But there is something so nice about throwing it in wash and dryer. My goodness… I bought Cloudborn superwash yarn and the crochet stitches were tighter than what was projected on the pattern. Are there other great fibers that would work for me besides wearing a turtleneck under all my projects? I’m talking less about sock yarns and sock knitting, and more about using superwash yarns for knitting garments or accessories. IMore thought and swatching now imperative thanx!!! Shorter fibres have the tendency to create pills. And yes, dearies, there is always silk, and then linen, bamboo, cotton, hemp and other scrumptious fibers. I blamed the design, but this was unfair I realize. Thank you for this insight into super wash wool. Should say Tanis Fiber Arts. That cabled swatch is also flat and limp because that particular yarn is not spun tightly. I think the quality of the yarn can make a big difference in the feel and look of a final product. Why do we love them so much? I knit furiously, meaning that I am a fast and prolific knitter and that I swear loudly every time I drop a stitch. These articles are fascinating; opening up a new world of knowledge for me. That’s why it behaves more like acrylic and not like wool anymore; it’s essentially a mixed fiber. Imagine a game of Red Rover where the defending team stands shoulder to shoulder, but doesn’t hold hands. All about Knitting Needle Sizes (Hooray!). I don't notice any difference from regular wool. Mechanical? Oh, what a enlightening article! Purses, clothing patches, jackets, even pillows. What an interesting article! Basically, wool has something called scales that pop out whenever wool gets wet. Each strand of wool is covered in microscopic “scales”. It does become very soft though but I usually knit with it for that drape. That’s why you’re not going to see merino wool towels hit the market any time soon. Superwash wool was the answer to our desire to machine wash and dry our knits. A too-tight cast-on makes even the most beautiful pair of socks unwearable if you can't get it... Hello! I use crochet thread sometimes to support heavier yarns. They also work just fine for mitts & hats as long as you pay attention to your gauge. Purchasing is, at a very small level, voting with your money. Like the samples in the article above, you may find that the pattern looks baggy, stretched out, or loses the stitch definition in those projects. I also suggest that you investigate different breeds of sheep and keep experimenting with touching wool. I love malabrigo and I don’t want to stop knitting with it. If you’re choosing a pattern on Ravelry, I highly recommend looking through the projects people have made. Rarely does fresh superwash yarn look fuzzy. What has influenced your decision? Pilling has more to do with how tightly a yarn is spun, rather than superwash treatment. To Be or Not To Be a Hypocrite: American Superwash Wool https://www.pigeonroofstudios.com/from-the-studio/2017/9/5/superwash Maybe your “local shepherdess” ought to learn something about her industry before she mouths off. Is that a good combination? I love super wash yarns – some of the best ones feel like cotton without the stiffness. I do not care about washability, but it is more likely to be next to skin soft. Now, I am a yarn snob and want to use wool exclusively. Knit it too loosely, & yes, it will stretch. I am not a wool or yarn industry professional, not a chemical engineer, so I can’t speak with great authority about the environmental effects of superwash wool. Maybe you’ve heard that superwash wool is toxic and should be avoided at all costs. I contacted my local, much loved woollen mills (Bendigo Woollen Mills ) where I buy a lot of knitting yarn to use in my weaving projects. Though it may have started as this, superwash Merino has taken on a life of its own and is a mainstream fiber these … Having tested allergic to everything with fur or feathers, wool and hair included, I can nonetheless wear high quality merino next to my skin. The silky fiber and long hairs of alpaca wool limit pilling. I hesitate to make a blanket statement about the itchiness of superwash wool because much of the texture is determined by the diameter of the fiber, measured in microns. Without prior knowledge even researching the ‘ingredients’ isn’t easy. I struggle with deciding to knit with superwash. the wool itself does not come from China, but because of the rules of international trade its country of origin is listed as China if it has been spun, dyed, or superwash treated there. Together with woo/acrylic blends, they’re hard to beat for children’s & young adult gifts. I made a Boxy Pullover out of Superwash Malabrigo Rios and it seems to pill. Double whammy! The fibres will also be entangled because of curly fibre. So it is gonna get saggy and smelly. Is there any “best” way for changing threads (eg Russian join, knot) in superwash? Ready to knit from outside of the ball! Let’s go! One good thing, my LYS (Stars Hollow in New Preston, CT) has some superwash that is minimally processed and not coated in plastic. Expensive yes; but really soft. Just after I let a comment I went to malabrigo site to read about the yarns and I just saw that chunky is not really superwash! I also find it a little bit more fragile. They give wonderful drape, but the look of the quintessential snuggly woolen sweater still eludes me. Pilling depends on many factors including the action of the wearer - there is a greater