Instead of struggling to translate shen 神, it can be transliterated as a loanword. Reconstructions of shén in Middle Chinese (ca. The(character(shen#神. On the left, the radical, the character shi 示. If you cannot use Chinese characters, it is preferable to use the Pinyin with tones.Only use the Pinyin without tones if there's no other option (e.g. Shen plays a central role in Christian translational disputes over Chinese terms for God. However, "when" is a more correct translation of the phrase. If it has a glow, vitality and luster it has good Shen. Modern terms for "God" include shangdi, zhu 主, tianzhu 天主 (esp. A starting point for an understanding is that shen is associated with Heaven, therefore yang and Earth is associated with jing which is yin. To the right is the character which gives both the basic meaning and pronunciation, shen. The ongoing harmonious interaction of Heaven and Earth creates QI therefore Human and is essential to maintaining and creating life. The Zihui dictionary notes that 神 had a special pronunciation shēn (level 1st tone, instead of usual 2nd shén) in the name Shen Shu 神荼, one of two "gods of the Eastern Sea", along with Yu Lu 鬱壘. In Traditional Chinese medicine, Taoists, Buddhist and Chinese folk religious tradition , the balance of yin and yang is important to provide external harmony and internal health within life therefore preventing injury illness or harm to body, mind, spirit or the Environment.[1]. "Tracing The Roots of Chinese Characters: 500 Cases", Beijing Language and Culture University Press. It is said in the classics that " The Human is the best creation of Heaven and Earth". In Chinese medical theory, there are three things that are essential to sustaining human life: Jing, Qi, and Shen. Shén (in rising 2nd tone) is the Modern Standard Chinese pronunciation of 神 "god, deity; spirit, spiritual, supernatural; awareness, consciousness etc". Among the early Chinese "god; God" names, shangdi 上帝 or di was the Shang term, tian 天 was the Zhou term, and shen was a later usage (see Feng Yu-Lan 1952:22–6, 30–1). shen definition at, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes & Audio. The Chinese character for shen, usually translated as "spirit," has two components. Let us look first at the left side which gives the character its meaning. This name can be formed from other characters as well. Definitions of characters. The Shen of the kidney system is Zhi or will. English translations. Like: ability to divine the unknown, amazing foresight; highly skilled doctor; genius, masterpiece. Shen lives in the Heart, where it retires to sleep during the night. 6th-10th centuries CE) include dź'jěn (Bernhard Karlgren, substituting j for his "yod medial"), źiɪn (Zhou Fagao), ʑin (Edwin G. Pulleyblank, "Late Middle"), and zyin (William H. Baxter). The character Shen (神) is a general term for divine being. Xu Shen (c. 58 – c. 148 CE) was a Chinese politician, philologist, and writer of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-189). Catholics), and shen 神 (esp. Look it up now! 2005. Pronunciation . 什 ( shen / shén ) (English translation: "what") as Chinese character including stroke order, Pinyin phonetic script, pronunciation in Mandarin, example sentence and English meaning DICTIONARY The Chinese word shen - 什 - shén The Chinese Calligraphy for Spirit is pronounced Shen. Dharmananda, Subhuti. If the Shen is disturbed, there may be insomnia. Look it up now! Shen, (Chinese: “spirit” or “divinity”) in indigenous Chinese religion, a beneficent spirit of the dead; the term is also applied to deified mortals and gods. A third understanding of shen describes an entity as spiritual in the sense of inspiring awe or wonder because it combines categories usually kept separate, or it cannot be comprehended through normal concepts. The Korean Hanja 神 is pronounced sin (신). (, Magical, supernatural, miraculous; mysterious, abstruse. 2, Cambridge University Press, London. 