Barn. Wherefore the Church beareth much fruit of the redeemed: because no longer Moses (as) mediator nor Elijah (as) messenger, but the Lord Himself has redeemed us, granting many more children to the Church than to the first Synagogue;258 modern day relevance and potential of Irenaeus’ approach in the evangelistic mission of the church. For these words seemed to Irenaeus to show that He could not have been much less than fifty at the time when they were spoken. Achelis, pp. Whoso sheddeth a man's blood, in return for his blood shall it be shed.65 For He made man the And when destruction came upon all, both man and also animals, that were upon the earth, that which was preserved in the ark escaped. of my body; and they put asunder my bones, and again he says: Spare my soul from the sword and nail my flesh: for the assembly of evil-doers hath risen up against me.220 In these words with manifest clearness he signifies that He should be crucified. 1: ... III, xi. forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.236 i Tim. So that none should imagine God the Father to be other than our Creator, as the heretics imagine; (for) they despise the God who is, and make gods of that which is not; and they fashion a Father of their own above our Creator, and imagine that they have found out for themselves something greater than the truth. Lit. And again by Isaiah His Word says: I gave my back to scourging, and my cheeks to smiting: and my face I turned not away from the shame of spitting.190 And Jeremiah the prophet says the same, thus: He shall give his cheek to the smiter: he shall be filled with reproaches.191 also III, ix. So then in respect of the three points276 of our seal error has strayed widely from the truth. And the Lord on thy right hand hath broken in pieces kings in the day of wrath: he shall judge among the Gentiles, he shall fill up the ruins, and shall break in pieces the heads of many on the 3. 1 Compare the reason given by Justin Martyr (Dial. Now, having made man lord of the earth and all things in it, He secretly appointed him lord also of those who were servants in it. 9  but they that worship not the God that is, these are the ungodly. 209. 60. 189. For first of them was Shem blessed in these words: Blessed be the Lord, the God of Shem; and Ham 57 shall be his servant.58 30 f. For the abbreviation of the "First Commandment " cf. 206. |82 fruit, water, and all other necessaries of life: and its name is Paradise. Reg. Again He says in the Twelve Prophets:213 And they bound him and brought him as a present to the king.214 71. And they spake evil also of the land, as not being good, and as though it were not worth while to undergo the danger for the sake of such a land. 4 " My " for " thy " (LXX ...) by oversight. 4. And that in the end by His name they should be saved who served God, Isaiah says: And on those who serve me a new name shall be called, which shall be blessed upon the earth: and they shall bless the true God.243 It seems certain that there is a contrast between "the Church" and "the first Synagogue" (whose husband was the Law, as By these words it is declared that He was tormented; as also David says: And I was tormented.189 Now Irenaeus also provides the first explicit witness to a four-fold gospel canon. Now the enemies are all those who were found in apostasy, angels and archangels and powers and thrones, who despised the truth. The interpretation given by Irenaeus corresponds to that of the Ascension of Isaiah: see Introd. 77. 30-600, Folkscanomy Religion: Books on Faith, Spirituality and Worship, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). Now, that we may not suffer ought of this kind, we must needs hold the rule of the faith without deviation,7 and do the commandments of God, believing in God and fearing Him as Lord and loving Him as Father. Without a doubt, Irenaeus is the champion in the fight against heresies. For He Himself was not made by any, and by Him all things were made. 2 The Arm. John Behr (Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1997).] And when they were put out of Paradise, Adam and his wife Eve fell into many troubles of anxious grief, going about with sorrow and toil And all flesh shall be humbled and abased, and the Lord alone shall be exalted in the highest.242 32. And for this reason the baptism of our |76 For either they reject the Father, or they accept not the Son and speak against the dispensation of His incarnation; or else they receive not the Spirit, that is, they reject prophecy. 10. Without the Spirit it is not possible to behold the Word of God, nor without the Son can any draw near to the Father: for the knowledge of the Father is the Son, and the knowledge of the Son of God is through the Holy Spirit; and, according to the good pleasure of the Father, the Son ministers and dispenses 165. Wherefore it is needful for you and for all who care for their own salvation to make your course unswerving, firm and sure by means of faith, that you falter not, nor be retarded and detained in material desires, nor turn aside and wander from the right. Ps. 1 For this function of angels cf. 32: ... 