Public consultation is open between 9 September and 9 November, 2020. The maps below outline the boundaries for all regional, district and city councils in New Zealand. has been disabled. Melbourne School Zones. In 2009, NZ data provider Koordinates, who offer a stunning array of geographic data to the New Zealand public for free, requested the boundaries for the suburbs and localities of New Zealand from the NZFS under OIA. The files contain the following geographic layers: meshblock (MB), area unit (AU), urban area (UA), territorial authorities (TA), regional council (RC), wards, General (GEDs07) and Māori (MEDs07) electoral districts. This is a a follow-up to my first Auckland Suburbs map. For years, the NZFS has refused to provide this data under any terms except a … It’s a bit of a posh suburb, with a mix of classic houses and modern establishments that are bound to keep you entertained for hours on end. Similarly, an application using various currently gazetted boundaries could suffer from the same update problem the NZFS purports to solve via their license. As a suburb guide, I have found 'Where to live in Auckland' to be very detailed and on the whole accurate. Henderson is a major suburb of West Auckland, in the North Island of New Zealand. ... Avondale and the country's most racially diverse suburb - … Carterton District Council. COVID-19 Alert Level 1 Visitors to our buildings should check in using the NZ COVID Tracer app or register manually. Suburb boundaries for New Auckland - Kirkwood and surrounding areas are available in maps with a written description in The data is maintained by the New Zealand Fire Service Commission (NZFSC) and has been the subject of one of the longest running OIA disputes in NZ. Many applications that should make use of suburb shapes — even simple ones that would never in their lives be used to determine the location for a callout (data visualisations, suburb selectors etc) — are not being made, or are being made with less useful units, because the barrier to obtaining this data is too high. The NZ Localities dataset will then be released through the Department of Internal Affairs website and will be available at no cost to the public (as per current access protocols) directly from NZFS under CC licensing.”. See his comment to this article for more details. The maps are generally based on officially gazetted suburb or locality boundaries. By not releasing the NZ Localities dataset, the New Zealand Fire Service is actively generating the conditions for this situation to re-occur, and on a much wider scale. New Zealand is losing out as a result. They are broadly grouped into the local government areas that existed from 1989 to 2010. .id community is an evidence-base for over 250 local government areas in Australia and New Zealand, helping you make informed decisions. - There were a few suburbs where Google Maps didn't show boundaries, but I thought they were important, so I tried to add them in using imprecise hand-drawn boundaries. LGC Ak D1 WaikatoWards type: pdf, size: 1.5 MB Auckland wards, local boards and boundaries. NZ Locality information is now available, for any address in New Zealand, publicly via the, Many areas in New Zealand publicly gazette their boundaries, for example. It's been a pleasure to see quizzes like those going popular. The only place in Auckland that would really count as dangerous is the seaward end of Queen Street and the seafront area, after about 10 o’clock at night, when there are drunk people inclined to get into fights. You can make your parcels work round you. Incorrectly specified suburbs or localities can come just as easily from the street address dataset as it could from boundaries — more so in fact since geocoding to an address is far more likely than checking boundaries. Please provide the boundaries of this suburb Yours faithfully, Luke----- North Island map; South Island map . has been disabled. Where this is the case, it is usually explained in the description. centre. The OIA was refused unless Koordinates were willing to agree to the license, a license which includes some key terms: The first point is the justification for the license. The area is a mere 10-minute distance from Auckland’s central business district, granting you easy access to all the best urban destinations. Papatoetoe is situated 5 km east of Māngere. Help | Contact us ; Accessibility | Privacy | Creative commons In 2016 Auckland Council recognised Hillpark as a Special Character Area. The maps are generally based on officially gazetted suburb or locality boundaries. You’re not allowed to provide the data to anyone else in any form that might possibly be reverse-engineered, unless they also agree to the same license.

auckland suburb boundaries

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