These are the most famous and their puppet shows are very popular! Honest Tips & Things to Do in Prague The 5 Best Ways to Get From Prague to Kutna Hora in 2019 October 6, 2019 Kutna Hora is a historical city in the Central Bohemia famous for its historical center, and monuments like the church/cathedral of Saint Barbara, and Sedlec Ossuary a.k.a. Plus, the month of October is still great for a night-out, because it’s not as cold as the next few months yet, but you shouldn’t forget your jacket anyway! It is a pleasant walk to the top of the hill and there are plenty of benches to rest your legs on whilst admiring the view on the way up. After October, the temperature drops dramatically and so do prices. This article will guide you through the best this amazing city has to offer! The city has over 20 specialised puppet shops, 30 puppet makers and even a puppet museum. Czech-Jewish writer Franz Kafka used a house on the street for around two years as he enjoyed the peaceful environment it provided whilst writing. This small museum was established by a Russian enthusiast and houses a large variety of memorabilia relating to the secret police of the Soviet Union. We have reviews of the best places to see in Prague. The dish is essentially a soft Camembert like cheese, with an edible rind, submerged and pickled in oil, spices and garlic before being served with chilli peppers and Czech fried bread. In this blog post, we bring you the 7 best things to do in Prague – you will love your Prague time. Filter by Category. This Czech delicacy is a must try for the traveling foodie. As long as the sun shines, beer gardens and street cafes invite you to enjoy a warm cup of tea, a cup of coffee on heated terraces – who would say no? Prague, the mother of cities as Czechs like to call their capital, is showing one of its most beautiful faces in October. More. The guards technically serve only the president of the Czech Republic and have some rather strict recruiting requirements including the specification that a guard must be between 1.78 and 1.88 meters tall to serve. Everyday hundreds of believers pay a visit to this shrine to pray, bow and make wishes hoping that they will come true. Things To Do In Prague In October. All Things to Do. Prague, the mother of cities as Czechs like to call their capital, is showing one of its most beautiful faces in October. Let’s be frank! So if you are wondering what are the best things to do in Prague in October, what to do in Prague in February or even thinking of spending the festive season in Prague you will find everything you need to know in this article. Cruises within the city are competitively priced and often include lunch or dinner depending on the time of day you choose to embark. Look for contemporary design events during Designblok, too. Things to Do in Prague – Step Back in Time in Malá Strana . A wide range of typical American dishes including succulent beef burgers, hot dogs, chopped pork, BBQ ribs, Mexican tacos, empanadas, Brazilian churrasco or spicy chicken wings … Prague is easily one of our favorite cities in Europe, and every time we return, we find more and more things to do in Prague. There are many things to indulge in Prague during the month of October. Great post! To be honest, the Czech don’t celebrate it as lavishly as people from the United States, but there are still a few events happening in the city for the event, such as parades, trick-or-treating, themed markets and pumpkin carving workshops. Across the river from the Old Town are the baroque backstreets of Mala Strana (the Lesser quarter), built in the 17th and 18th century by victorious Catholic clerics and noblemen on the foundations of their Protestant predecessors Renaissance palaces. 1. International Jazz Festival Prague’s nightlife has it all. Find out about food & drink festivals, exhibitions, rock & pop concerts, classical music festivals, marathons, the Easter & Christmas markets, and public holidays. If you want to attend a puppet show, go to the National Marionette Theatre or to Theatre Spejbla & Hurvinek. Want to start in the pubs and end in the largest club of Prague? Eating such a large chunk of meat can attract the attention of plenty of onlookers but the mix of aromatic tender pork and crispy skin renders the dish well worth eating despite of the audience. It is definitely an area you should not miss! This year, it will take place from October, 17th until the 21st in many different locations. Exciting fashion events, lip-smacking street food, and much more can be enjoyed during the autumn season in this region. October Events in Prague . Things to do in Prague ; Activities & Games in Prague; Search. To add to their hardship, many buildings in the area were destroyed in the late 19th century when the cities layout was remodeled. This snack is both potently hot and creamy at the same time and is a casual introduction to Czech cuisine. Located in the Romanesque cellars of the Lesser Town, this place