An Empirical Study on Employees’ Quality of Work Life: A Case Study of Bokaro Steel Plant an Integrated Unit of Steel … A study on the Quality of work Life of faculty members of Isfahan public universities. Keywords: quality of work life, bank, employee, commercial banks, Bangladesh. Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Work Life among employees MBA hr project refers to the level of satisfaction, motivation, involvement. The term Quality of Work Life (QWL) aims at changing the entire organizational climate by humanizing work, individualizing organizations and changing the structural and managerial systems. 2.The Principle of … Rochita Ganguly (2010) conducted study to know the well-being of employees. Objectives of the study t To assess the quality of work life and its dimensions. The intellectual pursuits have taken precedence over the … F. ESTHER VINCY Assistant Professor of Social Work, SDNB Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai. This research paper explores the quality of work life in private and public sector hospitals in vijayawada. Constructs of Quality of Work Life: A perspective of information and technology professionals. A Study on Quality of Work Life among Nurses Working In Private Hospitals an Thanjavur, Tamilnadu. A Study on Quality of Work Life among Employees. Women also experienced more work-life conflict than men. The specific objectives of this study are: to identify the relationship between QWL and employees satisfactions as well as QWL and organizational … The empirical base is formed by survey among the employees by taking a sample size of 120. The study suggests to the higher management that the banks should initiate and ensure a suitable quality of worklife for making this sector prospective and scrupulous. A Study On “quality Of Work Life Among The Employees” In Srf Ltd, Viralimalai . Quality of work life is a concept which talks about the overall focus on employee as a person rather than just the work done by him/her. Human resource management is concerned with human beings, who are the energetic elements of management. Rethinam, G.S., & Ismail, M. (2008). Better quality of work life improves the employee morale, commitment and interest towards their work. who struggle to maintain the balance between the work life, family life and social life, in particular when they need to work for long hours and at times hold second jobs [3]. The present era is an era of knowledge workers and the society in which we are living has come, to be known as knowledge society. Mrs.B.Renuka Devi, ... dedicated, and inspired employees. Quality of Work Life is becoming an increasingly popular concept in recent times. The success of any organization is highly dependent on how it attracts recruits, motivates and retains its workforce. It seeks to create such a culture of work … There was a weak positive relationship between work-life balance and commitment among employees because they were not satisfied with paternity leave, study leave, and part-time work. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 112 ( 2014 ) 24 – 34 1877-0428 2013 The Authors. Employees are the stimulus energy in every … Factors to be finding out on Quality of work life which affects the employee’s work-life and give solution to reduce absenteeism, labour turn over, less manpower cost and attrition in Information Technology companies. t To measure the inuence of selected variables on quality of work life. Farahbakhsh (2012) examined the role of emotional intelligence in increasing quality of work life in school principals. The paper aims to measure and identify the quality of work life among the employees at Metro Engineering. A Study on Quality of Work Life among Employees @article{P2017ASO, title={A Study on Quality of Work Life among Employees}, author={S. P. and Meharajan Thiruvannamalai}, journal={TIJ's Research Journal of Economics & Business Studies - RJEBS}, year={2017}, volume={7} } A Study On Factors Affecting Quality Of Work Life Among The Employees Of Cement Industry M.VETRIMANI Dr.K.KAVITHA MAHESWARI Assistant Professor, P.G & Research Dept. European Journal … Quality of Work Life: it’s Meaning and Definition! International Journal of Economics and Management, 5, 266-282. The study concluded that work-life balance policies did not influence employee … quality of work life lead to create motivation, loy-alty and flexibility in the workforce. II. Google Scholar It takes into consideration the socio-psychological needs of the employees. Toppo, G., & Yadav, P. (2012). In a study, Kumar & Rajaram (2012) indicated that there is a positive correlation between emotional intelligence and quality of work life of employees. Published by Elsevier Ltd. DATA COLLECTON QWL is a com-prehensive program designated to improve employee satisfaction. Quality of Work Life has always gained attention of the researchers all time, as both the words ‘Quality’ and ‘Worklife’ are necessary in the world and share a greater value to the institution. Knowledge and Research in Educational Sceinces, Winter 2007; 20(12):41-54. On an average we spent twelve hours daily life and it is the one third of our entire life. It is believed that they have a positive correlation but at times they are questioned because many factors affect their correlativity. quality of work life. Work-Life Quality — defined, as the balance between an employee’s work demands and outside interests or pressures — is a long-standing but ever-evolving area of corporate social responsibility. This study identifies factors that are associated with employees’ job satisfaction and Quality of Work Life of Dhaka Export Processing Zone for organizational performance. I. I. ntroduction uality of work life (henceforth … It basically talks about the methods in which an organisation can ensure the holistic well-being of an employee instead of just focusing on work … Improve work -life of the employees in Information Technology companies. Every organisation