Discover (and save!) Other Name(s): Frake. Also called White or Black Limba, this exotic wood comes from a large African tree. It has also been reported that the Korina name was not a Gibson creation. Family: Combretaceae. Common Name(s): Limba, Black Limba, White Limba, Korina, Afara. Thicknesses. Black limba indicates veneer was chosen from the darker heartwood of the tree, typically reddish brown with ranging degrees of irregular black stripes and is somewhat rarer than white limba, which is cut from the lighter sapwood of the same tree. The wood is black with contrasty stripes, often marbled. The heartwood will sometimes have nearly black markings that produced an attractive figure. We are proud to see Americans coming together with a common goal to combat this virus and thwart its adverse effects on our economy. White Limba’s heartwood is a light yellowish to golden brown, sometimes with gray to nearly black streaks and veins, darkening with age. Thicknesses. The Wood Veneer Hub caters for all your woodworking requirements. White Limba (Terminalia superba) Common Names: Limba, White Limba, Korina, Afara . Now on sale for $2.00 per square foot. Wood Veneer Description Sourced from both Eastern USA and Canada, the wood is a creamy white with a reddish tinge, sometimes with a dark brown hear... View Full Details from £11.90 Grain is straight to slightly interlocked; … We typically have both black and white Limba. Via Caduti del Lavoro 9. Scientific Name: Terminalia superba. Limba ( White ) Trade Names: Limba, Afara, Egoin, Frake, Ofram; Similar woods: Koto; Origin: Africa; Range: Limba is found in the West African rain forests on the Guinea coast. Limba from the Congo has the desired light yellow color, whereas the wood from the Ivory Coast can be brown to black in color. Very smooth surfaces can be achieved by using carbide-tipped tools. White Limba’s heartwood is a light yellowish to golden brown, sometimes with gray to nearly black streaks and veins, darkening with age. COPYRIGHT © 2020 OHC. Occurs in India through Burma to Thailand and Vietnam. This wood veneer is 6.75 inches x 46.25 inches. Random Widths You will cut and/or glue to create the sizes you need. - VENEER EDGES - TEXTURE - HERITAGE ... White Limba Terminalia superba. Born in Missouri, Bob has lived in Kansas for the last 52 years. Application. Buy low price Veneer Wood (Frake, Limba, Black Limba, White Limba, Korina, Afara, Limbo) in __AREA_CODE__, Douala. If the project calls for high figure or contrast than this is a great choice. Color tends to darken with age. Indigenous to The wood can only be worked with difficulty due to the interlocking grain. 9/4. White Limba (Terminalia superba). 212.727.8555 The wood has a slightly oily surface. The grain var­ies from straight to irregular and inerlocked. MegaMenu. Limba can be easily and cleanly machined by all usual wood working methods. Also used in furniture production, for painted doors and for moldings. The figured (or flamed) heartwood is very valuable in veneer form where it is used architecturally worldwide. Hence, we bring in sawn lumber boards as close to veneer quality as possible. Mineral deposits in the wood have a severe dulling effect on tools. Quartered Limba Plywood Veneer Description: Pale yellow to light brown plywood. your own Pins on Pinterest The heart wood often has a silky sheen. Gibson Guitars plucked this specie from relative obscurity and re-branded it Korina wood. Latin name: Terminalia superba; Fam. Janka Hardness: 670 lb f. Density: 2.9 lb./b.f. Appearance: White Limba is uniformly creamy pale yellow and has a satiny luster. The color varies greatly by region. White Limba: White Limba (Click on an Item Photo for the net sizes) DESCRIPTION: The wood ranges in color from a pale cream to a yellowish-brown or straw color with the sapwood & heartwood very similar. Botanical Name: (Terminalia superba) COMMON NAMES: generally known in the US as afara, korina, white limba, and black limba. As a general rule machining Teak wood presents no problems. Due to the heavy demand in the sixties, seventies and eighties the forest stands were heavily exploited which has had a strong negative effect on the quality today. Limba is a favorite wood for the production of plywood, sliced and peeled veneer. Regardless of its true origin, Gibson popularized the Korina name. Order online today! Applications. Common Names: Limba, White Limba, Korina, Afara Distribution: Western Tropical Africa Color/Appearance: Plain unfigured wood. - VENEER EDGES - TEXTURE ... White Limba Terminalia superba. Since Macassar is prone to checking it should be dried very slowly and carefully. Light. The tree is distributed most frequently in the Congo. Abachi Solid Abachi Veneer Imbuya Solid Imbuya Veneer Chacate Solid Chacate Veneer Limba Solid Limba Veneer Bubinga Solid Bubinga Veneer Tindalo Solid Tindalo Veneer Abura Solid Abura Veneer Panga Solid Panga Veneer Gingko Solid (doubleface) Gingko Veneer (doubleface) Find your dealer. Although veneer is often labeled white or black limba, there is really just one limba tree. Best known countries for high quality logs are Burma and Thailand. MegaMenu. The wood has to be dried slowly and carefully but no particular problems are involved. Density: Average reported specific gravity is 0.45(ovendry weight/green volume), equal to an air-dried weight of 34 pcf. Limba is the dominating species of wood in the Belgian Congo and is exported from there in significant quantities. Frake natural wood veneer sheets for sale. Our shop not only offers diversity and quality, but also the unique opportunity to view the individual characteristics of every veneer bundle on screen. Rather, the name was already being used for a type of plywood with a limba face veneer.
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