unites beauty, history and pleasure! You may well be shown around by the collector himself and you can expect to find an assortment of spy cameras, secret weapons and interrogation equipment. The cobble-stoned streets and the stunning facades of the buildings in the Mala Strana neighborhood will mesmerize you! More on the Wallenstein Garden and Palace page. This park, which used to be home to a giant statue of Stalin until it was destroyed in the 60’s, is a popular meeting spot for skateboarders. Find out where here! Beautiful Paris by night: Discover Paris’ most iconic view at night, Things to do in Paris on Christmas Day (2019). Whoever said that “the best things in life are free” may well have been referring to the Charles Bridge in Prague. Then check out this tour. Although Prague is a long way from Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles, fans should certainly check out this shrine to one of the most famous bands of all time. Check out our hand-picked list of the must see attractions and things to do in Prague – selected by locals. Good food can be found almost everywhere in Prague, but what about a good service? Take a stroll down the riverside and arrive at JazzDock which draws some of the best local jazz musicians. During the twelth century, puppets were used for royal ceremonies as entertainment. So… Prague is indeed a busy city in October, isn’t it? The beer here is really really cheap whilst still being of great quality. The Czech love affair with puppets probably dates back to the 12th Century when the figures were used as entertainment at royal feasts and ceremonies. The clock itself is on the south face of the town hall and is the pride of Prague. Here’s our run-down of the absolute best things to do in Prague By Jacklyn Janeksela and Auburn Scallon Posted: Tuesday October 22 2019 Share Tweet On top of that, Prague will please your eyes with all possible shades of red, yellow, brown or orange as this is the best season to take your autumn photos. Popular with travellers due to fairytale-type castles, its compact size, and nightlife to suit the hedonist in you, Prague is today one of Europe’s biggest tourist destinations, and after just a few hours in the city you’ll figure out why. The Czechs claim to have the best beer (pivo) in the world and Prague is a great place to test their claim. Prague hotels are not unique in classifying October as high season. Alternatively, you can ride the funicular railway from the lesser quarter all the way to the top of Petrin Hill. Tours. Prague’s history dates back over a thousand years. Petrin is a hill on the left bank of the Vltava River, it offers great views of the city and is one of the greenest spaces in Prague. Also located within the grounds of the castle is the mysterious Golden Lane, so called because, according to legends, alchemists had to look on this street to find a reaction to turn ordinary materials into gold. She loves to talk, walk, share, laugh and explore - there is always so much to see in the wonderful capital situated right in the heart of Europe! October is your last chance to see the gardens before they close for the winter. Transportation. Other parks include Letna Park and Stromovka. Choosing a cruise with a duration of two hours or more, will ensure that you are aboard long enough to escape the hustle and bustle of Prague city center and allow you to enjoy the serenity of some of the quieter riverbanks on the Vltava river. Try this Segway Tour. Mala Strana is a bit expensive, because it is one of the landmarks of the city! Search. Get to walk the most splendid areas of Prague while the landmarks are enlightened, and make sure to meet the locals to discover some of the best places to enjoy an awesome night in Prague! While Prague is famed for its cobbled lanes, hidden courtyards, cultural performances, museums, and of course, beer – these are certain things that make a visit to Prague in winter uniquely special. Should you not have it, get a guide and visit some of the most impressive interiors of the largest castle complex in the world as it is mostly the stories which make this traditional seat of Czech kings alive. Commissioned by Charles IV in 1357, it was later decorated with Baroque statues saints in the 17th century. Located in an industrial setting, the interior is a must-see jumble of gadgets, shafts and cranks, many of which move to the music. Founded in 2002 Prague Experience is your Prague events guide. Prague has plenty of places to see and things to do. So Czech out our suggestions of the best things to do in Prague in October! I also suggest you to read this article if you want to know more about Prague nightlife and discover some of the best places to spend a fun evening! Should you be around on the 28th October, don’t forget to join the celebrations of the D-Day of Czech Statehood as this was the day when this country won, for the first time in history, their fight for freedom and democracy in 1918. It will not take you long to realize that the citizens of Prague are passionate about their puppets. Expect the meat to be marinated in beer and served with pickled vegetables and dark Czech bread. Music takes over the city in October with classical and jazz being featured at a variety of venues. