake. Recently iPhone has released some new devices like iPhone XS Max), XS, XR, X etc. And a rubber back cover. Naturally so, many thought the problem was with the hardware. Press the Side (on/off) key on your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR for around 3 seconds. Next up, click Fix button and it'll bring you to a page where you need to choose the repair type. Here’s how you can resolve the iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR unresponsive problem by putting your phone in the recovery mode. How to unlock iPhone XR/XS (Max)/X/8/7/6S/6 with iTunes? From here, you need to click on the “Check for Update” option. The “force reset” and “take it to Apple” steps are what I am referring to. App to transfer data from iPhone/Android to Android. Shop online or through the My Verizon app and get your holiday orders fast. All rights reserved. When the update installs, you're ready to go. It can be triggered by hardware or software-related issue. Corrupt software because of malware attacks. Here’s the process. Learn how to remove lock screen on mobile phone. Dr.Fone gives discounts and free phones,etc.Stay tuned. Apple iPhone XS / XS Max - Restart Device. If your iPhone ($899 at Amazon) is stuck, frozen or otherwise unresponsive, a normal restart may not cure its ills. However, when your iPhone X/ XS (Max) screen is frozen, unresponsive or doesn't power on in the usual way, you can't even bring up the Power Off screen. If a simple force restart won’t be able to fix the iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR unresponsive issue, then you should consider trying a dedicated solution. The update won’t get rid of its existing data while the restore process will cause a data loss. No damage what so ever physically, the screen started acting up. To forcefully restart your device, quick-press the Volume Up button first. You may consider having a new iPhone Xs touch screen and digitizer replacement. If your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR is unresponsive due to an old, corrupt, or unstable iOS version, then this technique will resolve the issue. We found that the iPhone screen unresponsive to touch can also be generated by 3D Touch after the test. Launch the utility on your computer. Before the restoration process, make it a habit to perform a backup of your device first. In this way, iTunes will automatically detect that your phone is in the recovery mode and would provide the following prompt. Update or reinstall the iOS operating system. Yes, this sounds weird. IOS update went wrong. Part 1: Reasons why iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR screen is unresponsive. Tips and tricks for fixing all system issues on mobile phone. The good thing is that it doesn’t cause the loss of data on your device. Here’s how you can use Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) to fix the iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR screen not responding issue. Locate your iPhone on your computer and click it. Tips and tricks for transferring data to new iPhone 12. You can now safely remove your device and use it in a trouble-free manner. Supports iPhone XR / iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone X / 8 (Plus)/ iPhone 7(Plus)/ iPhone6s(Plus), iPhone SE and the latest iOS version fully! If this is the case, then it means your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR has entered the DFU mode. Problem: iPhone X portion of screen is unresponsive. When my iPhone X screen frozen, I let the phone for 10-30 seconds, then I tried to using the iPhone. While still holding the Side key, press and hold the Volume Down button. Note: If your computer cannot recognize your iPhone, you need to put your phone in the DFU mode. To resolve an unresponsive iPhone X/ XS (Max) with a frozen screen, do the following: Step 1: Run iOS System Recovery tool on a computer. If double-tapping with three fingers doesn’t zoom out, it might be because your iPhone is unresponsive. What should I do to resolve an iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR screen not responding issue?”. If you have an AppleCare+ plan, you can use it to cover screen repair. If your iPhone X has any damage which impairs the ability to complete the repair, such as a cracked screen, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the service. iPhone XS Max. Step 1. Nov 06, 2020 • Filed to: Tips for Different iOS Versions & Models • Proven solutions, “I have recently bought a new iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR and it has started to malfunction out of the blue. ), 2. Due to inactivity, your session will end in approximately 2 minutes. That is, press it for a second or less and release it quickly. Adjust 3D Touch Settings. Make sure that your device is turned off (if it isn’t already). Force restart a freezing iPhone X/ XS (Max). Now, it has displayed all the firmware package for your device. Though, you should know that this method will restore your device and delete its existing data. How to get iPhone X/ XS (Max) out of frozen screen. However, the problem might be caused by application or the operation system or iPhone. Download Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) on your Mac or Windows PC by visiting its official website. This resets its ongoing power cycle and fixes minor problems with your device. "Frozen" or "Unresponsive" is a broad term. If all of them haven't proved effective, something might go wrong with the device hardware. Loose connection, water damage, hardware issue. To start with, launch iTunes on your Mac or Windows system. Make sure that you have an updated version of iTunes installed. Only when closing all the running apps can the device become respond to tap. In the end, long press the Side button. In the iOS