2. Spider plant babies are offshoots or plantlets that spider plants grow in favorable conditions. Peace Lily Hang it, put it in the ground or grow it in a pot. I also put two of them into the soil next to another small spider plant and they both promptly died as well. Compared to the typical 4″ shrub or flower that you can buy at your local nursery for about $5, the Bonnie Curly Spider Plant costs about $15. All you need to do is properly care for your spider plant and it … The flower shoots are the long shoots that all the baby spider plants are growing off. So this lens is dedicated to all the spider plant babies out there and all the cool things you can do with them. Spider plants don’t seem to be too temperamental about watering. This gives you lots of free plants with which to build more vertical gardens! Spider plant babies are the offshoots (also called spiderettes or plantlets) that grow out from the main plant. The plant-lets are ready to be on their own whenever they sprout. Spider plants can be grown outdoors as annuals during the summer. They have all had roots, and all of them were decent sized plants (about 6 in.) 11. 7. Fertilizing is not required for spider plants to thrive and produce baby spider plants. They are easy to grow, plus they are inexpensive to buy. Tea Kettle or Tea Cup It doesn’t take them that long to start growing long roots, and actually the reason I put them in water first before soil is so that I have time to find containers for them. Other Spider Plant Problems That Prevent Babies. I have had the same plant (in the same pot) without re-potting for over 35 years! Beer Stein Also avoid (or use less of) fertilizers with fluoride. A great way to do this is by hanging the plant in a room that is not often used when the sun goes down. I also compost, so I always add a scoop or two of composted soil to the spiders. I have recieved, over the last couple of years, lots of spider plant babies from co-workers. According to PlantTalk Colorado, Sometimes too much fertilizer or water high in soluble salts can also cause tip burn. I forget to water mine all the time. 8. When my spider plants start sending out out off-shoots, they go big. It has mid-green leaves with a broad central white stripe. They stay there for a few weeks, and I make sure to add water to them regularly. Usually a kitchen counter works fine. I’ve put 10-20 “spiderettes” (spider plant cuttings) in at one time (to be efficient, you know), and the crowded environment actually helps keep the plants in place. Purse The only thing to watch out for is if the roots get too long, they can get tangled with the roots of the other babies. Cut the “baby” or “babies” off the stem, and then clip the offshoot stem from the plant. Look what happens when you don’t give them any attention. They make it easy to grow new plants, as each baby will eventually mature into a large plant. Since I thought they were dead, I really left them alone. You would be advised to report the plant in a slightly larger pot (not too large, only a few inches larger) to allow the roots to grow and start reproducing again. I have used soil for trees and shrubs as well as soil for plants and vegetables, and spider plants seem to be happy in either. My mom’s plant is surely headed that way! University of Illinois Extension horticulturist, Richard Hentschel, demonstrates how to propagate (multiply) your spider plants. Can Spider plant variations. Snake Plant I find that my plants send out lots of babies if the mother plant … The babies hang down and come in contact with the soil. (Although I haven’t found it to hurt when I have tried it.). That could be sitting in a bowl of water or set in damp soil or even attached to a damp sponge. When my spider plants start sending out out off-shoots, they go big. Aloe Vera This video below shows how to clip or pinch the baby spider plants from the “Mother”. Indoor spider plant care. Or you can just leave the babies on the mother plant. It's best to plant them in 3 inch (5 cm) pots. The mother pushes out the long stems and grows her babies all around her. So, check out this spider plant above (with the feet). Toolbox A common problem of spider plants is “tip burn”. When happy with their conditions, spider plants begin growing baby spider plants known as plantlets. 5. 6. They should take root and start growing within a few weeks. I add water as needed. I place the off-shoots directly into the water, and the basically float on the top. Detaching the Babies. What Are Spider Plant Babies? When removed and … When you think of it, keeping the plantlets attached to the mother plant is most like how they grow in their natural habitat. Spider plants naturally produce root runners at the end of their stalks that can be simply removed and planted as new plants. The less sun the plant receives, the less fertilizer you want to give it. There are a number of different types of spider plants. Is there anything else I can give it. It will not hurt the "mother" plant. If the stems are truly dead, then the only way you can save the spider "babies" is by potting them. Chinese Evergreen 14. There is no shortage of spider plant babies. Spider plants are tolerant of a variety of different light, temperature and soil environments, and they don’t demand a lot of nutrients, However, giving them good soil and fertilizer will not hurt the plant. You don’t have to add fertilizer or rooting hormone to the water either. This lets the mother plant direct more energy toward the smaller babies still attached. Old Mailbox Waiting until the roots … Long, slender leaves arch gracefully from the base of … Similarly, if your adult spider plant isn’t as full as you would like, plant a couple of spiderettes alongside the mama plant. You will soon need to hang your spider plant to give it enough room to grow out and grow spider plant babies cascading down from long runners. They are, however, known to be one of the better houseplants for cleaning the air, so if you have a home office (like me), this may be something to consider. I used to have a brown thumb. Gerbera Daisy 9. These babies are super simple to propagate so you can bulk up your houseplant collection for free. (And in a few years, these young ones will be producing offshoots of their own). Should my spider plant have no babies, I would first turn my attention to these circumstances. Indoor Vertical Wall Planter… with Anti-Drip Tray! This can be resolved many times by watering the plant with water free or fluoride or boron. I like how the tray floats, however, it is not necessary (see below). I had to get creative in places to plant them, but then again, they are so easy going they let you plant them anywhere. 13. They have large tuberous roots that can hold water better than other plants, so this is probably why. Golden Pothos These offshoots will usually flower in the summer, and babies will grow out of the spider plant flowers if they’re not pollinated. Since spider plants send out their offshoots that form “babies” when they are root-bound, put them in a nice compact container if you want to end up with 100 spider plants eventually like me. Facts to Know…, Spider Plant Watering & Growing Spider Plants in Water, Low Light House Plants & How to Grow Plants in Dark Rooms, How to Get Rid of Gnats – 3 Cheap & Easy Ways…, 3 Tier Plant Hanger for Spider Plants (+Pots & Hooks), SpiderPlantBabies.com Shop - Growing, Caring for & Propagating Spider Plants Successfully. As you already know, Chlorophytum Comosum can turn into hundreds of plants over time. Once you see that the spiderettes are forming, you can choose to propagate the plant now or wait until the roots begin to form properly. Are Spider Plants Poisonous to Cats? Besides just being cool plants, spider plants are actually good for your health.
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