Moxxie: Honey, can you get me the butter? The Immediate Murder Professionals♫, [The I.M.P. Pink-haired Nurse: [in masculine voice] Doctor, he's not responding! "), - Envelope of the organization and a picture of a cat that is being loved on. Blitzo: [leans towards Moxxie] It actually does. And you don't want to wait too long [Moxxie, Blitzo, and Millie are shown in a circle logo. It's a fun distraction when an advertisement's spittin' bullshit! A female demon is on her cellphone and ignores the hobo. ], Moxxie: ♫Of all the imps in hell! "Right now there is an animal who needs you. (Sarah McLachlan: "One who has been given a second chance thanks to you. Blitzo: Eat this! Ohh! (Song in the background: "some comfort here"), - A dog laying on an operating table looking scared with people around petting and trying to help him. Blitzo: Alright, let's go back to talking about my outfit. Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. "), - A rescue person is kissing a dog who looks content. [Blitzo hugs and nuzzles Loona, who appears to not like his affection.] Moxxie: [Whispering] Yeah, after all. It's no one's fault, okay? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Sarah McLachlan: "Only 60 cents a day. Is there something you don't want me seeing? She's sensitive! **** your ***** and lick all of your ***** before taking out your ***** and **** with more teeth until you're screaming ******** like a fucking baby! Blitzo: Well, Christ on a stick, I guess there is a god! [Millie opens the fridge door and finds Blitzo inside as he hands her the butter.]. [looks at Moxxie] Moxxie. So, how does it look? Hazbin Hotel Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Angel Font. Satan bless." Blitzo: [voiceover] You know, folks, with this company, I really wanted to prove that we're capable [Blitzo and Moxxie are shown dismembering Eddie's body with a wood saw and a chainsaw respectively] of doing the same things anyone else can! She's more like a meth-addicted [As Loona continues looking at her phone, she slowly gives the middle finger to Moxxie.] [Later that evening, Moxxie and Millie are asleep in bed. Blitzo: You know, even though this kid was a target, he's still a child. Blitzo: No no no, it's fine Mills, your husband is just...How do I say this without being offensive...Retarded. I'm taking it, because I have the worst hangover right now. (Song in the background: "in the arms of an angel") Moxxie: We can't afford a billboard, sir. Says it's urgent and wants to talk to you. Millie: That's my husband you're talking to! important that we handle this going forward respectfully. ], [The boy collapses as Moxxie looks on in shock. Moxxie: Do not-- [points at Millie] Do not agree with him in front of me. A letter "I" appears to the left of them, while a letter "P" appears on the right of them. A dog looking scared on a table with someone holding him. Really glad you're in the room right now. Eddie is lying on a table with three wires from a heart monitor attached to his stomach.]. The game is presented in a top-down two-dimensional fashion where the player has an overhead view of all the action taking place on a particular screen. Loona: [Stops drinking] I'm hungover from this morning, dumbass! Blitzo: [to himself] Got the book, got the book! (Sarah McLachlan: "food, shelter.."), - A lady is kissing a cat that she is holding. × ASPCA TV Spot For Neglect and Abused Animals. [The flashback ends as we cut back to the board room.]. No one cares about cars being cleaned here, okay? Why are you in our fridge?! Stop wasting time looking for files and revisions. It's good, right? (Sarah McLachlan: "and love. A lady is taking a picture of one of the animals they had rescued. Moxxie: I am calm!! (Song in the background: "in the arms of an angel"), - "Every single hour in BC, an animal is violently abused..." (Song in the background: "fly away from here"), - A sad dog looking into the camera as it zooms in. Quite a lot actually! Overwhelming Amounts of Stats and Facts. [Everyone has their defibrillator paddles over the boy. Moxxie: What the?! [The next scene shows Loona looking through the break room fridge.]