He is even ready to sacrifice himself. He is even ready to sacrifice himself. He was present when Jotuns infiltrated Odin's Vault while most of Asgard was preoccupied with the crowning ceremony naming Thor King of Asgard by Odin. Volstagg A drunken Volstagg once incurred the wrath of Odin by spilling the secrets of the first Frost Giants to a younger Thor. Class 50; Volstagg can press lift 35 tons. Male [1], Volstagg prepares to travel towards Jotunheim. First appearance: For Asgard: This article is a stub. Asgardian Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. [26] As War-Thor, his strength was increased to the same level as Thor. Volstagg then noticed several Asgardians walking by his with plates of food. His stay caused him to develop an appreciation for the planet, particularly a fondness for Carol Danvers. Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg first appeared in Journey into Mystery #119 (Aug 1965) and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. ―Volstagg. [4], Volstagg battles against the Marauders' army. He later joined the War against the Dark Elf Malekith. Volstagg and Fandral were supervising Skurge's clean-up of Himinbjorg, due to the remains of a Fire Dragon which had been decapitated through the bridge. [18], After Fire Demons from Muspelheim attacked Light Elf refugees in Nidavellir[19], Volstagg chose to take the fight to Muspelheim itself and battled its ruler the Fire Giant Sindr, the Queen of Cinders. [2] Taking great delight in the Asgardians reactions, Volstagg had begun greatly exaggerating his stories, claiming that their enemies were soldiers of fortune, armed with fanged beasts. As a result of the attack, Odin decided not to retaliate against King Laufey or make Thor King of Asgard. Once they had quelled the Marauders rebellion, Volstagg and his allies believed they had brought peace to the Nine Realms before they were forced to join the War against the Dark Elf Malekith. As Laufey warned that Asgard was full of traitors, Loki attempted to convince Thor that they were outnumbered while Volstagg readied himself for a fight. agents who were spying on them. This is Volstagg's first appearance (outside of the Tales of Asgard back-ups), and he's got the size and bluster right, but he's not quite the Volstagg we all know and love yet. Volstagg's origin beyond being a member of the Asgardian race and a friend of Thor has not been revealed. When Hela arrived though the Bifrost, Volstagg demanded to know who she was, and what she had done with Thor. Once they had collected the small unit of Marauders who had been on the run, which also included Algrim who had disguised himself, the pair then returned to Himinbjorg through the Bifrost Bridge and took the rebels into the Dungeons with the other prisoners.[2]. Volstagg became drawn to the hammer and walked over to it while his friends futilely tried to stop him from reclaiming it. The children switched places with the group so as to impress their elders with the seriousness of the situation. Greeting them, the Collector expressed his delight at having two nobel Asgardians come all the way to Knowhere to speak with him. Even more spectacular examples of his peerless bravery ensued: during a trip to Hades to rescue his comrade-in-arms Thor, Volstagg offered to battle the Arch-Fiend Mephisto in return for his friend's noble soul (despite being aware that the God of Thunder had already bested the Lord of Hell in fair combat some time previously). Date of Death Volstagg was stabbed and Thor had to defeat the horde by himself, while Loki cared for the fallen warrior. Saving the day by default as always, the Lion of Asgard accepted the praise and gratitude of his companions with his usual humility, musing on how the poets of later ages will depict his glorious exploits for all time. [5], Allegedly, he led the youth Hogun the Good, Fandral the Quite Plain, Thor and Loki in Hel, fighting against all of its hordes for forty days and nights. As the Frost Giants' forces had begun to overwhelm them, Fandral was grievously injured in the fight as both Volstagg and Hogun had to help carry him clear, demanding that Thor escape with them as they turned and ran for their lives while Thor continued fighting the Frost Giants. He was present when Jotuns infiltrated the vaults of Odin while most of Asgard was preoccupied with a ceremony naming Thor as heir to Asgard's throne. Volstagg questions Loki's true motivations. Volstagg is one of Asgard's finest warriors. Volstagg laughs as Thor escapes from Asgard, While Thor struggled with the controls, Volstagg fought the Einherjar in order to give them time to escape. Volstagg is recruited to go into battle by Thor, The Warriors Three and Sif came in to discover the destruction and found Loki trying to comfort his brother. [3] Eventually, they found Thor with his new friends Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis and Erik Selvig, as they all delighted to see one another again. Volstagg and the Asgardians then attended Frigga's funeral to show respect to their late queen, with Volstagg standing by Fandral as Frigga's body became one with the Nine Realms in her final send off. He allegedly was named Volstagg the Staggeringly Perfect. [1], Volstagg discusses the battle plan with Thor. -- Volstagg Volstagg is one