mixture of cremini and button mushrooms or Wild blend cleaned, 2 whole egg yolks, whipped with 1 tbsp. Beat the egg with a little water and moisten the edges of the pastry. Using Dijon mustard to tenderize and marinate provides the dish with the perfect kick to the beef… By adding a bit of oil with some vinegar to taste, you have an immediate, robust mushroom vinaigrette. Present it on a platter and slice it at the table. Make a big deal of it just as you would a Thanksgiving turkey! In The Meantime, reheat the red wine sauce an accompaniment for beef wellington. Deglaze with red wine and cook until reduced by two thirds. Lay a large sheet of film on a work surface, place four slices of prosciutto di parma ham in the center, and overlap each piece slightly, creating a square. Cook's Illustrated has one with their Beef Wellington recipe which is more complicated than I want to prepare given all of the other dishes I am cooking that night. Cover and allow the beef to rest at least 15 mins before slicing and serving. Using the film, roll the prosciutto ham on top of the beef, roll, and tie the film tightly and evenly on each end shaped like a thick log. Now Cut the puff pastry in half, Put on a floured surface, then roll all the piece into a large rectangle enclosed one of the tender beef fillets then place in the refrigerator to chill. Now season the beef tenders to taste with salt and pepper, then put the tenders on top of the mushroom (duxelles) covered prosciutto ham. However when it was done cooking the bottom was super soggy. This post may contain affiliate links. Deglaze with red wine and cook until reduced by two thirds. I hope you’re feeling fancy, because Beef Wellington is a dish meant for celebrating. Remove the tenderloin to a plate and remove the string. Straining the liquid through a fine sieve that is lined with muslin. water with a pinch of salt, 2 tsp. Join the What Should I Make For... Community to learn what to cook to when to achieve a happier, more balanced life. Sauté 250g sliced shallots in a medium saucepan with 4 tbsp olive oil over a high heat for about 3 … Some dishes never go out of style and we can and should still be making and celebrating them. Gordon Ramsay adapts the traditional Beef Wellington recipe with his faithful cast iron skillet by searing, gives the beef fillet color, depth, and flavor. Return the sauce to the pan and swirl in the cold butter one pat at a time. 8. Your email address will not be published. Allow your guests to choose their slice (the ends with be more well done than the center) and marvel at your skills. Add 1/4 cup of duxelles to gnocchi to create mushroom dumplings. The Spread about half the mushroom mixture (duxelles) equally over the prosciutto ham. Update Notes: This post was originally published in December 2017 but was republished with tips and step by step photos in December 2019. Cooking for me has always been an "art" infused in traditions. Hell’s Kitchen is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Shape each beef fillet tender piece by tightly wrapping with three layers of film, place wrapped beef in the refrigerator overnight, or 24 hours. The Beef Wellington crust is shiny and golden and when you slice into it you’ll find a tender, juicy, perfectly mid-rare piece of beef. Allow the Beef Wellington to rest before slicing. Roll out one sheet of thawed puff pastry to make sure it will fully encase the tenderloin. Add the stock and continue to cook for another five minutes. Thaw the sheet of puff pastry until pliable and then roll it out on a lightly floured surface. If we eat first with our eyes, then your baby blues are in for a feast. He adds Layers of prosciutto DiParma ham, delicious chive crepe, a duxelles, a mushroom mixture, and a light puff pastry. Cook for about 5 mins over medium heat until soft and golden. Meanwhile, make the red wine sauce. Now Pour in the vinegar and let it boil for a couple of mins until nearly dry. Next comes a layer of prosciutto (to prevent a soggy crust) and finally the puff pastry is sealed around all that goodness and brushed with egg wash. Return the sauce to the pan over medium heat. After mix in the sliced shallots and peppercorns, thyme, bay leaf, and continue cooking for additional 5 minutes, stirring them frequently until the shallots turn a golden brown color.
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