Save this Seller . Visit store. There is an old saying in the snake community: “If you die from getting bit by a poisonous snake, there is no way to reverse that.” Again, try making bird sounds while doing the venom milking so that they think they’re in the jungle. 20th century. A snake milker typically works in a lab where hundreds of snakes are housed, and some snake milkers are entrepreneurs that start their own milking lab. 3. One gram of certain types of snake venom can sell for $2,000. LEAVE the poor rattlers alone. Here's a video of professionals doing their job (anybody who isn't a trained professional should do this. Those who are TRULY interested in keeping 'hot' snakes should locate an experienced hots keeper and ask for an apprenticeship. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding our animals. And then what we usually do is meet the ambulance or the fire truck on the way. The snake then releases venom, hoping it's getting at whatever is holding onto it. Only a professional should milk a snake. He injected himself with two EpiPens before passing out. “People email me every other month and say, ‘I’m going to build a venom business,’” Barden says with a laugh. Milking a snake is an adversarial process. “It’s almost on the level of an obsession,” he says. Our snakes are cared for under the strictest conditions in order to provide you with Top Quality, Healthy Animals. Then Make Money from Home! Protective glass safely separates the kids from the reptile and Barden, but it makes the demonstration no less tense. Granville Shop Counter Stool. After his recovery, Barden says he started working with a local hospital, which set up a team that is prepared to go into immediate action if they get an emergency snake-bite call from him. See other items. They WILL bite you. Mara Roberts, his assistant and the only other full-time employee, agrees that a self-assessment each day is important, since mistakes can result in a lost limb or death. About half of them are international. People who milk snakes for a living often do so out of love for the animals and a desire to help people--not to get rich. 7 Answers. Volunteers of Wild Animals and Snakes Protection Society have decided to keep a vigil on such snake charmers. While the BLS reports the median salary as $60,520 for all zoologists and wildlife biologists, job sites advertising for professionals qualified to milk snake venom report a typical annual salary of around $30,000. The venom is dried, and sold in dried form. They're caught from the wild, unless you keep them, held around the head so you can place their mouths over a container with wrap or something similar over the top, the snake then bites into it, milking it's venom into the container. Keeping it in a jar for several hours while you jungle or desert hop (note the range of these these fabulous predators) will not help things. As a bonus, you get $30,000 per year and all the antidote that you need (we hope). GET PAID SURVEYS BY EMAIL! I saw — and heard — this myself at the Reptile Discovery Center, where owner and director Carl Barden spends his days extracting venom from the 1,000 or so snakes in his collection. Some of our most popular beginner snakes are Corn Snakes and Ball Pythons. leave it to the experts before you get bitten and die. With little option of career progression into senior … Can a bearded dragon make a rat sick or a bearded dragon get sick from a rat. “My answer is always, ‘Don’t quit your day job.’”. “At the low end, you might see cottonmouth [venom] at $100 a gram, and at the high end of that is coral snake venom — it fluctuates a little — but probably north of $4,000 a gram,” Barden says. Milk snakes are easy to handle, unlikely to bite, and simple to care for. Get a job. Going about it any other way is just plain stupid. Herpetologists do the milking, forcing the snake to bite down on the lip of a jar so that venom drips from its fangs. By 1999, he had made enough money to buy land and build his serpentarium. Field trips are a big part of the crowds that regularly visit Reptile Discovery Center, which shares the building with Barden’s Medtoxin Venom Laboratories in Deland, Florida. The venom is then collected, centrifuged and freeze-dried to be sold. And survive without need of that very anti-toxin. You would need a facility like a lab to ensure proper procedures are followed or the venom will deteriorate rapidly. “I’ll tickle him, I’ll squeeze his tail a little sometimes, I’ll aggravate him because I want him to bite — but he decides what he gives us,” Barden says. After completing a bachelor’s degree in liberal science with an emphasis on biology at the University of Central Florida, Barden received some  advice from his oldest brother, an airline pilot. | Privacy Policy, Carl Barden holds an eastern diamondback rattlesnake as it bites down to release venom into a glass receptacle. You’ll get private survey invitations, from our favorite paid survey companies, right to your inbox. Tiffany Wendeln Connors is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. So let’s say you get bitten by a cobra. Lets say you pay $30 for each adult in your breeding colony. I haven't heard of a professional that does this that hasn't been bitten many times.Some loose parts of their fingers or even an entire finger due to the severity of the venom. 1 | Milk Venom Any good antivenom starts with its opposite. Yes, I’m still participating in the writing challenge known as Blogtober. It probably depends on if you're actually employed for a research facility or if you're independent. We are a private breeder which specializes in breeding colubrid hybrids and pure colubrids. No one will buy this "venom" from you. He’s also allergic to venom — as in, 10-minutes-or-less-and-he’s-dead anaphylactic allergic. C678702 . What they do is: they get a container with something like plastic wrap over the top. Learn more - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in new window or tab. Image Number. Ross Allen milking a snake - Ocala, Florida . Thank you for signing up to Live Science. Anonymous. Barden does presentations twice a day Thursday through Saturday and once on Sunday. Collection . Contact seller. Barden says that when it happened, he momentarily thought he could simply drive to the emergency room with his antivenom since he thought he was fully prepared for bites. When handling venomous snakes, backup is always a wise strategy. Details about 1950s ROSS ALLEN MILKING A RATTLESNAKE, SILVER SPRINGS FL. The snake has to be handled in order to "milk" it, which requires a trained professional, and the venom has to be freeze dried in liquid nitrogen in order to preserve it. Nature that … We have Corn Snakes, King Snakes, Milk Snakes, Boas, Pythons, Ball Python Morphs, and so many more different types of snakes for sale! Okay. His goal each week is to extract venom from 300 snakes, which comes out to milking approximately 50 to 100 per day based on a five-day schedule Barden designed for his own safety. Selling Venom is a topic in the Experts forum at So now I do groups of 30, 15, 21, and I can really focus. People milk venomous snakes in order to provide anti-venom. You'd need probably 6-10 pairs of snakes to do this. The antivenom is made by injecting small amounts of the poison into horses -- kept by Butantan on a farm -- to trigger an immune response that produces toxin-attacking antibodies. Hatchlings should be fed a defrosted pinky mouse every week. Selling Venom is a topic in the Experts forum at “People come in all the time and say, ‘What time are you milking the snakes?’ Because that’s the term, and that’s fine — we get it.’”. Venom for antiserum is collected under strick conditions (after all - humans will get the injections). For this presentation, Barden also extracts venom from cobras and rattlesnakes.
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