A show intro is important because it sets the tone of your podcast and becomes your audio brand. Enlarge this image. LA Johnson/NPR ... Let's take a look at the script of an audio segment. Try and limit technical terms that the average joe might not know (if you do, explain them briefly). Let them know your name, and any relevant accomplishments that may help establish your credibility. For example, replace words like “do not” and “there is” with “don’t” and “there’s”. Included are demos from 10 different awesome podcasts. Ready to Write a Podcast Script? Step 1.) Learn 11 potential elements of an opening/intro, examples, and suggestions for an effective opening. Follow that up by a brief introduction. Podcast Examples. But avoid doing a deep … After your 4 subtopics, have another music transition before your conclusion. • Today we’ll talk about an important school announcement, the Grade 3 students will share some interesting space facts and we’ll have our joke of the day. Subtopic 5. 50% 5/5. I’m Katie and I’m joined today by Matthew from 4 G and Sarah from 3S. Notice how they state the name of the show, the series it’s part of, and the date because the topic is time-relative. Like the audio version of McDonald’s Golden Arches or Apple’s partially ingested apple. A podcast description is like a book jacket. Name: ... Then the introduction and fade that out to some more music before your 4 subtopics. Here’s VOLUME 1 of Podcast Intro Examples. Always write a podcast script with the thought of speaking naturally and with a good flow in mind. Feel free to modify our scirpt and use it for yourself. Enter your name and email address below to learn “7 Ways to Get More Podcast Reviews” FREE! Podcast Sample Script Intro • You’re listening to the Greenview Primary School podcast and this is episode 12. I share eleven potential elements of an opening/intro, examples, and my suggestions for an effective podcast opening. Here’s a sample of a great podcast intro. Podcasts mentioned in this video (all podcast intro examples included): 00:13 Crank It Up! Podcast – Script. A Brief Introduction Welcome the listener to your new podcast and thank them for tuning in. Have your conclusion and at least 5 seconds of music before ending your podcast. Sample Intro Podcast Script. Podcast intro and outro script sample. They also introduce topic and the episode’s speaker, which means they record a unique intro for each episode. It’s what people read after the name of your show has drawn them in but before they decide to start reading. Here's one from the NPR Training team featuring a … When consumers see those logos they immediately ‘feel’ something and the same thing happens when listeners hear your show intro. Hi, my name is Lily Turner and welcome to ‘Talks with Turner.’ Today on our show, I am joined by Pete Saver, who will be my awesome co-host today as we talk about our favorite movies, the best costume party ideas of the year and later on we have a special guest – I don’t want to give it away, but she is a very famous model who is known for her costume parties.
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