of the greatest warriors to ever join the Asgardian militia. His first words are, "Have at you, puny scoundrels! Failing at creating a robotic bride when Jocasta rejected him, the mad robot Ultron tried again. Hela swiftly flung a Necrosword into Volstagg's chest, and then did the same to Fandral. As Thor and Odin's views had clashed, Volstagg assisted his friend in finding his own way to defeat the Dark Elves, before being tasked with removing the Aether along with Lady Sif. [5] Once Volstagg finished his drink, he threw his glass over his shoulder and demanded another, causing everyone around him to roar with laughter. Volstagg and Sif took charge of the transport of the Marauders, as Volstagg watched while eating an apple. Asgardian Once they had been assured that the Aether would be kept as safe as possible within his Collection, Volstagg and Sif left the Collector's Museum and returned to Asgard.[6]. As they walked through the town, they attracted odd looks from the locals due to their armor and weapons. However, Sif revealed to Thor that his father was still alive and they realized that Loki had lied to them all, before Thor agreed to come home. As they discussed this, Volstagg then warned that Heimdall might be listening to their conversation, just as an Einherjar guard entered the room and informed them that Heimdall was demanding to see them, with Volstagg nervously noting that they were doomed. Volstagg is one of the most celebrated heroes of Asgard. Although he was not fast enough to take food from the plates, Volstagg managed to find a grape hidden within his beard, much to his delight as he swiftly ate the grape. The team returned back to Asgard and discovered Loki had nearly killed Heimdall with the Casket of Ancient Winters, while the Warriors took Heimdall to the Healing Room, Thor went to confront his brother and remove him from the throne. Deceased He also has a very big appetite that makes him fat and dangerous for any troll, Frost Giant, or ogre to threaten. [citation needed], Soon after this point, when Odin was awake and aware, his mind became overtaken by the influence of Loki. Asgardian Physiology: Volstagg possesses all of the various superhuman attributes common among the Asgardians. Additionally, he has mastered the art of using his great size to best advantage on the field of battle and at the dinner table. First appearance: "459". While Thor and Sif discussed where all their enemies were, Volstagg kept a close watch to ensure that their group were not ambushed. Thor recommended that they attack the Frost Giants in revenge for their invasion and discover how they had gotten into Asgard, reminding each of his friends of their many adventures together. Just as Volstagg had gotten back onto his feet, however, the Destroyer caught sight of him once again and fired yet another beam of energy at him, launching Volstagg across the street and seriously injuring him as the other came to his aid. Volstagg While they were still in Puente Antiguo, they faced an unexpected threat when Loki dispatched the Destroyer to kill Thor and all of his friends. Warriors Three Later, Surtur's forces were defeated thanks to Loki and Volstagg stepped down to rule only over his family once again. Volstagg is a member of the Warriors Three. This has motivated him to try and convince the other Kree aliens that Earth could prove a valuable asset in the Kree/Skrull war. Volstagg's origin story beyond being a member of the Asgardian race, a warrior and adventurer, and a friend of Thor has not been revealed. While in the Asgard-realm, he was ambushed by Odinson's goat Toothgnasher who Odinson put in charge of guarding the hammer. ... First appearance Thor. Due, somewhat, to his age though mostly to do with his girth, Volstagg's speed, agility, and reflexes are substantially inferior to those of most other Asgardians. Volstagg entertained the guests with the tales of his battles with the Frost Giants and the Destroyer, delighting in the reactions. However, Thor's self-sacrifice had in fact proved him to be worthy of his former power as Mjølnir launched into his hands and restored his power back, allowing him to finally defeat The Destroyer as Volstagg and the others watched on. Volstagg, alone of the Warriors Three, survived the initial attacks. Volstagg explains the intention to the Collector, Upon handing over the Aether to him, they were then asked by the Collector why they did not store it in Odin's Vault, to which Volstagg explained that since the Tesseract was already located on Asgard, it would be deemed unwise to keep two Infinity Stones in the same place at the same time. 36 pgs., full color. Master Combatant: Volstagg is a good hand to hand combatant and horseman, though his battle prowess has dwindled considerably over time, not that he will allow anyone to even hint of such an insult. However, he was successful and laughed as Thor escaped with his companions. He was later discovered by Thor taking refuge in a statue of Frigga and having lost considerable weight. Volstagg alongside his friends and companions, the Warriors Three. ... First appearance Journey into Mystery #119 (August, 1965) (as Volstagg) Mighty Thor (Vol. Volstagg vehemently refused. Despite his obvious terror, the Voluminous One struck the creatures down with his bare hands