Constant jams. What’s the point? If you think everything would turn ugly for you always you should not even handle a gun. He bought 2 Para’s for himself when the hi-cap 45 was the rage. Very fine carry pieces. PRE-BLK FRI. DEALS: BENCHMADE, SPYDERCO, WE, BUCK, ZT, KIZER & MORE! That’s customer service! I’ve always heard good things about Para but my own experience with them fell short of the mark. Mechanical defects should not pop up. But circumstances necessitate a deeper dive into the Black Ops, one that will questions the construction of some of these component parts. Neither of his pistols ever functioned properly, even after several trips back to the factory. Well, guess I will have a collector gun now. I bought my Expert two years ago. Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Spyderco Para 3. Thankfully still lots of 1911 choices. I picked up a S/S P14/45 Limited about 10-12 yrs ago for $700 w/1 mag. My minor problems have been with magazines – finding them, that is. I was visiting a high-end 1911 maker last week, for example, that still has one smith make one gun, start to finish. Who would spend 1500 bucks gunsmithing on a weapon that they could sell and buy another brand for the same 1500. That doesn’t inspire confidence. Even Mr. Midway USA Larry Poterfield who has several custom rifles on the 700 platform knew of the problem and in one of his videos about building an Africa Rifle said just buy a replacement trigger and problem solved. they own, I hate to see a company go down to them. My first Colt 1911 (made in late 1911 or early 1912, and frame-stamped “United States Property”) I still have, but replaced the slide years ago with a brand-new “series 70” slide along with a custom bushing and S&W “K-frame” revolver sights low-mounted on the rear of the slide. Go Para! What’s the point? In 2009, Para USA began domestic production in North Carolina. My personnel experience with two of them made me never want to buy another one. Is the Spyderco Tenacious Worth It in 2019? : If you have a backhoe…you don’t need to call the cops. Order yours today with our always free shipping. I’ve got mixed emotions about the way corporate conglomerates gobble up smaller companies. There is even a video I watched with one of the original engineers reported the problem to Remington with a fix for it that cost $5 and this was in the 700’s second or third year in production. Yes, they are a bit heavy but recoil management as a result is a breeze. While still made from hardy CPM S30V steel, it's now a much more compact at 2.95”. Finally, I polished the disconnector and changed my lube habits and the problem has all but disappeared; by the time I did this I have put about 1500 rounds through the gun. I acquired Wilson Combat recoil springs in 10lb, 12lb, 14lb and 18lb and installed a full length guide rod. Its compression lock mechanism is embedded into the handles to cut down weight, making the Para 3 even friendlier on the pockets. Instead Para took several months to fix the issue and returned the gun to me which was worth significantly less because it had already been sent away for repairs. I am getting on the bandwagon a little late I guess. −Updates policy for loss of a rating official or rated Soldier for NCOs (Para 2-19b). Still, when I asked for a new safety so I could continue the review, I had to wait a while. The Para 3 has a blade length of just about 3”, with a cutting edge of 2 5/8”, an overall length of 7 1/8”, and a weight of 3.37 oz. Done. My customized LTC was stolen in Fife, Washington by the Gun Show Bandit, but you can read about this weasel on your own. It is made in Golden, CO, and is the first SpydercoI’ve handled that was produced in their new facility. You want a 1911 that runs reliably, every single time? I have many mixed feelings about PARA. That sort of explains the reason the lineup got smaller or more limited. It's now much shorter at 4.29” long, but still retains its ergonomic shape for a full grip. I used to have a Light Double Action (LDA) Tac-Four (.45) with double stack magazine. Also, know a little dirt on the company that must remain silent. Lived my Spanish Star PD’s, but for a crappy surface finish which caused the feed ramps to develop grooves in them, so after shooting out a couple of Star PD’s, I switched to Colts years ago. I have had mine for the last 10 or 12 years now not one problem!!! This is what’s wrong with corporate culture. I regularly shot golf balls on top of IBC root beer bottles ever 5-6 weeks, and I always did 3 rds out per ball & bottle, mag change, and repeat. I’m not here to smash and bash any MFGR but I can tell you that I’ve had brand new pistols come in from the distributer/factory that were junk out of the box. About ten tears ago was at Ace Sporting Goods, went to check out a Para-1911 , it seemed ok, went and dropped the magazine, it took me , te clerk and finally the gun smith to get the magazine back up the well and locked into place. The gun integrates a lot of features I consider mandatory for a defensive carry gun. I also have the double action companion. I purchased the iconic para 3 after the sweet reviews on this knife. It hits below the magic EDC number of 3” that lets it fall under most knife