He will receive NT$430 in refund. 3. A: The 3 Day Pass is available for 3 consecutive days. [Calculation: NT$1280 – $180 (Day 1) – $130 x 5 days (from June 2 through 6) – $20 (handling fee)]. For callers in Taipei City please dial 1999(Chinese) for the Citizen Hotline;For callers outside of Taipei City, please dial +886-2-27208889-ext, Service Time: Mon. Fares for the metro in Taipei are based on the distance you travel. Incense-veiled temples with exquisite carvings and paintings dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly in streets of the modern city. From the Taipei Main Station, walk to the Airport MRT station. After the expiration date, the card holder can either (1) purchase the pass again at a later date, or (2) purchase the pass at the add-value machine or information counter at any MRT Station starting 10 days before the expiration date to ensure uninterrupted service. * Get one month free A single person estimated monthly costs are 993.75$ (28,340.18NT$) without rent. The Taipei Easycard, or 悠遊卡 (Yōuyóu kǎ), allows passengers to conveniently ride the Taipei MRT or bus systems without the need to constantly search for loose change. The further the distance, the more expensive it gets. Source. For All Pass card holder who needs to hire YouBike, the specific EasyCard used for the All Pass must be added to the list of EasyCards under the card holder’s EasyBike account to activate the card. The cheapest price for a one-way ticket is 20NT$ and it goes all the way up to 65NT$.In all the stations, you’ll find machines where you can purchase single-trip tickets. Taipei Transit Latest Related Tags: Taipei MRT, Taipei Metro, Taipei Transit, Monthly Transit Pass, public transportation, Taiwan Level Contributor . Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je and New Taipei Mayor Eric Chu announced in April 2018 that their city would start issuing monthly tickets within a 30-day period allowing unlimited MRT rides, city buses at YouBikes. Taipei Fun Pass includes tickets to 25 top tourist attractions such as the Taipei 101 Observatory and the National Palace Museum. EasyCard is used for all forms of public transportation whereas Taipei Pass is used in Taipei MRT and Taipei City buses. A: Please present your redemption code and passport when you redeem the ticket. Ajeet M. Taipei, Taiwan. Q: Is the pass consecutive or flexible? After the expiration date of the All Pass, the EasyCard reverts to a standard EasyCard with all fare and purchase deduction conducted accordingly. For our 3rd day, we had a quick breakfast and left the hotel … On the second day, I plan to visit places out of Taipei so the unlimited pass does not apply, So Taiwan DIY is right ! The travel pass serves the first impression of the trip and also commemorates the end of the journey. These estimates are based on data that may have some inconsistencies at the moment. Open Government Declaration News. Most forumers have been happy using the EasyCard. Example: Tom bought an All Pass and activated the card on June 10. All good things must come to an end and now it’s time to go home. Yehliu Geopark and Yuming Museum. In New Taipei City we got a shared apartment, much larger than a studio, for NT$11,918 ($388 USD) per month. Copyright 2004-2010 Taipei City Government Eat, save, and support restaurants Get unlimited free delivery with a free month of Eats Pass. Taipei Pass is also usable to take the metro and the city buses. All rights reserved, Best viewed with IE10.0+ ‧ Google Chrome ‧ Firefox at a screen display resolution of 1024x768 or higher, Recreating Tokyo Christmas Scenes at the 2020 Taipei Exit Music Festival, 2020 Guandu International Nature Art Festival: Seeking out the Natural Treasures of the Wetland, 2020 Taipei Popular Attractions, Restaurants, Easy Cycling Tour along Taipei’s Riverside Bikeway, Perfectly Taipei - 25 Must-See City Highlights, VAT Refund Guidelines for Foreign Travelers. 8,232 posts. The handling fee for refund is NT$20. The service is not available for All Pass linked to non-name-registered cards or non-name-registered Co-branded EasyCards. Address: 11008, 4F, No.1, City Hall Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Customers who bought All Pass are reminded to activate their pass within 30 days of purchase through any of the aforementioned ways. ~ Fri. 08:30-12:30, 13:30-17:30, Security Policy For holders of multiple EasyCards who isn’t sure which one was used for the All Pass purchase, please visit the nearest MRT station to utilize the fare query machines or ask station personnel for assistance. Join for unlimited access to local restaurants with $0 Delivery Fee & 5% off orders of $15+; 1st month is free, then it’s $9.99/month. News. The All Pass can only be used by a single user per trip.
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