1901–2. Its literal definition is supernatural – magical – deity transcendental. Chinese shen 申 "extend" was anciently a phonetic loan character for shen 神 "spirit". mi. 60, tr. Shen (神) is the Chinese word for "god", "deity", "spirit", heart, inclusive and community mind, or future mind. This visual displays ancient people’s belief that lightning was the manifestation of god.1 The left side displays a modified character shi which pertains to ritual ceremonies, worship, or prayer. It is not that the demons have no spirit, but that their spirits do not harm people." Notes for Old Chinese notations in the Baxter–Sagart system: * Parentheses "()" indicate uncertain presence; In ancient times shen usually refers to heavenly beings while kuei refers to spirits of deceased human beings. Shin in Japanese.This single Chinese term expresses a range of similar, yet differing, meanings. The character shen 神. shen me definition at, a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes & Audio. A picture is worth a thousand words—but in the Chinese language, the words themselves are pictures. Zhi is the minister in charge of the intention and effort required to accomplish things. Chengdu (Sichuanese pronunciation: [tsʰən˨˩tu˥], Standard Mandarin pronunciation: [ʈʂʰə̌ŋ.tú] (), UK: / ˌ t ʃ ɛ ŋ ˈ d uː /, US: / ˌ t ʃ ʌ ŋ-/), alternatively romanized as Chengtu, is a sub-provincial city which serves as the capital of the Chinese province of Sichuan.It is one of the three most-populous cities in Western China, the other two being Chongqing and Xi'an. Meaning 11 "a surname" is exemplified in Shennong ("Divine Farmer"), the culture hero and inventor of agriculture in Chinese mythology. The earliest written forms of shen 神 "spirit; god" occur in Zhou dynasty bronzeware script and Qin dynasty seal script characters (compare the variants shown on the "Chinese etymology" link below). * Square brackets "[]" indicate uncertain identity, e.g. He was born in the Zhaoling district of Run'an prefecture (today known as Luohe in Henan Province). Heaven is the origin of the spiritual aspect of humanity and provides ongoing spiritual influences, therefore associated with the Heart, while Earth is the origin of the physical aspect of humankind and tradionally related to our Kidneys or lower Dantian. Starting from the bronze inscriptions, it became a phono-semantic compound (形聲, OC *l'um, *l'ums, *hljumʔ): semantic 水 (“water”) + phonetic 冘 (OC *lu, *lum). CHEN (1) 晨, 辰 m & f Chinese From Chinese 晨 (chén) or 辰 (chén), both meaning "morning". "Science and Civilisation in China", vol. Mair 1990:30). (, Spirit; mind, mental faculties; consciousness. A second meaning of shen refers to the human spirit or psyche; it is the basic power or agency within humans that accounts for life, and in order to further life to its fullest potential the spirit is transformed to actualise potential. They are called the “Three Treasures,” and each one contributes to the overall… Personalize your custom “Shen” project by clicking the button next to your favorite “Shen” title below... Customize. 6th-3rd centuries BCE) include *djěn (Karlgren), *zdjien (Zhou), *djin (Li Fanggui), *Ljin (Baxter), and *m-lin (Axel Schuessler). The character 辰 also refers to the fifth Earthly Branch (7 AM to 9 AM), which is itself associated with the dragon of the Chinese zodiac. This was graphically differentiated between dian 電 "lightning; electricity" with the "cloud radical" and shen 神 with the "worship radical", semantically suggesting both "lightning" and "spirits" coming down from the heavens. OnWesternZhoudynastybronzes #(1046770#B.C.) Enter your email below, and get an automatic notice when results for Shen are added or updated ... Shen in Chinese / Japanese... Buy a Shen calligraphy wall scroll here! Meanings 7-9 first occur in early Chinese dictionaries; the Erya defines shen in meanings 7 "govern" and 8 "cautious" (and 6, which is attested elsewhere), and the Guangya defines meaning 9 "display". This concept originally referred to stone table used for offering ceremonial sacrifices to the gods. This variant form is the name of the sixty-fourth tetragram of the Taixuanjing (), as listed in the ancient text. The character Shen (神) is a general term for divine being. In the postface to the Shuowen Jiezi, Xu Shen gave as an example the characters 考 kǎo "to verify" and 老 lǎo "old", which had similar Old Chinese pronunciations (*khuʔ and *C-ruʔ respectively) and may once have been the same word, meaning "elderly person", but became lexicalized into two separate words. (, Expression, demeanor; consciousness, state of mind. Shen is sometimes loosely translated as "soul", but Chinese hun and po distinguishes hun 魂 "spiritual soul" and po 魄 "physical soul". The earliest examples of meaning 4 "portrait" are in Song Dynasty texts. The right side of the character gives the basic meaning and pronunciation, as well as providing a graphic representation of flashing lightning from the clouds.
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