For snacks throughout the day, he would eat mangoes, pineapple, and apples. He is widely considered the greatest sprinter of all time, dominating the sport for 3 consecutive Olympics. For a recent game-day routine, LeBron started his day with an egg white omelet with smoked salmon, and gluten-free pancakes with berries. Additionally, we’ll explain which foods shouldn’t be missing. Despite being a 300-pound football player, David Carter has been able to maintain his size while simultaneously eating a strict vegan diet. Usain Bolt. Two hours before every match, Federer eats pasta with light sauce — a routine he has followed for 20 years. Long-distance runner Michael Arnstein, who has nicknamed himself the Fruitarian, lives off the 80/10/10 diet consisting of mostly raw foods. Prior to retirement, the previously 300-pound player consumed nightly pints of Ben and Jerry’s before bed, and 700-calorie protein shakes. He follows an ‘alkaline diet,’ which he says minimizes inflammation in the body. Online betting and gaming company Ladbrokes recently looked at the diets and exercise regimes of famous athletes to see how their routines compare with everyday people. American marathon runner Scott Jurek is one of the most well-known famous vegan athletes. Sport: WWE Wrestling These athletes are all supremely talented, and their diets help to maximize their potential. He limits “acidifying” foods — such as white rice and bread, cold cuts, pineapples, and yogurt — to only 20 percent of his diet. This is one of the craziest diets we’ve ever seen. He washes it down with a shot of vinegar, coffee, and freshly squeezed juice. He is nearly always hydrating, drinking 12 to 25 glasses of water a day, always with electrolytes added (However, he minimizes water during meals, so as to not interfere with digestion — he stops drinking water 1/2 hour before each meal, and waits an hour after each meal for his next glass of water). And like Federer, Crosby has a bit of a sweet tooth. Starting a plant-based diet rich in grains, legumes and root veggies can boost an athlete's intake of healthy carbs. An Aperol Spritz, Burrata And A Wedge Salad Make A Nice Meal. When your job relies on your physical strength, every calorie counts. A photo posted by JJ Watt (@justinjames99) on Jul 30, 2015 at 9:45am PDT. He usually has greens as well, like spinach or asparagus. Brandon Marshall shared the diet on his Instagram account last month after he lost 19 pounds on it.. Dieter: Charles Curtis. So why so surprised at my cooking skills in the kitchen..#ChefBolt #savebydata #multitalented #Boltmenu @Digicel #SeriousFace #Mothergrowmewell, A photo posted by Usain St.Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) on Nov 6, 2014 at 4:34am PST. Sport: Swimming He especially loves the beautiful produce in Nova Scotia in the summer. He has said, “I like my sweets, and I like the odd cheat meal more than I should: fast food, pizza, cake, donuts, too.” He especially loves Tim Hortons’ Timbits as a special treat. Roger Federer is regarded as the greatest tennis player of all time. Being a professional athlete is physically taxing and mentally exhausting. He uses a plant-based protein powder with almond milk, along with some fruit, in the shake. For this article, I focus on the eating habits of elite athletes. She's back to incorporating animal products into her meals, but with a few … Although Riff Raff may be first and foremost a musician, his transition into a 240-pound neon animal proves that Jody High Roller is a serious athlete. Some have chosen looser regimens, making things like McNuggets the center of their post-workout meals. Then, after a short workout in the weight room, he would have a light lunch of pasta with corned beef. Of course, part of their success can be attributed to natural talent, but some of their lifestyle habits and routines can be applied to the rest of us as well.
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