laws. Goodbye Para and sorry to see you go! Eats any ammo I run, has never jammed, and is very very accurate. Second range trip-same story. I love my Para’s. The frame and slide are both stainless steel. ), and the ambi safety seems to be connected to the primary with a plastic shaft that torques before moving it. Yes, I spilled coffee on the targets on the way to the range. Next post: Have You Joined the ‘Fight the Noise’ Movement? It is the smoothest double action I have experienced, short of a custom trigger job on a revolver. The gun also has a full-length steel guide rod. Looks like Remington will need some more pages in their catalog. The fit/finish is flawless and I have put over 2000 rounds through it with 0 failures. These are very low S/N, so I attributed the problem to early corporate teething issues, but apparently even later guns had same issue. This is the only issue I’ve experienced in all the time I’ve owned and used them. A rifle trigger, even an out sourced replacement would not cost more than $20-30 in volume. I have countless rounds through it. I was a gun dealer for years in Alaska and my best friend is still a dealer. Why do you think we have the right to bare arms! Are you interested? I have a 2004 Canadian-made Hi-cap Warthog that I love. The cost to build this still ugly beast… $2500.00. I thought about it and declined. I guess I have been very lucky. Their customer service was horrible, and on the 2 occasions I have had to deal with them on behalf of a client (with 2 different representatives), they were rude, arrogant, uncompromising and disrespectful. Don’t ever ever ever make the mistake of thinking you matter. These aren’t titanium framed guns, they don’t have Damascus slides, and they’ve never worn unicorn horn grips. I don’t care how many of them are out there, working fine and dandy—I won’t trust my life to a part that I know may break this easily. a round, It left the factory this way. Plus a $100.00 rebate, to boot. I have a P-14 signature series and a customized P-13, both double stack. When I I have an old MegaStar that has everything you need on a firearm and is reliable. Guys who own other Paras said they’re surprised at the poor quality. Then probably ignore it cause that’s our culture. The quality of the gun is impressive out of the box; so I may just keep it brand new in the case as a collector piece. It has a neutral cant, which is my preference, and can fit a belt 1.25 to 1.5 inches in width. I have owned 2; the first is a P-14 built from one of the early kits, which, after another $1,500 worth of gun smithing, now works fine. After he’d gotten the gun back into working order, he hit the ambidextrous safety from the ambidextrous side and it sheered off. My Para runs flawlessly, has never failed to feed or eject. I love innovation. At work bench, manually cycled the mechanism with full mags to break in the mechanism many, many times. Thank you for your contribution. However its now a precious family heirloom that will be in my family for generations, and prized. The barrel is ramped, which is supposed to help with feeding hollow points. Happy I bought when I did. I own the para ordinance black ops 8rd single stack and the only time it hangs up is when it needs cleaning but when properly clean it will cycle anything even dummy training rounds. I was going to buy a Para (on my email wish list) but probably avoid now for lack of confidence. I hope I don’t experience the problems Mr. Higginbotham did. One fell out while being fired. It’ll take a lot for me to look at one of their products again. Para from Canada were the best out of the box 1911’s . The stainless gun has had some peeing problems – going to a softer recoil spring assembly cured that. I can only hope that if Para is absorbed by Remington, that they will honor the warranty. While still made from hardy CPM S30V steel, it's now a much more compact at 2.95”. Its too early to tell, but there is a very good chance that it is a knife that is as historically important as something like the Buck 110. When a review says XXXXXX is a good platform to build a great XXXXXX, they should just say its status as is. Custom Made Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip For Spyderco Para 3. In addition, I was impressed by their LDA trigger and bought a Carry 9 for the trigger alone. The history of Para has been checkered with ups and downs in availability, quality and concerns over the company’s life. You just get a small check to do it so you tell yourself I’m free. Guns, LMAO. Rating Required Name Email Required. I see these sights more than any others on stock guns these days. It's taken everything great about the Para Military 2 and made it EDC-friendly without sacrificing usability and utility. Para are good looking pistols, as well as Kimber, but just not reliable from what I have seen and heard. The Para Black Ops has a nice, clean look. The Black Ops is exactly that. Pricks. It is rare. The Para 3 is a highly effective military style blade, conveniently packed in a folding blade form, only smaller and narrower than the Para 2. The era of polymer framed double-actions was just ramping up. To me my Black Ops is like my wife of 46 years, I love it and will never let it go. My