This special issue addresses geographical impacts of COVID-19, and the socio-economic, cultural & political relations and spatial implications of COVID-19. We are calling for systematic reviews and scoping reviews in speech, language and hearing that have students as first authors. multi-generation technologies based on traditional and renewable prime movers for improving energy efficiency and economic and environmental benefits. This special issue explores aspects of innovation and technology development in the area of quantum information and computation. In fact, it's just beginning. COVID 19 and the future of tourism, Women Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development: Evidence from Mena Region, Sustainable visitor experience design in nature-based tourism, COVID-19 & Its repercussions on Tourism, Hospitality & Business Education, Advances in understanding the cognitive neuroscience of aging with multivariate methods, The COVID-19 pandemic: territorial, political and governance dimensions of the crisis, Building health and wellbeing (50th anniversary Special Issue), Image guided therapies for treatment of colorectal cancer metastases, Change and Challenge: Jewish Education in the time of COVID-19, Sign Language-Medium Education in the Global South, AI, journalism & democracy: exploring the normative dimension, Understanding and developing reflective practice, Challenging Anti-Black Racism Across the Social Work Curriculum, Revisiting justice in environmental and sustainability education: What pandemics (can) reveal about the politics of global environmental issues, Importance of Education for Global Development, Advanced Sustainable Development on Biomass Conversion Technologies and Biorefineries, Security and Privacy in Semantic Networks for On-Line Communities, Social Movements and Covid-19: Dynamics, challenges and strategies, Teacher Education in the Online Environment, Geographical Issues and Insights Associated with COVID-19, Special Issue: Sports and Leisure Management in Asia, Simulating Durability and Resiliency of Building Materials in the face of Uncertainties, Natural Hazards, and Climate Change, Training and Playing Football in the COVID-19 Emergency. This SI will examine how states in the Northern Indian Ocean Region are responding to both the challenges and the opportunities the Sino-Indian rivalry. This special issue enables the contributions that might cast a new light on a hugely demanding debate, beyond current headlines. This special issue from Cogent aims to explore the production and application of biochar to underpin sustainable development goals. Bio-inspired computing in Information Retrieval, Publishing a Book with recent advancements, Dear Professor Authors had been asked to avoid involved discussions of differential diagnosis and long lists of possibilities, and reliance was to be placed on cross references from, Internet of Things: Novel Advances and Envisioned Applications, Deep learning in Remote Sensing and GIS: Frontier Advancements and Applications - Book for CRC PRESS. The MENA region is an area that needs attention when it comes to scholarship pertaining to its business history. How journalists, news publishers, platform companies, fact-checking organizations, and governments approach and deal with misinformation. What is the role of visual literacy skills in developing critical analysis and competencies enabling us to understand gender representations? This special issue addresses recent advances and challenges in applied statistics for predictions on the COVID-19 outbreak. This special issue examines the new logic of electoral campaigns within the polarized society, with a dissonant public sphere. This special issue from International Journal of Green Energy is devoted to recent progress in the development of PEM fuel cell. This special issues focuses on Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder or other developmental disability & mental health issues. This special issue aims to explore empirical analyses of Indigenous knowledge systems for coping and managing COVID-19 and strategies for Post-COVID-19. Political science is no exception – this special issue explores how. This special double  issue of the Journal of Poverty focuses on documenting the 21st century consequences of the coloniality of power. This special issue aims to bring together rigorous analyses of crisis responses among Asian countries amid global crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This SI invites sociologists/social scientists to submit on advanced computational methods to address sociological questions in Chinese societies. Policing and Society invites contributions that advance our understanding between law enforcement and public health during the COVID-19 pandemic. This special issue of the Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment seeks to understand the challenges of the banking sector after the covid-19 crisis. This special issue aims to highlight what we have learned about the psychology of narratives since the “narrative turn” that occurred several decades ago. This special issue on the Corona Virus crisis aims to gather rapid response research that can help to understand social forces related to the pandemic. Employment of architectural models is a crucial indication of architecture’s history and the discipline’s capacity for self-reflection. This Special Issue will address the detection, monitoring and surveillance of northern environmental change by using sensors and platforms. The aim of this special issue is to explore advancements in understanding and managing problems related to pedestrian group dynamics. This special issue aims to advance women’s entrepreneurship in Canada, and how to support women entrepreneurs and identifying where research gaps exist. Explore Taylor & Francis Online to see the full range of journals we publish. This issue focuses on practical and theoretical research on counselling or guidance as it relates to bereavement, grief, loneliness and resilience. This special issue seeks to bridge the gap between research and practice into the sport injury psychology field for practitioners. This