120. 200. xxiv. 1 Cf. not to turn back any more----I mean, to the first legislation. But that the work should advance no further, God divided their tongues, that they should no longer be able to understand one another. And he believed the heavenly voice, being then of ripe age, even seventy And the angels brought as presents to their wives teachings of wickedness,52 in that they brought |119 And concerning the dead, that they shall be raised, he says thus: The dead shall be raised, and they that are in the tombs 4 The meaning is uncertain: the word means "daily, continual, perpetual"; but it is also used as an adverb. 176. 30. 210. of the word here rendered "tormented " suggests that the same Greek verb would underlie the words of the prophet ("was tormented for our sins") and of the psalmist ("And I was tormented"). For these rejoice with one another, and are united and allied to bring man face to face with God. Wisd. But man was a child, not yet having his understanding perfected; wherefore also he was easily led astray by the deceiver. St. Irenaeus. The suggested alteration has been made in the online text. 1 The Arm. This is the fruit of the blessing of Japheth, in the calling of the Gentiles, made manifest through the Church, standing in readiness ii; Rom. quotation below. That the Son of God should be born, and in what way He was to be born, and that He should be shown to be Christ----from what has been said it is plain how this was made known beforehand by the prophets. 4: "quod et erat." and man; since we could not in any other way  participate in incorruption, save by His coming among us. And the same says again: Be strong, ye weak hands and feeble and trembling knees: be comforted, ye that are of a fearful mind. 53. 2 In IV, xxxiv. ----to which we by ourselves could not attain: for the things which are impossible with men are possible with 101. 5. 2 Num. Isaiah says thus: He took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses:183 12: ... 40. On this account he says: And His rising up shall be honour: that is, glory; for then was He glorified as God, when He rose. 48. Here Moses gathered the people together, and summed up all afresh, proclaiming the mighty works of God even unto that day, fashioning and preparing those that had grown up in the wilderness to fear God and keep His commandments, imposing on them as it were a new legislation, adding to that which was made before. Just. 31 ff. 3; and Clem. So then, whereas three races of men took possession of the earth, and one of them was under the curse, and two under the blessing, the blessing first of all came to Shem, whose And of Isaac was Jacob born; and on this wise the original blessing of Shem reached to Abraham, and from Abraham to Isaac, and from Isaac to Jacob, the inheritance of the Spirit being imparted to them: for He was called the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob. 1 For comments on the rest of this chapter, see Introd. |100 3, saying that he received it from his Hebrew teacher: he adds that the same applies to the two living creatures of Hab. Just. As there were three sons of Noah, the comparative causes difficulty. Now not by the law is the promise to Abraham, but by faith: for Abraham was justified by faith: and for a righteous man the law is not made. For I will bring peace upon the riders, again peace and health unto him. 4 IV, xi. year for a day, He kept them in the wilderness for the space of forty years; and none of those who were fullgrown and had understanding counted He worthy to enter into the land because of their unbelief, save only the two who had testified of the inheritance, Jesus the son of Nun and Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and those who were quite young and knew not the right hand and the left. And this has come to pass already. Now God cursed the serpent which carried and conveyed the Slanderer; and this malediction came on the beast himself and on the angel hidden and concealed in him, even on Satan; and man He put away from His presence, removing him and making him to dwell on the way to Paradise 199. breath of his lips 168  100. 5 The heavens are enumerated from above, in order to correspond with the prophet's words and put Wisdom first and Fear of God last. 211. In our passage he strangely connects the Seven Heavens with the Seven Gifts of the Spirit. on the mount which is called (the Mount) of Olives, after He was risen from the dead, He assembled His disciples, and expounded to them the things concerning the kingdom of heaven; and they saw that He ascended, and they saw how the heavens were opened and received Him. But Shem and Japheth, his brothers, because of their piety towards their father obtained a blessing. 2 ("dux").. 17. David was never tormented, but Christ (was), when the command was given that He should be crucified. The Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching. 