P14 40 Para Ordinance would give me nightmares about defending my house until I got a reliable pistol (revolver & glock). Front serrations make for easy manipulation. When I needed assistance Para customer service were arrogant assholes, not even mentioning that it took nearly a week for them to return my call. The concept of freedom to bare The only alterations I have made are deep blueing the original what looked like a powder coated slide and adding a Hogue wraparound finger grooved grip. Only they do. For those that want more from the platform, at least in the current configurations, the Black Ops come with some classic Para twists. Yes, it does a great job of gathering light for the bad guys to aim at, but it’s like a Snell # 2 fish hook hanging out there on the end of your barrel. I was a first time 1911 buyer with my Para Pro Comp 9mm. It had several problems right out of the box. I have carried and used the 1911 both as a Line GI (now retired) and in lawful self defense as a citizen for more than 40 years.. With the manufacturing being halted will the value of the Paras increase? Maybe I am making a mistake in my handling or not I do not know. Me, I’ll carry my S&W 1911PD or my Kimber. Do you still have the Para ORD 1911 45 + clips? And as for everyone else that reads this review, this is only one persons point of view on only one handgun. Another example of the times we live in with big business going after unrealistic profits at the expense of quality and social responsibility. Can’t go wrong with any wilson combat parts that’s for sure. Remington is already re-releasing Para products under the Remington name. Then I polished the barrel ramp and again no noticeable improvement. It would take an Act of Congress for me to buy another, new or used. A 300.00 1911 with a couple of hundred will make an excellent shooter. the box the slide safety when engaged would let the gun discharge Description . Glad to hear it. Fingers crossed! Hopefully time will tell if I bought a decent .45 or as one person called it, “a nice paperweight”. Spyderco Para3 custom G10 scales (v.12) July 26, 2018. These are VZ Operators. Instead of jumping on that band wagon, Para answered the 1911’s critics. R.I.P. Remington , DPMS , Bushmaster , AR’s one mag cardboard boxes no cleaning kit . My second hand Springfield Arms 1911 A 1 suits me fine after over twenty years it’s still dependable and I only spent four hundred bucks on her. Para is their worst enemy. It fed everything I fed it (Talon, Golden Saber, Hydrashok, etc JHP’s) with zero malfunctions or feed issues save one magazine with a weak spring. Came back “fixed” meaning they could hit a target at 12 yards, which was the max distance of their range. I have had extensive experience with a Para in 40 S&W;a P16 that I bought new. It all starts with the handle. Have owned so many different 1911 “platforms” over the years that I’ve lost count. I really hate to say good bye to another good company. Para mags are junk but the gun is solid. Considering how big this organization is and how many gun mfg’s. I’m not going to test it. What I have discovered is the thumb safety itself actually torqued, bent several times requiring replacement. Commander length, and a Commander length 9mm. There are hundreds of 1911’s out there why try with one that has strayed so far from the original design ? I ended up ordering and fitting an Ed Brown mag release which was milled from bar stock instead, but I can’t fault Wilson’s customer service as they did everything to make it right. I also now own 2 P-14’s, 2 P-12’s, and 4 P-10’s. I wasnt impressed with PARA. Maybe I just got lucky but I’m glad I did because nothing out there can replace what I have with this handgun from Para Ordinance. Since this was my carry weapon I felt that was entirely unacceptable and sold it. All pattern edits are continuously saved, and all patterns output MIDI note/timing … Very comfortable in hand without clip and compression lock allows free falling open / close of blade. R***r was one of them, I refuse that particular piece. Tried to send the gun back for a refund, felt I couldnt trust my life to it, and was denied. I got you”, There is NO economic competitiveness there. With a three-inch-long blade and a thickness of just 0.150 inches, the Para 3 performs … To be sure it has had a few glitches and feed problems were at the top of the list. Remembered the warning that a new 1911 needs about 500 rounds to break in. This is a step up but I will always have a fond spot in my heart for this Para. Sounds cool to do it, but you’re gonna’ spend the rest of your natural life being bent over in the shower of cell block # 5. Sounds like a Kimber owner who only has 7 shots….. 