Keep the motor clean and the ventilation openings clear. ��yO�V3��K` �}��ʽ��G�� K���a����\HCJw~_q��n1�+���� 'O�y� �v̐�����xo�b����[l{�\�ݳ>�m��0�G\�ĦZOw�e�N1y�S�d\��'���Ћ��n:�0�ݣ�=8C�� �?%�� �78c��fl5n�姗������78�� ��G,���K����_�����~���O�p�8৿���N߱�с�������O���#hp��H�ۧ����{�����ߴ{ m�? Contact us. /Filter /FlateDecode In the event the motor is to be stored longer than six months, please refer to GE Instruction Manual GEK-97427. D. Handling WARNING: Lifting lugs on the motor are designed for handling only the motor. Some equivalent greases are: For Class F insulated motors: Lubrication ) and allowed to stand one (1) hour with oil in the bearings. /ColorSpace 15 0 R Increase the current gradually until the temperature reaches 90 C. Do not exceed this temperature. For maximum bearing life, use only the grease recommended by GE. lar motor rating can be operated magnetically or vertical position. Check insulation resistance as indicated in the caution above. Standard Industrial Motor Catalog. Installation, operation and mainte- nance of electric machinery should be performed by qualified personnel. Configurations include: discharge flange above or below pump floor, motor supported on pump head or on a separated support, and pump pull-out or non-pull-out. Be sure to describe the part or parts required and give the complete nameplate information on the motor for positive identification. High voltage induction motors are available as N-series configured to order motors and A-series engineered motors. Too light an oil may allow the oil film to wipe or break down. Each cooling capacity is available in a dual rated Contact your nearest GE Industrial Systems Service Center for details of warranty coverage. GE Motors Instructions 500 Diameter Line Horizontal Induction Motors Quantum LMV 315/500 TEFC, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled, Dripproof, Weather Protected Type I and Type II, and Explosion-Proof GEI-100351. Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors. The double movement ensures high short circuit rating and excellent ice breaking. MV7000 Flat Pack (FP) 16 Pages. Manual/Motor Mechanism Smart Operating Mechanism L-Contact Disconnectors Services ... GE’s BCVB vertical break disconnector, rated from 420 to 800 kV, reduces phase spacing to a minimum. hammering out in operation. transit purposes only. User manuals, GE Freezer Operating guides and Service manuals. A heavy oil tends to churn or foam more than a lighter weight oil. Familiarization with NEMA Publication MG-2, Safety Standard for Construction and Guide for Selection, Installation and Use of Electric Motors and Generators, the National Electrical Code and sound local practices is recommended. ValueLine ODP Features. 1 0 obj /Pages 3 0 R The motor enclosure is designed such that dripping, wind blown and splashing water will not damage the motor. 1. 5 Pages. c. Bearings may run warmer because of reduced oil circulation through and around the bearings. /ExtGState 14 0 R << Before making substitutions to the recommendations and risking premature failure, it is important to communicate with the manufacturer. GE Motors and Motor Parts. /Rotate 0 2. << When relubricating hydrodynamic bearings, for example, it is often a mistake to change oil viscosity. GE’s proven vertical turbine pumps are highly efficient for condenser cooling and provide excellent reliability. Vertical Solid Shaft Motors (VSS) Be sure the motor is not running and the power supply is disconnected before working on the motor. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. >> They are not to be used to lift the motor plus additional equipment such as pumps, compressors or other driven equipment. 3 0 obj endobj They also include servomotors. AC Motors: Learn more . /Resources /Kids [4 0 R 5 0 R 6 0 R 7 0 R 8 0 R 9 0 R 10 0 R 11 0 R] (For 5KXXXX DTTXXXX Model Vertical Motors) > High Thrust Hollow and Solid Shaft Frames 213 - 449 NEMA Type P-Base Weather Protected Type - I Ball Type NRC (Non Reverse Coupling) & Bolted Coupling size="-2">. Operation Efficiency 20% average higher standard thrust GE high thrust vertical pump motors have, on average, 20% higher thrust and extended performance than any other similar product in the industry. >>] BCVB is reliable in adverse conditions (-50°C to +50°C), and operates under 0 to 20 mm of ice. Power Conversion. > NOTE: The bearing style number is on the motor nameplate. Prior to Initial Start Oil lubricated ball bearing machines must be mounted on a level surface to prevent leakage of oil to ensure the level indication will be correct. j uries. Products; Catalogs; News & Trends; Exhibitions; All GE Motors catalogs and technical brochures. As a result, motors in all deep well applications can be air-cooled with any bearing configuration. Type of Grease 3. We can supply new units to suit your needs, renewal parts to rejuvenate legacy motors, and recommended spares to keep on hand in the event of an unplanned outage. Insulation and windings 3. High voltage and rotating parts can cause serious or fatal in Avoid extended exposure in close proximity with high noise levels. Title: Microsoft Word - gek-95353.doc Created Date: 10/15/1999 11:34:59 AM A. x��}ۮe�u������4�[u��&11���A�sD�N�I���1ƜUk��c� ��r�������^����K�q�{�}�!�G�}~��bm�1��|����`��0n��{+p��Zn��{�|}����<7�� Refrigerator, Ranges user manuals, operating guides & specifications 91 Pages. >> A. /Length 9743 /Contents 16 0 R /TrimBox [9.0 0 603.0 792.0] The ValueLine product offering ranges from 5-300 HP and is compatible with a variable speed drive. GE Motors. The world’s best machinery is SKF Equipped Improve your product’s performance with SKF ® engineering and application knowledge, design and testing expertise, and a wide range of solutions. (b) A massive concrete foundation is preferred in order to minimize vibration. semi-magnetically by any one of the five most REMOVE all packing, bracing, or blocking commonstartlng methods, as requlred for apar- from all contacts on each devices wh_,ch isfor tlcular installation. /ProcSet [/PDF /ImageC /Text] Under conditions of extreme weather and moisture, additional protection, such as a pump house, is recommended; however, the free flow of air around the motor must not be obstructed. 5 The GE Zoneline ® Vertical Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner The GE Zoneline ® vertical air conditioner is available in 8,800 BTUH, 11,700 BTUH or 17,800 BTUH cooling capacity with either resistance heat, cool only or heat pump units with resistance heat backup. TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART Affected Parts Difficulty What to Check Windings Overheating Calibration of measuring instrument Օ Excessive load Unbalanced a-c current Օ Improper or restricted ventilation Excessive ambient temperature Օ Short circuited coil or windings Dirty windings Օ Unbalanced voltage Harmonics in power supply (variable frequency control) Bearings Overheating Օ Calibration of measuring instrument Worn out or dirty oil Օ Insufficient oil or grease Misalignment Օ Excessive thrust or radial loading Shaft currents Օ Improper end-play Bearing Housing Oil Leaks... Coupling Kit Packing List Item Quantity Coupling 1 Coupling Bolts 3 Coupling Lock Washers 3 Cover Plate 1 Cover Plate Bolts 5 Cover Plate Lock Washers 5 Steel Balls 10 Gib Key 1 Instructions 1 Bolt Torque Chart Frame Size Item Torque (Ft-Lbs) Torque (N-M) 210 5/16 - 18 UNC x 1-3/4 Coupling Bolt 17 23 250/280 3/8 - 16 UNC x 2-1/4 Coupling Bolt 30 41 210 thru 280 1/4 - 20 UNC x 1/2 Cover Plate Bolts 8 11 It shall be the installers responsibility in all cases to ascertain these torque values are used and maintained.

ge vertical motor manual

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