5.now your desktop is clean and ready without any flashing or flickering. Ensure McAfee product you’re using the latest version. This might be a bit of trial and error, but try selecting one that released when your screen wasn't flickering. To further complicate things my off switch only puts me into sleep mode not into a shutdown mode. Uninstalling Norton is what worked for me. Here you go: Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up task manager, click on File > New Task, type msconfig and press enter For example hp security logon, or other programs witch wasn’t optimised fo win10… sad, that win10 has such poor compatibility :(. If your desktop is still flashing go to Step 3. First one sends data to Microsoft, seconds check for solutions for reported problems, I had not found that useful, they’re annoying turning of these two services actually helping you in fixing the problem. I need the laptop for school :'(. See here: https://communities.intel.com/message/396333#396333. It did open for me. How to downgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 Right click on Intel HD Graphics icon…. It won’t go away. I’ve tried all the things you suggest above and I’m not getting past the flashing screen. Press yes to uninstall. I have what appears to be a very simple solution I can’t get into safe mode with or without networking (flashes safe mode in the corners, no login.). It’s working now. Lynda, you’ll have to basically type each letter of ‘msconfig’ one at a time. pc screen stops flickering. For me, the error was caused by Aero Glass. Thank you. I had stopped it previously using the msconfig suggestions above. The deselecting works even when the screen is flashing but not typing from the keyboard. serickelley Member Posts: 3. the mouse cursor is moving to the middle of the screen every time the screen blinks. Very angry. I done like what the instructions said.. but after restarting my lappy, it still keep flashing.. how lleee? Enter safemode with command prompt> type tskmgr>follow above steps and you shall be good. How come? That seemed to fix the problem, but it showed up again right after I enabled Hyper-V again. That seems to have worked, but at some point over hte last few hours the update was installed by itself again and the flickering is back worse that ever! I’m really glad it’s fixed in this simple way :), Haveing same flashing screen. I don’t have Norton, IDT Audio or iCloud. 2 Answers. Eventually, all the software and driver developers should offer in-built fixes to this flickering screen problem. I Hope this helps others avoid making the same mistake. I have same screen flashing problem. If I download and install iCloud, will the problem start again? Flashing starts soon after I start the computer and continues randomly until I shut down the computer. Remove the Driver. Who can help me? Then it will be self explanatory from then on :D hope this helped! My computer was doing fine until it said it had to restart due to problem after collecting data or something. Looks like Microsoft have released KB3173428 and the flickering’s started again. I have the same question. My computer worked just fine until December 16, 2017 when I noticed a Windows Update to my computer – I don’t even like Windows 10. Try starting your windows on Safe Mode, you can do this by holding using Ctrl+Alt+Del, click the power button at the bottom left and hold “Shift” while clicking the restart button. I went through task one to disable the services..that i did but it never solved my problem. It’s not a driver. how to fix a stuck pixel on your computer screen. What do I do? But the flashing continues, appwiz.cpl will not run unless I’m in safe mode and then I can’t uninstall anything.
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