Sometimes an iPhone must be placed into Recovery Mode to be able to effectively troubleshoot the device. Hi! Step 4: Initiate the fix for iPhone XR boot loop issue. I guess you more or less have known the reason why your iPhone stuck in the boot loop, now let's take a look at how to fix this issue. Solution 4. I feel sick to my stomach that I can't get my photos back. as I've said I'm doing a backup when it happened. My XS Max was sending warning errors about being full. Low storage, recently updated iOS. I tried taking things off of it and could not do it. What scares you more than losing data that's on your iPhone XR? Sometimes, for unknown reasons that could be related to the battery connection, battery power, newer iOS updates, dirty or broken charging port etc., iPhone XR will just get stuck on endless bootloop and refuse to restart normally. But I knew there was an old backup, so…THEN, after another while it suddenly went from 100% to 1% (battery health is 99%) and almost turned off. We’re you guys able to figure out if it was a hardware or software issue? Why can Apple create phones that each have increasing cases of the SAME problems, but vanish or charge for or throw their hands up on solutions? This is exactly one of the reasons why people switch to Androids. Thank you! After a while it showed that I won’t be able to call, text and use mobile data before I update my phone. It has been stuck in a boot loop since, when it turns on I just see an Apple logo, and sometimes it blinks. This happened 3x and then I finally just shut my phone off because I thought it may need a ‘break’. We dedicate to providing trusted solutions for users with the freedom to simply enjoy music, photos, videos and more. What kind of technology advancement they are making when can't fix these basic issue. When completes, your iPhone XR should stop rebooting again and again, but start up normally. Force Restart iPhone to Fix iPhone Boot Loop. Don’t trust ICloud. I’m willing to spend the time and the inevitable money to get my things back. Mine is bootlooping as well and I don’t want to lose my data :( Hope you can help me here. Thought a restart would help, and got into the boot loop situation. Was in a app and it crashed. Hey, so all you did was use iTunes and hit 'upgrade'? I’m devastated. That’s amazing, I thought my data and memories were safe. 2. The phone was 6 months old. If the reboot loop issue gets bad enough, it can prevent you from accessing your device. Tried using 3Utools "iTunes flash" - "retain user data" option with newest IOS 14.2 and got another error with a frightening message ("The drive will be deeply formatted after the reboot to prevent the recovery of drive data"). I am beyond devastated, I’ve lost 2 years of memories as I have not backed up since then. Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop with Recovery Mode. Hopefully I find a someone with a solution, to which I will sing it’s/their praises. Cheer up everybody. When the package finishes downloading, you will get into a window indicating "Download complete!". AFAIK none of the software you mentioned would be able to recover your data since you have a bootlooping, even less they can help you getting out of bootloop. If your iPhone has been stuck on the Apple logo screen for a long time (think 20-30 minutes or longer) and the progress bar hasn't change, there are three basic steps you should try to fix it. I got into a habit of reaching for my cell. They have a YouTube channel iPad rehab the owner is jessa. Question: Q: Iphone XS Max stuck in boot loop. Ally I agree with everything you've said here. Fingers crossed. And the last two years of his 2 big sisters. If the phone cannot be recognized, put it into recovery mode. I feel sorry for anyone who has been here. This is very upsetting and Apple I beg you to send a fix in your new iOS updates. This is an Apple error and they must address it. If you made a backup copy prior to the handset became disabled, go ahead to click Restore Backup button to get data back, instead of starting everything from the scratch. @barriphone. Unfortunately having the same problem, memory full and now phone on reboot loop. They charge 300 dollars and if they can't get the data they don't charge you. NOPE, still didn’t come on I let the battery die out again and left it alone for a few days and it came back on. This option would be to update the phone rather than restore it which would wipe your data. It has never worked for me, even when I’m doing everything right. May 5 by nothing else? and more. I’m still having the issue. I went into my camera roll, deleted a ton of photos, emptied my Recently Deleted section, and then I was fine to take pictures. Michelle Solorio, HI MICHELLE, Let me know if you find a solution. I will lose my travel photos =( is there anyway I can recover my photo while in the bootloop? (I had hoped that plugging it in might help, because I wondered if the battery had been low before I was able to get my hands on my bf’s work phone to try to research how to troubleshoot the issue.) Sometimes, your iPhone may stuck in safe mode. NOPE, still didn’t come on I let the battery die out again and left it alone for a few days and it came back on. (A quick Volume Up, Volume Down, then holding the side button until the Apple