100 % agreed. How many are MIM (metal injection molded—not made in Mexico). I tried to troubleshoot it, tried several different types of ammo, even passed it to a buddy then eventually my department range master. I”m a lefty so I had a ambidextrous safety installed plus a beaver tail grip safety. It will go away for a while, at least. Para Ordnance was founded 30 years ago, in Canada of all places, by Ted Szabo (a Hungarian expat) and Thanos Polyzos (who had immigrated from Greece). This book primarily looks at the war the 3rd Parachute Regiment fought in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Related Tags: Cough cough Kimber for the same money usually can buy a quality product by Dan Wesson who doesn’t use the substandard MiM parts and are hand fitted and known for reliability and suburb accuracy just my 2 Cents. Unfortunately I have not purchased a new one for some years, and if quality has gone downhill, it is too bad. They stick out the bottom of the grip’s mag well a tiny bit, but function flawlessly. I expect I will buy a Wilson Combat Classic Supergrade or an Ed Brown Executive Elite for my next 1911. × Gun #2 works great. Really comfortable and you won`t notice that I am carrying it. It was a POS from the get go. I didn’t send it to the factory because I don’t believe the I should have to forego having the pistol for a period of time because the manufacturer didn’t make sure the gun ran correctly to begin with. If you slingshot the slide (pulling it back just as you would a slingshot), the round will chamber. Now your supporting this by causally saying “you defend ” this. The front strap isn’t checkered, but the mainspring housing is. Everything old is new again! From 185gr SWC’s to 230gr HP and everything in between this gun runs and runs well! I am totally surprised that the brand Para lasted this long. I would like to get a couple more mags. One annoying problem that remained was the breaking of barrel links every three thousand rounds or so. My slide was stuck, literally, and the ambidextrous safety didn’t move with the primary side. Maybe I just got extremely lucky but I wouldn’t hesitate for a blink of an eye to buy a third Black OPS P-14 5.5″ match barrel take driver! I had Lasik eye surgery around the same time and at first I thought that could explain the increased accuracy; but then I dropped in a S/S full length guide rod and a Wilson Combat compensator, and then there was an accuracy drop. Free shipping for many products! I love my Springfield, twenty years and counting. When Spyderco created one of the most popular and iconic knives on the market with the Para Military 2, following it up would be a daunting proposition. But accuracy is superb. No idea where these mags were made – they’re not stamped with any “made in …” anywhere on the mag bodies. From the moment I picked up this Para it seemed to mold to my hand. Spyderco Para3 custom Micarta scales (v.2.2) July 26, 2018. Kind of how I respond to every thing these days, give it some doubtful digestion, don’t jump in ,don’t jump the shark. Para pioneered double stack single actions, and developed a double action for the 1911 that gained favor with law enforcement. I replaced the mags with McCormick and Wilson 8 rounders and have had zero issues with the gun in over 2000 rounds so far. Mine is the Para p 14 in stainless with three dot sights. My EGW HD extractor broke after 100 rounds. I carry it everyday using an in-waist holster made by Parker. RELATED: Para USA P14-45 | Gun Review. As much as we wanted to blame the malfunction on human error it was obviously a defect. Like the TR-8 drum machine, the TB-3 uses Roland's new ACB modelling technology (Analogue Circuit Behaviour Modelling), which is designed to recreate the behaviour of the entire analogue signal path, including oscillators and filters. If a Factory loaner, why have your local Smith fix the first problem? I don’t want that message to get lost in my philosophical ramblings. This gun shoots nicely. In fact, if you look at the history of the company and the design innovations they developed, you’ll see evidence of a true dedication to the 1911. Tactical, Check out the Details– Try their 700 model trigger that was know for firing when taken off SAFE, for years. I guess they assume that its cheaper to honor a lifetime warranty than make making them right the first time. Stupid me…I expect a pistol to function without fail and hit where I aim it if I pay hundreds of dollars for it. Did some upgrades but it is still a Para at heart. That’s a full mag in one ugly hole from 25 yards. I’ve seen it too many times. It was a good move on my part. Spyderco strikes that balance with the new Para 3. Not kidding, nightmares about the gun jamming. When I began the second half of this review, I had a full 1911, and 99% of a second. I have a 3 inch LDA and I bought my son a 14-45. Next to EEA, you can’t beat the price. The ones that came with it, are falling apart and you can’t get new ones. The MSRP was $1295 at the time but I purchased it from my FFL friend for $900 out the door. The P-13 is my EDC and I trust it 110% after removing the MIM parts (barrel bushing, slide release, thumbsafety, and grip safety) with high quality man Hines billet parts. The Blackops and other Para guns will be made under the Remington name. And if you do, don’t try to strip the mag. Thanks to all of the previous posts for the heads up on potential problems, I appreciate your thoughts. This might explain why I was surprised to see the gun I’m going to chronicle below, a 1911 with some distinct personality issues. Spyderco Para3 Review There is a reason there is no sequel to Casablanca or Citizen Kane. supply and demand. The only issue I had was with faulty ammo or a lack of correctly