System Recovery panel, it'll give you detailed information about 50+ issues the tool can overcome, as well as the ability to upgrade or downgrade your device. All Rights Reserved, Put Apple Device in Recovery Mode and Set It up Again. You can forcefully restart an iOS device even if it is turned off or not responding. Tips and tricks for backing up data on iOS Android devices. For more battery healthy advice, along with details on make utmost use of battery optimization feature, be sure to read Apple's in-depth walkthrough. Immediately press then release volume-down button. Connect your device to the computer. If each time performing a hard reset just temporarily prevents iPhone X/ XS (Max) screen from becoming unresponsive to touch, a serious error with the operating system (OS) should be responsible for malfunctioning behavior. It may be due to the issue in software, a high temperature of the phone or due to abnormal behavior of any particular app. The application will detect your iPhone automatically. To do this, you can view the on-screen illustrations to know the key combinations. By following this simple click-through process, you would be able to fix your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR unresponsive problem and that too without any data loss. We dedicate to providing trusted solutions for users with the freedom to simply enjoy music, photos, videos and more. Turning off an iPhone X, iPhone XR, or iPhone XS This is the basic method for turning off your modern iPhone, and it can solve a number of common performance hiccups, such as slow apps or spotty wifi. Apple iPhone XS / XS Max - Restart Device. Let go of the Side button once you see the Apple logo on the screen. Press and hold side button on the right side. Ideally, iTunes can update or restore your device. If your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR is still unresponsive, then chances are that there could be a hardware-related issue with it. All above avenues merely offers short-term fixes, while iOS System Recovery is devoted to directly cutting off the problem origins. In order to resolve the iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR not responding issue, click on the “Fix Now” button. Transfer data from phone to phone in one click. Therefore, it is quite important to keep your iPhone updated with the latest stable version. To do this, you can take the assistance of iTunes. If you have maintained a backup beforehand, then you can use it to restore your data. I hope one of the methods listed above (except visiting the Apple Service Centre) was helpful. Nevertheless, it isn’t bug-free and probably, never be, no matter how many updates Apple issues. Normally iPhone XS/XR/X/8/ 8 Plus/7 Plus/7/6 screen not responding issue occurs when there is an issue with your iPhone memory or it’s full for some reason. A conflict between the internal commands that would have crashed your device, A broken screen, loose connections, water damage, or any other hardware issue, Corrupt software due to malware attack or any other security reason, An iOS update went wrong or has been halted in between, Sometimes, even a malfunctioning or corrupt app can cause this problem, An unexpected change in system settings or the overwritten of system files. You would have to press it for around 10 seconds at least. iOS 13, 12, 11, etc. 3. Therefore, you can consider this as a last resort. To sort out an iPhone X/ XS (Max) that's completely frozen, simply hit the iOS System Recovery tab. To begin the process, just click on the “Standard Mode” button so that the existing data on your phone would be kept intact during the fix. It can also occur when your iPhone has software malfunctioning or any kind of bug in it. A lot of times, a device malfunctions when its iOS version has been corrupted or not been updated in a while. Connect the locked iPhone to the computer. Launch the Dr.Fone toolkit and select the “System Repair” module. It may be the problems of the display screen flex cables or damages of the internal parts. If you're in this case, everything could be brought into a halt: no response to any, taps, slides, button presses or gestures, can't lock or unlock, applications get crashed, hinder typing in or sending messages, and more. Learn more about preparing your iPhone for service. Let’s learn the detail guide about how to use the iTunes to restore iPhone with unresponsive screen/ broken screen and access it. See how to Put Apple Device in Recovery Mode and Set It up Again. If your handset comes back on right away after getting charged adequately and appropriately, obviously there's a quick drain on the device battery, causing the unresponsive screen issue. Download & Open iTunes. Keep pressing both the keys for another 10 seconds. You’re most likely dealing with a software glitch. You can see the progress from an on-screen indicator on the top-right corner of the interface. Choose the iPhone model in the home page and click the tab of “Summary”. The frozen iPhone X or iPhone XS (Max) may shake you dreadfully, but take heart, what follows in this page is a list of actions to fix it up. Once the firmware package is downloaded, there should appear an auto-repair Fix button. I’d the same problem. In this process as well, all the existing data on your phone would be deleted. 