logo disappears because the phone shuts down, then reappears and you let go of the side button.) Then I couldn't open my apps so I restarted my phone and it got stuck on Apple logo. On a Mac with macOS 10.14 or earlier, or on a PC, open iTunes. Having photos of my one year old since child birth. Where did the 250 GB backup go? I'm not sure what made it work differently than other reports here. After a month and a half of having the iPhone 11 pro I took a nap one day (few days ago) and woke up to my apps not opening again. RIGHT!? After the years of heartache over these issues I should just move on from Apple products altogether. Now iTunes or Finder should indicate that your iPhone is detected in recovery mode. Only been using the Xr for a year. I dont have much info but this exact same thing happened to my Iphone 8 plus 2 nights ago. Models A1984, A2105, A2106, A2108. If it does download it picks and chooses some of my data now and then. With the utility installed on the computer, open it up, and click "More tools" option from the sidebar. Apple stores are closed due to the Coronavirus (so they should really step up and help right now - just answer every question online for so many struggling due to what is out of our hands?!). This has happened to me with each and every phone and iCloud is NOT safe alone for your pictures. Don’t blame me if things go wrong, I’m not the developer nor have personal interests with them, mine is just a possible alternative, each has to take one own responsabilities. I’m still keeping the iPhone X hoping Apple will do something and help us all to find the solution for this issue and we all can get our data back. How can data be retrieved from iPhones in floods and fires but not when it was an Apple error? iPhone 6s and earlier: Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button. You has been on news programs and has done videos for ifixit. This always works for fixing iPhone bugs but it involves completely erasing all files on the internal memory and start over. This part will show some effective ways to exit iPhone … At this point, select an iOS software version that valid for iPhone XR, and click Next button. To do this, you may probably refer to the steps given below according to different iPhone models. This is one of the easiest solutions to break the iPhone reboot loop. Michele LaGrassa, Allan Barr They told me even celebrities, politicians get this problem and lose all their data and live their life normally. I was like bruuuuh no. If everything goes well, your iPhone should turn back on normally. I Passi per Riparare un iPhone Bloccato in Boot Loop. "I will tell you the truth. @nophonehelphelp, My iPhone X was stuck in a boot loop as well. I was told there were “86 updates I was behind on.” How is that possible when I had the phone 6 months? Even though *some* people reported success with using 3rd party software, it appears to depend on specific cases. Parry Singh, © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Connect iPhone XR with infinite reboot loop to the computer. I bought the iPhone 11 pro and they put everything in it. Later, do the same thing with "Volume Down" button too. Avvia Fixxpo sul tuo computer dopo l'installazione. This happened to two of my phones... iPhone X 2 months ago and now iPhone 11 pro... For iPhone X I was unaware and had no idea it could happen, I knew the storage was full, I got a notification that it's full, I couldn't take pictures because of it so I deleted some and freed up some space, it let me take pictures but I didn’t because I didn’t want to fill up the storage. So, if your iPhone XR is stuck in boot loop at Apple logo, then try updating the iOS version. This company has become a shell of its former self. YAYY! Like a Robin Hood Programmer! Connect your iPhone cable to your computer and then your phone. Part 2. @kanndmdnd. My phone didn’t back up to iCloud yet, after the shower this evening, so I can’t just restore anything from my last update because it would mean that I’ve lost ALL of the pictures of her bridal shower that I can never get back. Having the same exact problem. Even if a third party was able to recover the data. I dont understand how something like this could happen, especially when all I did was try and back up the iPhone via iTunes.. AND it's a relatively new phone! On a Mac with macOS 10.15, open Finder. I have all my wedding photos from last year and if I were to lose those it would really kill me. As we all know that iPhone can get stuck in boot loop for different reasons. Christine Cajiao. Then one day the apps weren’t working well so I restarted the phone and it wouldn’t start up again - got stuck in boot mode. Tried other advice to restore OS using itunes just got it stuck in recovery mode. I could careless about the phone. For phones to get out of recovery mode and to let the corruption problem be fixed. November 25 by Thanks to google I have some photos backed up. Adroid phones dont have this issue. However, please be aware that putting iPhone into recovery mode to fix your iPhone will erase all data from your device. I’m doing a back up with my XR on Itunes and there was an error. Then press the Side key until your iPhone starts again. Good luck and I hope you have better results than I did. Tried to backup on my