holding the gun and producing a fte, but that is my fault not the gun’s. Fixing quality problems is not their forte, neither is owning up to mistakes and design flaws. SALE* $220.00 $179.95: C223GPRGR: Spyderco Plain Edge K390 Ranger Green G-10 Para 3 Bento Box Shop Exclusive You may order as many as you like, no limit. It’s a beautiful gun, with great features, and nice fit and finish. Chapter 3: Army Evaluation Principles −Includes a new NCOER rater assessment, rater tendency label, and rater tendency report for NCOs of all components, by rank, for Staff Sergeant through Command Sergeant Major (Para 3-7b and Para 3-11). Cheers, JY, So from what I’m hearing, in quality aspects, Para is close to Taurus. I see fewer choices and hum drum response to consumer needs in the future, sort of like MicroSoft and it’s questionable goods. I prayed that some how, some where their quality would get better. You may shoot yourself or someone else. I switch the springs according to the powder loads and bullet shapes. Your message has been sent privately to our editorial staff for review. It is corporate thinking and relying on risk management for decision making. Maybe Remington can turn them around but they should concentrate on producing a good rifle first. Custom Made Titanium Pocket Clip For Spyderco Knife. This requires some skill—you can’t just stick good parts together and expect them to work. Bought a Nite Hawg for my CCW. The trigger on the Para is solid. 84: ‘Diabetes or Tapeworms’, Beaver Tail Grip & Ambidextrous Thumb Safety. The TB-3's new 4-oscillator engine is coupled to a 32-step sequencer, which supports 64 patterns spread over eight banks. Trending: Spyderco Para Military 2   I have a Para LTC Commander and I experienced the same first round feed issue discribed in the artical. It shoots very, very well for me so I overlook the occasional feed problem the same way I would an occasional misfire. We support operations by earning commissions when you purchase products we link. The difference is that when I called Wilson on my cell from the range, I had a mag release in the mail that day. You may know your guns, But, the man is got you fooled. Are they designed to be easier to put back in the holster?”, I prefer the sloped sights on my PARA 1911 Black Ops over squared off sights because the sloped sights don’t get hung up on clothing as much as squared sights or sights with corners on them. The rounds nose-dive into that feed ramp and the pressure from the slide holds them in place. Had to send it in three times. They should be dominating the market at this price point. It fits my average sized hands perfect and the accuracy can not be better. revolted against their tyranny. Why didn’t Browning think of that? I would think you mentioned problem one while addressing problem two and Para wanted to correct everything by sending another sample. When a big conglomerate “gobbles” up a weaker company That’s imperialism! It is also not sustainable on any scale. The result one hole at 25 feet. Sent back twice for warranty work and neither one were ever repaired to remedy the problem so had to be tackled locally then sold them! What am I thinking? I’ve owned four Paras and am lucky as I’ve never had a problem with any of them; single-stack, double-stacks, straight 1911s, P10, commander style, etc. The quality, fit and finish definitely did not match the price tag. Perhaps I have been more than a little blessed to stumble across this basic 1911 (except for the double stack) and fare so well. One big hole every time I go to the range . Look at the slide serrations on this dude, and you’ll see what I mean. Spyderco Plain Edge M390 Blue G-10 Para 3 Bento Box Shop Exclusive You may order as many as you like, no limit. I came to buy my SS Expert after looking for a reasonably priced 1911 that wouldn’t bother me too much if I holstered it so that I could shoot steel matches at the range, up till this point the only 1911 I had shot was a mint condition series 70 Colt Gold Cup Trophy, which is 40 years old this year…….I got a great deal on my Brand New Para, cost $449.00 [no tax, gun broker purchase], $25.00 shipping, $15 FFL fee….total $489.00. There are better options out there for far less money. I bought a Para 1911 Expert 14.45 after the companies move to Para-USA. It’s called murder. I have a P14 and have been shooting it in IPSC for about 20 years. I have 2 of the new P-14 Black OPS 5.5″ threaded match bbl with high sights for a suppressor and I must say they run and run and run with anything I feed them! Prosecuting attorneys say if you hang a light/laser on your pistol and go wandering around in the dark it is no longer self defense, or the castle doctrine…you’ve become an aggressor…a hunter. The slide is serrated both front and rear. They shoot very well out of the box, take a lot of uses. I’d probably want to incorporate a beveled mag well extension. Feature Articles, Sold the gun, took a loss of almost 50% and swore off the brand forever. I was under the impression that Para was making the Remington 1911’s. And, like it or not, it is a series 80 style gun, which means it has a firing pin block to prevent accidental discharge.
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