. [Eddie's mother and the news reporter look up, as the camera follows their gaze. or are you an innocent soul who got fucked over by someone else?! She didn't do anything wrong! The narrative plummeted to a nadir when rapper Torey Lanez shot Megan in the foot last July—an incident of … (Song in the background: "May you find..."), - Sarah petting the dog on the couch. Contact the owner / RSS feed / This workspace is public, Student Pages: f14 stu wiki pages E02 sec 208 MW, Stop wasting time looking for files and revisions, automatically organize all your file attachments. Dispatch is supposed to give us the right info on the target. [Blitzo is on Stolas' balcony and lays the grimoire on the ledge. SERGIUS. Doctor: Damn it! ], Singer: ♫We're the Immediate Murder Profession--♫, [Moxxie accidentally shoots a boy passing by, eating an ice cream cone. She kicks the stroller high into the air and storms off, while the demon lady stands there in disbelief. We'll even let you keep the knife♫, [A quick sequence then shows the trio assassinating their targets in numerous horrific ways, such as with a medieval torture chamber, riding a shark, burning someone alive, suffocating someone with a pillow, playing on a grand piano after it crushed someone, and using an electric chair. [The scene opens with a city shot that slowly zooms in on the Immediate Murder Professionals building. ], [Loona runs up to a demon lady passing by, pushing her baby in a stroller. [Crosses arms] If I hadn't slept with that privileged asshole, none of us would have access to the living world. Moxxie: I'd like to go on record and say that incident was Loona's fault. Moxxie: I don't need any reminding, sir, considering you blew most of our salaries on an obnoxious TV ad last week. [Gestures at Loona with two middle fingers]. For just 18 dollars a month. [Blitzo lands in a cake that Stolas' wife and her friends are having, splattering pieces of it all over them.]. [Blitzo draws a flintlock pistol and fires it at Eddie, instantly killing him. Sit on...a-- and the d-- Do your job! Blitzo: I can't believe you, Moxxie, [holds up an employee of the month plaque with Moxxie's picture on it] after I made you employee of the month! Blue-haired Nurse: It didn't do anything! [The scene changes back to Loona at her desk. I got you a little somethin'. "), - A care taker is giving a bowl to a cat in a kennel. Blitzo: So, what can I do you for this time, Stolas? Even Sarah McLachlan changes the channel when her notoriously gut-wrenching ASPCA commercials come on. When conceptualizing or writing a script for a persuasive commercial, the right amount of logos will usually depend on the product and the target market. Stolas: You know what happens when I'm lonely, Blitzy? Loona: [Drops the box on the floor] You know what? (Song in the background: "cold hotel room"), - "Every 3,000 animals were rescued last year..." (Song in the background: "and the endlessness that you feel"), - A dog limping, whimpering, and unable to walk in the clinic with the vet assistant on their way to help it. I'm not naming any names here. The trio cover where their ears would be as an explosion goes off. Loona: Whoever left the fucking avocado salad in the fridge, [Loona turns around to face Millie with a red box in hand as she shuts the fridge door with her foot.] Inside, Blitzo is walking by a whiteboard on the wall as he lectures his employees.]. (Song in the background: "You're in the arms of the angel"), - A woman kissing a cat. The headline on screen says "Mom sucks at drawing own kid", while the ticker bar reads "There is a missing boy! You’re in the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here”. He tries to step up on the ledge too.]. [A shot of the outside of the hospital is shown, as a window breaks and the boy's hospital bed flies out. Moxxie opens his eyes and sees Blitzo standing on him, looking him right in the eyes.]. (Sarah McLachlan: "And join the BC SPCA with a monthly gift right now. ... For you professionals, 23 are 100% free for commercial-use! Download free fonts for Windows and Macintosh. Guess he was the right target after all. A stately angel With a form that is full of grace, But a tired and toil-worn mother With a grave and tender face. (Sarah McLachlan: " Please call the number on your screen. (she is sitting on a crouch with a large dog who looks content petting it), - A woman is holding and loving on a dog who also looks happy. "], Eddie's Mother: [sobbing] Please! Eddie: [Points at Blitzo] It's been a literal hell [Detaches the tubes of the heart monitor] having to pretend to be paralyzed, so you fuckshits wouldn't kill me! The trio together form a letter "M", thus spelling the initials I.M.P.] Loona: The only reason you have a wife [She looks away from her phone, looking at Moxxie] is because you're easy to manage! The scene transitions to Loona at her desk, telling Blitzo about a caller.]. Like killing people! [The Pink-haired Nurse whacks the boy in the face with a bucket of water.]. I'm Blitzo! Blitzo: Do not talk to my receptionist that way! ], [Blood covers the screen, then reveals Blitzo and Moxxie kicking Eddie's corpse, Millie stabbing him, and Loona recording everything on her phone.]