computer, it got halfway and then said the iphone disconnected. Currently going through the same thing. We tried to get the pictures off and on to the computer and that wasn’t working either. I poked around Google for some answers and found that this is referred to as an "infinite boot loop" where the iPhone keeps trying to reboot but can't. For a while. I’m thinking about making a twitter account and hoping to get apples attentions with everyone’s story. The worker called me on Monday and told me that he came and found the phone on Apple logo (it was on charger all the time). Got iPhone XR, IOS 13.6.1, data was backed up only to several months ago. I have all of my photos and videos of my newborn’s birth and young son, our family trip to Spain. Potential picture/video loss is a terrible feeling! Same issue as the previous poster, but with lots of different information about potential causes and solutions. Also, there are many precious photos on my iPhone, and I don't want to lose it. Not responsible for the stuff I've reported here. Terms — Before that, I logged into iCloud on computer. In this article, we will show you what gets your iPhone stuck in a boot loop (iOS 13/12/11) and how to fix boot loop on your iPhone 6/7/8/X/XS/XR/XS Max. September 10 by We have looked into a lot of third party data recovery companies. If iPhone XR ran into the boot loop after a failed iOS update, you could try to use iTunes to perform the software update again. Then plug iPhone XR into the machine with USB cable, and click iOS System Recovery tab. I have 1 year of pictures and videos of my 2 year old which i have not transferred or backed up. This cannot be okay. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. We use them too much as it is. All I need is one day to back up my pictures that I dont want to loose.... then the phone can die, I dont care about the phone, I care about the photos and videos of both my kids that have been in my phone for the last 8 years or more. What makes the price difference is their brand awareness, and my personal recommendation is Joyoshare iPhone Data recovery. They are both on the same circuit. This app fixes various iOS issues, such as stuck Apple logo, boot loop, frozen screen, startup issues, and other problems. After hours on the phone w Apple support we tried to download the new software and I keep getting error (47) which sounds identical to what others are getting with error (14). If you’ve made up your mind, here are the steps to performing an iPhone recovery using a backup. Please post your story on this group, how you would like it posted on twitter with your permission and let’s work on getting apples attention so they can fix the error code! It was Friday and the place was closing already so I decided to come on Monday. I got my phone November 2018 and google backed up till July of 2019 but in this last year I didn’t realize how many precious moments I had in just one year. Koral Shaffer Most of the time, you can restore your iPhone and get it back to normal from different iPhone errors, including iPhone stuck in boot loop issue. And with the amount of technology we have in this world in 2020 how had Apple not already made a fix for this. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. hi. Attach your phone with the computer (Mac or PC), and launch Finder or iTunes. Which there is dozens out there! We will provide you with 3 effective solutions to get your iPhone out of the Apple logo loop. My phone is endlessly looping and I am worried that if I even put it into dfu mode and try to update Apple told me there is a chance all of the data will be erased. If it's stuck in a boot loop - the device boots over again and again, apple logo flickers on the screen, but the home screen doesn't appear, would you feel sick to your stomach? Back up your camera pictures to multiple places. Both 2 may lead to iPhone stuck in an endless boot loop. June 4 by 3.Press volume up and then Volume down and hold Power button for 10 seconds until Apple logo disappears. A way to preserve data even if the phone crashes or a way to bypass it so no data is lost. I have now just shut my phone off by doing Volume Up, Volume Down, and holding the side button until the Apple logo blinks and letting go when the phone has shut down, before the logo reappears in an attempt to reboot. Update iPhone XR using iTunes or Finder. Help people out. I searched the way to fix the issue without data loss and finally Tuneskit iOS system recovery helped me. Use an actual camera more often. Clicca su Modalità Standard fra le 3 opzioni offerte. I let it go completely dead (took about 1.5 days) hoping that it would refresh once charged for a few minutes. It was stuck in the apple logo - reboot cycle. Tried force starting and updating the phone in recovery mode but it said UNEXPECTED ERROR 14. i have not tried up any third party apps yet but from reading the above comments, i dont think they are of any good. This is an XS Max that might have gotten slightly wet when handled with wet hands near the pool. I actually had 100 in my recently deleted and thought it was perfect to give me some space to delete more. I will wait until Apple hopefully comes up with a solution. Stand by your products. This is the simplest operation when you find your iPhone getting