has the onus to improve the quality of work life of its employees, as this is related to the productivity of the organisation. Work is an integral part of everyday life, as it is our livelihood or career or business. This study therefore focussed on quality of work life in the service sector employees to recommend suggestions that could help in altering the life style. In other words, this study examines the reasons behind what employees perceive about high-quality working-life experiences employed by organizations in India. The empirical base is formed by survey among the employees by taking a sample size of 120. Corpus ID: 169431554. Job security and safety against occupational hazards is an essential precondition of humanisation of work. and commitment individuals experience with respect to their lives at work. The results All these factors are crucial for competitiveness of organizations and also quality of work life lead to reduce absenteeism, turnover rates of employees and increase their job sat-isfaction. quality work life among women employees V. Conclusion The result of this study concluded that there is an impact of stress on Quality work life among women employees. Quality of work life among sugar mill employees–A study in Tamilnadu the quality of work life of sugar mill employees. Among different specialties in health care settings, nurses have a major share among other health care providers. of this study, based on Sirgy et al.’s definition (2001), the quality of work-life is defined as “not only employees’ opinions, attitudes and expectations about their job but also interpretation of all conditions and satisfaction of employees’ needs by the employees as well Zenith International Journal of Business Economics & Management Research, 1(3), 89 – 96. The researcher has to highlight the factors on working conditions, work stress, job satisfaction, organizational climate and staff … In order to improve quality of work life, various coping techniques have been suggested to upgrade the employee’s attitude towards their job and the working environment in the organization. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): This descriptive study is an attempt to know about the quality of work life among theemployees of Dalmia cements, Ariyalur, Tamil nadu. In this study we have surveyed 70 employees … It is found that marital status of the women employees towards “Lack of recognition in your organization” ( f = 2.710, p = 0.048) is statistically significant … A Study on Nature of the Company and Quality of Work Life among Non- Managerial Employees’ Dr. A.S Ambily Assistant Professor, Commerce & Management, Amrita School of Arts & Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University , Kochi, India. banks’ employees. Comparative analysis of quality of work life in public sector and private sector banks by Anitha and Subba Rao (1998)revealed that quality of work life for employees of both the sectors differ on economic and HRD aspects, whereas they had the same degree of agreement in all other aspects of quality of work life. A high quality of work life (QWL) is essential for organizations to continue to attract and retain employees. A Study on Quality of Work Life among Employees in Cairo Amman Bank Basman Al Dalayeen Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Ma’an, Jordan Abstract Employees are considered to be the soft assets and hidden value of a company. Quality of work life means “the degreeto which members of a work organization are able to satisfy important … Questionnaire on Quality of Work Life of Employees - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Full project reports and scope of emotional intelligence and work Quality of Work personal needs while … A business enterprise is an organisation created to … Some organizations view QWL as important, but do not formally link it to their strategic or business plans. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of Cognitive-counselling, research and conference services (c-crcs). The paper aims to measure and identify the quality of work life among the employees at Metro Engineering. An Empirical Study on the Employee Perception on Work-Life Balance in Hotel Industry with Special Reference to Odisha Dr. Kalyani Mohanty1 & Sasmita Mohanty2 Abstract Work Life Balance has become the buzz word in contemporary economic world as employees in industries are facing lot of pressure from work … doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2014.01.1136 ScienceDirect The Effect of Quality of Work Life (QWL) Programs on Quality of Life (QOL) Among Employees … Research on quality of work life is considered to be more important at the individual and … A STUDY ON QUALITY OF WORK LIFE AMONG EMPLOYEES IN MSMEs WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO TRICHY AND TANJORE DISTRICTS SYNOPSIS In the world, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have been accepted as the heart beat of economic growth and for promoting equitable enhancement of work life of the employees. Quality of work life cannot be improved until employees are relieved of the anxiety, fear and loss of future employment. The factors include personal data, Information about the job, organizational work life, job vs. personal life. The factors include personal data, Information about This study aims to fill the niche by studying the perceptions of employees for quality of working life experiences. Abstract. The working conditions must be safe and fear of economic want should be eliminated. The aim of this study is to identify the quality of work life of nurses and para-medical staff. Quality of Work Life among Male and Female Employees of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh. Questionnaire on Quality of Work Life of Employees This study is made attempt to analyses the “Quality of work life among employees”.

a study on quality of work life among the employees

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