Combine soft blue ageratum with pink begonias for a low pastel ground cover, or mass them with short yellow marigolds or celosia for more contrast. … 'Blue Horizon' features fluffy lavender to purplish-blue flowers. Growing Guide Sowing Instructions: Depth: Surface sow and press in lightly; requires light to germinate. Ageratum flower seeds sown directly after the frost will exhibit a shorter blooming period. These strong performing Ageratums have a great growth habit that produces mounds of soft blue or deep violet-purple flowers. Height: 18-24 Pelleted Seed Only There are perennials and even shrubs in the small genus Ageratum, native to the warm regions of North and South America. Ageratum An enduring favorite, Ageratum houstonianum is ideal in pots or containers, beds, borders, and the pollinator garden. No serious insect or disease problems. Flossflower Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Clade: Tracheophytes Clade: Angiosperms Clade: Eudicots Clade: Asterids Order: Asterales Family: Asteraceae Genus: Ageratum Species: A. houstonianum Binomial name Ageratum houstonianum Mill. One of the tallest, Ageratum houstonianum 'Blue Horizon' (Floss Flower) features fluffy round clusters of lavender to purplish-blue flowers resembling asters. Synonym: Ageratum mexicanum. Shorter varieties are excellent as bedding plants, edgers (along paths, walkways and border fronts) and container plants (hanging baskets, window boxes, urns or other containers). Puffs of mid-blue flowers on long stems will be easily marketed for fillers in floral bouquets. 3 pictures total. ‘Blue Horizon’ is an F1 hybrid that may be grown from seed. Be the first to review this product! They are also long-lasting and hold well once cut and given adequate water. Sprout Time: 5-14 days Starting Indoors: Sow indoors 6-8 weeks before planting out and keep at 75°F until germination occurs, then at about 65-75°F.Water from below by placing containers/trays in a larger tray of water; this helps prevent damping off and disturbance of seeds. A cut flower grower’s favorite. Ageratum is also known as flossflower or blue mink. Plants may not bloom to frost in some hot summer climates, but usually do so in cooler ones. Hawaii Blue Ageratum. We took the Safe Seed Pledge so you don't have to worry about the health of your family.wers look soft and fuzzy. The tall blue types go well with yellow cosmos. This hybrid variety produces tall, sturdy stems that are multi-branching. First autumn frost will kill most if not all plants, at which point they may be removed from the garden.‘Blue Horizon’ is an F1 hybrid that may be grown from seed. These popular bedding plants are most often purchased as nursery starts in tray packs or flats, but can also be grown from seed. Very similar to Tall Blue Planet. Free from insects, diseases, and pests, this cultivar is perfect for the annual border or as a cut flower. Ageratum Blue Horizon produces bluish-purple flowers that grow in bunches which are 2-3″ in diameter. Some taller varieties (e.g., the triploid ‘Blue Horizon’) are more erect and grow to as much as 30” tall. The Blue Floss Flower. These fuzzy flowers have long stems that make them perfect for bouquets and bundle arrangements. ... 'Blue Horizon' 24"-36" mid-blue flowers 'Everest Blue' 'Fields' 'High Tide Blue' 'Red Sea' 24" -36" red flowers . Species flowers are medium blue, however many cultivars are available in commerce in various shades of blue, pink, red, white and bicolor. Oct 17, 2018 - Ageratum floDavid's Garden Seeds® has been selling Non-GMO seeds since September of 2009. A taller plant than its sibling Artist® Purple, with sturdy stems that won't get beaten down by weather. Try mixing the powder blue varieties with white petunias, lamb’s ear or dark blue lobelia. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy. See more ideas about garden seeds, garden, seeds. Start ageratum seeds in February to March (8-10 weeks). Blue ageratum is a classic bedding plant. Bloom Description: Lavender to purplish-blue. Features. Ageratum Blue Horizon Cultural Information for: Ageratum Blue Horizon Annual Common Name: Ageratum or Floss Flower Botanical Name: Ageratum houstonianum Seed Count: 19,800/ounce 700/gram. Blooms with blue flowers from August to December. About Ageratum Blue Horizon. Transplants may be started a few weeks before the last frost date in spring, but can also be grown anytime throughout the warmer months. Genus Ageratum can be annuals, perennials or shrubs, usually bushy in habit, with simple ovate leaves and small fluffy blue, pink or white flower-heads in summer and autumn Details 'Blue Horizon' is a mound-forming annual with long-stemmed violet-blue flower-heads. Attract bee and butterflies, hummingbird. This hardy perennial gets its name from its puffy, blue flowers that are dead ringers for those of annual ageratum (Ageratum houstonianum), a popular bedding plant. ‘Wayside,' a more compact selection, tops out at 15 inches tall. The Ageratum houstonianum or Floss Flower as it is more commonly known, belongs to the Asteraceae family - the same very special family to which the Daisies, Asters, Gerberas, Chrysanthemums and so many others all belong. Ageratum Blue Horizon produces bluish-purple flowers that grow in bunches which are 2-3″ in diameter. Seed may also be sown directly in the garden after last frost date, however flowering season will be shorter (late summer to frost). This hardy little plant needs a space of 10-12 inches to properly grow, as the height to be expected is 8 to 12 inches while the spread should be between 10 to 12 inches.
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