After that we fought the Mexican and US government for about 40 years. He died in 1909 of pneumonia after falling off of a horse and laying all night in the cold before being discovered. Shop for the best selection of Geronimo wall art online! Juan Medina Provencio, Jose F C Medina, Santos Medina, Jose Mariano Medina, Antonio Maria Medina, All these grandfathers are Lipan / Mescalero / Yaqui from Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico. They say so in in their own words, if they had Mexican fathers they must have hated them. Owen Geronimo is an accomplished artist and photographer in his own right. He was 77 years old. HOLGUIN DIAZ WAS THE LAST NAME OF MY GREATGRANDMOTHER, Timmy, I see Victorio mentioned several times…apparently there is lots of truths in our combined stories…who knows….at any rate…what a wonderful collection of people who can give you their pasts…ps..I do think Mexicans were despised…they were rogues of the deserts..involving slave trade…if I were you, I woud present these as a Story..a Story of a true Warrior, Medicine man and Showman…. If possible I would like some answers. The exhibition will open with an artist’s reception in the gallery on Saturday, Aug. 25 from 6 … ジェロニモ(Geronimo、本名:Goyathlay、1829年 6月16日 - 1909年 2月17日)はアメリカインディアン、アパッチ族のシャーマン、対白人抵抗戦である「アパッチ戦争」に身を投じた戦士。 なお、部族の酋長と誤解されている例も多いが、実際は酋長ではなく部族の「指導者」でもない。 So the Spaniards started feeding the Apache to keep them off the war path. Thank you and be well, all. Robert was born in August 1889 and didn’t die until in October of 1966 on the Apache Mescaloro Indian Reservation in Otero, New Mexico. Hats off to you and the amazing Native American heritage you have descended from! Arnold - at My mother resembles him very much. He was an art curator that represented numerous international artists in the the past ten years. Skip to main content 0 $ 0.00 Products All Original Art Graphic Novels & Books Statues & … I look forward to speaking with you live if you don’t mind, after I have more info from my friend’s family. Thank you so much for your time. It was taken in 1963 near the Apache Summit, which is just west of Ruidoso in the Mescalero reservation. My name is Robert Geronimo. Subscribers may view the full text of this article in its original form through TimesMachine. John – thanks for the reply. Robert Geronimo, descendant of the world-renowned leader of the Bedonkohe tribe of Apaches of the 1800s. A Plea for Separate Schools. While this is very interesting there are always exceptions to the rules. When I get a couple extra bucks I will send my DNA to FamilyTree and we can compare. I remember him being very cordial to me and I always greatly looked forward to when we would visit. 18 Ibid. Very important that we remember who we descended from and honor that legacy in our path to the future. So, I vividly remember it, always. This didn’t surprise me one bit, and I had to wonder if he was indeed related to the infamous Geronimo. However, we will never know all the details. Only the female can pass this on to her offspring. Amelia County, VA Tithables 1737-1739 Indians, Fincastle Co., VA 1773 Delinquent Tax List, Department of Interior, Indian Affairs, Hiring a Genealogist, Virginia Governor Spotswood’s Letter Regarding the Tuscarora War, Antiquities of the Southern Indians, Particularly of the Georgia Tribes, Norfolk County, Virginia Indians on 1851 Free Negro Register, Norfolk County Virginia Indian Certificates, Some Native Americans Had Oceanic Ancestors, Among the Cherokee in Flint District in 1872, Are You Native? Michael Gallegos. Pero need to talk to my anty on the names and I will tell you later but if you come to the four corners in new mexico let me know if I go to CA I let you know I jot family in Atwater CA. Da go te Mija, it is awesome to see you have an interest in your heritage. “Robert Utley is an accomplished and meticulous historian, with a solid grasp of the history of the American West. Anyway I have a photo of my mom and she’s the spitting image of Geronimo, the photo above of him kneeling with a rifle. My mother was told by her grandmother that Geronimo was her father or grandfather, I can’t remember which my mom said. Genealogy profile for Robert Geronimo Robert Geronimo (1889 - 1966) - Genealogy Genealogy for Robert Geronimo (1889 - 1966) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. I am seeking information about my family history and I know that I am Apache Indian and that there is a connection to the area that was connected to Geronimo. If Robert could speak with his famous ancestor, he’d tell him: “Be proud, we’re still here, we’re not gone, we’re still alive and doing decently well.” At 21, Hope Geronimo (Robert’s niece) is the youngest medicine woman among all Late in life, he became somewhat of a celebrity, appearing in fairs and such, including the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair and in 1905 rode in President Theodore Roosevelt’s inauguration parade, but was never allowed to return to his home land. Native American Haplogroup X2a – Solutrean, Hebrew or Beringian? Just information for everyone. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This is the reason for the 300 year war that the Apaches, Yaquis, Hicholes waged against the Spanish. Some people objected, but I’m thinking Geronimo would have been proud of those brave soldiers. Very important because you carry the Chiricahua / Mescalero Birth rite because you are female. I always treasured that meeting with him. They claim that Geronimo’s father was Spanish or Mexican, who was married to an Apache woman who had several other children. He became the war chief of the Chiricahua Apache and was notorious for urging raids on the Mexicans and later against the Americans occupying the Apache territory. Viva Los Apaches !!!! These beautiful graphic novels and comic books would make a perfect fit on any art lover’s coffee table or wall. My great great grandmother was flavia holguin. I am told that my maternal grandfather’s grandmother (my great great grandmother) was Geronimo’s daughter. He said to her that there were only two things that he would like to do before he died, be in Arizona at the time of his death, and to kill John Horton Slaughter.18 Hi All! I have never heard of Facundo Ortega, if he is Apache and Chiricahua then he is definitely my family. There was a book compiled at the request of the government on the whereabouts of the Ft. Sill Apaches that were prisoners of war. Showed me a photo of him as a baby next to others and horses. Geronimo Mark (Texas, 20th century) The Duchess of Canyon Road, 1995 Acrylic painting on canvas Signed to lower left Artist, title, date, location inscribed to verso Please note, this is an item that may be especially difficult to This photograph was taken in 1898 of Geronimo by Frank Rinehart. Not talking about the people being trash but the way of life or death, or their philosophy of life was diametrically opposed to the Native ways. no i had just got out of boot camp and $$$ was at a premium for me. When the woman died, a band of Apache showed up to claim the kids; there was a fight. . “Geronimo!”  That’s what we yelled as kids just as we lept off the roof of the porch, or off of the hayloft into the hay. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. After an attack in 1858 by Mexican soldiers on undefended women while the men were in town trading that killed his mother, wife and all 3 of his children, he joined revenge attacks on the Mexicans. Thank you for that info. Choose your favorite san geronimo designs and purchase them as wall ( Log Out /  Thank you. Drew Gardner 19 of 39 Charles Dickens — author of A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, and . Thank you. He was born August 11, 1931 at Mescalero and … Indeed, this Robert Geronimo appears to be the son of Geronimo, according to several Rootsweb trees and other documentation. Find art you love and shop high-quality art prints, photographs, framed artworks and posters at
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