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in December. The unusual artwork has proven so popular that it has been exhibited in cities all over the world including Chicago, London and Berlin. You will find many tourists there, but the visit of the neighborhood is totally worth it, because there is so much to discover! Europe is a continent rich in history and political turmoil and the Czech Republic does not buck that trend. Pedestrian zone Andel will host traditional Halloween celebrations in October 30, 2019. Within the Old Town of Prague, you will find the Stare Mesto area. Then try some of the available Food Tours. Your local guide will show you Prague’s hidden gems, and tell you everything about the city’s culture, history and lifestyle! And if you want to walk the city in the company of a local, learn more about our walking tours! At the summit, you will find a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower, landscaped gardens and the unusual Church of St Michael, a wooden building relocated from Ukraine. 1. Although completed in 1390, with the striking statues added in the 17th century, the bridge did not take Charles’ name until the 19th century. Also, many Halloween themed parties happen throughout the city in several clubs, like the Cross Club, SaSaZu, or the Duplex. Under communist rule, more than 200,000 Czechs were arrested and 327 shot dead as they attempted to flee the country. Plan your trip with our expert reviews of the best things to see and do. Concerts & Shows. When are you travelling? Due to the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, Prague art and sports venues,restaurants, bars and clubs are closed. The huge choice of bars in the city offer famous Czech lagers such as Budvar and Staropramen alongside craft beers from the top microbreweries in the country. Marvel at the historic cobble stoned streets and the spectacular facades of the centuries old buildings. Walk through the sublime urban area of Stare Mesto within the Old Town of Prague and look to the sky. The venues, while historic, ar… Even though Czechs don’t enjoy the same image as Parisians when it comes to fashion, there is a new generation of young talented designers who annually present their latest trends at the iconic Designblok which takes place on a different spot in Prague every year in October. Nestled upon the river embankment just underneath the fortress of Vysehrad, gourmets would be wise to visit this farmer’s market, which pops up every Saturday. The Jews were banned from living anywhere else in the city and were joined by fellow exiled Jews from other European countries. To support our blog and writers we put affiliate links and advertising on our page. The wall has been covered in John Lennon and The Beatles graffiti, lyrics and quotations since the 1980s and is very popular among tourists and young fans wishing to pay homage to the group. While walking there, have a look above yourself and try to find the sculpture of Sigmund Freud, the world famous psycho-analyst! Even though mornings and evenings get a little chilly, the days still stay perfectly warm and sunny. Located in the Mala Strana in the heart of the city, the Infant Jesus of Prague (also known as the Child of Prague) is a Roman Catholic statue of Jesus Christ as an infant. Events. The sculpture will be hanging above the cobble-stoned streets from a metal beam. If the hustle and bustle of Prague begins to wear you down and you need to unwind, this lesser known location is ideal. Many treasures await visitors including the tomb of St John of Nepomunk, the splendid Chapel of St Wenceslas and the magnificent art nouveau stained glass. See you soon! RECOMMENDED: Full guide to the best things to do in Prague. Types of Attractions. If you’re in Prague on the night of October, 31st, you will celebrate Halloween with the locals. While visiting the city of Prague, you need to experience the city’s nightlife at least once! This 14th-century 621-meter-long pedestrian bridge is one of the top things to do in Prague. The Vitus Cathedral is included in this top rated tour: 2.5-Hour Prague Castle Tour (including admission ticket), Source: Kostenyukova Nataliya / shutterstock. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, if you need more information about anything! A simple walk across the 14th Century bridge is one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of visiting Prague. Shopping. The breath-taking castle has traditionally been the seat of Czech rulers and is today the official residence of the president. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. The city rivals any other in Europe in terms of sheer beauty but there is much more on offer than just a pretty face. It is the perfect accompaniment to a cold glass of pivo making it a Czech pub classic. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try. Lucie works as a city manager and a tour guide in Prague. Often mistaken for a suicide attempt, the sculpture has also been responsible for several calls to the emergency services since its creation. Want to know what to do in Prague? It’s definitely an experience I recommend to every traveler! The Lunchmeat Festival presents Aurora Cerebralis, at the Prague Planetarium, September 30 (Photo via Facebook The 10 best things to do in Prague this week: September 30 to October 6, 2019 An exciting week of Prague events begins with a … As an experienced traveler, you know very well that restaurants on big plazas are a big no-no! Book your cruise beforehand to ensure a ticket: Prague Cruises. Want more? Its history began in the 13th century when Jews living in Prague were ordered to vacate their homes and settle in this one area. Bisected by the Vlatava River, Prague will astound even the most well traveled tourist with its Gothic grace and Renaissance architecture, its many world-class museums and baroque style churches and bridges. Inspired by the legends of alchemists, the mind maze in Prague is an interesting and memorable challenge. There’s a plethora of pubs dotted around Prague! Take a friend as teams are allowed and two heads are better than one! Prague Events Calendar 2020 . Simply get lost and explore all its streets, you won’t regret! Fortunately, many significant historical buildings remain including six synagogues and are well worth a visit. Swarms of tourists crowd the historical streets, packing out the alfresco restaurants everyday. Classes & Workshops. Pay attention and try to find it! You will be surprised to find a seven foot tall sculpture of the world famous psycho-analyst Sigmund Freud hanging from a metal beam above the cobbled streets at your feet. You can’t miss this big new-age vanity fair! 25 Best Things to Do in Prague (Czech Republic), 2.5-Hour Tour (including admission ticket), 2.5-Hour Prague Castle Tour (including admission ticket), Czech Beer Museum Tour and Bottle Your Own Beer, 15 Best Things to Do in Liberec (Czech Republic), Old Town Square: Andrew Mayovskyy / shutterstock, Astronomical Clock: Ilyshev Dmitry / shutterstock, Jewish Ghetto: kirill_makarov / shutterstock, St Vitus Cathedral: fotorince / shutterstock, Golden Lane, Prague: Kostenyukova Nataliya / shutterstock, KGB Museum: Sergei Afanasev / shutterstock, Sigmund Freud, Prague: RossHelen / shutterstock, Communism Museum Prague: Photo Oz / shutterstock, Prague Puppets: Paolo Gallo / shutterstock, Prague Beer: Alexey Mashtakov / shutterstock, Prague Nightlife: Radiokafka / shutterstock, Changing Of The Guard: Brian S / shutterstock, Petrin Lookout Tower In Prague: DaLiu / shutterstock, Czech Pickled Cheese: Lucie Rezna / shutterstock. Despite the streets name, it is debated whether alchemists ever worked or lived here. Should you wish to be completely on your own, take the legendary Prague Castle night tour and rule the place! This meat lovers dish, also known as Koleno, is a rather large hunk of pork knee and is very popular in Czech (and also German) cuisine. Whilst in the Old Town Square, time your visit to the Old Town Hall so that you can watch the spectacle of the mechanical clock marking the turn of an hour. It will cover places to visit in Prague in 3 days as well as things to do in Prague during the colder winter months. Here are a few things to do in Prague in October which must be tried out by every traveler and explorer. Located in Hradcany (the Castle district), Prague Castle is without a doubt the city’s most popular tourist attraction and it is easy to see why. Sit down and relax at one of the many beer gardens here while people watching and if the skateboarders fail to entertain, the cityscape certainly will not. Upon entering the Mind Maze, you will find yourself locked in the Alchemist’s chamber and will have 60 minutes to escape by solving a series of riddles and puzzles. Its Old Town is so amazing – maybe one of the most beautiful old towns in Europe. This article about some of the best things to do in Prague in October is now over! If you like beer, you will love Prague. Increasingly, breweries are producing a dark ale too as an alternative, but most Czechs like their beer light, nicely chilled and with a tall head. Prague Zoo Staromestske namesti Charles Bridge St. Vitus Cathedral Prague Castle Lesser Town Vysehrad National Cultural Monument Gallery of Steel Figures Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock Lobkowicz Palace Statue of Franz Kafka Obecni Dum St Nicholas Church Letna Park Spanish Synagogue, Jewish Museum in Prague. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it has given a few ideas for your stay in Prague! Once used as a moat along the backside of Prague castle, this strip of land is now a beautiful stretch of greenery. If you’re interested, join our night tour! Below we have a list of things to do in Prague and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. When you first enter the chamber it looks old-fashioned and rather empty, however as you begin to investigate the objects around the room, you will soon realize there is much more to this small room than meets the eye. From jazz music, puppet shows and pork knuckles to an astronomical clock and a mind maze, without further ado, here is our list of the best things to do in Prague. Prague is an amazing city, so I can guarantee you won’t get bored! Clear Dates. xoxo Jess The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog. And it’s always a cool spot! Every time we return to Prague, this is what we do, here are our favorite things to do in Prague. The park is located on the steep river embankment of Letna Hill. Show all ; January; February; March; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November; December; Ice skating in Prague… in December. For all lovers of bubbles – no matter if in a form of Bohemia sekt or in a whirlpool, you deserve to be treated by the stunning spa centre of the Alchemist Hotel. The uniforms worn by the guards are unique to the castle guards and are light blue in summer and dark blue in winter. The Czesh love puppets! A simple walk across the 14th Century bridge is one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of visiting Prague. Prague Tours. At its heart is the baroque square which offers small shops to browse, traditional Czech pubs and restaurants and some fantastic views of the river. The bridge was commissioned in 1357 by Charles IV to replace an older bridge that had been washed away by floods. Attractions. Outdoor Activities. Read our guide to the best attractions in Prague, as recommended by Telegraph Travel. ellie says: January 14, 2019 at 10:48 am I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Arrive at the castle before midday to ensure a good view and watch the ceremonial changing of the guard including a fanfare and flag ceremony. Explore the medieval streets in the daylight, meander down the riverside in the evening and if all of the sight seeing becomes too tiring you can always relax with some hearty Czech cuisine and a choice of the finest lagers in the world. Things to Do In Prague Prague has become a very popular tourist destination in recent years and has a lot to offer visitors. This is why there are over twenty puppet stores, thirty puppet makers and a puppet museum as well! At night, Prague is even more charming. Prague is full to the brim of cutting-edge designers, which is why Designblok is so successful. The square itself is the perfect place to admire the wonderful architecture Prague has to offer and if that isn’t your thing then the various street performers, musicians and merchants that line the streets here will certainly keep you entertained. Inside the communism museum you will find photographs, films and even sculptures documenting the state-sponsored terrorism that occurred under communist rule. The best places to catch a puppet show in Prague are the National Marionette Theatre and Theatre Spejbla & Hurvinek which both offer popular performances. Whoever said that “the best things in life are free” may well have been referring to the Charles Bridge in Prague. The market usually offers seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread and cakes, pickles and preserves along with sausages and other specialist meats. Reply. Prague is one of the most charming cities in Europe and there are so many things to see and do over there. Things to do in Prague in October. Best Things To Do in Prague Prague boasts some of the most picturesque architectural landmarks in Europe. Most Czech beers are light beers, brewed naturally from hand-picked hops. Another interesting exhibit within the museum are the photographs of Prague taken by a KGB officer in the year of 1968 in which the streets of the city appear eerily empty. If you want priority access to skip the huge lines you should buy the Skip the Line: Prague Castle Tickets, for a guided tour you should consider this 2.5-Hour Tour (including admission ticket). So ask your guide where the best local spots are, if you join one of our walking tours! 4 responses to “9 Free Things To Do In Prague” Jess says: January 14, 2019 at 10:27 am Prague has been on my to-visit list for so long and finding out that there is so much to see that is free has made me want to visit even more! Day Trips. It is visible from all around the city of Prague. We all love good food and good service. Check out this Czech Beer Museum Tour and Bottle Your Own Beer. Calendar of Prague events in 2020-2021. The bridge was commissioned in 1357 by Charles IV to replace an older bridge that had been washed away by floods. It includes printable packing lists, travel tips, and two full, detailed itineraries for Europe in winter (including Prague). This does not mean that Prague is busy, it means that some hotels (not all Prague hotels classify October as high season) want to charge high season rates in October. Designblok. Entry to the grounds of the castle are free although many buildings such as the St Vitus cathedral, Basillica of St George and Golden Lane can be visited with a combined entry ticket. Prague is very very VERY famous for its beer. As mentioned previously, the St Vitus cathedral is one of the attractions located in the castle grounds. We’ve visited Prague in both summer & winter seasons, and it’s safe to say there isn’t a bad time to visit Prague. 