special issue will bring together inter-disciplinary perspectives to research, progress knowledge, and inform innovations in clinical practice. This SI will explore university distance education leadership, institutional quality and policy as well as governmental policies within the Americas. This special issue will explore the impact of time and space on human resource management (HRM) in multinational enterprises (MNEs). This special issue aims to explore recent development in plastic waste management and scientific understanding of marine plastic pollution. To facilitate tuning the parameters of OCCs and evaluate their performance under different scenarios for a wide range of applications. This special issue focuses on recent developments in remote sensing experiments, data products and software tools occurring in cold regions. Through agreements with worldwide organizations, libraries in the developing world can provide access to vital research material at greatly reduced or no cost. This special issue examines how social workers can address the impact of poverty in the lives of individuals and/or challenge societal structures. This special issue of Vehicle System Dynamics seeks research on original contributions of switches and crossings benchmark. At Taylor & Francis we aim to offer authors choice in their route to publishing, and that includes when and how they choose to publish open access (OA) with us. This special issue addresses global concern on the potential impacts on food supply and consumption, agriculture and trade, and public health. Book reviews should include detailed synopses and evaluations of the books and give an account of the books’ aims and remits. This Special Issue of Public Management Review aims to look broadly at how public service ethics is responding to changing environments. This special issue mainly focuses on software services and cyber infrastructure of smart cities, addressing both original algorithmic development and new applications. This Special Issue aims to showcase innovative research that has been conducted in the earliest phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. This special issue examines smart technologies for a sustainable future including energy efficiency and environmental impacts. This SI examines African continental perspectives, values, beliefs, experiences, and philosophical thought for (re)theorizing communication studies. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. Call for Book Chapters: 2nd Announcement – Circular Economy and Sustainability: Solid Waste Management Post published: February 17, 2020 Dear Colleagues: We are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to contribute towards a book chapter for Circular Economy and Sustainability: Solid Waste Management to be published by Springer… This special issue explores research on the theme of enhancing energy efficiency via building design- to be published in 2021. We are inviting submissions for a special issue of the journal focused on the “opioid crisis” and its relation to mental health. This special issue from Journal of Sustainable Tourism aims to explore novel perspectives which investigate economic issues. This special issue aims to explpre the new 4Es (engagement, empathy, equity, and ethics) in times of growing uncertainty. These formatting instructions will be e-mailed together with the … This SI focuses on Material Science Engineering and Advanced Materials with the theme of “Material Science of today is the innovation of tomorrow”. Taylor & Francis offers a variety of publishing options to ensure your research is available without restriction, reaching the right audience for maximized discoverability and impact. This call is issued in a context of worldwide uncertainty and enormous organisational and policy challenges raised by COVID19 crisis. This special issue addresses education beyond conflict resolution in diverse societies and relationships of conviviality with the production. We are in the process of editing a volume titled “Deep Learning for Remote Sensing and GIS: Frontier Advancements and Applications”. We want to hear your story of adapting to this change of Covid-19. Email: We invite paper contributions providing novel empirical and theoretical insights on social innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. This special issue will explore advancements in the revolutionary field of organoid research as well as challenges that come with such a subject. This Special Issue seeks to expand research in literature to understand the effects of social and physical distancing during a pandemic. Covid-19 has meant school closures and an increase in technological solutions. This special issue explores the relationship between literature examining the vital and particular force of women in the creative sphere. This special issue on Asian responses to COVID-19 will address the impact the virus has had on specific countries, on regional relations, and everyday life. Dr. Valentina Emilia Balas This SI aims to explore Mongolia's pastoral economy and contemporary government policy in context of the drastic changes over the last quarter of a century. This special issue focuses on interaction techniques such as gamification as a marketing strategy to promote products and services to attract customers. This special issue welcomes papers in public administration and public policy which explore experimental research and development of new knowledge about phenomena unique to the Asia-Pacific region. This special issue addresses the challenges of mathematical model, machine learning techniques, development of robot& humanoids, AI based algorithms etc. This special issue responds to an urgent need to analyse the practices of informality in Brazil, focusing on economic and political relationships. This special issue will gather together the efforts of experts on statistical models and data analysis to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. This SI examines the role of student housing on and around college campuses and the implications for municipalities, communities and universities.
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