and carried the child to safety (it would be revealed much later that Volstagg was himself a family man and would never stand to see an innocent child harmed in any way). Odin soon changed his plans, leading an army to Midgard to slay the Serpent. As punishment for causing a second war between Asgard and Jotunheim, Odin banished Thor to Earth without his powers or hammer. [citation needed], Eventually, Loki brought about Ragnarok. While it was distracted, preparing to blast Volstagg, the Destroyer was stabbed by Sif with her double-edged sword through its throat. His large build makes him a difficult and intimidating opponent. Bullpen Bulletins. He is not taken from Norse (or any other) mythology but is an original creation, modeled on Shakespeare's Falstaffin character and name. [1] At one stage, Volstagg helped a girl find her ball before knocking out two S.H.I.E.L.D. He was loyal and good friend to Thor. Volstagg is finally reunited back with Thor. Ultron abducted Avengers member Mockingbird, his own creator Henry Pym, and Adamantium inventor Dr. Myron MacLain, hypnotizing Pym and MacLain into creating a robot bride using Mockingbird's brain patterns.Ultron named this robot Alkhema, nicknamed War Toy. Amazing Fantasy #15 (Spider-Man's First Appearance), Tales of Suspense #39 (Iron Man's First Appearance), Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine's First Appearance), 19 Minor Appearances of Volstagg (Earth-616), Media Volstagg (Earth-616) was Mentioned in, 107 Images featuring Volstagg (Earth-616), 33 Quotations by or about Volstagg (Earth-616), Volstagg at the Guide to the Mythological Universe, https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Volstagg_(Earth-616)?oldid=5766249, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. The pair eventually gained help with the battle upon Thor's arrival who helped overpower the Marauders, still not realizing the escape was a distraction. [citation needed], Having become a senator of the Congress of Worlds[2] Volstagg travelled to Nidavellir as part of a diplomatic mission concerning Light Elf refugees displaced from Alfheim due to Malekith's attacks. Loki however was unbothered by Volstagg's death threat, admitting that Lady Sif had already threatened him, walking away to rejoin his brother while Volstagg armed himself with his Battle Axe, ready to defend the Harrow to ensure Thor was able to get away. First appearance of Lorelei (sister of the Enchantress). They arrived at Thor's last known location within Puente Antiguo and searched for their lost friend. Much to their surprise, however, Heimdall was also opposing King Loki's rule over Asgard and therefore allowed them to use the Bifrost Bridge to go to Earth and rescue Thor, hoping to overthrow Loki as a result. Eventually Hogun was hurt and forced to retreat, Loki refusing to follow them. Volstagg the Svelte[1]Volstagg the Valiant[1]Volstagg the Voluminous[2]Volstagg the Fat[2]Volstagg the Invincible[2] Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Affiliation The new Thor Jane Foster was forced to step in to prevent Volstagg from committing genocide by transporting herself and Volstagg to the Yawning Void. He remains proficient in using a sword or quarterstaff in battle. Status The "Lion of Asgard" also once rushed through a tunnel to battle the demonic Mangog (a creature possessed of the power of a 'billion' beings) but was prevented when the passage proved too narrow to accommodate his considerable girth. Once Loki had left, Sif and the Warriors Three discussed whether or not he was a spy for Laufey which had unnerved them all. [1] Volstagg also visited Earth along with his friends in the 11th century. Volstagg discusses Loki's plans with Thor, When Thor revealed that his attention was to use Loki's knowledge of hidden passages to transport them all off Asgard, Volstagg was utterly horrified, assuring Thor that his brother would undoubtedly betray him. Encountering the New Mutants VOLSTAGG … He is also a highly skilled axeman. Volstagg is one of the Warriors Three, known for his endless appetite. He led a war through much of the Nine Realms. When Thor's actions indirectly deprived two mortal lads (Kevin and Mick) of their mother, he took them to Asgard, and to the Hall of Volstagg, where he knew they would be loved and protected by the largest and kindest of all Odin's warriors. Volstagg is rescued by the arrival of Odin, As the Warriors ran from the battle, with Volstagg carrying Fandral on his back, Laufey sent a Frost Beast after them, which eventually cornered them only for Thor to come to their aid and slay the Beast. [22] Volstagg's unconscious body was found in time and taken back to Asgardia where he was treated for the extensive injuries inflicted by Mangog, though he remained in a comatose state. [1], Volstagg returned to Asgardia where he was to receive treatment for mental effects the Mjolnir had on him when the hammer unexpectedly appeared. After the All-Mother lost their rulership of Asgard due to their connection to the Vanaheim, Volstagg became the new ruler. When Volstagg informed Thor that they were there to take him home, Thor told him that Loki had claimed that Odin was dead, meaning that he could not return to Asgard as they had desired.
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