A few hours into our hike we noticed a huge pair of golden eyes in the bushes in front of us, awfully close to the ground and un-moving; a wildcat. I raised my Genesis II with panache and raw valor, yelling like a mad warrior. When you purchase the Genesis II it comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We yelled, we raised our trekking poles into the air and banged them together, but nothing worked. I bought the first one a couple of years ago from your Amazon store, and when I\’m not hiking, it\’s in my bag or around my neck if I\’m walking in town. Quick View. That’s why I decided to make the high quality neck knife Genesis II. Yes, they are the perfect unique gift for friends or family. I am fully convinced it was definitely the sight of the knife that saved us that night. MTKnives | Your Handcrafted Knife Maker With 100 Stakeholders, MTKnives is the right choice for you! Observing the grain of the steel, learning how much heat from grinding will ruin the heat temper, searching far and wide for handle material of beauty and rarity to match the hard work I put into my knives, and obsessing over the finishing polish, are all skills I pour into every blade I produce. MT Knives Genesis EDC Survival Neck Knife. The item comes with a very secure, black Kydex sheath that has a neck cord. Fred Perrin La Griffe (Steel) It’s hard to talk about self-defence and knives without mentioning Fred … 5 left. Many reasons. Wear your Genesis II knife in its Kydex Neck Knife Sheath with Breakaway Neck Paracord Lanyard and you will always have a sharp knife when you need it. Buy; More Tactical >> … If you’re going to trust your life to a knife, it has to be strong enough for the job. The knife sheath comes with options for neck carry, belt carry and pocket/pack carry, making it easy to stow wherever works best for you. LT Wright Knives are hand-crafted by skilled artisans with a real passion for fine cutlery and the outdoors. Everything about it is just gorgeous. So well finished. Yesterday I received a Genesis II neck knife. Medford Knife Ti Christmas Ornaments. The fact that it was handmade. Allow everyone to experience the quality of my knives without paying the custom knife price. The knife includes the black Kydex Sheath, blade, sharp razor, skeleton handle. In fact, you will search out opportunities to use it you will like it so much! I was never a neck knife guy, but going out to feed piggies in pajama pants and rubber boots, I always forgot to take a knife with me or it wouldn\’t clip on those pockets well. You’ll be hard pressed to find better custom knives for sale online. I am now producing the Genesis II. The CRKT knife has a nice wide blade and it’s accompanied by a nice grip. It’s comforting having easy access to self-protection while backpacking and hitchhiking. Thanks! #12 MT Knives Genesis EDC Survival Neck Knife. I make customer service a top priority. When I first began making custom knives several years ago I became passionate about high-quality steel and beyond razor sharp knife edges. Neck knives are small knives, usually fixed blades, that are easy to conceal and carry. We reached an \”oh sh*t\” moment after we did everything you\’re supposed to do–and it still wasn\’t running away. It is finished with with a stone wash finish and has a hardness of 61 HRC, making a tough knife that can hold an edge for a long time. It’s much smaller than a normal bowie knife. Made from an old single-cut, flat bastard file that was destined for the scrap yard. “Hi! And hopefully spread an appreciation for sharp knives. After a short while you will wonder how you ever lived without a Neck Knife! I look forward to this family growing as time goes on. The blade is built of 1095 carbon steel, a very popular steel among ESEE knives. However, after wearing the Genesis II for over two years now and using it everyday, I now know better. ... LT Wright Handcrafted Fixed Blade Knife, GENESIS… From fit and finish to the final sharpening, I strive to make every knife the absolute best knife I can. This lightweight neck knife can easily double up as a concealed carry knife and comes with full canvas Micarta scales on the handle for enhanced grip. For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. “I’ve been on trail for over a month now and so far I really love it. 11 Neck Knives & EDC Fixed blades.. Part 1 - Duration: 11:53. A neck knife is perfect for anybody that wants the benefits of a fixed blade with added portability. Permit everyone to see how function and beauty can go so well together. Quick View. Let people get to know my integrity through my business practices. By moving the knife edge through the hair on my arm, without scraping it on my skin like you would to shave, it would cut hair. This allows you to be able to adjust the draw of the knife as tight or loose as you like it. 10 sold. Instinct Mini By SOG. Below are the 10 best neck knives sorted for your easy finding. … Description Due to such a high demand for the Genesis, and wanting everyone to be able to afford a low profile, light weight, neck knife with excellent cutting performance. I work with skill and try to improve every day, knowing that my efforts will be fruitful as I am faithful. This file has been upcycled and giving a new lease on life. 4.8 out of 5 stars 287. Patrick Roehrman is a knife maker and bladesmith from Missouri whose handmade knives include highly collectible  neck knives, custom hunting knives, custom survival knives, bushcraft knives and other hand-forged knives. A knife made with handles of resilient materials like Micarta and Arizona Desert Ironwood, all combined with heavy duty hardware, the Genesis is sure to get the job done! Again, the screw heads face towards your skin and the nuts face away from your skin. Quick View. The Genesis II is built with Bohler N690 stainless steel, a steel that is favored for use on top quality surgical instruments. The CRKT Bowie Neck knife isn’t your typical bowie knife. More importantly, I don’t have to search for my knife in my pack when I’m ready to cut summer sausage for lunch. I literally forget I have it on most times (I wear under a t-shirt) but when I need a knife, it is there. The knife comes in variety of sizes and variations including the: Praetorian, Praetorian Genesis, Micro Praetorian, and Praetorian Scout/Production Praetorian. With a variety of steels and handle materials used, you're sure to find the right blade for you. Incredibly well made and super not to mess with sharp. Patrick Roehrman has delivered on his promise of creating the Ultimate EDC Neck Knife. What surprised me is how light and low profile it is. Read two of the highest compliments I have received. He recommended his Genesis II knife that comes with a Kydex neck knife sheath, so it is always easily accessible. It comes with a kydex sheath and paracord that you can adjust for a perfect fit around your neck. I got this knife because I do a lot of solo hiking. 6:43. The attention to detail. I am now producing the Genesis II. Benchmark Backpacker 420 Stainless Micarta Handle Fixed Blade Knife 001. I\’ve also used it walking around town alone at night… With how light and easy to conceal it is, (and the incredible sharpness) this knife is a woman\’s best friend, and it is worth every single penny.

genesis neck knife

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