2 After the word "death " the Arm. 2 "To shew forth the preaching." 10 (ut Enoch refert). |118 And yet again concerning His birth the same prophet says in another place: Before she that travailed gave birth, and before the pains of travail came on, she escaped and was delivered of a man-child.156 And hath not sat in the seat of the pestilential:6 now the pestilential are those who by wicked and perverse doctrines corrupt not themselves only, but others also. 5; "in duodecim prophetis Malachias." himself says thus: The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.233 St. Irenaeus of Lyons' Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching is deeply interesting and one of the first accounts of the Christian we have that has been passed down in such a summary form (his Against Heresies is a systematic work of equal beauty). 32. 258. Now of these one fell under a curse, and the two (others) inherited a blessing by reason of their works. 35. image of God; and the image of God is the Son, after whose image man was made: and for this cause He appeared in the end of the times that He might show the image (to be) like unto Himself. "The Role of Mary as Co-Recapitulator in St. Irenaeus of Lyons." 5). |116 subjection to the Father: for among men also every son is the servant of his father. 39. |130 . 88) quotes the Voice at the Baptism in the form " Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee " (Ps. In De Principiis (I, Hi. 13. I Cor. 46. xxiv. By sleep he means death; for He arose again. For that which with God is essayed and conceived of as determined to take place, is reckoned as having already taken place: and the Spirit, regarding and seeing the time in which the issues of the prophecy are fulfilled, utters the words (accordingly). 103. First, that, numbering from above downwards, he reckons the highest as the First Heaven: secondly, that his Seventh, or lowest, is the firmament. ix. 37. So then by the obedience wherewith He obeyed even unto death,100 xxviii. 10 ff. ". 3. them, nor given them the Holy Spirit to drink;  who fashioned the new way of godliness and righteousness, and made copious streams to spring forth, disseminating over the earth the Holy Spirit; even as it had been promised through the prophets, that in the end of the days He should pour out the Spirit upon the face of the earth. version of V, i. By these words he states that He was born from her who was of the race of David and of Abraham. mankind; and that He not only is called but is Son of God and King of all, David declares thus: The Lord said unto me: Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee. 19. 70 years old, and having a wife; and together with her he went forth from Mesopotamia, taking with him Lot, the son of his brother who was dead. Now the three sons of Noah were Shem, Ham and Japheth, from whom again the race was multiplied: for these were the beginning of mankind after the flood. 14, 17. 66. 100), and later in Tertullian (De carne Chr. Now those took away to themselves the judgment who crucified Him, and when they had done this to Him believed not on Him: for through that judgment which was taken away by them they shall be destroyed with torments. V, xviii. I, 35... 193. |88 54. 263 they disavowed, and they acknowledged as their king the temporal Caesar. here has "he shall bless" for "he shall dwell "; but this is a slip, as appears from below. 4: ... Cf. 62. Since then faith is the perpetuation of our salvation, we must needs bestow much pains on the maintenance thereof, in order that we may have a true comprehension of the things that are. Publication date 1952 Publisher Longmans, Green And Co. Collection universallibrary Contributor Universal Digital Library Language ... PDF download. |95 Cf. 26) he gives the same interpretation of the two Seraphim of Isa. xxxv. 20) appears as "the Spirit of God " in Matt. 92. For under the beams of this sun man tilled the earth, and it put forth thorns and thistles, the punishment of sin. 26. 181. 4). xxiv. 2 Cf. But from the time of His coming the might of the quiver was captured,163 the land of the Jews was given over into subjection to the Romans, and they had no longer a prince or king of their own. hanging on the tree, He put away the old disobedience which was wrought in the tree. for he who loves God has fulfilled the law. 39 ff. At some pointbefore 177 Irenaeus moved to the area of Lugdunum (Lyons) in the area of Gau… Irenaeus was the most important theologian in the second-century church. This is the book of the commandments of God, and of the law which endureth for ever. Ed. And just as through a disobedient virgin man was stricken down and fell into death, so through the Virgin who was obedient to the Word of God man was reanimated and received life.94 For the Lord came to seek again the sheep that 17. 78. viii, p. 65).
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