5. Make sure that you don’t wait or halt in between while pressing the correct key combination to get the desired result. If you get the connect-to-iTunes symbol on the screen, then start again. All of your other steps require using the touch screen! With an attempt to make iPhone X/ XS (Max) screen to respond properly without losing any digital data, highlight "Standard Mode". If you want, you can call their customer support as well. You need not worry about this anymore as we are presenting some possible tips which you can use to fix a frozen or unresponsive iPhone X screen. It will automatically upgrade your iOS device to the latest stable firmware, No damage will be done to your device or its data. Launch an updated iTunes version on your Mac or Windows PC. That’s it! Right after releasing the Volume Up button, quick-press the Volume Down button as well. Then click the middle Confirm button. When this happens - your iPhone X/ XS (Max) with frozen/ unresponsive screen issue is not recognized through iTunes or Finder, attempt to put your device into Recovery Mode and reinstall the firmware. To resolve an unresponsive iPhone X/ XS (Max) with a frozen screen, do the following: Step 1: Run iOS System Recovery tool on a computer. Step 2: Choose "Standard Mode" and click Confirm. iPhone XS Max black screen; Some owners of the Apple iPhone XS Max encountered the black screen of death issue that left their devices unresponsive. It uses a very simple method to bypass the screen lock and help you get into your broken screen iPhone within a few minutes. Fortunately, there are a number of easy fixes for unresponsive screens, provided the screen is not cracked or shattered. The most reliable parental control solution. This is advised by every IT expert for good reason: It's free, simple to operate and it manages to weed out a ton of minor software problems. What makes it really go beyond others is its automatic repair mechanism, performing whole fix process almost without any effort from users. On the next window, you need to confirm your phone model info, select a system version, and click on the “Start” button. Just like the soft reset, it won’t delete anything on the phone. Ideally, there could be numerous reasons for iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR to be unresponsive. When an iPhone can’t work correctly, just like the user above, iPhone XS Max keeps restarting randomly, or other iOS system problems, like stuck on Apple logo, black screen, white screen, the app keeps crashing, etc. a factory reset is often the most efficient solution to resolve these errors. Follow these simple steps to force restart your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR. Your iPhone X/ XS (Max) is frozen or stuck on that particular display like Call emergency services and Facetime ending subsequently with no reason. Screen turns red or black, has the green stripe or becomes frozen and stuck on Apple logo. Ideally, there could be numerous reasons for iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR to be unresponsive. My iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR is not responding and just shows a black screen. Keep pressing the Volume Down button for another 5 seconds. Try to maintain a stable internet connection so that the download can be completed without any lag. But when your iPhone X/ XS (Max) screen does not appear to be working, you may need to build a wired connection with your computer to update the device. To get this settled, force the app you suspect to close first and update it. Tips and tricks for phone to phone data transfer. Use a powerful tool to unfreeze an iPhone X/ XS (Max). If you are willing to take this risk (or already have a backup of your device), then you can follow these steps to fix your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR screen not responding issue. Confirm your choice and wait for a while as iTunes will download the iOS software update. Learn how to backup and transfer WhatsApp,Line,Viber,etc. You would have to wait for a while as the application will download the latest stable firmware update for your device. You can switch among the column headings for viewing. An Apple customer representative will assist you and resolve any problem with your iOS device. Then set up a connection between your device and the computer via a supplied USB cable and choose More tools to the left of the software screen. If the iPhone XS, XS Max or XR seem to become unresponsive out of the blue, don’t panic! ” Released September 21, 2018. Later, release the Side button while still holding the Volume Down button for 5 seconds. Best large file transfer Apps for iPhone&Android. Developed by Wondershare, it can fix all the common iOS related issues without causing any data loss. Ideally, your phone should maintain a black screen in the end. As soon as the Volume Down button is released, press and hold the Side button. Now, using a lightning cable, you need to connect your iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR to your computer. Keep the tool handy as it can help you during an unwanted situation and save the day. If it is a problem of iPhone Touch screen itself, you should take it to the repair store for a solution. It really is an annoyed thing when your iPhone screen is unresponsive. 3. Method 2 – How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen (using iTunes) If your data is already backup, then you can restore your iPhone and start using it again. Open iTunes on a Windows PC or Mac running macOS 10.14 or earlier. In this article, we list 3 methods to solve iPhone touch screen not working. Your device will reboot finally, and its touchscreen capability should come back. Way 1. Steps to Fix an Unresponsive iPhone X Screen Hello, I’ve had iphone x for about 8 months now. Instead, plug your device into the USB adapter for charging an hour or more. There could be any other reason for the iPhone XS (Max) / iPhone XR not responding problem as well. Initially, I always do hard reboot when my iPhone X unresponsive, but I worry that if this step is always carried out, there’ll be some issues with my iPhone X’s hardware or software. Move your cursor to click it.

iphone xs max unresponsive screen

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