boot loop or iPhone stuck in recovery mode. Boot loop. How to Turn off Safe Mode on iPhone XS/XR/X/8/SE/7/6/5. Chris Hawe. I hope I can find the right person to get my data back for me. Have not found a solution yet. I’d be willing to pay if I knew that it’d work. June 2 by Have tried updating iOS ontop of the current faulty one to avoid losing data, No luck yet. I saw a comment saying iPhone 6s never had this issue. Your iPhone XR will be out of the reboot loop and become up and running as usual. Michelle Solorio. Next up, choose "Standard Mode" option to resolve stuck iPhone XR reboot loop without erasing data, while the "Advanced Mode" will reset the device. Couple of days ago I've got a notification about full storage, tried to delete several files, applications and videos, but it was not seemed to be actually deleted. The routine requires a three-button procedure, involving pressing and holding the side button and one of the volume buttons. Of course. Thank you! I’m thinking about making a twitter account and hoping to get apples attentions with everyone’s stories. Simply force restart your phone and break the ongoing power cycle.. For iPhone 8 and later devices like iPhone XS (Max)/11, press and quickly release the Volume Up key, then do the same on the Volume Down key. That worked, and not only that, but the phone is working normally again and all the data was intact. At first i couldn't use maps or Waze and finally got the message with full storage. I am with you 100%, I feel exactly the same way, I refuse to loose many years of all the memories of my kids,, my family and dear family members that already died. Unfortunately I could not. This just happened to me.. any luck with at least some time to get the pictures out of it? June 16 by This is not the first or second or third time (I've been using I-phones since the 3 came out) and this phone (Iphone X) is only 9 months old from an apple store, always inside a super heavy duty Otterbox.. I am told that the iOS 13 has errors where a full phone becomes corrupt. I have spent money on the fix-it programs praised on YouTube and none have worked. I do think there is hope from all the research and companies willing to try (many that won’t charge unless they get your data). If your iPhone 12/11/X/XR/8/7/6 keeps restarting itself and stuck in boot loop, whether it occurs after an iOS 14.1/14 update or jailbreak, here are some feasible solutions to fix it. I deleted an app which was using almost 15 GB of my space and it was still stuck on 255.5 GB! it's the reason given to me by the youtuber.. Hi! After a lot of research and attempts I discovered the fault was on the power/volume button ribbon, If there is a hardware fail at startup it will loop, Remove the cover and disconnect the pop plugs one at a time and try to boot it each time after disconnecting . Frank Hammond, Chris Stables I suggest the same to anyone else. I still had the iCloud backup, yeah? My phone is now stuck in recovery mode. This is not okay. As of today, after visiting a data recovery shop, I-phone repair shop and personally attempting a DFU to no avail, I feel duped as a customer of Apple. 4. I must not be calling the right support. 1. 2 - The iPhone will boot and function normally when the quad flash/sleep button connector is unplugged. Only in the end of the update process got on the iPhones' screen a frozen white background with apple logo, but heard notification sounds from the device. How can I iPhone just mess up like that. The solutions also work for the devices running iOS 14. If enough people bring it up, maybe we can get their attention. The back up phone they overnighted to me appeared different in the settings. Chelsea I hope you all could find a way to recover your data, my best advice that I can give it to regularly backup your iPhones as it seems to be the only reliable way. I used my old phone to recover some older pictures, and my contacts were synced to iCloud. iPad rehab is saying we need to make Apple fix this! After setting my XR up, I wanted to activate the SIM card. I’m hoping that someone can help! Scarica e installa iMyFone Fixppo sul tuo computer. If this doesn't work, click on Restore in the pop-up message in an attempt to reset the phone to its factory settings and restore it from a backup that's made before iPhone XR was rebooting constantly. Efficient Tool to Fix iPhone X Stuck in a Boot Loop without Data Loss; Solution 1. I’m pretty upset about it. I lost my data but did manage to get my phone back. Doing a force restart is one of the most practical methods of getting iPhone XR out of boot loop, in a way to solve the recurring problem. Please post your story on this FB group, how you would like it posted on twitter with your permission and let’s work on getting apples attention so they can fix the error code! I went to Apple and all they told was to restore and delete everything. Tried the same with 3U tools "easy flash" - "retain user data" and got similar message. Now, here I am again and it went out, it have been out 3 days and still isn't working. My memory was full (phone, not iCloud). Apple needs to respond to everyone’s new phones doing this. iPhone X Stuck on Apple Logo or Boot Loop Issue: 1.launch iTunes on your Computer.
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