chance of pilling generally if the wearer is more active, or whether the garment during wear constantly comes into contact with other surfaces that tend to cause abrasion, such as sitting for long periods at a desk. When you have a wool garment that pills, there are also several reasons why this happens. Shorter staple fibers tend to create a halo around yarn, which is quite beautiful, but encourages pilling … Isn’t there a test you can do with yarn samples that will identify plastic coatings on yarn, a burn test? Some people told me to knit the small instead of the medium and other people told me to keep the size but decrease the needles. It is your go to yarn if your punch needle project will get a lot of wear. Why does knitwear pill? This is such a good article! I’m surprised because it grows a lot! I wear it anyway even if it was more beautiful before. “coat the yarn to smooth it” isn’t fully addressed. Weight: Bulky (5) Contents: 100% Superwash Wool Skein Weight: 3.5 oz. If, however, I suggest to her I’d like to pet her in a way that works for many other cats I know, but not her, I find teeth and claws attached to my hand. I too fell to the color and washability. ), but at the same time, can affect the ability for those stitches to hold their shape, and – most frustratingly – shows off inconsistency (boo!). When you're knitting something that needs to stretch, you need the right stretchy cast-on to match. Most knitters who are not allergic or sensitive to wool love using that natural fiber for warmth, springiness, and great wearing in garments. (Many acrylics can pill, too.) Superwash yarns (mainly merino, but other superwash yarns, too) have properties that make a knitted fabric that is a little different from their non-superwash sisters. I have no other explanation for why something would feel soft in hand, but be unwearable on my neck or back. Should I use Superwash, wool blend, cotton? Felting is a natural but sometimes unwanted property of the wool fiber. Similarly, a medium-high wool content and an admonition to handwash only in cool water means that yarn will probably felt if you encourage it. Can you elucidate? The most common way to create a superwash yarn is to remove the scales and then coat the yarn to smooth it (more about this process in an upcoming post). But I still prefer good old wool. Most of the wool comes from China where they process it into superwash using toxic chemicals to remove the scales, and resins/ plastics to coat it. (And, as a plant comparison, linen is a general no-no for me for the same reason. No more superwash for me! Also, it seems to pill more. Check out the rest of the Cascade Yarns 220 Line for even more options!Available online only. Superwash wool is a special wool product that has been treated or processed in a way that allows it to be machine washable. I am terribly allergic to non-superwashed wool. I crochet. I think your confusion is merited, but what is not commonly understood is that not everyone who has a problem with wool is reacting to the lanolin (or chemicals used on commercial wool). Remove and smooth the scales, and the fibers have no natural way to grip each other. And pill. For me this shows up most when superwash yarns are wet. Author. Thanks for this but I am disheartened! the diameter of the fiber, measured in microns. Plastic washes out of fabrics right into our waste water that we will eventually drink. This post provides an overview of superwash wool and how to treat it, as well as a few things to consider before purchasing it. Any comments about this? The wind blows right through the fabric although it’s knit really tightly so I get cold. With wool, staple length varies greatly, which is why some wool pills much more than others (another factor is the crimp or straightness of the fiber). Sign up now to receive 10% off your next order in the MDK Shop! That said, the colors are so bright and alluring! Truly a machine-wash and machine-dry yarn, the 220 Superwash from Cascade is 220 yards of the softest Peruvian Highland wool for all your washable projects. When I study a yarn, I look and touch first, then I swatch. I’m so confused what yarn would work best. haven’t been able to for a long time. But choice is useful. Do I lie in bed at night feeling guilty about this? What do you look for if you don’t want yarn to pill? Oh wow how serendipitous this post was!!!! Superwash wool is a specially treated wool to prevent pilling and allow machine washing. This yarn does it all from baby blankets, every-day clothes, tough wearing kids' clothes, and also an incredible choice for afghans. I have heard recently that some people in the U.S. are making it using less toxic methods. The purpose of this post was the compile the information I’ve learned from various yarn, fiber, and knitting resources over the past few years. Eco-Concerns About Superwash Wool. Coating the yarn, like putting pomade on your hair, compresses and smoothes the fibers, making the yarn dense and even. They tend to be very silky and lovely to wear, although my experience was that they will pill. I was wondering the same… Gonna have to get myself some and find out…. I’ve spun wool, starting right from the sheep, and the lanolin makes my hands soft; they don’t break out. I have used two different brands of ‘eco-wash’ superwash wool, which uses a different process for neutralizing the scales on the fiber.

does superwash wool pill

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