Nikon must have changed the matrix formula at some point post D3, though. The lens lineup is only a problem for any system if it doesn’t contain what you need now – the speculation of what might come is a bad reason to buy any hardware. Thanks a lot!!! The rest of the time, I don’t see any clear advantage one way or another. But the 5DSR does not have a removed AA filter. Obviously I don’t know his testing methodology, but I just read a review [part one] by Ron Martinsen, a Canon shooter, and he says that the 5DS appears to be sharper than the 5DSR. No touch screen and no high resolution OLED. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The commercial side of my photography requires both studio and location work and whilst I currently use my 5DIII for natural light/editorial content and the 5DsR for studio or on location artificial lighting situation, I feel like am condemned having two different systems for those applications but perhaps I am mistaken. As this is one of, if not the main potential issue with the 5DSR, certainly compared with the 5DS and the Nikons I think perhaps a bit more work and testing would have been useful. Bottom line: the grass is always greener and all that…. (Canon 5DS, 50mm/1.8 STM, f/3.5 at 1/60 at ISO 100.) Showing off the talent/skill of a given photographer does not really make a casual shooter/camera consumer buy a camera. Thanks for the clarification. Here in there State of New South Wales, Australia where I live I’ve been a Nikon user for 30 years+ and have never had an issue with any Nikon I’ve had, from my old FG, Nikons 5, D100 right through to the D810.Service first class, quality 1st class. Most, if not all, of those expectations were for a completely new, larger … Final firmware Canon EOS 5DSR real-world samples posted Jun 23, 2015 Canon GPS receiver GP-E2 firmware 2.0 adds T6i/T6s (760D/750D) and … As Ming mentioned, great shots in camera ads are rarely seen. Using the Custom Controls screen you can swap them for Manual mode at least (and the same functionality is in the 1D X, 5D3, and 7D2 at least). In practice 36MP is noticeably more forgiving on glass than 50MP though. That is not their purpose. For many and unfortunately we have to buy the things to know if the overall needs are met and the camera actually delivers where we felt we missed a bit with the present. Agreed – right down to the fully

canon 5dsr long term review

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