15 things to do in Prague for first-timers. Best attractions in Prague. Seeing Prague from the river Vltava is a unique experience and offers a way to see the many historical buildings and monuments from a different perspective. Best of all, these parks are free to enjoy. Although the cathedral looks many hundreds of years old, it was in fact completed in 1929. For serious clubbers, the Cross Club is an industrial nightclub in every sense of the word. There are plenty of organizers taking advantage of the desire of visitors to Prague to attend a classical concert. Build your own sightseeing tour plan. Find more information at: It was built in the fifteenth century and despite being damaged and repaired during its lifetime, it is widely regarded as the best preserved medieval mechanical clock in the world. Despite Prague’s lively history of invasions, the Old Town Square has remained relatively untouched since the 10th Century. This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Prague getaway. Read more. Usually the concert will be a “greatest hits of classical.” The musicians are all trained artists but they’re not the symphony orchestra players you’ll hear at a proper concert. After you are done exploring Prague Castle take a walk down the hill to the Mala Strana neighborhood. Enjoy your bounty whilst sitting by the riverside and watching the people of Prague go about their Saturdays. Traveller Resources . The statue itself is encased in an ornate gilded shrine and while the origin of the figure is unknown, it has been dated back to the 16th Century. Enjoy a picnic or pre-dinner stroll within this area and allow yourself time to recover from the tiring exploration of Prague. This post contains our top 10 list of things to do in Prague, as well as the best things to do for free, with your family, and at night. World renowned for its jazz and classical music, there are many live music venues in Prague that can provide a good evening of entertainment. Kids and adults alike will really enjoy exploring Prague’s parks. Don’t wanna walk? Blend in with the locals as you experience some of the best food (and sights) that the city has to offer. Food & Drink. Even though mornings and evenings get a little chilly, the days still stay perfectly warm and sunny. Beer aficionados should also ensure a visit to the Prague Beer Museum which offers more than 31 quality beers on tap. In October, these green spaces in the city are transformed with bright yellows, golds, and oranges, which makes it a perfect time to go for a park walk. The show at the top of the hour never fails to disappoint the many onlookers. the “Bone Church”. If you fancy yourself a full Prague beer experience then be sure to visit the Prague Beer Museum. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Prague, Czech Republic on Tripadvisor: See 631,801 traveller reviews and photos of Prague tourist attractions. Start Date. And even though it’s by far one of the best-value capitals in Europe, we’ve put together a list of things to do that won’t cost you a thing. Soviet-bloc grey Eastern Europe, this is not. The country was a communist nation from 1948 until the Velvet revolution of 1989. 10 Things to do in Vienna, Austria in the Winter; We’ve also got a FREE printable Europe in Winter guide that you can download for your trip! See our list of recommend hotels in Prague. End Date. Prague's events calendar for October is packed, with smaller concerts and performances, evening concerts in the city's historic spaces, and museum exhibitions giving you a huge selection from which to choose. An important local tip for your visit to the Prague Castle visit is to go off season to avoid crowds and always take a good wind protection. To support our blog and writers we put affiliate links and advertising on our page. Prague International Jazz Festival Laterna magika (modern theatre performances) hosts the Prague Crossroads Festival with Eastern European troupes performing Human Rights related pieces. The Jewish quarter, also known as Josefov, is located between the Old Town and the Vltava River. Fun Activities & Games in Prague. The things to bear in mind are the ETIAS for the Czech Republic, as these may be required for authorization, as well as converting to Czech currency (they’re not in the Euro).
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