. He breaks his cellphone in half, smashes it with his desk phone, pulls out a blender, puts the pieces in it, and blends them. He's trying to convince people global warming exists! Crushing my dreams of being who I truly am inside. You know, kid, you kind of are a piece of shit. Call Mox--, [Loona suddenly hangs up, disinterested in the conversation. And it's [He wraps his tail around them.] because we come straight up from hell♫, [We see that the trio has teleported to a church as a female preacher and the congregation look back at the demons in confusion and/or fear. [crosses arms] I don't talk to dogs. [Loona looks up from her phone and smiles, touched by Blitzo's words.]. What's "obnoxious" about a super-fun jingle, all right? Blitzo smugly waves at him, before lowering the window blinds.]. Her desk phone rings with the sound of a cute puppy barking as the ringtone. Blitzo: They wanted us to kill an actual child? It's very simple. Now what insurance provider do you freaks have? ], Singer: ♫We do our job so well [The trio come up through the other end of the portal and adjust themselves, and then frown.] When viewing this commercial, it is difficult not to feel sad for these helpless animals. Now does anyone have any bright ideas on how we can get business drumming up again? Blitzo: That is offensive! Cage plays an illegal arms dealer, inspired by the stories of several real-life arms dealers and smugglers. She's awful. ], [The scene cuts back to the boardroom. [The bed is stopped by a rope that has become tangled around Blitzo's foot.] Add Actor/Actress Details. The group’s commercial (including an 800-number seeking donations would imply they are a national organization but they are based in New York … Blitzo: [shrugs] I don't see what the issue is! [Moxxie enters the room and notices Loona with his box.]. we can help you take care of your unfinished business by taking out anyone who screwed you over [falls backwards into the portal, like a mosh pit] when you were alive! Blitzo: Exactly, Millie. Loona: [snatches the present and throws it on the floor.] Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode. Millie: Why would you drink on a work night? I want death! Loona: Blitzo, that clingy rich asshole is on the phone. It's for her that I fell!♫. Blitzo: This is hell, Millie. He has beaten you in love. Moxxie: Okay, sir! Without homeless people, I wouldn't have half the joy and laughter I do in this life! A male news reporter holds a microphone up to her, looking disinterested. Are you fucking filming us right now?! Moxxie: [He twitches his eye in anger] No! Call the Immediate Murder Professionals♫, [Blitzo, Moxxie, and Millie are inside of their building and Moxxie throws a grenade out the window. Millie: Come on, Sweetie! Blitzo, who is partially nude, walks away quietly with the grimoire in hand.]. One that you then additionally paid to have run for a full three hours on a channel nobody watches. The exact lyrics that are shown during the commercial are the following: “In the arms of an Angel far away from here. Guys, I just got a text from our client. And they are crying out for help." (springing after her and catching her fiercely in his arms). Blitzo: Alright, now I know business has been a bit slow lately, yes. Loona: Oh, fuck! Eddie: I figured you for a slut, but I didn't know you needed dick that bad! [pushes Moxxie away] Have you guys forgotten what service we provide? The PSAs have taken on a life of their own because of how hard they can be to watch. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. Add Song … Donations from the McLachlan commercial enabled the A.S.P.C.A to buy prime-time slots on national networks like CNN, which in turn has generated more income. Moxxie: Um, excuse me, did you just fax me an ad for weight loss? I'm not losing another one! Blitzo: Spoiler alert: the butter's spoiled! The commercial originally aired in 2007, and managed to raise $30 million in the first two years of its release, according to The New York Times. Then it zooms out to everyone watching the TV, with Loona, Millie, and Blitzo eating popcorn.]. [The scene opens with a city shot that slowly zooms in on the Immediate Murder Professionals building. And I'm a kid. [The scene cuts to a flashback of Moxxie and Millie preparing dinner in their kitchen.]. Moxxie: Oh, I do judge you, sir! F rom the petty gatekeeping of anime bros to dismissive remarks that she only raps about sex, the vitriol leveled against Megan Thee Stallion since her recent rise to fame has been relentless, exposing the minefield of double standards female rappers are forced to navigate. [Loona gives a wide-eyed glare, whines at Eddie with anger, and goes back to looking at her phone.].

in the arms of an angel commercial script

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